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Breaking with Traditions


Copyright © 2005. All characters, events, and text in this story are purely fictional, and are created by and the sole property of the author. All rights reserved.

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Writer's Note: It's time for Canadagander to make a public disclosure, to come out of the writer's den, so to speak. 'Gander is not a real person. We are a group of four adults, two men and two women, all with a passion for writing - short stories, Christmas letters, technical reports, mystery novels, you name it. We are probably as diverse a group as you can imagine. Our eldest, and also best writer, is a silver-haired petite gal in her sixties, with black half-glasses perched on her nose. She was an attendee at Woodstock, a Peace Corps volunteer, and writes stories gory enough to frighten Edgar Allen Poe. The other female is our Barbara Cartland wannabe, in her forties, who could be the prototype for Garrison Keillor's soccer mom/Republican babe. The youngest in the group is a male tech writer with all the fancy stuff - wireless laptop, etc., but who can outline great plots. And finally, there is a fifties-something male, who likes humor and surprise endings. He's the one who insists that a good story must make a point. We're letting him tell you about how we invented Canadagander.

Since the summer of 2002, the four of us meet every week at our library, where we critique each other's work, and then decide on some sort of writing challenge for the next get-together - sort of like Weight Watchers for the word processor. It wasn't long after we began doing this that our Cartland wannabe wanted to write a sex scene for her romance novel, and wanted help and advice on the erotic parts. None of us admitted to having read much of this genre, so we decided to do some on-line research right there in the library. It must have been amusing to our librarian to see four adults behaving like horny teens, crowding around our techie's laptop, searching the Internet for info on erotic literature, all the while trying to appear cool and intellectual.

The Google search on 'reviews of websites for erotic literature' yielded over a hundred thousands hits, so we used the Google directory of writer's resources, listed in alphabetical order, and randomly selected the letter 'L'. The lucky winner was Literotica.

We logged in and had to suppress chuckles at the 'Oh, my God!' reaction from our romance writer, when she saw the graphic sponsor ads. Our saucy little old lady remarked, "That's the way it looks, honey, if you do it in the daytime, or with the lights on." We perused the index of genres, and each of us agreed to read at least two stories from each of five categories.

The following week we met again to discuss our opinions on what we had read. This time, our little old lady declared, "I haven't seen that much horseshit in one place since my boyfriend and I went behind the paddocks at Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby day. It doesn't take much writing talent to describe in detailed minutiae how some hot babe, with huge boobs and wet panties gets it from some inexhaustible guy with a 10-inch cock."

"Well, then, let's each of us try to write a better story," our humorist replied. "I personally found a few authors whose stuff was pretty good. I would find it interesting to write a humorous erotic story."

We opined that the joy of sex comes from the mind, not the friction and moving parts, and the challenge was on. Our tech writer suggested the rule that our stories must be erotic while having no nudity, and the protagonists must not touch another person.

Tougher than you think, but our humorist came up with "In Diane's Mind." We have found that having a non-author read a piece aloud is the best way to critique that piece. Let me tell you, erotic stories get even hotter if one person reads it aloud to a group. Both ladies behaved a lot like Diane, and we thought it was witty as well as sexy. The consensus was to submit the story to Literotica, and see what reaction we got from the readers.

We made some minor changes that day, and devised a pseudonym and writer's profile. Our techie writer, showing off his Internet prowess, created an anonymous ISP account, and joined Literotica. Canadagander was born, and his Author's Profile was basically our mission statement, namely that we were ordinary, straight people who could write an erotic story with a point. 'In Diane's Mind' was submitted, and much to our surprise, by our next meeting, 'Diane' made the charts, and Canadagander received a number of Feedbacks. Cool!

Getting published and receiving compliments is sweet nectar to all writer bees. The group decided to write another, then another, and another, eleven all told. If you've read them all (for which we say thank you), you may have noticed the range of plots and categories, and the degree of sexual explicitness within all eleven of Canadagander's published stories. Now you know the reason why. We became very proud of our sex-on-the-mind author, thrilling at each new submittal that achieved a 'Hot' symbol.

