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This story is dedicated to a Navy friend from Lit. You see sometimes it is the macho-types that need someone to take control of everything...especially their orgasms. So Daniel...hope you enjoy this my Super Hero friend.

This story is slightly different from some others in this category. The recording is not the story read aloud, but rather it acted out. There is no narration, other than Mistress Star's dialogue. In order to fully appreciate the story, listen as you read the story...or if you need your hands free...read the story and then listen...imagining.

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Mistress Star paced the room in her five inch heel leather boots. Her light blond hair was pulled starkly back from her face into a ponytail that fell half way down her bare back. Other than the boots she wore nothing but the under the bust leather corset with suspenders that held up her black fish net stockings. At forty-five, her zaftig body glowed in its prime. She had begun this second career five years ago, after her second divorce. She had learned then the devastation that bad sex could do to a person's ego. Even after a year of therapy, she had been reeling from the rejection of her ex-husband. It was only a summer romance with a much younger man that had begun to repair her battered self-esteem. That is what finally led her to this new job as a sex therapist...and Dominatrix.

The muscular man that sat in the chair in front of her was her latest client. She looked at the fountain of red curls that covered the top of his head. It hung down, his chin almost touching his broad bare chest. He was unbound, that alone was unusual for her clients. Most were secured either to the spanking bench in one corner or the Saint George's cross in the other.

But this man sat slumped in a simple wooden chair that was dwarfed by his size. She smiled at the irony. Power thrummed through every inch of his tense body, it inched slowly just beneath the skin that covered the musculature that could have been the model for De Vinci's David. Her eyes stared to the half hard cock that dangled off the edge of chair, well, not certain parts of his anatomy anyway.

"You think you're hot stuff don't you, Red? The big bad SEAL. But inside you're just a naughty little boy. Always touching that thing between your legs."

Star watched the man shift uncomfortably on the chair. As with all her clients, this scene had been carefully negotiated. She was first and foremost a professional. And when cognitive behavioral and psychotherapies failed as they had with her, this more hands-on (well, not her hands this time) method could sometimes offer clients the breakthrough they needed to lead happy, sexually complete lives. And in this case, the man's marriage might well rest upon it.

He had come to her in desperation a couple of weeks ago after his wife left and took their young son back to Texas with her. Their marriage had been on the rocks for some time, especially after the woman had an affair. But the truth was that it had been in trouble even before that.

Her client had a problem that was common to many men, a Madonna/whore complex. Since the birth of their son over two years ago, he simply had not been able to see his beautiful young wife as the sexy creature she had once been to him. She had become a mother...and in his warped mind his mother. The mother that had constantly berated as a young man for his 'sinful' thoughts. The mother that had once barged into his room to find him masturbating.

"You want to touch it now, don't you? You want to wrap those big hands around it and stroke it until you get hard?"

She saw the man shiver, a sign that her words were reaching those dark places in his mind. Taking him back to face his darkest fears. She needed to push harder.

"It's getting all big and hard, isn't it? Filling with blood as you think dirty thoughts. What dirty thoughts are you thinking? Thinking about how your girlfriend let you tough her pretty young tits after the game last night?"

The man groaned as she continued. "But you wanted more than just kissing and touching her little titties didn't you, Red. You wanted her to suck that thing. You wanted to put your cock in her mouth and for once shut her up?"

The man's fingers were biting into the flesh just above his knees as he fought to keep his hands in the position that they had agreed upon until she gave him that thing he needed most.

"Or maybe what you wanted more was to fuck her? Are you thinking about popping her sweet little cherry? You know she is a virgin. She wants to save herself. Wait until you put that ring on her finger. But you are a bad boy, you just want to taste her tight little cunt, don't you?"

His eyes stayed closed, Star hoped that he remained focused upon the goals for this session that they had agreed upon. She hoped that she could give him the breakthrough he needed, give this couple a fighting chance at the happiness that had escaped her.

She remained standing, towering over him. Her voice loud and deep as she continued the verbal assault. "You think she'll let you put that thing inside her? Think she'll let you fuck her and come inside her? Dirty her sweet virgin body with your nasty seed?"

She watched the rapid rise and fall of the man's chest, could see his pulse actually pounding in his temples. His cock was full hard now. No longer hanging limply over the edge of the chair. It jutted straight up from his powerful thighs. Pointing straight towards the ceiling. It was an impressive sight.

Star dropped her voice, softened it now. "You know she wants you just as much. Wants to feel that hard cock inside her tight young cunnie. It's how the goddess meant things to be. Sex is good," she whispered.

