tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking In My Friend's Girl Ch. 02

Breaking In My Friend's Girl Ch. 02

byMichael Herrick©

Gretchen squirmed in the passenger seat as we drove across town. The fact that I had ordered her to pull up the skirt and spread her legs during the ride probably had something to do with it. That, and my habit of pulling up next to trucks and SUV's so the drivers could ogle her.

Oh, and I had the car's top down.

In any case, she was mortified. But she was now behaving properly in my view, mostly out of fear that I would give a bad report to Bill afterward. It had been made clear that that would effectively end her relationship, so she was pretty much mine to do with as I pleased for the night.

Talking on cel phones while driving is illegal in my state, so I handed it to Gretchen and gave her a number. "Ask for Sarah and explain who you are. Then tell her we're on our way and that we'll be there in about twenty minutes."

Gretchen dialed and put the phone to her ear just as I stopped at a red light next to a Ford Explorer. She tried to hunker down behind the seat to avoid the driver's open mouthed stare, and then said into the phone, "Um, hello Sarah? My name is Gretchen and I'm with Michael. I guess we're coming over to where you are and... what?" She reddened and then said, "Um, yeah I guess he is... did he what?" She glared at me, and then said angrily, "Yes, he did... Um, about twenty minutes... Yeah, you too."

"What did she ask you?"

She gave me an angry glare and then said, "She asked if you came on my face."

I laughed and said, "Sarah knows me well. But she's a good girl, and takes it happily. Knows her place, you see."


I let her have her moment of petulance. Of course, I knew what was coming.

Soon we pulled up in front of a neat ranch style house, and I held the door open for Gretchen to step out. She smoothed her skirt and looked suspiciously at this act of courtesy. How little she understands, I thought. I'm never rude to a girl - I just expect her to learn her place and be good.

The door opened as we climbed the steps to reveal a grinning Sarah. She was wearing low slung jeans and a spaghetti strap top. She was trim and beautiful, with her long brown hair done in pigtails. "I'm glad you emailed when you did - I was going to go out, but I cancelled my plans when you told me what you were bringing over. So this is her?"

I nodded and reached for Sarah. She leaned her cheek into my hand and smiled at me. "Good to see you, sir. It's been a while."

Gretchen head came up at the 'sir'.

"It has," I said as we moved into the living room. "You look great. Been behaving yourself?"

Sarah blushed attractively. "Well... mostly." As if on cue, the bathroom door opened and out walked a well-built young man. He looked up surprised, and then recognition crossed his face.

"Hey Mike!" he exclaimed, offering his hand.

We shook and I said, "Tom, nice to see you! How are you enjoying Sarah?"

He grinned. "Outstanding! Man, I can't thank you enough. She's everything you said she was."

"I'm glad. She's a good girl." Sarah blushed again at this. "This is Gretchen. She's the girl of a friend of mine. I'm helping her learn to behave tonight."

Tom looked closely at Gretchen, who seemed to be making an intense effort to blend in with a nearby bookcase. Then a look of astonishment took over his features and his voice went high pitched as he exclaimed, "Gretchen! Holy shit! Mike, Gretchen and I went to college together!"

I inclined my head at Gretchen and said, "Really?"

Tom continued, "Yeah! I even tried to get in her pants one night at a party. But she had this boyfriend who wouldn't leave her alone for more than ten seconds at a time."

Smiling broadly I said to Tom, "Well! This is your lucky night then! Want a piece of her?" Gretchen cringed.

Tom looked pained. "Aww man, I'd LOVE to! But Sarah just about wore me out this afternoon, and now I've got to go tend bar." Gretchen brightened at this slightly, but her relief was short lived because Tom asked, "But, could I have a quick look?"

"Absolutely," I replied, giving Gretchen a small shove toward him.

Tom walked around her over for a moment while Sarah watched, her hand covering her mouth. She looked like she was about to bust out laughing. Gretchen however, did not. She stood stock still, took shallow breaths, but her eyes darted about as if she were preparing to bolt. He said to her, "Lift your arms Gretch."

She looked at him as if he were crazy, and I immediately lifted her skirt to give her a hard slap. "Hey, he just gave you an order! Follow it as you would one from me... or from Bill."

Gretchen's eyes dropped as she thought of Bill, then she raised her arms above her head. Tom went around behind her, pressed against her body, and slid his hands up the front of her shirt. "Mmmm, I always knew she had sweet little ones."

Tom continued fondling her for a moment, and finished by lifting her skirt to look at her pussy and briefly insert a finger. Gretchen appeared to endure it with effort. He then slapped her on the ass and said to me, "Thanks Mike! Always wondered what she felt like. Have fun tonight. Are you taking pictures?"

I said I was and Tom smiled. "Great! Can't wait to see them. Got to go. Later!"

