tagFirst TimeBreaking In A New Girl

Breaking In A New Girl


The girl who walked past my cubicle looked to me as if she was sixteen years old at the most and I couldn't help but wonder what that hell she was doing in our office. She was blessed with a very pretty face and lovely hair but I swear she couldn't have weighed more than ninety pounds and wasn't more than five feet tall. Talk about short and skinny ...she'd look like a thermometer if she ever drank tomato juice. Ah, who knows, she may have been the new mail girl.

A week or so later I was down on the floor below the one I worked on and lo and behold walked past an office and there she was. Whoever the hell she was she had her own office and not just a cubicle like I worked in. My curiosity got the best of me and I gave a little knock on the door jam and she looked up from what she was doing and invited me in.

I broke the ice with, "Hi, I saw you around the other day and didn't have a chance to introduce myself and welcome you aboard. I'm Joelle and work upstairs in order processing."

"Hello, I'm Kathy and I'm one of the new paralegals they have hired for some of the big lawsuits the company is involved in."

"Kathy, forgive me, and I apologize if I come across as rude, but aren't you a little young to be a paralegal?"

She broke into a deep laugh and answered " Kathy, don't bother apologizing. I'm nineteen and should have said I am a paralegal trainee. They have hired a bunch of us to do the 'gofer' work for the lawyers involved in the suits. I plan on going to college in the fall so I'll be here for the next nine months or so."

I laughed and said "Whew, I thought they were allowing teenagers to act as lawyers now." As I was saying this I couldn't help but notice the tight cheeks of her ass showing through her skirt as she bent back to put some paperwork on the credenza behind her. I never had a sexual experience with a woman but could easily imagine burying my face between those cheeks and working my way up to the lips of her pussy.

"No sweat, things haven't gotten that bad " she replied.

"Well, there's hope for us yet." I said breathing a huge sigh of relief and laughing at the same time. "I better get going or they'll have my butt. Take care and I'll see you around. Look me up if you get up to the next floor and we can shoot the breeze a little." I said as I moved off in the direction I was headed before I saw her in her office.

The next several weeks went pretty much as they had up until then. My boyfriend, Matt, and I made a trip up to NYC to take in a Broadway show and have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Both the show and the food were terrific and it made us glad we live fairly close to the city. It's a little too far to drive when we are just going up for the weekend but the train is convenient and when you consider the price of fuel, tolls and parking it is about break even cost-wise.

The sex after we got back to our room after the show was awesome. Matt asked me to bend over the easy chair and he fucked me from the rear. Not up my ass but just doggie style with me bending over the chair. We have made love this way many times but it was always with me kneeling on the bed. I guess the thing that drove me over the top this time was he would get his cock all the way in and then he would reach down and hold the base of it and move it around inside of me with his hand directing it. It was touching parts of my vagina that had never been introduced to a cock before and if felt terrific. My orgasm was cataclysmic.

On the way home on the train we were crossing the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay when I looked out at the sight of all of the boats it gave me what I thought was a brilliant idea. "Hey Matt, you know how much I love sailing. I would love to take a trip up to the Mystic Seaport area in Connecticut; we could see the museum they have there and then jump over to Newport RI to take in that nautical paradise. What do you say?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me. When would you like to go?"

"Well, I have a ton of vacation time coming and the weather is forecast to be good for the next week or so. How about I put in for two weeks and we can use as much of it as we need. It should take us less than two days up by car and two back and I can't imagine spending more than a week between Mystic and Newport. "

Matt owns his own accounting business and can take all the time off he wants so that made spur-of –the-minute trips like the one I was suggesting a breeze for him to arrange.

He replied, "Super, let them know at work you'll be off starting a week from Thursday and I'll make the reservations."

The next few days at work were going to be hectic. While I had all of the necessary vacation time coming that didn't eliminate the work that I would usually do during that time. Other people would have to pick up the slack and some of it would just be postponed until I returned.

A day or so later I was entering the cafeteria for lunch and found myself right behind Kathy, 'the kid,' in line. We each picked out our lunches from the buffet line, paid the cashier and then made our way out to find an empty table. It turned out to not be too hard since we were there at the end of the lunch hour and most of the employees were on their way back to their desks.

