tagLesbian SexBreaking Laws on a Sunday

Breaking Laws on a Sunday


It's exhilarating how freedom can change your life when you finally get a taste of it. Well, that's what I initially thought when I first laid eyes on Denice. It was a somber afternoon as I walked through the meadow next to my house. Flowers of all kind were in bloom and my spirits were high. I was in my own little world when I stumbled on her lounging next to a really big motorcycle. I was so caught in her relaxed state that I forgot where I was going. Then out of nowhere she spoke.

"So, do you always watch people when their trying to take a nap?"

"Uh... uh no. I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you. I was just, uh," I stammered embarrassingly.

"It's ok; I was just taking a little siesta. You don't have to rush off," she stopped me.

"Oh, ok. So what's your name? Where you from?" I asked.

"Denice Bennet, I'm not really from anywhere in particular. I move around a lot. Always been on my own since I was a teenager," she explained honestly.

"So what are you doing in Jensen City?" I questioned.

"Dunno, just passing through on my way to visit some friends in a nearby town. So what's your name sweetheart?" she said.

"Oh it's Ginelle, Ginelle Clark. Nice to meet you," I smiled stepping closer to extend my hand.

"Same to you sweetheart and it's a pleasure too." She replied holding my hand and moving her thumb along the back.

She made me nervous and excited all at once. I wanted to run but didn't know which direction to run in. my eyes darted around for a hiding place, and I just know she could read my thoughts. Slowly she released my hand and I held it to my chest affectionately. When I realized what I was doing I quickly let my hands fall to my sides. I was really captivated by her whole mannerism. I was so confused about what her presence was doing to me at the moment. When I heard a question being posed I snapped out of my sudden daze.

"Sorry, what did you say? I was somewhere else. How rude of me, my apologies," I acknowledged.

"I was asking how old you were?" she repeated.

"Oh, well I just turned 19 last week. How old are you?" I returned.

"Damn, sweetheart. You're young I'm 29; I haven't been in the presence of anyone your age in a long time. So what do you do for fun around here? Well I wanted to get a drink or something," she said calmly.

"Well there isn't much to do here, but there are things to do in the next town over, it's much bigger. But I'm not really old enough to drink yet. That's not my thing anyway." I explained.

"That's ok; don't even give it another thought. I know how it is being young and inexperienced," she conveyed.

For the first time since we had spoken I felt so foolishly innocent. I didn't want her to think me too naïve, at least I hope I wasn't appearing too naïve for her to notice. It was so awkward, me just sitting and watching, gazing while she continued to size me up. I had never met anyone with the kind of animal magnetism that she possessed. Something in me wanted to get better acquainted with what she so obviously wanted to show me. I just didn't feel I had the courage to explore the options being handed to me at this point. But if any opportunity were afforded me or granted to me I don't know if I would willingly take them.

"Well baby girl, I gotta go. I have to find a place to lay my head down for the night. Maybe you could suggest someplace I could stay," Denice inquired of me.

"Of course, there's a little motel just on the interstate. I know the owners they attend my dad's church," I kindly offered the information.

"Well, well, well, a church girl. Does your family know about you?" Denice assumingly asked.

"Do they know what?" I exclaimed with a puzzled look.

"That you're into women, it's obvious," she explained herself.

"What are you talking about? I never said I was that way. What would even give you that idea? I'm not, I mean I haven't ever even... umm... umm... I have to go I have things to do," I threw out rushing off. "Wait, I'm sorry Ginelle, don't leave. I wasn't trying to make assumptions about you. It just seemed as if I was getting these vibes from you, my bad sweetness," she pleaded with me as I was suddenly rooted to the ground.

Knowing how a complete stranger could just sense that deep hidden emotion in me was scary. I had never admitted to anyone that my desires led to that sort of sexual or emotional attraction for women. I really wasn't even sure myself. This woman she made me doubt myself and everything I've ever known. There is no possible way she could just pick up on my resistance from meeting me once. I took a look back at her and decided not to acknowledge that she was right. Mixed emotions were running rampant in my body. It was obvious something was happening to me. Why is it now becoming a questionable decision that she's putting into my sub-conscious? What I wondered was, if these thoughts just decided to penetrate my mind? Why now?

I heard rather than saw Denice coming towards me. I felt her hands caress my forearms and travel their length. I had this strange desire to want her to hold me and make me feel all these things that were so new and foreign to me. I closed my eyes as she drew my body closer to hers, she felt so good to me. I was amazed at the strength she possessed and how easily I allowed her to lead me. At the soft press of her lips my eyelids immediately closed, letting my lashes flutter to my cheek. The sweet feel of her tongue coaxing its entrance into my mouth was so smooth and intoxicating. She knew just what to do and I was so pliant in her seductive assault of my mouth. Each thrust of her tongue made me more aware of the feelings being brought out in me. I found myself matching her move for move. One fluid motion had me lying on the grass covered ground beneath us.

