tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking Mrs. Spencer

Breaking Mrs. Spencer


I always worried about my son Kyle ever since we moved into our new neighborhood. Things had been rough since my husband left us for his blonde secretary, but fortunately between the alimony payments and my thriving career, we were at least doing well financially. I'd sold our old house, because of the 18 years of memories and decided to start over with a new home far away from the embarrassment of having to deal with our married neighbors and their phony sentiments. They'd all known Brad was fucking around on me for years and said nothing. I was determined not to have to look in their smug faces.

Despite my husband's choice to leave me for a younger woman, I was still quite the catch. I worked out religiously and for a woman pushing 40, my large breasts and stripper curves still managed to get lots of attention younger men. I would sometimes wear my hip-hugging jeans when I would visit Kyle's school and I couldn't help but notice all of the teenaged boys with their eyes glued to me. Several of the male teachers seemed to find excuses to introduce themselves, even the ones that didn't teach my son.

Not that I minded the attention. It was very validating for me especially after a messy divorce. I was determined to get into the best shape of my life and use my body to drive men crazy. The few times when my ex-husband would stop by to pick up Kyle, I always made sure to wear something tight and revealing, to remind him of what he was missing. Once he stopped by unannounced while Kyle was at school, and I answered the door in a bathrobe and my sexiest bra and thong panties. I thought he was going to cum in his pants right in the doorway. He tried to butter me up and asked if he could come inside to talk, but I flatly refused. I knew he wanted to fuck my brains out but he'd lost those privileges when he chose to fuck around on me. Besides, I was enjoying my new life and it brought me extreme pleasure to be able to manipulate men with my body.

However, things were not going so well for my son. The problem was, Kyle was quite the bookworm and had a hard time fitting in at his new private school. Bullies picked on him relentlessly and it got to the point where I considered sending him to another school. But he'd been through so much already, his dad basically had abandoned him and I didn't want him to have to go through another adjustment. Luckily one of his classmates, Deon, noticed the bullying and stepped in. Deon was one of the more popular boys in the school. He played football and basketball and because of his tall muscular build, most of the other boys, including the bullies were afraid of him.

He was from a low-income background, but because of his athletic skill, he'd been given a scholarship to the prestigious high school. At first I concerned with Deon taking such an interest in Kyle, seeing that he was a black kid from a notoriously bad neighborhood, but once I got to know him, he seemed like a really nice kid. Once everyone found out that Deon was friends with Kyle, the bullying stopped. In fact, Kyle's popularity grew. His grades improved and he even ended up with a nice cheerleader girlfriend named Jennifer.

Eventually, we started going to the football and basketball games and cheered for Deon as he wowed the crowd with his athletic prowess. Everything was wonderful, until the one night that changed everything.

It was the day of graduation and I had a small party at the home for Kyle and some of his friends. At first I was worried that no one would show up and Kyle would be all alone, but that was far from the case. Deon and a lot of his friends came over as well as Jennifer and her cheerleading squad. As word got out, practically the whole senior class was at my house, and I had a heck of a time making sure that everyone had enough to eat and no one was drinking...at least to my knowledge.

Later that night, the party thinned out and I was getting ready to turn in. Jenny and her fiends had left and so had Deon's group. Yawning, I left Deon and Kyle on the couch playing his X-Box and went upstairs to bed.

I woke up around 2:30 A.M. and went to the bathroom. After leaving the bathroom, I noticed that it was quiet and dark downstairs, but the light from the TV was still flickering. Figuring that Kyle had fallen asleep, I decided to go downstairs to wake him. As I walked down the hallway, I stopped short at the top of the stairs and couldn't believe my eyes. There was Deon sitting on the couch, with his hand on the back of Kyle's head, as Kyle was bobbing his head up and down on his cock. I was in total shock!

At first I assumed that Kyle was being forced but then I noticed the way Kyle was bathing Deon's meaty cock with adoration. He was practically devouring it, slurping the enormous head and tenderly kissing and licking his balls. Kyle wrapped his arms around Deon's back and I watched him lick the insides of Deon's muscular thighs before returning his attention to the thick, dark shaft between his legs. Deon's cock was at full attention, throbbing with each wet lick of attention Kyle lavished upon its length. I could practically hear the slurping noises and Deon's groans all the way upstairs.