We chatted about a million things but when I mentioned my upcoming vacation she went a little ape. "Are you kidding me? They are two places I have always wanted to see. I grew up around boats and I sometimes think I have salt water for blood."

"Yeah, I have always wanted to see them too. I am really looking forward to the vacation." I said.

"If you ever decide you want to have company along just give a shout and I'll be packed in an hour." She said laughingly, but with a whole lot of seriousness buried in that sentence.

I would only have to tell Matt about her interest in accompanying us on our vacation and I could see some sexual lights going off in his head; two women for two weeks ... what more could a guy ask for?

Well, mention it I did and he, as I knew he would, jumped at the opportunity. He made it sound as if we would just be doing her a favor but there wasn't any doubt in my mind who was hoping to be granted some favors. So what the hell, maybe I'd get a chance to see her tight cheeks up close and who knew where that would lead.

I dropped down to Kathy's office the next day and told her of our complete plans and extended the invitation to her to join us on our vacation.

"Joelle, are you guys sure, I would honestly hate to intrude?" She said with what I felt was honest sincerity.

"Yes we're sure. I mentioned it to Matt and he thought it would be nice if we could help you tour areas you had always dreamed of. But, and this might be a bigger issue than you are willing or able to handle; hotel rooms in those areas are hard to get and what's more they are ungodly expensive. So, Matt said that unless you are willing and able to foot the price of your own room you are welcome to share ours. We would get one with a couple of queen-size beds so it wouldn't be as if you had to sleep on a sofa or anything like that."

She came back with, "I don't think I could afford my own room in places like those but I'd be happy to pay my share of the rooms we would share."

"No, that wouldn't be necessary but there is one more thing Kathy that might bother you and that is that Matt and I have sex quite often and we would only be in the next bed so if the sounds of that would upset you the whole thing wouldn't work."

"I'm sure I'll be able to get some ear plugs that will keep the sounds down to an acceptable level." She said with a huge grin plastered on her face.

We agreed to pick her up at her place on Thursday morning after Matt swung by my place for me. Kathy was waiting for us at the curb with a small suitcase and a hanging bag.

One look at her and Matt went a little crazy. "Are you nuts. We can't take her out of the state. They will lock me up for taking advantage of a minor. No way honey, the whole thing is off."

"Bullshit big boy. I extended the invitation and we will honor it or you can go by yourself and she and I will rent a car and go together. You aren't going to humiliate me this way."

"Joelle, the kid isn't more than fourteen. How the hell did she ever get a job with your company?"

"Matt, I thought the same thing the first time I saw her and even went as far as checking her out with Human Resources and they assured me they had done the due diligence and she is nineteen years old."

"Holy shit, she looks like a kid." He said but I could see his eyes were wandering all over her body/

"The way you are looking her over gives me the impression you wold like to get real close to the 'kid' or I really mean you would like for your cock to get real close to her. You could just imagine you were teaching a minor the joys of sex and you were the old boy teacher." I said as I opened the door to get out and help her get her stuff into the trunk.

"Morning Kath, this is Matt and we are going to have a ball. Oh, by the way, you can drop the 'Joelle' and just call me Jo."

She jumped into the back seat and the trip began.

The drive was going well without a ton of traffic. I said, "Matt, when we get up to the Jersey Turnpike I would like to drive. In fact, we ought to take turns every couple of hours just to break the monotony. What do you say Kath, you do drive don't you?"

"Yes, I guess you can say that. My folks and I drove across from Seattle Annapolis and I certainly did my share of the driving. I then got tangled up with some NASCAR people and ran a few stock car races down in Atlanta. Won one if I do say so myself. So, yes, I can say I can drive."

Matt almost exploded with, "Holy Shit, you really drove a NASCAR race?"

"Yes. Why do you think that is the exclusive playground of men?" Kath said somewhat defensively.

