tagBDSMBreaking Layla Ch. 03

Breaking Layla Ch. 03


Her eyes opened wide, my fingers pinching off the air supply at her nose. I wanted her awake, needed her awake. Once fully present, I removed my fingers and pressed my lips to hers, tongues sliding over each other as if riding on a tilt-a-whirl. Layla smiled at my kiss and moved her hands from beside herself to my oversized tits dangling in her face. Her fingertips grazed my erect nipples, sending chills down my spine.

Before she could utter a word, my legs straddled her chest bringing my already wet pussy inches from her gorgeous face. Taking her hands in mine, I pressed them against the headboard, and held them firmly in place. I stared at her intently, a wicked smile dancing across my face.

"It ain't gonna lick itself," I laughed, applying more pressure to her hands. "Know your role, slut, and fucking eat it!"

Layla's head pressed forward and I moaned as the tip of her tongue traced the outside of each lip. I lifted my hips away from her face then positioned them directly above her mouth. I dropped down, smothering her with my smooth, wet cunt. Holding her hands in place with one of my hands, the other reached down behind her head and shoved it deeper into my mound. She gasped and struggled for air, my juices trickling down the back of her throat. I let her head fall back to the pillow and lifted my hips again.

The hand that had been holding her face into me reached back behind me, fumbling for her pussy. The natural reach pushed my pussy closer to her warm, wet lips and I jumped slightly as her tongue dove deep inside. One finger, two fingers found themselves strategically placed inside her, my thumb rubbing on her rock hard clit. The faster her tongue fucked my hole, the faster my fingers plunged inside her. I watched as her hips thrust up on my fingers. She wanted them, needed them inside her and it was arousing as fucking hell.

Lost watching her ride my fingers, I almost missed the fact that she had been quivering hard, split seconds from cumming. I yanked my fingers out, resisting every urge I had to shove them back inside and finish her orgasm. It was not ending like this – not this morning.

"Uh uh uh,"I heard her bellow. "Don't stop mistress! Please, don't stop!"

"What the fuck did I tell you last night about speaking out of turn, whore?"

"I'm, I'm sorry," she whispered as her eyes looked down in shame.

"Oh, you're gonna be!" I blurted out as I stood over her on the bed, leaned over, and shoved my fingers, saturated in her juices, pushed deeper into her mouth. "Suck them! Clean them!"

My whole body tingled as she sucked my fingers clean. Layla could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, a skill I had often fantasized about when alone as I masturbated. I hopped off the bed, staring her down as if to remind her she was not to move until ordered. She lay completely still as I left the room and was lying still when I returned, cup in hand. I placed the cup on the dresser and commanded her to get on all fours.

Once perched like a bitch on all fours, ass swaying side to side as if she donned an actual tail, I reached under the bed and pulled up the leather strap. I grabbed her arm and secured her wrist tightly then moved to the opposite side of the bed and secured her right wrist. I watched her face, not knowing whether to be scared, excited, aroused as I moved down to the end of the bed and secured each ankle. Layla was unbelievably hot on knees and elbows, spread for my enjoyment.

I placed the cup to my lips and took an ice cube between my teeth so as not to melt it with the warmth of my breath. I climbed up on the bed behind her then laid my head just below her cunt. My hands reached up, grasping her ass and lowering it down so that the edge of the ice cube traced the outside of her clit. She fought me, trying desperately to push herself back up but finally gave in to the chilling sensation of my teeth working the cube in circles on her ever hardening clit. It did not take long for her to melt the cube and once she had, my teeth nibbled, biting lightly on it. My hand reached up and gave her ass a hard smack, forcing her pussy back onto my face. I pushed her back up onto all fours and slid out.

Kneeling behind her, my body pressed into hers as one hand reached around her throat and squeezed. Layla shook in my grasp, not knowing exactly what her mistress had in store for her. I released my hand from her throat and pulled her hair back hard. My free hand smoothed over her left ass cheek then pulled back. I watched as she bit her lip, anticipating the pain that would come with my spanking. My hand flew forward making hard contact with that solid ass. I smiled as I admired the hand print that was left then moved to her right cheek and left a matching set.