But Canadagander almost killed our group. Our fun was like a narcotic - we couldn't let it go. And all too quickly, competition for the ratings created hard feelings among our foursome of 'gander submitters. The final blow came when we were horrified to see 'It's a Family Tradition' included in the Incest category, one which we all had declared out of the bounds of our taste. It actually was created concurrently with 'Over Hill and Dale,' in which mature adults coached an inexperienced eighteen year old. In an attempt to correct the incest blunder, we submitted the sequel 'It's Another Tradition.' That was when we changed the author's profile to declare Canadagander dead.

But, much to our surprise, Feedback to Canadagander continues to arrive, urging sequels to our stories. Temptations arose, but we erotica junkies supported each other during our withdrawal period, and the group returned to its original purpose. Then, last month, the group decided our challenge would be to select a published story and write a different ending from the original author's, but still be consistent with all the facts of the story. The idea was to practice writing one of those mystery story plots where the suave inspector or the rugged PI explains all the confusing facts and sub-plots in the final chapter, and the villain is revealed.

One member (you can guess which one after reading this piece) returned with a plot line that explained the 'why dunnit' of the two 'Tradition' stories with a surprising twist. This explanation of the purpose of the Powell family traditions surprised even the originator of Sam Tonnelli and Callie Taylor, and we hope that you are, too. The group decided that her offspring deserved publishing, and so we brought Canadagander back to life for one more submittal to Literotica.

If you haven't already read the first two Traditions stories, we recommend it. Otherwise, you will miss some decent writing that merited two 'hot' votes as well as elicited the most Feedback requests for another sequel. But for those of you who are OK with coming in on the third episode of a series, we have included brief synopses of the first two parts, like they do in TV series. That way you will at least get acquainted with Sam and the Powell women, to better appreciate the ending to the story.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part One Synopsis

It's a Family Tradition

Sam Tonnelli and Callie Powell Taylor are thirty-somethings who met in college in Cambridge, Massachusetts and eventually married. In early 2001, they re-located to Augusta, Georgia, hometown of Callie and her tightly knit family. In the summer of 2003, Callie astonishes Sam by announcing that they have been selected to initiate Sue Ann, their eighteen-year-old niece into adult sexual activity. She explains to Sam that this initiation rite has been a tradition in the Powell family for generations, and eventually Sam agrees to join this unusual threesome.

Sam, Callie, and Sue Ann have a weeklong romp at the Powell family cabin retreat, and Sam learns about the value of this bizarre sexual tradition, and some things about himself. The three return to routine life, pledging to respect the Powell tradition of discrete non-disclosure to anyone else.

Part Two Synopsis

It's Another Family Tradition

Seven routine months go by in the Tonnelli/Taylor household until February 2004, when Sam receives in the mail an invitation to participate in the so-called Powell Family Scramble, observed each Leap Year. Callie informs Sam that the Scramble consists of two Powell women and one male spouse, pre-selected by a committee of last-generation Powell women, to enjoy a sex-filled threesome at various designated trysting spots around Georgia. After the previous initiation tradition, Sam is an eager participant, and he, Sissy Brandon (mother of Sue Ann), and Mary Pat Carter, a newly acquainted cousin of Callie's have a hot weekend on Jekyll Island. Callie confides to Sam that she will be scrambling at a place in Savannah as well.

After returning home from his tryst, Sam observes Callie being driven to her house by someone in a yellow Lexus SUV. He also sees Callie affectionately returning a goodbye kiss from the unknown driver of the car, and Sam can only speculate who and what Callie, the driver, and someone else did at their trysting location.

Part Three

Breaking With Tradition

(June, 2004, four months after the Family Scramble)

There are any number of old adages and clichéd generalities that can apply to a wide range of situations. In reflecting back upon what transpired after I returned from Jekyll Island and that terrific weekend with Sissy and Mary Pat, the saying that comes to my mind is 'Be careful of what you wish for: you may get it.' I think that every male at one time or another fantasizes about having an affair and getting it on with more than one woman at a time, and that fantasy was fulfilled for me, Sam Tonnelli, not once, but twice. And the delightful thing about those extra-marital affairs was that they were set up by my wife, with her encouragement to go for it.

