tagBDSMBreaking Me In

Breaking Me In


After my Goddess raped my ass the last time, she asked me how I felt about the whole thing. She asked me if I could handle it.

I told her that while it was painful and scary, that it was exciting to be forced that way. I asked her if she had enjoyed it.

"OMG yes," she replied. I think I enjoyed it too much. "The more you screamed, the more excited I got. I came several times. At the same time, it was scary, how much I enjoyed it. You know I love you, and don't want to do anything to truly hurt you."

"I wanted you to do it," I said. In fact, "I want you to be able to take me any time you want. Just knowing that you have the power to take my ass any time you like is exciting to me. I also want to be able to take a real cock for you, and I will only get there if we are able to push me."

"Oh Baby, I love you so much." she said. "I will take your ass when I want. I will break you into my cock until you like it."

A week after the rape, I was with my Goddess again and she tied me down to beat and torture me. I could tell by the way she positioned me, draped over the side of the bed, that it was likely she would fuck me again. I was scared, but bent over as I was told and let her secure my arms and legs again.

I was draped; face down, over the bottom edge of the bed with a pillow below my belly to raise me to a good height. Each ankle was secured to ropes coming out of the bed frame legs and my feet were on the ground. My hands were tied to other ropes coming up from the front bed frame legs so I couldn't get away or close my legs. My cock hung out behind me over the edge of the bed.

She started out working me over with a crop. It is her favorite toy. She loves how she only has to snap her wrist to deliver sharp pain precisely where she wants it. She alternated between my ass, my inner thighs, and the backs of my legs, while I jerked in my constraints trying to escape the pain.

Every once in a while, she would stop and stroke my cock, or suck it into her mouth creating incredible pleasure amidst the pain. As soon as I was hard again, she would start smacking me again. This went on for a while then she stopped.

As I rested, temporarily relieved of the pain, but wondering what was next, I heard her opening a package behind me. I trembled in anticipation of the pain to come. I felt her soft hands on the edge of my ass near my cock as she pulled the skin together and I felt my cock swelling again. Then, I felt the sharp pain of a clothespin as she applied it to that spot.

She kept moving around my ass and inner thighs finding particularly painful spots to attach the clips. She seemed to know exactly what spots would be the most painful, and I gasped as each pin found it's home. When she got done attaching clips, she sat back to admire her handiwork and snapped a few pictures.

After snapping the picture, she picked up her crop again and started smacking away on my ass and thighs again. This time, if I jerked away from the crop at all, the pins were shaken causing excruciating pain. I soon learned that it was better to sit still and take the pain of the crop than move and get the additional pain from the clips.

Every once in a while, her crop would hit close to a clip or actually hit one. The pain was excruciating. It seemed to come from everywhere at once. It was a ring of fire around my whole crotch.

The she started taking off the clips. The pain was actually more intense when the clips were removed, than when she put them on. She took her time taking off clips enjoying my reaction with each one. She left the most tender spots for last and I gasped with relief when the last one was removed.

My relief was short lived however. I heard her moving around behind me and could tell by the sounds that she was pulling on her strapon. The moment I feared the most was coming.

She then stepped up behind me and I felt the cool of lube being applied to my ass. I started shaking in anticipation and prayed that the pain was less this time.

I felt the head of the dildo against my asshole as she tried to push it in. It buckled a few times and I heard her chuckle. "I guess I'm using too much lube. Either that, or I need a harder dick." At that moment, she lined it up again and gave a big shove and I felt it plow into my bowels. The initial pain as the head cleared my rectum was intense like the last time, but it eased a bit as she rammed it home all the way in.

She gave me a minute to collect myself and let the initial cramp end, then she started fucking me. Slowly at first, and then she gained speed. Each time, the pain was excruciating as she pulled back but subsided a bit as she pushed forward until she got all the way in when the pain increased again. Like before, the pain was intense, but I didn't come close to passing out this time. I did scream and grip the sheets with each thrust.

She was clearly enjoying herself now and her breathing picked up as she kept pounding me. I heard her moan and clutch me driving deep into my ass as the first orgasm ripped through her body. She started pounding away again as soon as she recovered and quickly got herself to a second orgasm. My screams seemed to egg her on making it more violent but they were forced from my throat as she pounded away.

She stopped then and rested, panting with her cock up my ass. I felt her kiss my neck and ears. I felt her tits pressed up against my back. I felt her hands on my hips as she pushed herself off me and out of my ass with a pop. I felt a last minute of excruciating pain as she cleared my sphincter and exited my ass.

She then took off the strapon, unclipped my restraints and laid down on the bed, pulling me to her. She held me and kissed me as I lay curled up on the bed next to her. She told me that I had done so well and she loved me for it. I told her that it had been easier than the time before and that I knew she could take me like that any time she wanted. I was happy that it had felt so good for her.

I love my Goddess.

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