Now it was Matt's turn to backpedal. " No, No, No, I didn't mean it that way but you have to agree that thinking of a little thing like yourself behind the wheel of a NASCAR racer does boggle the mind a bit."

"You're right Matt. You should have seen the faces on the crowd after I won my one race and climbed out thru the window of the car to accept the trophy. The whole crowd thought I was someone's baby sister and I laughed my ass off."

She followed on with, "When it's my turn to drive maybe I can show you some of the techniques I used on the track. If we are on a decent stretch of roadway and this crate can get it's rear end up and moving I'll show you some steering tricks I used when I was clocking right at 175."

Matt was stuttering and stammering responding to her, "The fuck you will. This gem of mine has never been over a hundred and I don't think I want to push it any higher than that. Besides, I'd probably shit my pants at the speed you are talking about."

"Matt, I was just teasing you. I won't take it up to anywhere near that speed. One-twenty- five is more than fast enough." She said as she winked at me.

I kept the teasing up with, "Damn Matt. Do you mean to say that this little wisp of a thing can go around a race track with a whole fleet of cars traveling at high speeds and you're afraid of her showing you how she handled the car? What a pansy!"

"Matt, cool it. I will only travel at just five miles an hour over the speed limit when I'm driving. OK?" she said and Matt's relief was obvious.

We got up over the George Washington Bridge by dinnertime and found a Comfort Inn just off the highway. We got a great room with a couple of Queen sized beds and a large bathroom. It was perfect for us. Matt put all of the bags we were going to need for that night and the next day on a luggage cart and Kath and I pushed it up to the room while he was parking the 'race car'.

"Jo, I'm sorry if I teased Matt too much about driving his car fast. Perhaps I went a little overboard."

"Nonsense, it was fun to see him squirm. I never realized that he was such a male chauvinistic pig that he thinks that race car driving is a guys-only sport."

"OK then, when it's my turn to drive and I get behind the wheel don't get upset when I ask for the crash helmets. That'll shake the hell out of him." She joked.

The dinner was just OK. We ate in the hotel's dining room and those places know they aren't going to get most diners back for a second time so they aren't too fussy about preparing great meals. About all we can say was the meals were edible. Kath threw some money on the table to cover her dinner and Matt pushed it back at her and she snapped, "Bullshit, Matt. If I can't pay my own way for the extra out of pocket expenses you will incur because I am here, I will be leaving in the morning."

Matt replied with more than a touch of anger in his voice, "Geez, Kath. Take it easy. I was just being a decent host. Remember I was the one who told Jo to invite you to be with us. I didn't tell her you had to pay your way, so I am not going to accept your money and if that means you will be returning home in the morning I am sorry but that's the way it 's going to be. Tell you what, dinner is over and I'll gladly let you treat us to a couple of after dinner cognacs. Deal?"

Kath stared down at the tablecloth but nodded her head yes. She accepted the deal. ... waiter, three cognacs coming up.

We got up to the room around nine and Kath quickly commandeered the shower. "Guys, I need a shower real bad but I'll only be a minute or two." She was right; she wasn't in there for more than a couple of minutes and when she returned to the room she was bare ass naked and still drying herself.

"Guys, you warned me about the noise you will make while having sex and I guess I should have warned you that I sleep in the nude."

Holy shit. She is even thinner than I thought. She has absolutely no breasts but her nipples protrude an inch or so. She had shaved her pubic area and she really looked more like a girl of twelve or thirteen than one her real age. Her waist was to die for and I was thinking I could surround it with my two hands.

Matt was next in the shower and he came back out to the bedroom area the same as Kath...bare ass naked and saying, "Well, what did you expect? Did you want me to be outdone by a teenager?"

Kath and I broke into laughter but Kath's eyes never got above his waist. "Wow, that is some tool you have there. Must be something else when it gets up and ready for action." She said somewhat breathlessly.

"No, not really Kath, although Jo wishes it were."

I was in and out of the shower in a flash being a little afraid something would happen between those two if I was away too long. I found that they had opened the little room refrigerator and had rescued a couple of miniatures and were sipping away on their drinks. "I hope you left a scotch for me." I said

Matt answered, "Don't sweat it honey. You are the only one who drinks that stuff and there are still three or four more left just for you."

