Breaking Rena


Since Mr. Southerland had passed away two weeks ago, things had been rather quiet here at the company. When we first started out, Mr. Southerland provided most of the start-up funds, and I worked without a salary as the Chief Executive Officer.

Our arrangement was that I would hold twenty percent of the stock, he would hold thirty percent and the other investors held the remaining fifty percent.

The agreement stated that should he leave the company, his daughter, Rena would take over his shares and sit as the Board Chairperson. I had to stay with the company for two years with Rena running it, or, should I quit and leave, I would forfeit my twenty percent.

After two years I was free to do what ever I wanted, but I would still maintain my twenty percent interest in the company.

Rena had incorrectly assumed that she could fire me or force me out of the company and that I would then lose my shares in the company. I let her go on believing that in order to keep the peace, but after managing the company for less than a month she tried to blackmail me into having sex with her. She threatened to let me go if I didn't.

Now I had first met Rena when she was sixteen. At that time she was a spoiled belligerent brat and was already sort of a nympho. Behind her fathers back she propositioned me every chance she got and I had constantly turned her down. Now she thought she had what she needed to force the issue.

I'm not the best looking guy in the world, but Rena seemed to think so as do most of the single women working in the company.

As for Rena, she had always been rather beautiful, and over the last few years she had really blossomed into something most men would go mad over. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Thin waist, long legs, beautiful face, about a 30C, long auburn hair and dark brown eyes.

The thing is, pretty women and visual beauty aren't what turns me on. I never could get aroused just looking at something erotic or watching an attractive woman stroll across a room.

What does trigger my sexual desires is some sort of physical stimulation, a warm kiss, holding a woman while dancing, those sorts of intimate things. I suppose that's what's kept me out of trouble most of my life, but when she called me into her office two days ago I let it go too far.

I had intended to tell her that I was the company's CEO and nothing more. But when she started with her cutesy act and running her hand inside my shirt and over my chest. That sort of started me up and it led to other things.

Oh hell I guess I wanted to see how far she would go and it went too fast for me to regain control. She ended up sucking me off and in return I went down on her. That led to our going all the way and I took her while she leaned over her desk.

After she was satisfied, she straightened herself up and she turned, smiled at me and told me that my job description now included keeping her happy. I still didn't tell her that she really didn't have anything to threaten me with, but I didn't.

Rena wanted to expand our line of exotic undergarments and such, to include sex toys. We wouldn't be manufacturing them as we did our line of lingerie but be merely retailing them.

Our main line was the big money maker but hell; her little sideline wouldn't hurt so long as what we sold was quality and we didn't lose money.

I had assumed that she would be the purchasing agent. I didn't know a damn thing about what women would go for in that line and told her so. But she insisted that I go with her to negotiate the purchases. I really held the purse strings of the company but was a complete ass when it came to sex toys.

So now I'm sitting in a suite in San Francisco, three days later, sipping a cocktail and watching two beautiful Eurasian women explaining how vibrators and other devices worked.

If you have ever seen Eurasian women you can understand why they were chosen to sell erotic devices. First, most of them are made in the orient, China, Japan and so forth. These two beautiful women, Fawn, and Bambi, were stunning. Their skin was flawless and they were not only displaying the merchandise, but were completely nude and using the items on themselves, which would probably have made most men turn into pillars of Jell-O.

Usually Asian women don't shave their pussies, but these two did and if I weren't sort of immune to visual stimulation, I would have been squirming in my chair just as Rena was.

I would have thought that going through exhibiting each item and how it worked would have sort of taken the edge off their enjoyment but it apparently didn't.

The girls didn't last much longer than a minute or two before they would have a climax. Not one or two, but with each new toy being used, they would repeatedly have orgasms. Rather wet and creamy ones I must admit.

Rena was sitting next to me and was almost drooling as she squirmed against my thigh. With her eyes glued on the two beauties performing their little show she began to do things with her hand and fingers in my lap. That is something I'm not very good at ignoring and I began to get erect.

