tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking in a Virgin Ch. 02

Breaking in a Virgin Ch. 02


It was Thursday and I was busy preparing the house. Naomi had not said she would be here, but I knew she would come. Last week, I'd taken the starry-eyed virgin home and fucked her on camera, then allowed several of my film crew and actors to fuck her as well. Afterward, I'd tried to cover any awkwardness by being very sweet to her when I gave her the money she'd earned. It was $500 for letting me bust her cherry on film, then $20 per cock for letting them fuck her after I'd used her.

In all, she was fucked by 12 guys including yours truly, but I didn't want to scare her with numbers. I told her I was giving her a bonus and handed her $750. I kissed her deeply until her cheeks were pink and she remembered why she loved me. Then I smacked her ass dismissively and told her I'd see her next week.

I prepared the various rooms for her visit just in case. First there was the living room with all the sofas and recliners. These were great for having a slut crawl around giving head, and great for positioning them for multiple entries. The bedroom had fresh linens and the curtains pulled aside for maximum lighting. Knowing a neighbor might be able to see in was an added thrill for me. Then there was the booth.

For those of you who have ever seen a glory hole, you know there are booths so both parties to the blowjob remain anonymous. In my house, however, the booth was set up so men could go inside and slide their cocks thru the hole. The slut would remain on her knees outside the booth, completely visible to the camera or anyone watching, sucking and jacking the anonymous cocks that poked thru the wall. She could also back up to the holes and allow the men to finger her holes or to fuck them. I intended to film Naomi on both sides of that booth today.

I'd asked the fellas to stay out of range for the first hour today while I romanced Naomi. I had a light snack set up for her. When Naomi arrived in a cute little skirt and blouse, I greeted her like a lover. I held her and kissed her, while letting my hand drop to her perfect ass. I fondled her ass thoroughly as I kissed her, and then led her over to the sofa to the tray of finger foods I'd arranged. I knew the guys were getting close-ups of her selecting items and holding them to her mouth to daintily take bites. I wanted a lot of footage of Naomi's hot mouth.

While she was eating, I complimented her appearance, my thumb stroking her breast gently. I watched the nipple harden and knew she would do my bidding today. After her snack, I moved in and began kissing her deeply. She responded by parting her lips and leaning into my mouth. My hands slid up her legs and between them. I wasted no time in sliding a finger against her slit. She was already damp. I fingered her gently for some minutes before I slid down between her legs and began kissing her inner thighs. Naomi blushed furiously, but I held her legs wide apart and began slowly lapping her thighs. I pulled her panties to the side and gently licked her labia. She moaned as I licked it slower, deeper, letting my tongue delve into her pussy. I ate her bald cunt slowly, letting her need build up inside her. I led her to the brink of orgasm several times but refused to bring her off.

Finally, I took her hand and led her to the closet. "Let's play a game," I said to her. Take your clothes off in here, and I'll go on the other side and slide my cock thru the hole for you to suck. She looked confused for a second, but I told her it would be fun because we couldn't see each other. She agreed and, as she pulled her blouse off, I saw the red light winking in the corner, capturing her willingly undressing. I went back outside of the booth and motioned to a mirror. Dan came in the room now, leaving the door open. He walked directly over to the booth. He unzipped his pants and slipped his cock thru the hole. He sighed and moved right against the wall and I guessed sweet little Naomi was sucking his turgid cock. What a delightful child! I talked to her thru the wall, telling her how wonderful her hot mouth felt. I told her to play with her tits a little, and to fondle my balls. I walked around opening the other doors to the room, then came back to the booth. Cameramen followed me quietly, zooming in on Dan's cock.

Dan was an old pro – he managed to last quite a while before Naomi finally managed to make him spurt.

When he was ready to blow his nut, I told her to get ready to swallow. Dan jerked and let several ropes of cum fill Naomi's young mouth. He nodded to me. That meant she was swallowing his load. "Good girl," I said to her thru the wall. Dan let her clean his cock for a few more minutes, and then pulled his limp cock away from the hole. I bent down to look in at her. Naomi was naked but for her heels. I smiled at her and asked her to do it again. I stood up and slid my cock thru the hole.

Naomi's lips found my cock and latched on like a newborn needing to suckle. God I love hot young sluts who are easy to train. Apparently she didn't notice that it wasn't the same cock.

Naomi sucked my cock while I coached her. "Play with your pussy, honey," I said. "Keep it nice and wet." I stroked her mouth with my hard cock, enjoying the feel of her young mouth. "Now hold your mouth against the hole and just let me fuck it," I instructed her. I humped her mouth thru the hole to allow her to get used to having her mouth used this way. The cameras followed my cock into her mouth. All I could think about was the footage the cameras inside the booth were getting.

I motioned for the men to leave the room a moment, and then came back around to the booth, my cock shiny. My new slut was on her knees with her fingers in her cunt, her face slightly red. "It's hot in here," I said. Let's give you some air. With that, I led her outside of the booth where I'd thoughtfully placed a pillow on the ground in front of the hole. "I can't wait for you to drink my cum, sweetheart," I told her as I looked into her eyes and winked. She reacted predictably, practically preening for me in her eagerness to please. She got on her knees while I went back around to the booth, signaling the guys to give her a moment.

