tagBDSMBreaking Gail

Breaking Gail

byMr James©

They came for her again, two of them, bursting the door of her cell open and standing in the doorway, oozing menace. Gail scuttled backwards on the bed, trying to avoid their touch, afraid of their black, expressionless stares. One of the guards stepped inside, crowding Gail into the corner of the room, and took a black canvas hood out of his pocket. Gail was trembling as he pulled the hood over her head and fastened the cord around her neck.

She felt hard, calloused hands, gripping her arms and lifting her. Then she was half dragged, half carried, along the corridor and down the concrete steps into a stone-walled room. Hands lifted her and laid her on a hard, leather covered, table top. She felt her shoulders, gripped by hard, brutal fingers, pinned to the leather and other hands bending her left leg and fastening a leather strap around her thigh and calf, stopping her from straightening her leg. The same person grabbed her left wrist and fastened it to the front of her calf, with another strap, making her pull her leg upwards and forwards. Gail felt her right wrist pulled over her head and fastened to a strap, hooked around the leg of the table, and, a moment later, her right ankle was fastened to a leg at the bottom end of the table.

The hands released her and she lay, panting and gasping, helpless. She heard a metallic rattle, like a hospital trolley being pushed into the room, and grunting, as though something heavy was being moved. Footsteps echoed, receding, as the guards left the room and Gail was left with the harsh rasp of her own breathing inside the hood.

The door slammed with a heavy, booming sound and she felt a draught of air brush over her bare skin. Footsteps, lighter than the measured pace of the guards grew louder as somebody approached the side of the table. Gail felt her muscles tightening and she strained against the leather straps, suddenly panicking, as she remembered being brought to this room, and strapped to the top of the table, while Andrew brutally forced his hand deep inside her pussy. A low moan, half protest and half sob escaped her lips into the hood and it felt as though her legs had turned to water.

Fingers loosened the cord around her neck and eased the hood over her head. Bright lights shone down on her and made her blink tears away from her eyes. Slowly her eyes adjusted and the room swam into sharper focus. She saw Andrew, tall and sparely built, naked beneath a black silk robe. The sleek material was tented in front of him, his erect, hard cock poking against the light material. Gail glared upwards into his eyes and he shook his head, smiling gently.

"Welcome back, Gail." Andrew said.

Gail just glared at him, gritting her teeth as his eyes seemed to envelop her. She remembered how he had made her beg him to let her cum and her eyes burned with hate. She remembered her shame, as she had lain, naked, in her cell still aroused by his abuse.

"What? No word of how glad you are to see me again? No plea for me to let you cum? No whimpering, telling me how you need me to let you cum?" he gloated.

"I wouldn't give you the satisfaction." Gail snapped.

"Would you not? I've already told you that I paid a considerable fee for you to be brought to me. You won't disappoint me. I shan't let you." Andrew gloated, "This time, I want you to see everything, but I'll make it a little easier for you."

Moving back, he wheeled a large video monitor in front of her and pushed the button to turn the power on. Instantly, the screen lit up with an image of her, lying on the table, bound tightly. The camera seemed to be behind her, looking slightly downwards and focused mainly on her back, buttocks and thighs. Andrew reached over and turned her a little, so that the image on the screen shifted, showing the backs of her thighs and the pink slit of her pussy, as well as her back and bottom.

Andrew moved to the bottom of the table and wheeled a trolley, with a gleaming stainless steel pump on top. Gail could see his hands on the monitor, connecting a shiny steel nozzle onto a length of tubing. She heard the snap of latex, as he pulled a pair of surgical gloves onto his hands and then saw smearing a gel on the tip of the ,nozzle. As she watched, he reached out and used his fingers to spread her buttocks, slowly opening the ring of her anus. She felt something icy cold and hard sliding between her cheeks, then pressing against the centre of the tight ring of muscle. On the screen she saw the tapered nozzle pressing into her asshole, sliding inside, lubricated by the cool gel.

Gail gasped as she felt Andrew pushing the nozzle into her bowel, stretching her anus just enough to ensure a tight fit. On the screen she could see the gleaming metal lodged between her buttocks and the muscles in her thighs tightening as she tried to force the nozzle out. Gail heard the click of a switch being thrown and the tubing on the screen seemed to pulse and throb. She felt warm wetness rushing into her bowel and her belly tightened as her anus was filled with tepid liquid. A moan slipped through her clenched teeth as the pressure gradually increased and more of the warm liquid was forced into her bowel.

"Oh nooo." Gail moaned, "Please, Sir, stop."

