tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking the Coach

Breaking the Coach


Jack Hopher was the head football coach at a High school in the one of the southeastern states, and if you know anything about this area you know football coaches if they are any good rule. And that is just the way it was with Jack. He was an impressive man six foot tall with an athletic body that had a few pounds added in the years after college. He had dark well kelp hair with piercing blue eyes that at one time had driven the girls wild. In his late forties now he still considered himself a "ladies man" he loved to flirt and did so quite often with the entire teacher at his school.

His wife Marie an ex cheerleader, was four years younger than him. She was around five foot six and weighed around 120lbs, her blonde shoulder length hair framed her face. Her 36-24-38 figures would make all the male population of the town drool, the few time she appeared in a swimming suit at the public pool.

He meet her years before at the first school where he was an assistant coached and she was a student, they were married after she graduated and had to leave town for a new job at another school where, luckily there was a college in the town where she completed her education and became a teacher. She taught math at the local Jr. high and had no idea of his flirtation. She loved her husband the attention they got when they went out everybody knew Jack and knew his record as a coach.

The whole town was proud of the job he had done over the past ten years, that is everyone but Ms. Ruth Watson, the principle at the high school. Why? Because she liked to control things, she was a black woman in her early forties and impressive herself, six foot tall, with 44inch hips with a 36inch waist her breast were 40 C cup and she had large thighs, which earned her the name "Thunder Thighs" from most of the kids. Her short hair gave her a masculine look that made Jack think she must be a dyke. And she had the dark eyes that struck fear in all of the young and most of the older teachers in her charge. That is all but Jack, who reported to the school board who wanted to keep him happy because of his winning record.

Ruth tried ever way she could to get control of Jack but it was not happening then one night at the PTA meeting she met Marie, and after she talked to her for some time, she learned the story of how the couple had hidden their love affair while she was in school and that is when she hatched her plan to get the control she wanted and also have some fun with his beautiful hot wife as well.

It was about three weeks after this just before one of the biggest games of the season, when Jack was in his office looking over the videos of the team they would be playing that Friday night when there was a knock on his door. Jack paused the tape and opened the door.

It was Janet DeWitt the new student teacher that had just started her tour with the school. Janet was short five ft two with her shoes on. She weights one hundred lbs, with pert young tits that stood out like cones. She had an ass to die for round and firm. Her cute round face with freckles over the bridge of her nose made her look younger than her twenty years.

"Hi, I'm Janet." She said

"Hi I'm Coach Hopher. But you can call me Jack" The tall man replied

"I just finished running laps on the track and now my car want start." The young woman said with a desperate smile on her cute freckled face. "Could you help me?"

"Sure, but I was right in the middle of the video, if you could wait I'll be through in a little while."

"May I come in I don't want to stay out here alone?"

"Why yes, come on in." he said as he opened the door wider and she walked into the room. He walked back over to the couch and pressed the play button as he sat down. Janet walked behind him and sat down next to him. Jack took his notebook in his hand and began to score the players on the TV screen.

After a while he felt a hand on his leg. He continued to write on the pad as she moved her soft hand up and onto his responsive cock. He felt the zipper of his pants being lowered and a soft cool hand reaching inside and pulling it from its home. He put the pad down and looked down just in time to watch her take the head of his now rock hard dick into her mouth. He stretched his arms across the back of the seat as he lay back and enjoyed the attention his member was getting form this young hottie.

Janet held the head of the 8" dick in her mouth and sucked on it for just a bit then she circled it with her togune and then lowered her mouth down on it slowly. She opened her mouth wider and relaxed her throat as she eased the hard hot rod into her gullet as she used one hand to push her jogging shorts off of her round hips and down her thighs.

When her nose was touching his belly she closed her lips around the base of his dick. With each swallow he throat would contract around his member causing as sensation he had never felt before. While working his dick Janet watched his face, as his eyes rolled back, she started to move her head up and down fucking his cock in and out of her wonderfully wet mouth.