It didn't go unnoticed by Fawn and Bambi either. Coming over to us they looked first at Rena, then down at my bulging slacks. Then with broken English, Fawn spoke to Rena.

"Try? You try this? Very good. I help you. Your man can help. Very good for you."

I would have thought Rena could at least control herself and act like a lady, but she stood up and Bambi began to undress her. Rena was wearing a panty and bra set from our most expensive line and the two young ladies began to fondle the lacy undergarments before taking them off.

That's probably about the time things got out of hand. Fawn put her lips over Rena's and gave her a long deep kiss. The two rubbed their breasts against each other and ended up lying on the couch together, Rena on top of Fawn.

Bambi was holding a vibrating dildo in her hand. It had some sort of gadget on the side that was supposed to stimulate a clit but the way the two on the couch were locked together she really had no way to use it on Rena. Finally Rena began humping Fawn and began lifting and grinding her pussy against the other girls thigh and pussy.

That was the opportunity Bambi needed. With Rena's butt elevated, she slowly slid the vibrating toy deep up inside her and held it there with her hand. Rena went crazy. She was rubbing her clit back and forth against Fawn's pussy and Bambi began stroking the dildo thing in and out of her drooling cunt.

She didn't last more than a minute. Suddenly lifting her mouth off Fawns she took a deep breath and with four or five hard thrusts of her hips, came all over Fawn's pussy, while repeatedly gasping, "Yes, Oh yesss, Yeah, Oh Fuck I'm cumming." It was quite an exhibition.

Bambi finally turned the toy off and slowly slid it out. Rena had coated it with a thick creamy patina of her own juices and the girl began to suck on it until it was clean. She then laid it gently down on the coffee table and turned to me.

"Stand up please mister," she whispered. I did as she had asked and her hand reached down and began stroking my already firm cock thru the fabric of my slacks. It seemed that she didn't want leave things as they were and she began to unfasten my belt, pulled my slacks and shorts down so I could step out of them and wrapped her tiny hand around my cock and began to slowly stroke me.

My weakness is precisely what she had discovered. I'm a sucker for a warm hand, a tender kiss or a beautiful woman's almond eyes, especially eyes that were staring hungrily down at my shaft.

"Me too. I want her man to feed me. You want too? I make you shoot, you like?"

I guess I nodded, I'm not sure, but suddenly I found myself standing with this beautiful woman kneeling before me and the sensation of her silky warm mouth over the head of my cock.

I was growing harder and harder and the more I grew began to become erect, the more she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Oh she was good. Her little hand was stroking just under my balls and the little wench was doing all the things that drive me crazy.

My eyes turned from what Bambi was doing and looked at Fawn and Rena. Somehow they had untangled and were now sitting side by side watching Bambi.

Fawn had her hand on Rena's firm breast with her nipple sort of trapped between her thumb and forefinger. She was slowly rolling it back and forth and Rena's eyes were fixed on what was happening to me.

The young ladies head and mouth began bobbing rapidly back and forth and my legs began to shake.

I had always heard that some oriental woman enjoy bukkake and this young beauty was proof. But she wasn't laying back waiting for me to jerk off on her face or something; she was aggressively going after it. She was really trying to milk me and I was getting close.

Again I turned to Rena and her friend and it seemed that they were taking their time, catching their breaths while fondling each others breasts and pussies.

Actually my little nymphet was going to have one hell load in her mouth if I didn't warn her so I opened my mouth to warn her just as she paused. Her friend, had been watching and suddenly abandoned Rena, stumbled forward and dropped to her knees next to her friend.

A glance was exchanged and with a slight nod, she stopped sucking me and began to slide her hand up and down my shaft.

I let out a whimper and the first gush of cum spew out and splattered into Bambi's mouth. The next five or six jets were shared by both and when I was finally spent, they actually licked each others face, ending in a kiss that was deep and long.

Rena just sat there, entranced, as she watched. Or perhaps, glared, I don't know how to describe the look on her face. She was hot, but unsatisfied, and I think she could have killed just to have someone get her off at that point.