It was the cue that he had been told to await. But he did not move immediately. His fingers were still biting into the flesh above his knees. He was holding back. He would never get that breakthrough if he kept holding back. Star considered her options.

"Think about those sweet little tits. How did they feel when she let you touch them? Remember how hard her nipples got when you pinched them? Hear her moan?"

His face tightened, the red stain of shame and arousal that colored his normally pale skin spread outwards towards his ears. He still was not giving into the fantasy like they had discussed. Star sighed heavily as she crossed the room. She stood just in front of the man. "Think about how good it felt. How she rubbed those little hands over the front of your jeans. Was your cock as hard then as it is now?" She questioned as she moved to stand behind him. She bent forward, whispered into his ear, "Sex is good."

He jumped a bit in the chair, startled that she was so close perhaps. They were going off script now. It was not something that Star liked to do in a scene, but she liked this young man, wanted him to find that breakthrough. To love his wife as she needed. To be the naughty, bad boy that women sometimes crave. She stopped her mind there as she turned her efforts back to her client.

"She wants that big cock of yours. Wants it badly. Wants you to fuck her. Fuck her, Red," she purred into his ear. He moaned at her bold words but still he did not take his throbbing erection into his hands. "Doesn't always want the sweet tender lover. She wants the animal. She wants to be your bitch in heat just like you imagine in all those dirty dreams you keep having. The ones where you wake up hard in the morning. The ones that make you touch that hard cock. That have you beating your meat all the time."

Every muscle in his broad back was tense, he was that animal she had said. But he was caged, hurting. And something drove her own. Made her push just a bit harder. She had to give him this breakthrough, this release. She had to unleash that beast. But still he held back.

She bent forward until her breast brushed across his shoulder as she whispered, "Sex is good."

The sharp intake of breath at her whispered entreaty told her that there were cracks in his armor. That she was getting through. "Rub your hard cock for me, Red. Stroke that throbbing piece of man meat." Her fingers danced down his spine from his neck to the base, just between the dimples of his firm ass sitting on that hard chair. She broke her cardinal rule. She had never broken her rule. But she touched this man. Physically touched him.

It was the breakthrough. He groaned a deep and guttural sound, like the wounded animal she had named him. Both his hands flew from their tight grip on his knees, wrapping around his erection. Tugging up and down on it as he moaned.

"That's right, feel it, Red. Feel how good it is. Sex is good," she purred as her fingers rubbed softly at the base of his spine. She justified her actions, this was after all Muladhara, the root Chakra. She was only augmenting his instincts, adding another layer to this healing.

The chair began to shake a bit with the force of his movements. His hands moved so forcefully and so quickly up and down his hard cock that it rocked back and forth against the carpeted floor, but the fabric only dulled and softened the sound a bit. It echoed around the room. "Sex is good," she spoke louder against his ear as she continued to massage his back in deep, slow circles.

He took repeated her words, "Sex is good." His left hand left his hard cock, went between his spread thighs and began to rub across his testicles. She could see them swell, knew that the true breakthrough was close.

She wanted to give this man the earth shattering one that his hard work deserved. Her fingers pressed deeper against the base of his spine as she cried out, "Sex is good."

He moaned as he took up her words, chanting them over and over as his pulled and squeezed with one hand on his balls, the other one working like lightening up and down the length of his erection. "Sex is good. Sex is good. Sex is good. Sex is good."

She smiled as her thumb pressed deep into his back, her voice nothing more than a throaty whisper, "Yes, sex is good, my friend."

"Sex is good!" he shouted as he came. His massive body shook so violently that Star pressed her thigh against the back of the chair to steady it. His semen jetted from the red, swollen tip of his pulsating cock with such force that it splattered across his chest, some even dripped from his chin as he twitched and shuttered in the chair.

She leaned in to her client and whispered against his ear once more, "Sex is good. Very, very good."

Then she slipped softly from the room as he breathed deeply, his eyes still closed as they had agreed. She closed the door to her basement dungeon and walked back to her office upstairs. They would have a final session tomorrow to discuss this scene, but Star felt that this was a client she would not need to see again.

She collapsed onto the soft leather sofa across form her desk. Usually, it was her clients that sat here. While she took the large leather chair, the position of authority that towered over them. But something about this experience had shaken her. Shaken her terribly. She had never done that. Never broken her own rule. Never physically touched a client.

Why this man? Why had his breakthrough been so fucking important to her? She frowned as the cool air tickled something. Her chin itched. She reached up and swiped at it. Her fingers were wet as she drew her hand back. She stared at the thick, milky white substance with a smile. "Because it was your own breakthrough," she whispered as she brought her fingers to her lips and tasted him.

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