Breaking Patterns


I put my hand on the crystal and squeezed, keeping fixed on the light that was growing inside it. This time it was not blue, yellow, or red, but pure white. It burned my hand as I put more of myself into it. I squeezed harder, and now I could feel a suction like a gemstone pulling me in after my body. It was so bright that I could not see her on the other side anymore. White light filled the room and somebody with the Sight outside could have seen it blasting like a searchlight out the windows.

The light ended with a final pulse. I couldn't move, but that wasn't something I felt like doing anyway. I could see in every direction at once, and it took some getting use to. My thoughts were less complicated because my consciousness was pinned in the exact form it had been in when I put myself into the stone. I was going to be eternally as I was at that very instant. A good thing I was all heroic and noble when that transformation occurred, I thought jovially. Sense of humor still intact, apparently, but now there was work to do.

Goth Girl stood up and went to the phone in the living room. She picked it up and looked at it, dangerously close to breaking a pattern of three; Past, Present, and Future. She dialed three numbers. Good for her, and I loved that it took something of three to break something of three.

She had made her decision, and now I could Help. My powers had grown. She had the words to say, but I made her calm enough to do it. The dispatcher was helpful and concerned, he did not get off the phone until the officers had arrived. She opened the door for them quietly, and one drew her outside. He had forearms the size of Christmas hams and biceps straining his uniform sleeves. I saw at once that he believed her as he got the story, although I was fully prepared to Help in this regard if he'd been the least bit doubtful. They put a blanket around her. He then explained to his fellow officers that he would go in primary and they would back him up, as a female officer lead my beautiful Goth a short distance away. I went with her, of course, but I can see a lot better than I used to. Unfortunately, it came to blows in the bedroom because the subject resisted arrest. At least that's the way the officer saw it, and who are any of us to disagree with an officer of the law performing his duty as best he can? If the officer made a little mistake in pummeling Shithead, I do hope the Big Cheese won't hold it against him.

Crew Cut was there. She'd stayed out in the parking lot the whole time, waiting for his car to leave so that she would know that her friend was safe. When she saw the police cars swarm into the parking lot, ominous because of their speed, silence, and lack of lights, she put her hand over her mouth. Even their headlights were out. The officers got out and were quickly on the move. Crew Cut got out of her car as well and walked toward the building with her heart in her throat, cursing herself for being afraid of making things worse, for not checking to make sure her friend was safe from that asshole. When she saw my Goth safe with the female officer, she cried. When they brought Shithead out in handcuffs, Crew Cut put herself between him and Goth Girl. He spat at her.

Shithead, charged with rape, false imprisonment, and intimidating a witness, was convicted in short order by a jury of his peers. My Goth Girl only went to his trial on the day she had to testify, and when he glared at her I let her see the fear underneath his mask of anger. She returned his look with a bravery that was not a facade and he quickly looked at his shoes. She never thought of him again, although I'll admit I had something to do with that. I was there to Help her. Shithead only got sentenced to seven years, but she was satisfied. She didn't testify for vengeance, just to make sure it stopped.

Speaking of Good rage, I'm not sure the Big Cheese always plays by His own rules. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding by a prisoner typing up the files on newly received convicts, word got around that Shithead was a child rapist. The felony codes are similar, so it might have been an honest mistake. Now child rapists and molesters were always segregated from the rest of the prisoners, but it was Shithead's bad luck that the Warden correctly interpreted his felony record and put him in the general prison population, whereas the general prison population got the incorrect analysis and killed him.

I'm dead, too. At least that's what the papers say. It's one of the risks you take with astral projection if you don't get back to your body. My body died the night I put myself in the crystal. I got a very complimentary obituary that Goth Girl happened to read, although of course it meant nothing to her. I hope my family will be happier with that closure, because I have no way to check up on them. I know, rather than feel, that I'm permanently trapped in the crystal. I'll never Travel again. That's okay, as long as I can Help.

As for my Goth girl, she's happy. Crew Cut and I take care to make sure she stays that way. I think achieving an understanding about her feelings for Crew Cut was the last hurdle to a new and better pattern for her. The trial was over, her life was starting again, and she really lived with little leaps and skips of joy in her heart, but something was still missing. After another night of heart to heart conversation, Crew Cut took her leave with a sigh, and they hugged much as they had done that first night I visited. Feet close together, touching from hips to breasts, faces inches apart and eyes on each other as they said goodbye. I read Goth Girl's mind, and when I saw Crew Cut through her eyes I saw beauty and love instead of the pug nose and an unfortunate haircut. How many times were we going to repeat this damn pattern of platonic hugs and goodbye sighs? What was holding her back?

I probed deeper into Goth Girl's mind than I normally would, because I like to give her some privacy, but this was important. I laughed when I found out what it was. Is that it? I can Help her with that!

I danced in her mind, easing some thoughts to the forefront while shoving others back, encouraging the right impulses. It was very much like control. Oh, okay, so it was total control. Goth Girl needed Help. If her only doubt about a relationship with Crew Cut was how would she please a woman in bed, I'm the crystal with a sex drive for her. I leaned forward and kissed Crew Cut full on the lips. She didn't kiss me back, and if I'd let Goth Girl take the wheel things would have gone badly. I, however, have powers, and I could see that Crew Cut just had the momentary freeze that comes with having all your hopes and dreams answered in a single moment. I just kept kissing, and I moved my hands over her back to help bring her out it.

Crew Cut responded. Her hands moved and her tongue gamboled, but I was able to anticipate her. When she reached for Goth Girl's hand, I was already reaching for hers. When she reached up to run her hands through Goth Girl's hair I was craning my neck. We all kissed.

Goth Girl finally stopped trying to be a backseat driver and just let herself go. She was afraid she was doing everything wrong, but Crew Cut's passion in return was very reassuring. Not surprisingly, she felt like she was in a dream.

Crew Cut went uncertain on me, and I decided that if I went on the offensive a little bit she'd come back strong. I disengaged a hand from her breast and moved it down to her jeans. I fumbled with the button and undid the zipper, reaching in to fondle her.

She reciprocated and things moved to the bedroom. I went down on her first, and in credit to my technique I had Crew Cut cumming on my face in no time. Of course, Goth Girl had a ravishing little mouth and a tongue stud, so that helped. When she went down on me the tables were thoroughly turned, my friend. It was a hundred times better than any orgasm I ever had, and it was hard to let go of it. Goth Girl had gone from fear to joy, and it was time to put her back in charge. She did great. I bounced around between her exquisite bounding breasts as she pumped her hips into Crew Cut's face, and I studied lust, Good lust, as I watched both their faces at once. Beautiful.

I did other noble work, helping Goth Girl in her career. She wanted to do Good as well, and with my assistance in reading people she did a considerable amount of Good in her new job as a high school counselor. I sometimes Helped her in bed with Crew Cut when she was feeling doubtful, and from time to time I would steal a moment of Goth Girl's orgasm for myself. A woman's orgasm is amazing, and I felt the need to study it.

I don't know if the Big Cheese approves of lesbians. I didn't have anything to do with that; I just helped Goth Girl accept the love that was in front of her, and I'm sure that's Good. I'm even less certain if the Big Cheese approves of some of the other ways I Help, what with showing her how to make love to a woman or the occasional orgasm I borrow for study.

But I don't worry about it too much. I decided that if Big Cheese wanted me to consult with Him about every little thing, He would have let me know by now.

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