Almost a year ago, in July of 2003, Callie had astonished me with a bizarre Powell women sex tradition. It had to do with an adult couple (that was Cat and I) initiating an eighteen-year-old niece (that was Sue Ann Branson, daughter of Sissy, Cat's oldest sister) into the pleasures and techniques of adult sex. The fantastic time I had that week convinced me that I was one lucky guy to have married into a family with such liberated sexual traditions. Then, seven months later, in February of 2004, Callie sanctioned my going on that swinging Leap Year tradition of the Powell family women, called the Family Scramble weekend. According to Cat, her grandmother and great-aunts had introduced the scramble. It was their strategy for safely and discretely satisfying the female equivalent of the 'seven-year-itch,' only they had compressed it to the 'Leap Year Itch.'

Needless to say, the memories of such terrific and sexy times were often on my mind when I daydreamed during dull routines at the office or courthouse, or when I contemplated future plans for myself and Cat as a couple. My birthday happens to fall in late June, and two weeks before the big day, Cat began pumping me for birthday gift ideas. That question opened the door for me to get all that I wished for.

One evening while relaxing after dinner, Cat asked, "Sweetie, if you could wish for anything you wanted for your birthday, what would make celebrating that day extra special for you?"

I replied, "Cat, the birthday present that would make me really, really happy would be a reprise of the Scramble Weekend, but this time with you and Sissy. It would be the best of the Powell ladies' traditions, where you and I have sex with another woman, and the other woman about whom I most fantasize is Sissy. What do you think?"

Callie frowned, mulling it over in her mind.

"I'm not so certain that's a good idea, Sam. The Powell scramble tradition is supposed to happen only once every four years."

"I realize that, Cat," I said. "But would it make a difference if we did it as part birthday party and part celebration of my making general partner in my law firm?"

That news really got Callie excited, as it was something she and I were hoping would come my way soon.

"Oh, sweetie, is that really true? Have Merton and Carlisle already asked you? You told me they probably wouldn't make an announcement until October, when the firm's next fiscal year begins."

"They decided that I shouldn't have to wait that long, Cat, and the business certainly can afford a bonus for me, after all the billings that I've brought in. So why don't we just break with the Scrambles tradition? Or, we can pretend that it's a new tradition that we're introducing. It's something that would really make my birthday something special. How about this as a compromise? Instead of going away for a whole weekend, how about having Sissy sleep with us for just one night? I'll reserve a suite at the downtown Marriott."

My promotion to general partner had the effect on Cat that I anticipated. I watched sports on TV while she called Sissy that night to see if Sissy would go along with a threesome. I knew it was a done deal by then: you'd have to know Sissy to understand that almost anything having to do with naughty or unusual sex would get her juices going. A half hour later, Callie came back to the living room to announce that Sissy had agreed to acting out my fantasy.

"But just remember, Sam," she warned. "Only this one time, and don't ever even think about asking for a repeat, understand?"

I kissed Cat affectionately, and replied, "Just this once, I promise, Cat. After this one time, all my fantasies about being with you and Sissy at the same time will be gone, and I'll be satisfied with reminiscing about it every now and then."

I grinned at her.

"And I promise that I will do my utmost to make it as memorable a night for you as it will be for me."

Callie informed me that she and Sissy had decided that the big night would be the Tuesday evening before the annual Taylor family get-together at the summer home of her parents on Kiawah Island. Tuesday was poker night for Travis, Sissy's husband, so it wasn't unusual for Sissy to make plans of her own for that evening. That gave me a whole week for me to get everything arranged for my fantasy night of a threesome.

Cat, Sissy and I began my fantasy evening with dinner at a very romantic restaurant in downtown Augusta, near the river. The wine, good food, and a balmy summer evening quickly got the three of us in a sexy mood. The drive from the restaurant to go to the hotel was filled with baudy jokes, and descriptions of what the women had in store for me. I suggested that we should make the evening seem even more adventurous by having me pretend to pick up Callie and Sissy in the cocktail lounge at the hotel. So you can imagine how giggly and hot we were in the elevator ride up to the seventh floor. I had a beautiful woman on either side of me, and I alternated giving wet, open-mouthed kisses to each of them.

