tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBreaking in the New Kid

Breaking in the New Kid


~This story is purely the work of my imagination, and is no way to be taken for fact!~

It had been almost 6 months after I started wrestling in the WWF as 'Mistress Blue' before I got tired of that persona. Yeah, it was nice walking to the ring with a whip in my hand, flowing blue crushed velvet robe over my lacy, dark blue body suit, 'spanking' my opponent after I won a match, but you can only do that to the same 6 women so many times before it gets old. I still hadn't been able to talk my boyfriend, Kevin Nash, into wrestling with me, or being my manager, even though I had won the Women's Championship title-still no luck without Scott. He did start accompanying me to main events though, which was a nice, especially since HHH had come back to the ring finally!

Vince (MacMahon) had told me that a new kid was coming into the sport and needed a gimmick, so agreed to take him on as my 'slave,' with the assurance that I would only have to do this for a few more months until the kid established himself, and since this was a Pay-Per-View event, I figured why not. Besides, Hunter would be escorting me to the ring as well, much to the chagrin of Vince's daughter Stephanie, Hunter's wife. Most people didn't know that the two were having problems at home, but Vince decided to capitalize it for the fans. I was totally for that part of it; I had hated the slut as soon as we met, and no love would be lost by the new script. We hadn't met the kid yet, but Vince told us that he wanted him to be nervous and in awe like a 'slave' should be. Neither of us wanted to know how Vince knew how a good slave acted, so we didn't ask. Hunter left the office before Vince divulged the information, and I changed the subject.

"OK, Vince" I told him with a twinkle in my eye "I admit the thought of whipping some young stud in front of a million people has a certain appeal to it" I knew as soon as I said it that Vince would make more out of it than need be, and judging by the growing bulge in his pants, I was right. "How about an old veteran in front of no one?" he growled, shifting in his chair. Most of the sluts in the WWF would have jumped at the chance to 'please' their boss; I just laughed at him and replied "How about you bent over that desk there with Sexy's foot up your old, wrinkled ass" I left him speechless, mouth agape and staring as I walked out of his office; I wasn't about to stick around to find out if he took that as a counter offer.

Kevin was in the hall waiting on me and talking to Hunter. They both looked puzzled by the amused look on my face and asked in unison: "What's that look for?" I laughed out loud and answered them "I just made Vince an offer he may talk to you about later, Sexy man" Kevin looked at me quizzically, but Hunter snickered under his breath; I guess Hunter had an idea about what that offer was. Hunter told Kevin not to ask until Vince brought it ... up. I dunno if Kevin got the joke, but he changed the subject.

"It's almost your birthday, isn't it, Hunter?" Kevin leaned to whisper in Hunter's ear, letting his tongue flick across the lobe. A flush of red spread across Hunter's face, and he stepped away from Kevin and I, hoping that no one saw what Kevin had just done to him. Laughing, Kevin pulled me to him and kissed me on the neck, whispering just out of Hunter's earshot. "You have everything ready, Baby?" he asked me, pressing his body close to mine. I told him that it was all planned out, down to the very last detail. Kevin ran his hand up between my thighs to find that my body suit was soaked from my juices. A delighted smile crossed his lips, and he brought his strong hand up to them to taste me; I leaned up and licked the back of his hand, letting my tongue graze his as we cleaned his fingers.

"Time for the match, Mistress" Hunter's voice broke our hold. Kevin gave me a quick good luck kiss and Hunter a good luck swat on the ass as he strolled into the lounge to watch our match. Just as Hunter was walking into the locker room to get my 'slave,' the young man stepped out the door. He was roughly 6'0" tall, lean and muscular, his cock resting precariously in his short tights. He had a spiked choker around his neck with a long leash trailing down from the middle. Hunter and I both stared at him until his nervousness broke our visual rape of him. "Um, hi," he started with a shaky voice, his eyes roaming between me and Hunter. "My name is Serj... I-I guess I am your...er.. slave" he choked on the words, not knowing how to address himself. Hunter held his laughter in as best he could, but I let it all out, laughing right in the man's face.

"You want to do this so bad that you are going to lick my boot heels in front of over a million people" I asked him, amazed at what some of these guys put themselves through just to get beat up 6 times a week. He didn't say anything, but his cheeks flushed red hot, and he nodded his head. That made Hunter lose his composure totally, but he managed to tell the kid "Just follow our lead, and only speak when spoken to. Go out there and kick some ass so you can get whipped my your Mistress" We chuckled under our breath as we walked to the entrance, but were all business when we approached our opponents who were also waiting to go to the ring.

It was supposed to be a mixed tag team match between Serj and I against Stephanie and Test. "You ready to lose" Hunter asked them, a wicked smirk on his face. Stephanie just glared at me and said something about 'to hell with the script' and ripping my hair out. Apparently she had no idea that we didn't know what was in the script, so I just laughed at her and kissed Hunter squarely on the mouth, drawing his tongue out with my lips, blatantly showing her that I didn't give a fuck about her. She and Test were called out before she could say anything, and my partners and I just doubled over in laughter; it was nice to see the new kid relax a little in this unorthodox setting.