Slowly the two girls stood and took positions just to my side and slightly behind me. Suddenly one of them took my wrist and twisted it back and up. I think it was Fawn who spoke first.

"Lady? You want your man to fuck you now? You like for him to use his big cock in your little pussy now? Want some cum from your man too?"

Rena's snide little smile suddenly turned to a broad grin as she nodded, "Yes."

I was forced down to the floor and suddenly found my hands secured behind my back.

While Fawn lay across my chest, Bambi put some sort of bar between my ankles, spreading my legs slightly apart.

Now she motioned Rena to come over and while Bambi began to suck my cock again Rena, hands on her hips, stared down at me and whispered. "For all those times I went to bed crying because you kept saying no to me this is pay back time. I'm going to fuck you until your dry and than some. My friends know how to bring dead men back to life and your far from dead yet my dear Randy."

I was trying to roll my ass back and forth in an effort to get my cock out of Bambi's mouth but she had me almost completely down her throat.

When she finally let me go, Rena stood over me, one foot at each side of my chest and she slowly lowered herself into a squatting position, poised just over my dick.

Bambi had my dick in her hand and held me up as Rena slowly wiggled her ass downward and onto me. Oh yeah she was tight. Her cunt felt slippery and hot as she slid down.

She ended up with seven or eight inches of thick cock deep in her pussy and she began to play a sort of game, contracting her pussy tightly around me before relaxing and lifting up. Then she tightened up and slid back down.

I had never experienced anything like it before. She would relax her pussy, lift up perhaps six inches or so, then clench her muscles and force my shaft back in deep.

Slowly she did this repeatedly until Fawn finally got off my chest. Now Rena extended her arms and put her palms on my shoulders, supporting herself as she lifted and dropped back down.

One of the girls moved out of sight behind Rena and began to play with my balls while sliding something inside my ass. The other put her mouth over my small nipples and began sucking and biting them.

I lasted about ten or fifteen minutes, when I began to cum again. In that time, Rena had repeatedly finished, chanting over and over again, "fuck me Randy, fuck it good! Do you like your little Rena to fuck you like this? Yeah, Oh yeah gimmee it good Baby, I like it like this. Come on baby fuck your new boss! Oh my god...Again, cumming again! Gimmee it now baby!"

When Rena crawled off and lay panting next to me, Bambi replaced her, followed by Fawn. It seemed impossible, but I was cumming almost every five or ten minutes now, and when I thought I couldn't do it again, they would do something different.

Sometimes stroking my prostate or massaging the area just under my balls or just bouncing up and down, doing that squeezing thing with their pussies.

No I didn't pass out or anything like that but during those two hours, revenge was my only thought and I was going to break Rena and get even. Only problem was I would have to get her alone for a week or so to do it.

I had discovered her weakness. She couldn't tolerate being turned down. She needed sex and I came up with what I thought would be a way to break her. If only I could get her to the edge of cumming, then back off over and over again, I hoped to be able to make her beg to be finished. I wanted to make her need it so much that she would beg and do anything I wanted just to be satisfied.

And so a short while later, a vacation at Mr. Southerland's summer cabin on the lake was arranged. Supposedly Rena and I were going to check it out and enjoy a weekend swimming and sunning, but it wasn't going to end with just a weekend of relaxation, it was going to end when I had broken her.

Some of the toys my friends Fawn and Bambi had presented me after they left were restraints and other bondage devices. I brought them with us when we headed for the cabin.

The seaplane coasted up to the dock on the island and before Carl, our pilot, left to fly back to the seaport, I told him that I expected to be there longer than planned. I'd call him when we were ready to return.

That first night I guess Rena thought she'd get fucked. It didn't happen, and she was furious, throwing a temper tantrum. I had expected it and we wrestled on the floor before I cuffed her hands and put a choke collar on her.

It was strange, she thought it was sexy and was really getting off on it until I lashed her to the bed and left her there and went to the living room and got a beer.

I let her stew for almost an hour during which time she got hoarse screaming and shouting at me.