Andrew said nothing, turning a control on the pump to increase the pressure. The throbbing in her ass seemed to intensify, filling her belly. Gail sobbed as she felt her nipples swelling and hardening. Her belly swelled as the liquid was pumped in and she felt the first cramps taking hold. Andrew flicked the switch on the pump and the liquid began to flow back out of her bowels. Gail groaned as her belly cramped, forcing the liquid back into the tank. She panted desperately, beads of sweat popping out on her forehead and running into her eyes.

The last drops of liquid flowed back into the pump and Gail felt his hands on her buttocks again. She felt him tugging at the nozzle, working it slowly out of her asshole and, suddenly, her anus was empty again. Gail sighed in relief as her swollen belly subsided. Andrew carefully wiped away the traces of liquid that had splashed onto her buttocks and removed the gloves. On the monitor, Gail could see the tight ring of her anus tightening slowly, the cleft between her buttocks narrowing.

She was still watching the image in the monitor, when Andrew's hand moved back into the picture. This time he was holding a thick, latex-covered, vibrator, which glistened with the lubricating jelly that he was smearing along the length and over the bulbous head. Gail swallowed nervously, fear making a lump in the back of her throat. She watched as his fingers slowly widened the cleft between her buttocks, feeling the forceful thrust of his fingertips into her asshole. Using his fingertips to keep her asshole open, Andrew used his other hand to press the slick, bulbous head of the vibrator against the tight ring of muscle. Gail whimpered in pain and fear as he pushed, slowly forcing the hard rubber into her ass. She felt the head stretching her and then slipping past her clenched anus. There was an intense flash of pain that made Gail cry out and then she felt her bowel filled with the plastic cock. Her moans changed from pain and fear to surprise and pleasure as Andrew slowly moved the vibrator slowly in and out. On the monitor, Gail watched her anus stretching around it as she felt the hard plastic filling her backside.

Andrew flicked the switch, on the base of the vibrator, and sent the arousing buzz into her belly. Gail groaned and tried to push aback against the hardness as the throbbing built up. Andrew smiled down at her and began to move the vibrator in and out, watching the buzzing rod sliding deeper and deeper into her ass with every stroke. Gail squirmed and grunted, like a rutting animal, as she felt him working the vibrator inside her.

"Well my little slut," Andrew growled in her ear, "how do you like that in your pretty little ass?"

"Oh god, Sir," Gail whimpered, "it feels so good in my ass. Fuck me, Sir. Please, fuck me until I cum."

Andrew slowly eased the vibrator out of Gail's tender ass, pausing when just the head was inside her and twisting the plastic, slowly, so that she could feel the friction inside her tender rectum. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he jerked the vibrator out of Gail's ass, making her howl in frustration. On the monitor, she could see her anus slowly tightening, as she felt cool air playing over her buttocks. Andrew unfastened the sash of his robe, letting the silk slide to the floor, and took hold of the root of his erect cock. Gail gasped as she felt the heat of his cock head between her buttocks, nudging at the dark opening to her back passage. She opened her mouth in a soft moan of pain, as Andrew thrust his cock slowly, but forcefully, into her tight opening. His cock was even thicker than the vibrator and, on the monitor, Gail could see her tender asshole being stretched until it was almost tearing. Gail moaned softly as she felt his cock filling her ass and Andrew grinned as he looked down and saw the shaft of his swollen cock disappearing between her cheeks.

"Oh God, Please Sir," she moaned, "fuck my ass hard."

"Save your breath, slut!" Andrew snarled, "I will fuck you how and where I wish."

"Yes Sir, but please Sir, allow me to cum. Your slut will be soooo grateful." Gail whined.

Andrew just grabbed her hips and rammed harder, pounding his cock into her hot asshole and making her gasp and moan with the friction of his hard, swollen cock inside her. Gail was helpless, bound to the table and only allowed to make the slightest movements against him. The slap of his thighs and balls against her ass was loud, punctuating the grunts that he forced from deep inside her belly.

Gail sobbed as she felt her pussy tighten and he reached between her thighs and belly to pinch her clit. A seismic spasm wracked her whole body making her screech as his cock spurted in her ass and her pussy gushed hot slime all over her thighs.

"Oh Godd, I'm cumming, FUCK ME!" Gail screamed

Andrew's cock jerked inside her pumping thick, hot ropes of slimy cum into her heaving bowels and filling her belly. Holding her still, he pumped the contents of his sac inside her, drops of cum oozing over her thighs. As his cock softened, Andrew moved back, sliding it out of her anus, leaving her trembling, as though gripped by palsy. Donning his robe, he stalked from the room, leaving her guards to release Gail and drag her back to the tiny box of a room where he kept her.

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