tagBDSMBreaking in the Sub Pt. 03

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 03


So after 2 encounters at my house, my naughty school girl finally found a place of her own, it was quite a bit further away from my place, but within walking distance for middle of the night walks. I recall one of our first encounters there, it was the 2 of us talking about dominance and submission. She used to like neck rubs, so I worked a deal, that I would rub her neck as long as she had my cock in her mouth, if she stopped, then I stopped. This is where we would working on her gagging technique when I rubbed her neck harder, in turn of course, she was forced to take me further in her mouth.

We both got up to have a break one night, i had flicked the jug to make us a cuppa, I asked her how far would be too far? She dropped to her knees right there in front of my undid my pants and without batting an eyelid she took my entire cock in her mouth and held it there. I was in heaven, I asked her if she had ever been face fucked, and she asked me to explain, instead i just showed her. I asked her to relax and grabbed her head with both hands, and went to town, the sound of her gagging on my cock as a pumped it in and out of her mouth was such a turn on. I only did this for 10 or 20 seconds to see if she would like it, much to my approval she agreed that it would be doable in the future.

We went outside and had a cuppa, got some fresh air, once we stepped back inside it was on! I told her I wasn't leaving until she had given me exactly what I wanted, I wanted to fuck her face and i wanted her to swallow my load, she agreed. I started slow with a neck rub again, to get her back in the mood, once she was comfortable I repositioned myself so she was between my legs, I grabbed the back of her head and periodically rammed her head down into my crotch, each time I'd hold it for longer and longer.

I looked over beside me to find a plastic cricket bat that belonged to her daughter, I smacked her arse with it, she looked up in disapproval that I was using her daughters toy for such a dirty act. I told her straight, she was to do what she was told and to like it, so i smacked her arse again, HARD, she wriggled this time, I could tell she liked it, I demanded her to undo her pants and pull them down to expose her arse, with out taking my cock out of her mouth. Of course this was a perfect chance to test her to very end, she wriggled her hands underneath her and undid her jeans, as she went to push them down, it became very apparent that she was going to have to pretty much impale herself on my cock when she lifted her hips up to push her pants down, when this took place i pulled her head down with one hand and smacked her arse as hard as i could with the bat, she spasmed on my cock and gagged hard, it was mind boggling how good it felt.

I continued to punish her arse with her daughters plastic cricket bat while she went to town on my rock hard cock until her arse was bright red, she looked up at me with eyeliner running down her cheeks from gagging so much and begged me to blow my load in her mouth. I told her to make me cum if she wanted it so much, she stopped deep throating me and went back to her porn like ways of sucking cock. She bought me to climax very quickly, what happened next completely blew me away, literally, as I came close, I prewarned her, she keep going as hard as before, I warned her again, still no slowing, then it happen, as i blew the first shot into her mouth, she basically went full deep throat and sword swallowed me. I couldn't believe it, here i was cumming so hard not into her mouth, but staright down her throat, she had implaer herself on me as a came, it was amazing. She stayed impaled on my cock sword swallowing my entire load.

Afterward she sucked me clean, then between licks on the head of my cock, looked up at me straight in the eye and said 'So you like that we party trick do ya sir?'

I warned her she reset the benchmark and things wouldn't be the same from there on in, she nodded obediently and she 'Yes sir.'

I repositioned myself again, so she could rest her head on my lap, I continued my neck rub and massaged her bright red arse with my other hand, she fell asleep after only a couple of minutes. Not only had we taken things to a new level that night, I also let her know I had a soft side and could care for her after sessions also.

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