I had brought several porn tapes and put them into the player in the bedroom so she could watch, and turned them on. They were the most explicit X rated tapes I could find and I made her watch them while I played with her. I had propped her head up, spread her out and fastened her to all four corners of the bed before beginning.

I toyed with her using ice cubes on her nipples, and then attached a clamp to each when they had become hard and erect. She had been so aroused watching the tapes that she was already beginning to ooze onto the sheets between her thighs. I kissed her and licked her breasts until I had her squirming.

I kissed my way down her flat tummy and holding her open, began puffing my warm breath on her pussy, but never letting my lips touch her. When she began lifting and thrusting up, trying to chase my mouth, I stopped and went out for another hour or so while she lay there watching the video play over and over again.

Returning I began my little process all over again. I told her that if she wanted me to fuck her she would have to beg me for it. She tossed her head from side to side, snarling, "NEVER!"

I decided to just leave her there that way, nude, spread eagle with the tape playing and the actresses in the video moaning and begging for more. I put a blindfold on her and turned off the lights before going to sleep in the living room.

The next morning I took her blindfold off. She wanted to get up and go to the bathroom but I refused and waited patiently after telling her she would have to call me master or I wouldn't let her go. Again she refused.

About ten, I brought her a glass of orange juice and held her head up as she drank it. Still belligerent she wouldn't ask me to let her go so I decided to just sit there and wait.

By now her abdomen was distended and she was really trying to hold it in. I decided to force things a little. I began: "Does baby want to go? Does my little darling bitch want to cum for me? Here, let me help you a little, you slut," and I began to massage her pussy.

I slid my index finger deep between the soft folds and drew my finger up, letting the ball of my finger rest on her clit. Then slowly I massaged it, drawing small circles around its swollen head.

To add to the effect I began to jerk myself off, taking slow long strokes as I continued to massage her with my other hand. She stared at my cock and tried to lift up.

Suddenly she began moaning before suddenly screaming that she was cumming and gave out a strangled gasp. I'm not absolutely positive; I mean I think she came. She pissed all over my hand and sent a geyser of water spurting upward as she arched her back and dug her heels in. I left her that way, dripping wet and moaning.

By noon she still hadn't begged me for anything but she was now using the word, "please."

I fastened a leash to her collar and undid her bindings, leaving her wrists cuffed behind her. I took the wet bedding to the laundry room and had her stand there while I told her how disgusted I was over what she had done.

I took her to the shower and pushed her in as I turned the water on and washed her off. With her hands behind her, I had to dry her and to add to her discomfort, hung the face cloth over the chain that was swaying between the nipple clamps.

She gasped, but said nothing. I led her back to the living room and fastened her to a heavy chair with her hands behind her, then I went to change the bedding.

She was glaring at me when I returned. Then suddenly changed her act. Like a little child she tried another tact. "Can I get dressed? I'm cold. And I'm hungry. Can I eat? Please Randy?"

I was tempted to say something mean, but I didn't. I just couldn't do it.

I made a BLT on toast and after fastening her leash to the chair, freed her hands. I wasn't about to unleash her entirely. It was then that I decided to blindfold her again and add a gag so she couldn't start yelling again. Hell she was already hoarse.

I walked her down to the lake and had her get into the water. I had intended to just push her in, but was afraid she might be too shocked to breathe because the water was ice cold. So I let her slide in. Oh god was that water cold.

I slid in with her and as she bobbed up and down trying to keep her head above water, I began to tug on the nipple clamps. By now her nipples were so hard and turgid that she would moan each time I pulled on the chain between them. Tiring of my little swim, I helped her out and ended up carrying her back to the cabin.

Walking her back to the bedroom, I dried her off and again fastened her spread eagle on the bed before taking out her gag and removing her blindfold. I began caress her again.

Taking the clamps off her nipples I put my lips over them and began to suck and gently bite each. She began to shake and moan again. Her eyes never left me and she began to respond again.

Moving down I kissed my way to her pussy before getting up and walking to the foot of the bed, I knelt between her spread legs and began to lap. I mean she got really wet and each time I stabbed my tongue into her vagina she would gasp.

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