"Oh god that's great!" he exclaimed as he placed his hands on her head helping her move it up and down. Janet could feel his rod swell and jerk just before he was about to blow his wad into her mouth she pulled off of it. Standing up she let her shorts fall to the floor and she straddled his legs and lowered her wet pussy onto his dick.

"Oh yes!" he cried as she began to rid him like a cowboy, up and down she bounced driving his cock in and out of her tight cunt her hand around his neck and her young boobs moving up and down in his face.

"Auuuuuuuuuuukeeeee! Iiiii'm cumming!" he said as he shot a hot white load deep inside her.

As his dick softened and shrank out of her hot hole the young teacher climbed off of his lap and put her shorts on and started for the door. "Wait I thought you needed help with your car." The confused man said.

"No I think it will start now." She smiled as she licked her finger and opened the door.

When the door was closed he thought to him, "I may need to work here by myself more often."

End of chapter one

Chapter two

The next day while he was walking down the hall at school, Jack saw Ms Watson standing by the office door he said hi as he started to walk by.

"Mr. Hopher, please step into my office." The black woman said

Jack turned and followed her inside with a smirk on his face. "Have a seat." She said pointing to the chair in front of her desk. "I know we have not gotten along so well in the past." "Well I don't think---" the coach started

"Let me finish what I have to say, then you can say what ever you want!" she demanded cutting him off "things are going to change around here, I am your boss. You work for me, and you will show me the respect I deserve."

"I don't have to---"

"I said shut up!" she growled angrily, "I have something you should see!" She pushed the button on her desk and in walked Janet, carrying videotape. Ruth placed it in the player and the TV came on there was Jack and Janet on the couch in his office fuck to beat the band. "Do you know what would happen to your career if this tape were to be given to the local news people. You would not be able to coach any where in this state, maybe this country."

"Ok what do you want?"

"First of all you will start acting like I am you boss, you will do as I say, you will teach one gem class a day." The black woman informed him with a huge smile on her face. "Also I am having a dinner party at my house this weekend, you and your beautiful wife will attend where you will make her available to me."

"What are you talking about?"

"You will get her to drink, I will make sure she gets the right stuff, and when she is ready, you will give her to me and she will spend the night. I know you are one of the ones who are spreading the rumors about me being gay. Well I am not gay, I am bi and I do love to have a nice looking white woman now and again. Now do you under stand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Then we can count on you to be there and to help us get her ready for her night of fun?"


That Friday night Jack's mind was not on the game. His team barely won by one point on a thirty yard scoring run by the QB on a broken play. The next day he started plying Marie with drinks to get her ready for the party. At six PM they drove over to Ruth's house Marie was already feeling a bit tipsy, so Jack promised they would not stay long.

After the dinner the other couples began to leave but Ruth took Jack by the arm and said "I would like to discuss my idea with you a little more." she said pulling him into the living room. Marie and Janet followed. Jack sat in a chair across form Ruth and the black woman pulled a high Marie down beside her on the small love seat.

Janet went back into the kitchen and brought four new drinks, as she went around giving them out she made sure Marie got the one meant for her. As the coach and the principle talked Marie sipped on her drink. After about five minutes they heard her glass hit the floor.

"Ok, I thought that was going to take forever, you must not have given her enough at home." Ruth said as she stood up. "Now big boy pick her up and take her to my bed room." She said as she walked down the hall. Jack picked up his wife and followed.

Once inside the room he was instructed to lay her across the bed, and he did. "Now come with me." He was told and he followed the big black woman into another room and she told him to sit in a chair. Once in the chair his hands and legs were bound. "Just watch and enjoy." She told him as she pushed a button on the TV in front of him.

As she left the room she turned the light off leaving only the glow of the TV to light the room. He could see his lovely wife lying on the bed with Janet slowly removing her close. Once his wife's dress was opened and spread out revealing her magnificent body Janet spread her legs and crawled up between them. Her head went down until only half of her face was above the helpless woman's body.

Marie began to slowly roll her head form side to side in her sleep and Jack could see her lift her hips up in slow deliberate moves to meet the magic tongue that was so skillfully working on her clit. About this time the door opened and in walked Ruth, completely naked with exception of the large dildo she had strapped no her. It was at least ten inches long and two and a half in diameter.