Kyle gripped Deon's pole with one hand and began working it up and down with his greedy mouth, his saliva pooling in Deon's huge nut sack. I couldn't believe the way the young boy's cock glistened in the moonlit room as my only son worked him with incredible attention to detail. My son's free hand was everywhere, massaging Deon's chest, cupping his balls, rubbing his thighs. Meanwhile Deon had begun to hump Kyle's face while he held my son's head with an iron grip.

I stood frozen in my tracks as Deon threw his head back and blasted a cannon shot of cum into my son's throat. Most of it, Kyle was able to swallow, but what he missed slid down the side of Deon's monster cock and my son happily lapped up the remainder. After finishing his task, Kyle curled his face into Deon's lap, like a loyal cock-slave, licking and kissing the softening hunk of meat before him. Meanwhile, Deon continued to run his fingers through Kyle's hair. I couldn't believe what I'd just watched take place.

Suddenly Deon arched his head upwards and it appeared that he'd seen me before I'd taken a few steps back. My heart was racing as I tiptoed back into my bedroom. I slowly crawled into my bed and cried. I'd just witnessed my son swallow another boy's cock in my own house and I'd done nothing to stop it. I felt like the worst mother in the world.

I soon drifted off to sleep and found myself dreaming that I was between Deon's legs, slurping that gigantic monster cock. Kyle watched me as Deon placed his meat between the soft flesh of my firm breasts and violently tit-fucked me until he coated my face with a boatload of hot, sticky semen. Then I watched helpless as Deon grabbed my legs and lifted them onto his broad shoulders. I screamed with joy as he dumped his cock into my boiling pussy and fucked me right in front of my son. My tits bounced as his thighs slapped my ass, each thrust filling me more deeply than the last. Suddenly, Deon tensed up, grabbed his cock in his hand and showered my entire body with cum. He kept pumping his cock in his hand and spurt after spurt of his cum shot into the air, landing on my face and lips. He then brought his cock to my lips and just when I opened my mouth to accept him, I found myself waking up in my bed.

It was 7 AM. Still rattled by the intensity of my dream, I sat up in my bed and took a few deep breaths to calm down. I was about to go downstairs to see if Deon was still in the house when I noticed the heat between my legs. I brought my fingers to my box and sure enough my panties were soaked with my juices. I must have gotten so aroused during my dream that I came in my sleep.

For the next two weeks I wrestled with whether or not to confront Kyle about what I saw. If my son was gay, I could accept that, but I couldn't help but feel that Deon had taken advantage of him. Or maybe in return for Deon being so nice to him, Kyle felt obligated to offer himself. Either way, I was sure the relationship wasn't healthy. Rather than embarrass my son, I decided to eventually confront Deon about it.

About a month after the incident, I threw a pool party for Kyle and his friends. In the time leading up to the party, Deon had been over to the house a few times and I'd made sure to keep an eye on him, never leaving him and Kyle alone for too long and making sure that everyone was gone before I went to bed. I decided that the pool party would be the time to question Deon about what I saw and let him know that I didn't want him around my son anymore.

It was a small gathering consisting of Kyle, Jennifer, a couple of Jennifer's girlfriends, Deon and another boy, Shawn who played football with Deon. Judging by the way Jennifer and Kyle were all over each other, it was pretty clear my son wasn't gay. I'd found a condom wrapper in his room a day after he and Jennifer were supposedly studying for college entrance exams while I was at work. Though I wasn't fond of the idea of him having sex in our home, at least he was protecting himself and at least it wasn't with Deon.

I'd worn my two-piece bikini, but I made sure to keep my large beach towel wrapped around me as not to embarrass Kyle. Still, my curves were very noticeable and my top pressed my tits together to make for a pretty enticing view. I noticed Deon staring at my breasts a couple of times and even with my anger towards him, it still sent a slight chill through me to know that I could still catch a young man's eye.

I'd prepared some steaks and Shawn was more than happy to help me out on the grill. Judging by the bulge in his swim shorts, that wasn't all he was interested in. He seemed to be rather nervous around me and I could tell Jennifer's friend Darlene was getting a little jealous of all the attention Shawn was showing me.