Sarah and I bid Tom a good evening and he departed. I then walked over to Sarah who began to sink to her knees in front of me. I caught her shoulders and lifted her back up. "Sarah, you've always been good for me and Tom, so you're going to get a special treat. Of course you still must follow directions, but tonight you get to give some orders too."

Sarah's eyes darted to Gretchen and she smiled with excitement. "Really?" I nodded and she kissed me. "Ooh, you are a wicked man. Can I crop her too?"

I shrugged, handed her the crop and said, "Sure, if she isn't good."

Gretchen had merely been humiliated up to this point. But she was now terrified, and with good reason. She instinctively understood that a man being forceful with her was one thing, but that a woman with power over another woman was something to fear. Especially a woman who knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a riding crop.

Sarah bounced the crop against her palm and glared at Sarah with narrow eyes. "Fuckin' cool."

Gretchen looked to me, obviously hoping for protection. I smiled amiably at her and said, "Strip." She did so, reluctantly, as Sarah and I watched. When she stood naked before us, I told her to kneel down.

When Gretchen hesitated, Sarah brought the crop down sharply on her ass. "He said on your knees, you little bitch!" This brought a yelp, and resulted in our reluctant young lady dropping sharply to her knees where she belonged.

Sarah circled her, clearly looking for the slightest excuse to use the crop again. It's amazing what happens when you turn an otherwise docile sub loose on another of her gender. They can be vicious. However, I reflected that Sarah had certainly earned the privilege, having endured her share of kisses from the crop. I decided to let her run with it for the moment. "So how did you become his slut?"

Gretchen was trembling as she answered, "It's kind of a long story..."

CRACK! The crop came down again, this time on Gretchen's left thigh. Then Sarah bent down to get right in her face and growled, "Find a way to make it short, bitch." She stood up, continuing to give Gretchen a vicious stare. Sarah then resumed her tight circle, pausing to give me a big bright smile when she was behind Gretchen's back. She was enjoying this.

Gretchen began talking quickly to avoid another swat. "My boyfriend Bill is Michael's friend and..."

CRACK! Gretchen shrieked as the crop fell on her exposed back. Sarah bellowed, "You call him 'Sir' or 'Master'!"

"All right!"

CRACK! This time on the shoulder. "And I'm 'Mistress'."

"Yes, Mistress!" She paused, and then continued. "Bill is... Master's friend. Bill asked Master to find out if I can be good for him, and behave."

"I see," said Sarah. She turned to me and asked, "Has she been good so far?"

"More or less. Once she got her priorities settled."

"Looks like a little slut to me." With that she swung the crop once more, this time leaving another red mark on Gretchen's back. She took it with a screech, but managed to keep from moving. "Was she any good at sucking your cock?"

"Not bad. I've had better."

"Let's see what she can do with a pussy." Gretchen began to sob at that announcement, but Sarah was undeterred. She grabbed a fistful of Gretchen's blonde hair and led her on hands and knees to the couch.

Sarah addressed Gretchen as she began peeling off her jeans. "OK slut, you're going to get me off now. If you can do it in less than five minutes I WON'T give you another 20 with the crop." I lifted the camera as she flopped back on the couch, opened her legs, and pulled Gretchen's face to her sex. I clicked just as Gretchen pulled away in disgust. She looked up at Sarah with horror.

"Oh, I forgot to warn you about Tom's spunk. He finished inside me just before you got here. My bad." I helped her this time as she pulled Gretchen's face down.

I resumed taking photos when I was sure Gretchen was securely ensconced in Sarah's pussy. For her part, Sarah was having a ball. She smiled brightly up at me as I worked the camera, pausing every so often to threaten Gretchen in a menacing voice. At one point I had her hold Gretchen's head up for the camera so I could clearly capture her face next to Sarah's pussy. It went a lot longer than five minutes, so I knew another cropping was in the near future.

"Oh, Michael! I'm so glad you brought this little slut over for me to play with. Ohhh, she's doing pretty well down there." Sarah then extended the crop out for me. "I'm going to come soon - could you give her a few when I do?"

"Sure", I said, accepting the crop. Gretchen whimpered and would have pulled away, but Sarah had her fist entangled in her hair. "Tell me when."

"Soon! Start slow and then go faster, OK? Oh! Lick faster bitch!"

I admired Gretchen's ass as I took my position behind her. Using about half strength I swung the crop, timing my strikes to Sarah's moans. As Sarah got louder I added strength and frequency to my blows. She seemed to enjoy Gretchen's whimpering into her pussy. Suddenly Sarah tensed, and obviously began to come. I brought the crop down hard as she rode her orgasm out.

Sarah released Gretchen's head as she came down. Gretchen looked as if she'd just eaten a sour grape. "Can I have some water?"

Recovering from her exertion, Sarah glared daggers at Gretchen and said, "Honey, I'm gifted with second sight. And it's telling me now that your little ass is going to hurt for two weeks if you don't start addressing him properly."