She pushed the younger woman out of the way and lowered her mouth to Marie's pussy. As the black woman ate out the wet cunt Janet got up and removed her own close, once she was nude she climbed onto the bed and took one of Marie's nipples into her mouth and suck like a baby, while twisting the other one. Marie was now moaning and rotating her hips as the two women assaulted her body with pleasure.

After some time of preparing Marie's pussy Ruth stood up and pulled the younger woman's legs around until her head was facing the camera that was sending the single to her husband. Then she moved up between her legs and rubbed the head of the giant rubber cock up and down on her slit. Slowly very slowly she pushed forward easing the dildo into the past out woman's cunt all the while she looked up at the camera smiling at Jack.

As the huge rubber cock was being pushed into Marie's pussy Janet produced a small bottle o f personal lubricant and was squeezing a portion of the contents onto it. Then she began to roll her fingers over Marie's clit as she was took a nipple into her mouth and sucked. Ruth continued to push deeper and deeper as the smile on her face turned to a smirk. She had the coach where she wanted him he would have do what ever she said from now on.

All Jack could do was watch as his wife as she responded to the two women caressing her drugged body. Marie was in a dreamland of pleasure. She slowly rolled her head back and forth her long blonde hair covering her face. She arched her back slightly and rolled her hips as the monster cock was being pushed deeper into her. Moans of pleasure echoed in the room her husband was sitting in, he knew she was defiantly getting into it although in her drugged state she could not have know what was happening to her.

With the rubber cock all the way deep inside Marie, Ruth worked the muscles of her big black butt in quick jerking motions vibrating the giant dick and smashing her pelvic on the white woman's. Janet was now sucking and nibbling on one of Marie's tits and with one hand playing with the other nipple while the other hand was buried between her own legs her fingers working her cunt with abandonment. Ruth with her upper body support at arms length above Marie, she began to lift her hips pulling the dildo out as she did so, when only the head remained inside she looked up at the camera and smiled then plunged back down driving the huge object deep inside Jack's wife.

Marie's head snapped up her eyes wide, "What's happ-a-ning, who-s- doing, Oooh.... Gawd I'm! No! no!" She mumbled incoherently, as she tried to push the big black woman off of her. Janet moved quickly taking the older woman's hands and pining them to the bed. She placed her mouth over Marie's and kissed her deeply running her tongue into her mouth. While Ruth started to fuck the dildo in and out picking up the pace with each stroke.

"Mum...mum...uh...mum" Marie moaned as her body began to betray her. Her hips was now rising to meet Ruth's thrust and her arms were relaxed all resistance gone. Still kissing Marie, Janet removed her hands from her arms and returned them to her clit and tits as their victim responded more and more.

"Yeeeesa!.NO!. ooooh God whaaat's happening to meee!" Marie cried as the two women were expertly fucking her. Janet ran her hand between her legs and dipped her fingers into her honey pot covering them with her love juices, and then she placed them into Marie's mouth.

"Taste my cunt, ant it sweet?" she said as Marie closed her lips around the digits, "I love it, maybe later we'll let you eat me out."

"That's right you will be doing all sorts of new things tonight, just enjoy it." Ruth said as she pounded away at the swelling pussy.

Jack watched as Marie suck on Janet's fingers with her eyes wide in disbelief, looking up into Ruth's dark eyes. Ruth used her large ebony mounts to drive the rubber cock in and out of Marie, rocking her forward and back each time she lunged into her. Marie's hips were now moving in time with her assaulter as Janet took her arms and draped them over Ruth's neck then eased off of the bed. Marie locked her hands together around Ruth's neck as she was being fucked harder and harder. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around the big ass drives the lust rod in and out of her wet pussy. Ruther lowered her breast until they brushed Marie's nipples as they swung back and forth over them.

"That's it baby get into it!" Ruth said as Marie matched her thrust with equal enthusiasm, pulling down with her legs then releasing to allow the black woman to pull the rubber cock back out only to drive it in over and over again. Ruth lowered her upper body down resting her heavy body on top of the smaller woman as she continued to ravage her body.