"OK, kid ... we're up" I told him and he assumed his position behind me, and placed his leash in my hand. Hunter's music was cued up and we were announced simply as 'Mistress Blue and her pet, accompanied by their manager HHH.' The crowd jumped to their feet; this was HHH debut return since he tore his quadriceps over 8 months ago. Hunter addressed the crowd for about 5 minutes, telling them how good it was to be back, etc., and that he was happy to be here as my manager as well as a wrestler and he kissed me, deeply and passionately right there. The crowd cheered me and booed Steph, and then the match got underway.

It wasn't difficult keeping Stephanie in the ring; Hunter had Test distracted off the ropes and proceeded to beat his ass-there was no love lost between the two, thanks to Steph, and I am not so sure that Hunter wasn't really kicking the poor guy's ass. Not that Test is a weakling, mind you, but Hunter really hates the guy. So Serj and I took turns throwing Stephanie around the ring, and he pulled some really good moves off on her that I had no idea someone as tall as he was could do. He wrestled in true Luchadore style, all arial and high risk maneuvers. Needless to say, it wasn't long before Test was 'laid out' on the floor and Steph was bent over my knee while Hunter 'whipped' her for me. I don't know if Vince had planned his little girl to lose tonight, but it was obvious that we didn't give a shit if he liked it or not.

We walked toward the entrance, me on Hunter's shoulders, my slave trailing behind on his leash, and the fans were going nuts. I had never had this many people cheering for me before, and tears welled in my eyes as we hit backstage. Hunter dropped me down into his arms and kissed me, then turned to Serj and complimented him on the match "Great job, kid" he turned back to me "See you in the lounge in 15" he whispered with a wink and walked away to the showers. Serj gave me a quizzical look, but didn't know if he should pry. I had seen that look before so I volunteered the information I knew he wanted.

"Yes, Kevin is my boyfriend, but you know how it goes" I grabbed his hand, beaconing him to follow me to the lounge where Kevin was waiting. I was greeted by two massive arms wrapping around me, Kevin's hands roaming my body as he congratulated me. Kevin pulled me down to the couch while he tried to free me of my body suit, and I unzipped his leather pants and brought out his 12" cock with one hand as I helped him undress me with the other. Serj shifted uncomfortably, not sure why he was supposed to be there, but he didn't make any motion to remind us that he was. I could feel his eyes on us, watching me take Kevin's cock into my mouth as he squeezed my tits and groaned.

"She can sure suck a cock, can't she, kid" Kevin rasped to Serj, fully aware that the young stud was there as his eyes wandered over the bulge in Serj's wrestling trunks. When Serj didn't answer Kevin's question, Kevin asked him another "You want to find out for yourself before you tell me, huh, kid?" Kevin moved me off of his crotch, pointing me at Serj. "Go show the stud what you've got, Baby" I didn't hesitate, and I saw Kevin stroking his cock as I crawled over to Serj and pulled his trunks down to reveal a nice 7&1/2" long, 2" thick shaft. Expertly I took it into my mouth, letting my tongue trace the thick vein that ran down it's length. I heard a loud gasp emanate from Serj's lips as I deep throated him, my tongue flicking his balls when I reached bottom.

"Now don't go thinkin' that my Blue does this for just anybody, kid" Kevin told Serj as he watched the young man fuck my mouth. Serj looked up at Kevin to respond, but stopped short when he saw the older man jerking himself while he watched this young stud shoving his cock in his girlfriend's face. The site made Serj grow harder in my mouth, gagging me momentarily so that I had to pull off of his delicious cock. "I think he likes your cock, Baby... He just grew another inch when he saw it" I drawled to Kevin before taking Serj's cock back into my mouth. I pumped his cock for 10 more minutes, bringing him to the verge of orgasm several times, only to slow my pace to stall it. I wagered his grunts and moans could be heard out in the hall, so I eased away from him and slinked back over to Kevin.

Serj stood there looking at me as if he wanted to kill me, his need for release pushing him on the brink of madness. "What the hell did you-" he stopped mid-sentence again at the site of Kevin's cock, lust filling his eyes. "You can't have this one" I said to him slyly while patting Kevin's cock "but I know one you want just as badly" I stated, raising my hand to point behind Serj at Hunter, who was fresh from the shower, wearing nothing but a towel draped around his glistening wet, muscular body and a smile across his hungry lips. When Serj turned around to see who I was pointing at, I walked behind him and tugged on his leash hard, dropping him down to his knees in front of Hunter. "Happy Birthday, Hunter Baby" I whispered softly "Let's show the new stud what it means to be a slave"

Serj tried to fight against me to stand up, but Hunter grabbed Serj by his hair and thrust his mouth around his 9" long, 4" thick, hard cock. Kevin sauntered up behind me, his own cock in hand, and began rubbing it along my swollen, wet slit. Hunter thrust his cock deeper into Serj's throat while I held him in place by his leash, and I leaned down to whisper to the panicked stud "Don't worry, Baby ... you know his cock feels good in your mouth" I heard a moan resonate off of Hunter's cock, and Serj began bobbing his head freely over Hunter's shaft. Kevin slid his huge cock inside my upturned ass as I straddled Serj's, my juices dripping down Serj's crack and onto his balls and cock.

