Breast Play


I came home from work today and I slowly began to unbutton the top I was wearing. The top, being unbuttoned the whole way down, slid off my shoulders onto the floor behind me. I moved to my bed and sat down on the edge, reaching behind my back to unbutton the clasps of my bra. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5. My bra loosened and I let it slide off my shoulders, letting my big J-cups fall out, and grazed my hand down the side of each breast as I uncovered them, my bra fell away from my body. I slowly traced a line around the top of each breast and down the side again. I drew a finger to the center of my right breast and circled it around my areola, tracing the outside edges, spiraling inwards until I gently stroked my nipple. Doing this sent a slight shock of pleasure through my body, and since I knew that no one was around, I decided to play a little.

I placed my pillows in an upright position so that I could lay back in bed and relax, in order to enjoy myself a bit more. Before I sat down in my bed, I slid my skirt and panties off. I got into bed, half sitting, half laying down, and quickly let my hands find their way back up to my breasts. I circled my finger back around my right areola and felt that same shock pass through my body. I reached up with my other hand and ran another finger over my left breast. Now both were getting pleasure and sending simultaneous slight waves of pleasure through my body. I began to lightly flick my fingers over my, now hard, nipples. Running my finger around them in tiny, light circles and gently squeezing them. I could feel that this was exciting me more than I had anticipated, as I felt a dampening between my legs, the warmth was so inviting, but I was focused on my breasts tonight. Tonight, they were going to get all the attention.

I brought both of my hands to my right breast and wrapped them around it, barely able to get a hand on of half of my breast. I started to massage my breast as I held it, and brought it close to my mouth. I kissed around the soft skin as my hands cupped my full, over-flowing breast. My lips were moist and warm, they felt so wonderful. I reached my large areolas and began to glide my soft, wet lips across it, slightly opening my mouth, letting my tongue poke through to caress the skin of my breast.

I circled my tongue around my areola, just like with my finger. Drawing it closer and closer to my nipple, until I could feel my own hot breath teasing me and tempting me. I decided to remove my lips and tongue from my breast and took the other one in my mouth. Repeating everything, except this time, when my tongue reached the area close to my nipple, I didn't hold back. The dampness between my legs had now grown to wetness, and my breathing was becoming deeper and harder.

My hot breath was above my nipple now, and I began to slip my tongue out of my mouth down on to it. I tapped the tip of my tongue down onto my nipple and felt a wave of pleasure pass through my body. I slowly began to run my tongue in circles around my nipple, gently, then letting my strokes become deeper. Taking time out to quickly flick my tongue over my nipple and return to the circles. I gently grazed my teeth against my nipple and bit onto it lightly, sending yet another shock of pleasure through my body. In doing this, I decided that I did not want to let my other breast and its nipple get no pleasure as well, so I released my grip on my breast and moved it to the other.

I lifted my breast licking the soft underside and crease, the skin was so soft, so warm, it tasted wonderful and felt wonderful. The warmth of my tongue and of my breath excited me, and I began to feel that warmth in my pussy, and it spread through my whole body.

I brought my tongue to my nipple and circled it. I opened my mouth and took as much of my breast into my mouth that I could, using my tongue to still flick my nipple. My breast engulfed my mouth, I slowly sucked and took my breast out of my mouth. I bit down gently onto my nipple, when I did this, it brought my body off of my bed and I heard myself let a moan of pleasure out. My pussy began to pulsate, I could feel it coming, I was close.

I didn't want to leave my other breast alone, so I took one hand and began to firmly squeeze my nipple between my thumb and fore-finger, as I did this, my teeth began to add more pressure to my other nipple. I moaned out again, "OOooooooohhhh, oh yeah." I so wanted to touch my dripping pussy, to have a toy, to have a nice hot cock inside me, but the pleasure, the sensations I was getting from just playing with my breasts kept me from filling my throbbing pussy.

I rolled my nipple between my fingers and that was it, I could no longer contain the quaking inside of me. I released and let the orgasm take hold of me. Moaning loudly, my body writhing as I pleasured my breasts. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, oh my god, I'm gonna cum...ooooooooohhhhh, yesssss." The wave of excitement rushed through my body and my I was flush with orgasm, barely able to keep my body on the bed. Continuing to lick, suck, squeeze, and bite my nipples, my pussy was soaked, dripping, squirting all over, "Oh YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh my gosh, I'm cumming!"

The orgasm finally completed and I collapsed back onto my bed, my body spent, my pussy still throbbing, a red flush over my body. I gave my nipple one last lick and got up out of my bed, my legs trembling beneath me, and stepped into my shower to clean up, as I thought to myself, "I've got to do that again."

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