We had a couple more drinks and Matt gave the signal that he was ready for some sex.

"Jo, let's hit the sack. We need to be up somewhat early in the morning."

I was no sooner in bed and his hands were all over me. Much more so than usual and the only thing I could think of that was different was him seeing Kath bare ass.

I lay with my ass to him and without any foreplay he entered me from the rear as we lay spooning. His initial thrusts were soft and slow but I could feel the tempo increasing as his thrusts were also getting deeper. It wasn't long before he was driving into me harder than I ever remember him doing before and it was actually hurting. I bit down on my hand so as not to make a sound but I guess I did yelp sometime close to us having our orgasms. Whew, I never remember being fucked so hard and I am going to have to talk to him about not doing it like that again ... the pain overshadowed the pleasure.

We were no sooner finished than we heard sounds coming from Kath's bed. She was masturbating! Matt couldn't or wouldn't let that go unnoticed so he leaned towards her bed and said, "Why settle for second. Come on over and I'll give you a ride that NASCAR would be proud of." I could have killed him but I guess I should have known he would make a move on her.

"Be right there but you have to remember that I am a virgin and that thing of yours could do some real damage." Kath replied.

I couldn't help it but had to say, "Wait a second. I want to turn on the bathroom lights so they will cast some light in here. I want to see this lovemaking."

The bathroom lights gave just enough to see anything happening in our bed and Kath slithered over a second later. Matt hadn't recharged yet from our recent romp but he was going to let his hands keep her aroused until he was going to be able to get himself back in the game. He turned half way to her and let his hand drop to her crotch and soon had his fingers working their magic in her pussy. It was about time that I gave him some help so I moved from where I was lying to the other side of the bed and slipped in beside her. I never had had any sex with a female before but for some reason was anxious to try it out on her.

I slid down in the bed and when I got my face near her pussy reached over and moved Matt's hand away and replaced it with my mouth. I used fingers from each hand to spread the lips of her pussy wide enough to get my face buried between those puffy lips and let my tongue search out the nub of her clit. I found it and let my tongue slide up one side of it and down the other. While I didn't have any experience eating pussy I was just trying to mimic the things that Matt did to me that made me feel good.

"Jo, what the hell are you doing?" Kath almost screamed.

"Hush Kath, all I want to do is to make you feel good. Matt isn't quite ready to introduce you to his cock so I am filling in until he is."

"Geez, I didn't know you were a lesbian." She shouted.

"Well, to tell you the truth this is the first time I ever did something like this. Please lay back and enjoy it." I replied.

"God, I didn't know what I was getting involved with when I asked to come along on your vacation."

She answered.

"Kath, you know your pussy is just waiting to explode with what you heard going on with Matt and me so why don't you just lay there and let it happen?" As I was saying this I had folded my fingers into a teepee shape and began to insert them into her hot wet pussy. She was so aroused her pussy was actually dripping juice.

I started to thrust my folded fingers n and out of her and looked up and she was throwing her head from side to side and had begun to throw her hips up to meet my finger thrusts. Damn, she was tight. Her pussy lips were grabbing my fingers and not letting them go. Right then I lowered my mouth to her pussy and let my tongue resume licking her clit. She doesn't have any tits to speak of but I did let a hand wander up her chest and began to lightly massage her nipple. It was hard as a rock with her arousal but my massage must have turned her on a little more for she began to throw her body around a lot. Her breaths were coming faster and they sounded more like grunts and I could feel the lips of her pussy vibrate as she was getting closer to her orgasm. My fingers were still wet from finger fucking her earlier and I let one wander back to her puckered asshole and let the tip of the finger penetrate just a little. That did it. "Oh my God. I'm going to explode." She screamed as she let go. She threw her legs in the air and her ass up to meet my mouth as the juices flowed out of her.

I let my face slide up her stomach until I was level with her face and them planted a huge kiss on her mouth. She instantly threw her arms around the back of my neck and pulled me tight to her and began grinding her wet crotch against my hip.

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