I barely had my cock in the hole when her lips found it. "Suck that cock, honey," I coached her. "Play with your cunt for me, baby girl. Give me more tongue." Naomi blew me for several more minutes. I finally had to give her my cum, if only to send more guys into the booth. I blew my nuts in her mouth and felt her young jaws working to swallow my load. I let her lick me clean, then came out of the booth.

She was still on her knees when I walked over to block her view of the room. I was stroking her hair and telling her what a wonderful mouth she had when another cock slid thru the hole towards her. She looked at it apprehensively, then back at me. "Suck it," I commanded her softly. "Let me see you suck his cock." Her eyes lost a bit of their luster, but she didn't try to say no.

Taking the new cock in one hand, Naomi looked into my eyes as she opened her mouth and took the head. She continued to look at me as she sucked the stranger, and I watched her giving him pleasure. She wanted me to see what she was willing to do for me. If the little whore only knew! This was the tip of the iceberg. I could see the guys moving around to get good footage of my new whore working the glory hole. Today's footage would make me rich!

My cock hardened at the thought and I moved behind Naomi to finger her. Her wet cunt welcomed my fingers and her legs spread of their own volition. I positioned myself against her slit and rubbed my cockhead back and forth a couple of times. Finding her nicely wet, I thrust my cock into her wet cunt.

Naomi moaned around the cock in her mouth and continued to blow him while I fucked her snatch. Being the nice guy that I am, I only fucked her for a few minutes, then pulled out to give someone else a turn. I stroked Naomi's hair as two men she couldn't see fucked her fore and aft. Her teenaged tits bounced wildly between the two fuck sticks as she let herself be used. I continued to speak softly to her, telling her how beautiful she was. She looked reproachfully at me every few minutes, but continued to work her mouth over each cock that took a turn.

The cock in her mouth began spurting and she struggled to swallow the load. The owner of the cock in her pussy held her head in place helping her not to spill any of the precious load. After the cock slipped from her lips, her head bent while she took the pounding in her pussy.

A new cock bumped her head and she lifted her face to suck it. She looked trained.

Several of the men took turns using her face from the booth or using her cunt from behind. I finally had to sample that luscious asshole again. Besides, I knew it would make for some hot footage. I rubbed my cockhead back and forth in the cream pie my cameramen had left in my new whore's cunt. I worked the head of my cock into her asshole, and felt Naomi stiffen. I pulled out a moment to collect more lube from her used cunt.

Finally the head of my cock slid into her asshole and I started stroking more and more of it into her. God, she was still so tight! Is there anything more wonderful than fucking tight holes like these? I managed after a few strokes to sink balls deep into her lovely young asshole. I could feel her body fighting me, but I held Naomi's ass in my hands and fucked it steadily. I lifted her ass higher in the air so I could fully straddle her body and fuck down into her. I knew how nasty that looks on camera, and it feels good to subject a whore to that kind of use. The only thing that is more wonderful than fucking tight, newly deflowered holes is counting the money I make from turning them out.

After I release the films of my new whores, I find fresh talent to seduce. I reached underneath her to play with her clit. It was important to see how many times I could make Naomi cum during our playtime. I brought her to a staggering orgasm, filled her ass with my jizz, then moved aside to let someone else fuck her asshole. I could see my cum on the guy's cock as he put his meat to the young girl. She was earning her money today.

After nearly 3 hours of steady use, Naomi left the column on unsteady feet. She'd swallowed more loads of cum than I could count without watching the footage. She'd also taken several loads of fucksauce in her cunt and ass. She got dressed in silence, but I could feel her looking at me. I always hated this part of it, their need for reassurance. Virgins fell in love with me because I was good at stroking their needs. Once I turned them into whores, they still held out some hope that I was in love with them. I had to keep that hope alive. This was business and she was going to make me a lot of money as long as I could make it last.

I knew she wanted to be loved. I couldn't lie and say I loved her so I said I loved our time together and looked forward to seeing her again. I told her she was beautiful (that much was true), and thanked her for coming to see me. When I handed her $200 of spending money, she blushed. "You earned it," I told her. I figured she was making about $70 an hour, which wasn't bad money for a high school senior. Besides, her ridiculous friends were giving their pussies away for free.

I knew there was a vast difference between a girl letting all the boys in school know she puts out and a girl letting millions of men watch her online sucking cocks seemingly eagerly, and watching her take them in her cunt and ass. For one thing, after graduation, everyone would forget about a slut until their class reunion. Online, however, was different. Millions of men could purchase her videos and watch Naomi sucking cock after cock for as long as there were computers.

As I uploaded Naomi's glory hole videos to my website, a website I had built to dedicate to corrupting young virgins, I pondered the implications if someone Naomi knew saw her videos. I had barely finished loading her latest videos when the orders started coming in. My cock grew hard! Just as I'd suspected from the first time I laid eyes on her, Naomi was a money maker. It was just her bad luck that she'd found me instead of some sweet guy who wanted to get married and live happily ever after. I sat back in my easy chair, stroking my cock lazily and planning next week's fun.

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