After we ate, everyone sat out around the pool and the conversation turned to the usual teen-aged fare and though I consider myself pretty relevant and was able to keep up with the references, I decided to excuse myself to the kitchen and seizing the opportunity, I asked Deon to help me carry the plates and utensils inside.

Once inside the kitchen, Deon placed the dishes on the countertop and I began questioning him.

"I want to know what you are doing with my son." I stated firmly with my hands on my hips.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I'm talking about. I saw what you and Kyle were doing that night in my living room and I don't approve!"

"Oh that? It's nothing. We were just fooling around. No big deal."

"No big deal? Listen to me. Kyle's a good boy. I don't want you coming around and corrupting him."

"With all due respect Mrs. Spencer, Kyle's not a boy. He's a man now and he can make his own decisions. And if he decides he wants to suck my cock, I'm gonna let him."

"Stay away from my son!" I replied with anger in my eyes.

"Or what? If it wasn't for me, yo' pitiful son would have gotten the shit kicked out of him every day at school. You should be thanking me. I protected his punk ass. I even got Jenny to give him his first piece of pussy. Shit, giving me a cock-suck is the least he could do. Hell, after all I've done for this family, YOU should be on your knees slobbing on my knob."

As he said those words, he flashed a sly smile and brought his hands to his crotch. I couldn't believe his brazenness as he gently massaged the huge tool underneath his shorts, running his hands along the length and then giving it a firm squeeze. Eventually his hands dipped inside the waistband of his trunks and he slowly revealed the black monster. A long, thick, snake of cock meat supported the huge purplish head and he took his time showing off his manhood to me. He slowly jacked the length in front of me as I stood motionless, captivated by his performance. I was speechless and my cheeks were turning red with embarrassment and rage.

"So how about it?" He continued. "You think you ready to get on yo' knees and show me some appreciation. Kyle is a great cocksucker. I wonder if it runs in the family."

Flabbergasted, I reached over and grabbed a large knife from the counter and waved it in the air. "Get out of my house. Now! Or I swear to God I'll cut it off!"

I held the knife out and Kyle unfazed, took a step forward. I took a swing at him but he dodged the blade and quickly grabbed my arm. We wrestled for a few seconds but he was much too strong for me. It was only a matter of time before he wrapped me up, pinning me against the sink with my back to him. I fought hard, but eventually, his strong arms managed to pry the knife from me. It fell into the sink and he quickly snatched it up, bringing the blade right under my throat.

Aware of my situation and terrified of what might happen next, I tried to reason with him. "Deon just put the knife down and leave. I don't want this to get out of hand."

"You stupid bitch! I could slice yo' throat right now and claim self defense."

"No one would believe you."

"Maybe not. But you're the one that invited me in here and you're the one parading yourself around in front of teenagers looking like a middle-aged slut. Plus you forget that I've got yo' son. He'll testify on my behalf."

"Kyle would never lie for you."

"Yo' son adores me. You saw the way he took care of my big cock and the way he kissed and licked me all over. I've been fucking his mouth for months. I haven't had a chance to sample that tight little ass of his yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it."

"You're sick! I'm not going to let put that disgusting thing anywhere near Kyle!" I replied with conviction.

"Then maybe you can figure out someplace else for me to put it then."

Before I could fathom exactly what he meant by that comment, Deon brought his other hand to my waist and undid my beach towel, allowing it to fall to the floor, exposing by bikini clad bottom to his strong, searching hands.

"Very nice." He said as he held the knife tight to my throat and began massaging my ass. His large palms squeezed and groped my ample but toned cheeks like a professional masseuse. The more I squirmed, the firmer his grip became. I tried to twist away from him, but he brought the knife closer under my throat and gave my ass a couple of hard SMACKS to let me know who was in control.

I decided it would be best to let him cop a few feels and soon it would be over. I mean how far could he go in my kitchen with my son and friends just outside? Someone could walk in at any moment. I quickly found out just how far he intended to go as I felt the fold of bikini fabric between butt cheeks being dug out and slid to the side.

"What do you think you're doing? Stop!"

"Kyle tells me you've been divorced for a while. You probably forgot how to respect a cock since yo' husband left. Now if you don't want me to fuck yo' son Mrs. Spencer, I won't. But you gonna have to take his place instead."