There was something exciting about that fact that the four of us could be walked in on at any time, and or fucking and sucking became more furious with each passing moment. Serj's moans were muffled by Hunter's cock, but I know my screams resonated throughout the halls as Kevin fervishly pounded my tight ass with his cock, knocking Hunter's deeper into Serj's throat with each furious thrust. I wrapped my hand around Serj's cock, and tried to match the pace of Kevin and Hunter's thrusts, but they moved to fast and hard. Serj didn't seem to complain, though, and I felt his precum slide aver the top of my tiny fingers. Kevin's and Hunter's grunts increased in intensity, and I knew it wouldn't be long before they were ready fill Serj and I with their seed.

As planned, I slid off of Serge's ass and Kevin's cock, positioning my face below Serj's cock as he pumped it with his hand. Kevin kneeled above me and thrust his shaft hard into my throbbing cunt. I took Serj's cock between my lips, and began to suck it down my throat while Kevin plunged two of his fingers passed the star of his ass, still wet from my juices, thrusting them deep into Serj's canal. The site of Kevin finger fucking Serj was all Hunter needed to push him over the edge to orgasm, and with a loud grunt and one final thrust he shot his seed down the young stud's throat. The sudden rush of Hunter's nectar coupled with Kevin's assault inside his ass caused Serj to explode in no time, and he filled my mouth with his salty cum, so much so that it spilled out the sides as I tried to swallow it all. I glanced up with my eyes to watch Serj sucking and licking Hunter's cum off of his cock, and orgasm threatened my body. The walls of my cunt tightened around Kevin's cock, and it wasn't long before the waves washed over him also, and he shot his seed deep into my cunt, my contracting walls milking him as he came.

Kevin and I moved to the couch as Hunter pushed Serj onto his back, taking a position above Serj's still hard cock. We watched as Hunter mounted Serj, easing the stud's cock inside his tight ass to ride him. Hunter stared at me imploringly, and Kevin, sensing what his friend wanted, motioned for me to go over to them. I walked over and stood over Serj's body, one leg over Hunter's shoulder, and placed my cunt in front of Hunter's mouth. Kevin's seed was still dripping out of the folds, and Hunter greedily began lapping along my thighs and slit, tasting Kevin's juices mixed with my own, as Serj pulled Hunter down onto his cock. "Happy Birthday, Baby" I rasped as I pushed Hunter's face deeper into my aching cunt, closing my eyes to enjoy the work he did so well with his tongue.

Serj fucked Hunter's ass hard as he watched the man eat Kevin's cum out of my pussy, his thrusts increasing, his seed wanting release. Hunter reached behind him and slid a finger inside Serj's star, still open from Kevin's finger fucking, and began to pump it hard with his hand. A loud moan wailed out of Serj's throat "I'm gonna cum!" he shouted, and Hunter forced the man's cock all the way up his canal as the hot seed filled him to the rim. I watched as Hunter's own seed spilled out onto Serj's stomach, and I grabbed Hunter's face and completely buried it in my mound, my juices flowing over his cheeks and chin as I came. Hunter removed Serj's cock from his ass and lay beside the young stud on one side, and I followed suit on the other.

Kevin, who had remained inactive during this exchange, crawled over to where we lay on the floor, hovering his massive form over Serj in a 69 position and shoved his cock down the man's throat as he licked Hunter's cum off of his chest. Hunter and I teased Serj's balls while he sucked on Kevin's cock, both of us too spent to do anything more. Furiously Kevin pounded our stud's mouth, forcing Serj to deep throat him. I saw the familiar strain on Kevin's brow, the tensing of his muscles, but didn't say anything as he shot his semen down Serj's throat, out of his mouth and over his cheeks. I moved over so Kevin could collapse beside me, both of us watching Hunter clean Serj's face with his lips and tongue, the two of them kissing passionately as he did so.

Hunter was the first to get up off the floor. He pulled his towel around his waist as he watched the rest of us trying to put ourselves back together after the glorious fuck-fest we just had. Slowly he sauntered over to the door, turning around just before he walked out. He nodded at Kevin and I and thanked us for the wonderful birthday party. He gazed into Serj's eyes for a bit before exclaiming "Welcome to the club, Stud" and turned and strolled out the door, whistling his theme song. Kevin and I left the room too, leaving Serj alone, happy as hell he decided to go into professional wrestling instead of catering.

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