My hands gripped her ass once again, this time parting her cheeks. I smiled as I heard her take a deep breath in and hold it. I stuck my tongue out and slowly, methodically licked the outside of her tight brown hole. Layla quivered hard and gasped then took another deep breath in and held it. My tongue pressed deeper into her hole darting in and out furiously. Moans turned into bellows as I continued my assault on her ass and before I knew it, Layla's ass fucked my tongue. My palm reached under, cupping her mound, massaging it gently.

I lifted my face, "You're a fucking dirty whore! You like having your asshole licked, teased, eaten."

I watched as Layla shook her head from side to side, trying desperately to deny that she had been enjoying the licking delighting her ass. I laughed hard as my hand wove into her hair and grasped it back hard, a few tears rolling down her cheekbones. Her head continued to shake in denial but her pussy told a very different story, my palm now soaked in dew.

"You can't deny you like it! Your ass is practically fucking the hell out of my tongue and your cunt, well, look at my hand? You have covered it in glossy juices. You can try denying it but your slutty little body doesn't lie."

My hand pushed her head down into the mattress as she squealed. My tongue dove back into her ass, lapping at it, pushing in like a wet little rod. She rocked back and forth on it. My fingers parted her pussy heading straight for her hole. Two fingers slid in with much ease. If she could take two fingers, a third would fill her nicely. I slide a third inside Layla and felt her tighten. The squeals turned to yelps of pain and pleasure as my middle finger found her g spot and pressed against it firmly. I removed my hand from the back of her head and my tongue from her ass. I spit a large load of saliva which pooled at her opening. It made it easier to slide my index finger into her asshole; the middle finger needed slightly more lubricant before it found its way inside her.

Layla's holes filled, her hips thrust about like a fish out of water. Her breathing was heavy, her tits heaved swinging front to back furiously. I bit my bottom lip as I plowed away, fucking her harder and harder. "I'm gonna, I'm gonna...."she yelled loudly.

"The fuck you are!" I laughed as I removed all three fingers from her pussy and the two in her ass. "You cum when I allow you too."

I walked to the head of the bed and stared into Layla's eyes. I could tell she was at the edge of her sanity, that her body needed its sweet release. Knowing that I had complete control of my dirty whore made my stomach burn with desire. I winked as I released her hands from the cuffs and watched as she groped each wrist, rubbing the red marks that had been left behind. I contemplated leaving her ankles bound just to mess with her but decided against it. I had a better idea.

After being unbound, Layla sat on the side of the bed beside me. She placed her hand on my thigh and I could swear that her mere touch sent juices dripping down my leg. I brushed her hair away from her cheek and leaned in for a slow, soft kiss. She was glowing, the result of having been momentarily dominated so early in the morning.

"There are towels in the hall closet," I said. "Why don't you go ahead and take a shower. Your thighs are sticky with juices and your ass, well your ass is juicy as well."

"A shower would be nice, thank you."

I watched as her tall frame walked out the bedroom door and down the hall to the closet. She took a towel and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I listened for the water to start and once it has run for a few minutes, I got up to find my cell phone. Finding it hidden in the couch, I searched through my phonebook, finally dialing the number I had been searching for. It rang several times and I begun to think it was better to hang up but my patience was rewarded.

"Hey," a soft voice answered.

"We on for later?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll be there. Is everything where it should be?"

"Yep, exactly as I told you."

"Four o'clock then?"

"Perfect!" I hung up the phone and waited for the water to cease. I tossed the phone back on the couch and went back to the bedroom, resuming my place on the edge of the bed. My heart raced as I sat waiting for Layla to finish. I had wanted to shower with her but decided that allowing her a little alone time would be beneficial for us both.

Layla emerged from the bathroom and I handed her a short robe to put on to cover herself up. She slid it over her damp body, the robe clinging to her perfect curves. Because she was so tall, what had been a short robe for me was now barely covering her happy parts. I licked my lips and slowly shook my head from side to side. Fuck she was hot!

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