He tugged my bikini bottom all the way to the side of my left thigh, nearly ripping the fabric in two. He then slipped two of his long fingers into my pussy, causing me to jump forward.

"Deon stop. This isn't funny!" I replied while his exploring fingers wiggled inside me, causing me to grunt uncomfortably. Here I was, a grown woman, being held captive in my own home by an 18-year old black boy. I was helpless as he held the knife blade in place under my throat and continued his assault on my squirming ass. "Let me go Deon!"

"Quiet, Kyle might hear you and want to come investigate." He replied as he curled his fingers inside me and began working my g-spot. To my surprise, my juices began to trickle down my thighs and though I was afraid, I marveled at his knowledge of a woman's body. He must have had lots of practice with the girls at school. It was rare to find men twice his age that had a clue about how to turn a woman on. Deon knew exactly what he was doing.

My aching pussy began twitching around his fingers, which didn't go unnoticed by Deon as he doubled his efforts, and started shoving his fingers inside me, literally lifting me off the kitchen floor with each thrust. I could feel my ass rippling as he thundered in and out of my box with his fingers. I was on the verge of orgasm before I looked to my right and through the slits of the blinds; I could see Kyle and the others still sitting out on the deck.

"No. Stop!" I exclaimed, trying desperately to hold on to some form of dignity.

"I said keep it down." He replied. "Or do you want yo' son to come inside and see you like this? What would it do to him to see his momma riding the fingers of his best friend?"

I thought about his words and then it occurred to me that he was right. I WAS riding his fingers. Without realizing it, I had been grinding my ass in his hand, humping Deon's fingers with a circular rhythm. My own body had betrayed me and was helping Deon rape me! I could have tried to pretend that I was just trying to wiggle free, but it was obvious that Deon could see I was in heat.

He continued sliding his fingers in and out, ever so often removing them completely and mashing his palm back and forth over my clit, causing me to squeeze my thighs together and throw my head back, groaning with pleasure and not caring about the knife at my throat. At that point he could have removed it and I would have done nothing to stop his violation of my body. I wanted this, just like in my dream. The loving mother was gone now and in her place was a cock hungry slut.

Terrified by the thought of what I'd allowed Deon to do to me, I tried one last time to regain control. Though my body was completely on board with being raped, I tried in vain to muster the strength to save myself from further humiliation.

"Deon, please. You have to stop this. This isn't right."

"What isn't right is you teasing me all day and thinking you wouldn't have to fuck me." Deon replied as he leaned in close to my ear and started squeezing my clit. "I'm taking this pussy today so you might as well accept it."

With that, he removed his hand from my clit and I felt the head of his cock dip between my ass cheeks. Before I could muster even a faint protest, his thick black cock sank into my wet lips and he drove himself inside me. The knife was still pressed against my throat as he gripped my hip with his other hand and began pumping his massive meat inside me. Stroke after stroke, he buried his cock deeper inside me. It was all I could do to resist screaming at the top of my lungs.

His thick snake darted in and out of my hot box, sending me through waves and waves of unbridled ecstasy. I grit my teeth, but I couldn't stop the animalistic grunts and groans that fought their way out of my mouth each time Deon sank into me. I tried desperately to resist the passion that was building up inside me but it was clear that my body was enjoying every second of my rape. Each time he entered me, he made sure to grind up against my ass so I could feel every inch of him.

It was then that he suddenly pulled out of me and to my surprise I felt a slight twinge of regret at the absence of his cock. I looked over my shoulder and I could see his hands jacking the length of the black monster as it glistened with my juices. I was confused as to why he stopped fucking me. At first I thought someone must have come in the door and caught us, but I could see everyone was still sitting poolside. My legs were trembling in the aftermath of his assault on my pussy and I could barely stand if not for his hand steadying my waist. Lightheaded I took a deep breath and opened my mouth to speak, but Deon quickly cleared up the confusion.

"Up to now, I've been taking that pussy. But now, you gonna give it to me."

He removed the knife from my throat and threw it on the floor. He no longer had me captive. I could try to escape now if I'd wanted to, but instead I found myself standing there, anticipating his next move. He'd broken my will to resist.

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