Denice teased and taunted my body into submission. I was completely under her control. Minute mewing sounds began to escape from my lips as her mouth traveled down my neckline from the curve of my jaw. This felt like pure bliss. It was this moment, this woman that allowed me to discover what I wanted from my life. She caused my entire body to fill with an ecstatic shock of flames. I never wanted this to end, and now I knew it never would. She had such strength and unbelievable power just holding me with the utmost authority. I was under her spell and the magnitude of what she was capable of was completely overwhelming.

My clothes were soon a figment of the imagination. Denice had undressed with masterful prowess at the art of disrobing a woman. The pressing of smooth carmel complexioned skin next to that of warm sun-kissed, milk chocolate, brown complexioned skin just felt amazing. The melding of our explorations of each others bodies made me more aroused. She touched much more than the physical, but my emotional as well. My mind was inflamed with unfettered visions and an exquisite sense of this woman's touch. The carnal urges she brought out in me were so new and foreign. I relished in the warmth of her tongue guiding its way slowly between the sensitive valley of flesh between my breasts.

Denice sent my body into a fevered frenzy of heat, passion and the stirrings of sexual consciousness. Her hand gently covered one breast while her mouth paid devoted homage to the other. It was as if we were floating in a field of lush mythical dreams. Every bone in my body screamed for release. The lower she moved down my torso teasing my senses even further. The rhythm of my breaking sped up and my breaths were more rushed. I was on fire by now as her hands searched and learned the contours of my thighs. She kneaded the inner muscles of my being making me soar blissfully in the clouds.

"Denice, wait please," I pleaded.

"Sweet Ginelle, what's wrong?" she asked full of concern.

"I'm afraid; I don't know what I'm doing. I've never been sexually intimate with anyone before," I honestly admitted.

"Don't worry about that I won't push you into anything that is too much for you," she consoled in a soothing voice.

"I understand, but, I... I want you to. I just wanted you to be aware that I don't do this often or at all," I informed her turning red in embarrassment.

"Well, I'm glad you let me close enough to show you the way intimacy should be approached. I feel really privileged," she said this like an announcement and began her exploration of my mouth again.

Once again her hands massaged the supple skin of my body sending me more over the edge. I bit down softly on my bottom lip making sucking noises. Then I felt a warm breeze of air across my exposed flesh. She flicked her tongue out at my pulsating clitoris. I jumped a little but I didn't shy from her manipulations. Her careful touch on my womanly genitals was heavenly, exciting and so new. I never wanted her to stop or let this feeling go. I had no knowledge of anything she was doing or of outside occurrences. All I was aware of was this experience right here, right now and Denice.

Tender kisses were placed on my clitoris as her mouth began making love to me. She started applying force to my g-spot and I felt my eyes drift closed. Moans drifted from my mouth quietly at first, and then they grew louder. I began breathing shallow breaths and moving uncontrollably. My temperature began rising as her mouth clamped around my clit aggressively. I felt pressure being applied to my pussy and my pussy and my breathe caught suddenly.

Denice lifted my right leg and placed it on her shoulder. I felt a finger being pushed inside of me finding its way. With my foot holding onto her back for leverage, I felt my body lift off the ground closer to her hand. My hands found her head and dug into her scalp. I was alive and scared at the same time. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at this moment, but I was doing it. I was filling with an unnamable emotion it was as if this burst of energy completely took over.

She manipulated and expanded my walls with the slickness of my juices on her fingers. Inward and outward thrusts were causing me to move and grow more out of my mind with a need for release. When her mouth took over I was completely without a voice. She knew exactly what to do to me and it felt so delicious and sinful. I felt this glow form over me. By now I was letting out loud screams and bellows. I felt myself climbing higher and higher into an orgasm that felt like fireworks. I heard her ask me a question which of course I was too distracted to answer. Whatever it was I'm sure I made the correct reply, because I was floating over the top in ecstasy. I felt so drained and complete, like I was satiated and absolutely wonderful.

"So, how do you feel Sweet Ginelle?" she requested out of the blue.

"I... umm," I stuttered, still struggling to catch my breath allowing my heart rate to slow down.

"That's a good response. Glad you enjoyed it," she commented with a huge grin on her face.

"I think we just broke a dozen laws on a Sunday." I blurted out so nonchalant.

"Well, we're just gonna have to keep breaking them. So you wanna go for a ride and test that theory?" she asked.

"Sure, why not," I agreed and she leaned in giving me a passionate kiss. After I dressed we set out to discover just how many laws we could break together.

The End

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