"Oooh.. Geee.. od that feels so goooood!" the pretty blonde said each time Ruth drove deep and held it there gyrating her hips with the dildo deep inside her lovers cunt. "Do that! Yeeeeeeees! Oh yes that's good!"

Jack watched as the two women on the TV fucked. He could not believe that was his usually conservative wife who was now fucking a black woman in a way she had never fucked him, "It must be the drugs." He told himself, as the door to his room opened.

Janet walked up to him, "Are you.. oh yes you are having fun aren't you?" she said as she felt the bulge in his pants. Unzipping him she pulled his hard cock out and stroked it for him a few times. Then she untied his right giving him enough slack to reach his dick but not enough to free himself. She scooped her hand through her pussy and rubbed it all over his face then she did it once again this time she rubbed it on his upper lip to allow him to smell the aroma of her hot sex. "There, now you can join in, just watch how good we are going to teach you wife to eat pussy." She whispered as she turned to leave him alone once again.

Janet returned to the bedroom just as Ruth pulled the dildo completely out of Marie's sloppy cunt. "No! Please I was almost there again!" Marie begged pulling at the black woman trying to get the big dick back in her cunt.

"That's ok, we'll let you cum, just roll over on your hand and knees!" Ruth ordered turning Marie onto her side, and Marie did the rest pushing her ass high in the air, her red swollen pussy open wide. Ruth worked the head of the dildo up and down he slit as Janet climbed up on the bed and spread her legs wide on either side of Marie's head.

"Please put it back in, fuck meeee Please!" Marie said looking back at Ruth.

"I will but first you have got to eat some pussy." Ruth replied

"But I have never done that."

Don't worry we will teach you, do you want me to fuck you some more with this big cock? Then turn and start eating her out!" Ruth said pointing towards the young woman's cunt .

Marie turned around and lowered her face between Janet's legs and licked up between her pussy lips. Strangely enough it tasted quite good. With each lick Ruth would push the cock deeper into her pussy until it was buried all the way in then she resumed pumping in and out as Marie lick suck at Janet's clit. Janet took her head in her hands and rolled it as she humped her mound up to meet lovers mouth.

"Oh yes Ms Ruth, She learns fast!" she exclaimed as he breath became heavier "you're going to love having her service you!"

"Ummm...Umm...ummm..........." was all Marie could say as Ruth continued to drive in and out of her tortured cunt. And Janet held her face buried between her legs.

Janet released her head and Marie pulled back screaming "Ooooh God! Yes! I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuum.....in! I'm cumming!" Then she collapsed forward Janet took her head once again and pulled to her face back to her cunt.

"Yes cunt! I'm going to cum to! Eat me suck my clit make me cum in you mouth!" she shouted at Marie as Ruth drove the rubber dick deeper in Marie's cunt shoving her face hard between Janet's legs. Reaching behind her Ruth unfastened the straps that held the dildo in place and pulled it away from her leaving the rubber dick inside her new white lover.

Jack stroked his dick as he watched Janet run her fingers through his wife's hair who it look like had passed out with her head on the younger woman's leg. Ruth walk towards camera, "That's all for now, we need to rest for a while, but we got all weekend." She said just before the screen went black as Jack shot his wad and thought, "this is going to be a long weekend"

Marie was nudged awake by soft lips moving over the tinder parts of her body she turned her head to accept a kiss before she realized, the dream she had was not a dream and the person she was kissing was not her husband. She started to pull away but the person kissing her held her tight then she felt something moving between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked into the dark eyes of Ruth the big black woman who was kissing her. She could hear humming coming from between her legs and feel vibrations as a large object was being worked in and out of her womanhood. The black woman kissed her face as she slowly fucked her with the long rubber dick. The white wife's hips betrayed her as they moved with the toy in her cunt.

"Ruth, whats going on here I'm not gay?"

"You can't prove that by me after last night, besides I'm not gay ether." Ruth said pushing the dildo to the hilt inside of her newest lovers pussy while continuing to kiss her face, he dark tits brushing over Marie's pail ones.

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