I had checked into the hotel that afternoon, on the way home from the courthouse, so that I could prepare the suite with special treats for my two women. I escorted them into the sitting room of the suite, and invited them to sit on the sofa. They were delighted when I produced a bottle of champagne from the wet bar that stood against one wall. I gave them each an empty glass before I untwisted the wire on the bottle, and worked out the cork. We all laughed uproariously when suddenly the cork popped, and I was doused with a spray of champagne all over my shirt and pants.

I held my thumb over the top of the champagne bottle, and shook it up some more before releasing more spray, but this time directed at Callie, then Sissy. They shrieked with surprise, and objected that their dresses were soaked with champagne.

I grinned and said, "Hey, ladies, if my clothes are wet, yours might as well be, too. Besides, we won't really be needing them tonight anyway, and I have some little gifts for each of you on the table over there. Why don't you take your boxes, and slip into something more comfortable? While you're doing that, I'll call room service and have the valet steam and press our clothes."

Sissy gave a squeak of glee, and kissed me on the lips.

"Sam, you are so sweet! And so very imaginative, too, I might add. Come on, Cat, let's get out of these wet dresses, and then we'll see what Sam bought for us. I'll bet it's something really sexy."

I stripped down to my boxers and called room service. By the time Cat and Sissy returned from the bedroom, the valet had taken our clothes for service and I had dimmed the lights and poured champagne.

They looked fantastic in the lingerie that I had bought at Victoria's Secret the day before. Cat was wearing a lavender push-up bra with matching lace thong panties, plus a garter belt with thigh-length dark stockings and four-inch spike heeled strap sandals. I could see her nipples as dark shadows under the bra, and her pussy hair was visible around the edges of the tiny triangle of her panties. When she saw my appreciative and admiring stare, she gave her earthy laugh and saucily turned around and bent over. I had a delicious view of her naked buttocks, the narrow band of the thong, and the curves of her gorgeous legs.

I had gotten Sissy a very sheer baby doll length nightie, with transparent bikini panties that tied with ribbons on each hip. Her magnificent breasts were quite visible through the gauzy fabric, and the panties hid nothing as well. Her legs were nude, and I had completed her outfit with satin backless high heeled slides, the kind we used to call 'fuck-me slippers.'

I was thrilled at the spectacle of a pair of sexy-dressed women with me in a hotel room, and I knew that the mood was just perfect for what I wanted to do that night. I gave Cat a light kiss on her lips, and offered a glass of champagne to her. I stared directly into her eyes as I spoke to her.

"Cat, I have always loved you," I whispered. "But tonight, I feel something extra special. I hope that everything you've always hoped for will come true for you tonight."

When I handed a glass to Sissy, that horny sexed-up woman grinned and said, "Why are we standing here in the sitting room, when we could be hotting it up on the bed in the next room, Sam? Come on, let's go fuck."

When we were in the bedroom, Sissy grinned at me and untied the ribbons on the front of her nightie top and her panties. She really does have a terrific body - large, firm breasts, long legs, and a very tight ass. Callie is slightly smaller, but just as pretty. She took off her bra and panties and left her garter belt and stockings on. That looked even sexier than if she had stripped naked.

My fantasy soon began to be realized, thanks to the sexy and imaginative Taylor sisters. Every man at some time in his life should have the opportunity to experience a threesome with two women. For the next hour and a half, I was treated to breasts, nipples pussies, clits, and lips galore. My cock was licked and sucked by two mouths at the same time, and I could finger fuck one clit-filled pussy while burying my cock in another. It was heaven, but after coming for the third time, I was a drained puppy, and had to call time.

I said, "I've got to take a break. My balls need a re-charge. Please don't stop on my account, you two. It's every man's fantasy to see two women getting it on together. I'll get some more champagne, and then I'll watch your show."

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