Breaking In Me & Rev. Jim


"Aahhh!!" I began to yell in pleasure and pain. Daddy was less becoming rapidly gentle and was fucking me selfishly. I loved his relentless release and his animal behavior--as the old stallion now mounted his own filly with roughness—only caring about his gratification.

"Oh you fuckin' whore!" he yelled—also not in the script, "I'm gonna cum so hard inside you," The next thing he said shocked me completely and turned me on so badly: "I'm gonna fill you with so much cum you're gonna get knocked up! I'm gonna make you tell your Momma it's your Daddy's baby! Oh God, you're the devil's child and cum licker, you fucking whore…" With that my insides became molten and I came again and shook.

Daddy was now buried to the hilt in me. I had accommodated him greedily as he sucked and kneaded my breasts, and then humped me hard with his chest hair scratching my tender nipples. He had grabbed my thighs and brought them around his broad back. He kneaded my buttocks with his hands—so big the palms spread out upon my small taught ass. He was fucking me in quick hard strokes. His balls slapping audibly against my crack.

"God! You bitch!!! Oh I love you—you fucking tight bitch! AGGGHHHh!!!!!!!!!" My own father's hot seed spurted in an act the devil made. This preacher's cum was thick and hot and filled my little womb and pussy. The danger of our possible conception put me over the edge on more time. He was red-faced and stared in mine with some aggression. Fucking me in hard, short strokes as he came in this great, long, and continuous orgasm. I filled fuller than I thought possible. He rested as he grew softer inside me.

"Good Reverend! Very good! Keep that daddy-cum in her!"

Daddy pulled out slowly with a pop.

We needed no script for scene three.

I took control and fucked him on a chair—straddling his hardness and fucking in slow, deep rhythmic strokes while he toyed with my clit—Daddy was molesting his own daughter's pussy now. We talked about how it was a little pony ride between father and daughter. He praised me—huffing and puffing, calling me a "good little cowgirl" in between huffs. I screamed with pleasure under his ministrations. I arched my back, sticking out my proud breasts, as my tight vice like cunny sucked his cock dry. His fingers dug so hard into my thighs that they were leaving souvenir bruises behind. He sucked on my chest hard like the beast he was becoming—bursting some small capillaries in places.

Daddy spent the beginning of scene four, regaining his hardness, with me on the floor on my hands and knees submissively licking our cum off his cock—lapping slowly like a little kitten on cream. On my hands and knees I turned around so my daddy fuck me on his knees from behind. His balls were slapping on my clit—my legs spread wide to accommodate him. He commanded me suck the short man's cock hard. In the end the leader gagged me by shoving and forcing his cock deep down my throat like I was some toy to be used only to get him off. Between the depravity of my mouth fucking, and Daddy's big balls against my little clit, I came while hardly breathing. My little gold cross was swinging back and forth against my chest. Dad was really letting himself go nuts as he slapped my ass occasionally. Obviously enjoying my submissive fucking. Then he buried himself to the hilt as before. He leaned over to stay deep in me while rutting—his back hair against my smooth back as I arched up and came as hard as ever. He hunched over on me like a dog on a bitch. His deep thrusts kept in my pussy with little withdrawal. He did this, he said, to plug off the escape of his fatherly seed. We let out lowly depraved moans as he came hotly, spreading his baby batter in my little pussy.

When it was all over, father and daughter spent we were anesthetized again so they could make a clean escape—they said—and we still don't know who they were.

When we came to, we were in bed. Daddy's cock was soft but resting comfortably inside the crack between my legs as if it had found a home there. There was no going back. We were permanent sinners and we both were smart enough to know it. We had been broken into a new world. But by whom? I suppose your wondering?

When we came to, a tape was playing. But it was not our tape. To our shock and happiness, the tape was of my Momma and her parents. Grammie was licking Momma's pussy, which was very sweetly trimmed, while Grandaddie fucked Momma with his fat cock, his stomach hunching fat-ly over her sweet ass. He pulled it out to slap it lightly on her ass a bit—talking about how pretty her ass was, his little girl's ass! And he was not circumcised! It was so amazing, my mouth watered wondering if I would get to taste it. Then I realized what was happening. Momma and my grandparents had set this whole thing up! I was confused, a little sad at first, but at the same time, satisfied with the idea that we were all about to get a little closer.

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