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Breast Worship


It is Friday night after a long hard work week. My favorite time of the week, since it is the night you want me to try out and explore new fantasies with you. We love to screw, but these nights are very adventurous and kinky as we explore new territories. Last week was awesome when you let me cum inside you each time we fucked that night. So good to feel the internal spurts.

This week we are going to do a complete start to finish titfuck, with no penetration or other stimulation. Pure breast worship! In the past I have surrendered to my urges and always wound up in your pussy. But this time we have agreed to use just your tits...

For a moment I kiss and suck your tits, licking them with long strokes of my tongue. Sucking and slurping on your nipples as you hold them to my mouth for me, squeezing. I climb on the bed and straddle you on as you lie on your back. I am sitting on your belly, basically. Your bare breasts exposed to me for my delight. You smile so pretty at me as you gently roll them around on your chest with little motions of your body. I scooch forward so that your breasts are pressing tight against my thighs and my crotch. My soft penis feels so good as it touches you. I trace my fingers around your nipples, making them tingle and stiffen. I squeeze and shake your tits so many times. I roll them back and forth, up and down, jiggling them slowly then quickly. Exploring them and the wonderful sensations they bring to my fingers. Pulling, tugging and pinching your nipples, twisting them hard. Gentle slaps with my palm makes them jiggle so nicely. Licking my fingers and making your nipples shine with the wetness.

I wiggle my hips so that my increasingly heavy dick bounces back and forth between your big pale boobs. The stimulation is immediate and I stiffen as it flops agains your softness. I grunt quietly and moan as my erection grows. Using my hand I begin to smack them with my cock, back and forth between them. It feels so good to slap the soft jiggly flesh with my hot cock. giddy with excitement, I position myself above your chest so that I can flop and bounce myself all over your boobs from every angle. I do so with no hands, just humping motions and wiggling my hips to fully enjoy fucking your big tits. I do so with such curiousity, as if I had never touched a breast before. The urgency is apparent by my heavy breaths.

You smile and laugh watching me enjoy this silly behavior that makes me act like such a kid in a candy store. I laugh with you too as our fun continues. I slow down and settle back so that I can fuck the space between them as you are beginning to press them around my hot, pulsing erection. The cock sliding effortlessly through all the smooth soft flesh, the head peeking out the top with each thrust.

With your hands you vigorously shake your heaving breasts all around me, your boobs bouncing wildly as I shiver with excitement at the wonderful view before me. Your eager participation driving me wild and bringing my climax nearer.

Holding myself in my hand again, I begin smacking your tits again, making them jiggle like jello. Your nipples stiffening with each smack which feels so incredible sexy, rubbing my cockhead all around your hard nipple, tapping on it, pressing into your breast as I watch it encompass me. All the jiggling and the stiffening pink nipples and the joy visible on your face from my delight soon bringing me right to the edge. As my climax rises, the cockslapping and rubbing intensifies and my hips are grinding around as I fuck your tits with wild abandon.

You tell me you want all my cum and demand that your tits be covered entirely when I am through. Of course every time you tell to me about cum while we fuck, it is going to happen immediately following. It is your secret weapon, your voice often pushing me over the edge when we make love.

I squeeze my cock tightly with my fist as hot spurts blasts your breast and nipple, tapping and rubbing it on your softness as it oozes and squirts. I move to the other breast and drip some cum on its nipple too. You are jiggling them with your hands as I am tapping and rubbing, smearing the cum all over, covering both breasts entirely in a shiny glaze. You wanted them covered completely, and I do not intend to let you down. I press into you with all my body, a thin layer of semen joining us as one, as I slide all over and around your hefty rack in a gloriously slimy display of breast worship, humping your chest, the last drops oozing from me, our bodies squeezing together. Your giggles turning me on so much, my moans revealing this to you. As we lie in bed laughing hysterically at the crazy fun I just had, we begin to discuss what to try next week...

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