tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking in the Sub Pt. 06

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 06


Before I start down the path of telling you my adventures with my naughty school girl and voyeurism, I set the tone leading up to and through these parts of our journey. I use to go around and cook her diner, she quite often left the house unlocked while she went and played Soccer, so I'd go around and let myself in cook up a storm and surprise her. Sometimes I'd cook her diner, leave it for her and bugger off home as the surprise. She always thanked me one way or another when I did this for her, but it did set us down the next part of our journey.

We had a bit of a 'break up' we weren't together at all throughout this entire journey, but we weren't really seeing other people either. After the 'break up' and we started seeing each other again, things changed, they went from a soft dominance type friendship with benefits, to more of a sadism dominance, it was rougher. She knew I liked her, but being a full time father, coming out of my first marriage, I wasn't really ready to settle down so quickly so to speak. Although I wasn't fucking around, I just wasn't ready to jump back into a relationship and wanted to explore what was happening more first. Anyway she was ready to settle down, so went looking and this is what caused the 'break up.'

Afterwards I felt hurt, betrayed, this is where things changed and probably why things changed, it went from her being my submissive naughty school girl, to her being my cock hungry cum slut, and I let her know exactly what I thought and why, and let her know who she was and where she stood every chance I got.

The first time it happened, she had moved, once again she was just down the road from me, but the other side of which her parents lived. Nice open section, but with plenty of vegetation about to hide amongst. She asked me down, but didn't want anything happening, just wanted to chat, which was fine with me, it was about 10pm at night. She text and said she was just jumping in the bath and would let me in once she had finished, little did she know was that I was already at her house waiting, she had the bathroom window open slightly and I could hear the bath running. I had a mask on, it was my new sadist side coming out. I got as close to the window as I thought I could get to have a peek in, she was sitting on the edge of the bath still texting me, she undressed and grabbed a dildo out of her bathroom cabinet, she made herself cum once or twice before actually getting in the bath to relax.

I text her and asked her why she didn't want anything happening, if she didn't want anything to happen then she shouldn't worry about having a wash. She replied with 'I'm having a wash just in case!" It was right then I knew I had her right where I needed her. I text and said that she may want to warm herself up first before I arrived if that was the case, she text back and said she didn't want to get my hopes up. It was at that moment I had to make the choice to reply as her dom, her reply as her friend. I knew what I was going to reply, just didn't know how she would take it.

'But you've already made yourself cum twice and that was before you even got in the bath' I text her. I waited until I heard her phone go off a peeked through the window again, she wasn't looking around to see where I was, I don't even think she realized the bathroom window was open enough for me to see her through. She grinned and started to reply. 'How the fuck do you know that' I played it off. 'Wild guess, but thank you for confirming it' she continued to grin, and then started to play with herself, she closed her eyes, lay back and went to town on herself. Two more times she came, and then replied, 'So Mr know it all, how many times now' I replied and told her, she was stumped, but curios and continued to play the game well, this went on for another 5-10 minutes, then she said she wanted to relax before I arrived. I replied 'One more thing' I asked her if she was fair game if I was able to get into her house without her knowing, while she lay there in the bath relaxing. She said good luck, she locked all the doors so she could relax naked without fair of someone showing up. I took a quick pxt before going any further.

From previous experience, from entering her old house to cook her tea, little did she know I had already sussed her new house out and one of my keys fit her back door lock. I re asked her if she was fair game if I got into her house without her knowing, I heard her giggle when she got the text, I got the same reply about all her doors being locked. I went around to the back door which backed onto her dining room area, unlocked the door, quietly opened it, went inside, quietly shut the door and locked it again. I text her one more time. 'ok so say I do get into your house, are you, or are you not fair game?!' She replied once again saying I wouldn't get in, so I sent her the pxt saying 'well you're not that secure if I could obtain this' as I sent it, I snuck into the laundry which lead into the bathroom. I had her gasp, then jump up and close the window, she jumped out of the bathroom and went through the house checking the doors. In that time I quickly undressed and went into the bathroom and got into the shower which was behind the door, the bath and shower were separate. I heard her coming back, she closed the door, got back in the bath and text me back, I didn't get it as my phone was in my pants pocket now in the other room.

She made herself cum a further 2 more times, had a quick wash, then pulled the plug and got out, I pulled back the curtain a tad to watch her dry herself and wait for my time to jump. She bent over and was drying her hair, I stepped out of the shower and positioned myself right behind her, she wrapped the towel around and bent back upright, mirror steamed up she had no idea. I let her wipe the mirror once, she got a quick glimpse, saw the mask, she gasped, I put a hand over her mouth, and a hand between her legs, she started to fight, I simply whispered in her ear 'Now I was able to get inside without you knowing, you will do EXACTLY as your told, understood?' She nodded in obedience finally realizing it was me, I told her I didn't want her to talk, or ask questions right now, but I did require her to make lots of noise. I slammed her up against the hand basin, undid the towel, and bent her over. I slid my now rock hard cock straight in her still wet pussy, and grabbed a fist full of hair. I punished her good, called her my cock hungry cum slut, ad said she needs to be more careful in this neighbourhood. I made her cum over and over, it wasn't too hard with her having cum a number of times already, she screamed each time she came as I had asked her to.

I pulled her hair back and down hard, forcing her down onto her knees, I demanded her to taste herself, which she did gobbling down me cock as far as she could, I came hard, she tried to swallow it up, but I held her head back allowing me to blow all over her face. I wiped it up with my cock, and made her swallow it, then told her to have a quick shower and come out for a chat. She spent the rest of my time there wanting to know how I got in without her knowing and moved around her new house without her knowing, I simply replied that I had been a security guard as I was sneaky, and somethings had to be kept a trade secret, it drove her nuts, but she finally came to the realization that I basically owned her arse and could have it anytime I wanted. She knew that beginner dom had gone, and she would be owned from there on out until I had finished with her.

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