I tossed the crop over to Sarah, and Gretchen quickly said, "Please sir, may I have some water?"

"Sure, go ahead. And bring us some too. But don't put any clothes on."

Gretchen rose and slinked miserably into the kitchen. Then I sat next to Sarah and explained what I had in mind for the rest of the evening. She agreed - or rather, she acknowledged her instructions. I customarily phrased orders to her as requests because she had earned such treatment over time.

When Gretchen returned with two bottles of water I had her bring them to us on her knees. Sarah accepted her bottle and then snuggled into my shoulder. "This is such a treat Michael. Thank you."

"You've earned it", I said truthfully.

"Hmmm, thanks. Now lemme see here..." Sarah then reached out and grabbed Gretchen's nipples. She squeezed and twisted them, enjoying the whimpers this treatment brought. Reaching downward, she ran a hand between Gretchen's legs. "Oh my God! She's wetter than lake in a rainstorm!"

"Really?" I said. "Are you wet Gretchen? Are you excited?"

Looking down, she meekly said, "Yes."

"What a slut!" exclaimed Sarah.

I smiled. "Now here's the plan for tonight Sarah. I haven't been inside her yet, so in a little while you can help me fuck her. But I want her cleaned up a bit first. Gretchen, go take a shower, and then come back out here. But no clothes."

"OK." CRACK! "I mean 'yes sir'!"

Sarah said, "I think I'll go supervise." I nodded, and she led Gretchen off to the bathroom.

I could hear the shower running as I watched TV. Also some moans, some wet slaps, and a few short screams. Sarah led Gretchen back into the room about forty-five minutes later. She had put a collar around Gretchen's neck, and was holding a leash attached to it.

Gretchen's eyes were down as Sarah led her in front of me and had her kneel there. "Her pussy's still wet", said Sarah. "I fingered her a bit, but I didn't let her come."

"You're a natural at this", I said. "OK, I think I'm ready for the main event."

I nodded to Sarah and she took control of the situation for me. First she undid my pants and pulled out my cock. Then she used the leash to pull Gretchen's face to it. "Get him hard so he can use your little pussy."

Gretchen whimpered as she sucked me for the second time that day. Sarah joined her every so often, giving me the sublime pleasure of feeling two girls' tongues on my cock. But mostly she guided Gretchen's head up and down roughly as she sucked, while gently stroking my balls at the same time. In the back of my mind I was impressed with this display of multi-tasking.

When she judged me hard enough Sarah announced to Gretchen, "That's enough. On your back." The blonde slut remained on her knees with her face screwed up in anger at this treatment from another girl. Sarah impatiently pulled the leash backwards to guide Gretchen to the floor. Then she kicked her legs apart.

I shucked my pants and took my place between Gretchen's legs. Sarah held the leash tight with one hand and reached for my cock with the other. "Allow me," she said, as she guided my cock to Gretchen's sex. Then addressing Gretchen she said, "Keep your legs spread wide, hands clasped above your head, and shut up."

My cock was spreading Gretchen's lips, and as she tearfully put her hands over her head I looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Good girl."

Then I pushed it in. Hard.

Gretchen gasped and her eyes opened wide, but she was unable to move far because of Sarah's tight grip on the leash. She was wet and snug, and I took her in deep strokes. Each time I pushed in I enjoyed the wince on Gretchen's face. Probably more from shame than pain, as she was quite wet.

Sarah grinned at me as I fucked the girl beneath her. We had shared a lot, and this was a culmination of sorts for us. Impulsively she leaned in and kissed me deeply. Then she began twisting Gretchen's nipples, making her squirm beneath me. I reveled in the sensations of the two girls.

After a few minutes of this I pulled out. Sarah anticipated my next desire and began positioning Gretchen on hands and knees. She handed me the leash as I entered Gretchen from behind, and then went to fetch the camera. I pulled on the leash to keep Gretchen's head up while I plowed into her, allowing Sarah to get some good photos of the humiliated expression on her face.

In a short while I felt the need to come. I motioned to Sarah to take the leash so I could hold Gretchen's hips with both hands. Gretchen grunted with my thrusts as I picked up the pace. Sarah warned Gretchen to hold still for me so I could come inside her. With a final hard thrust I tightened my grip and Sarah held the leash tightly. Gretchen whimpered as I began to unload inside her. I came hard with my penis pressed up against Gretchen's cervix - five strong spurts.

Sarah made sure Gretchen remained motionless while I came down from my orgasm. After I pulled out Sarah pushed Gretchen onto her back again, then went into the kitchen. She returned a moment later with a hand towel. Throwing it carelessly onto Gretchen's body she said, "Here, clean yourself up. Now you know what it feels like to be used like a slut. Better get used to it."

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