tagFetishBreastfeeding Me Ch. 03

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 03


When Deb entered the room, I was lying in Erica's lap with my sperm all over my body. She was topless and all I had on was the diaper. After Deb shouted at her younger sister, both Erica and I scurried around to cover ourselves up. She put her bra and dress back on. I picked up my clothes and ran out the door to the restroom. Deb just stood there with her hands on her hips waiting for an explanation as to what was going on.

"Deb," Erica pleaded, "you can't tell anyone about this. Please?"

"I don't know what I am going to do," Deb replied. "James has been looking for you. He is ready to leave. I guess we'll talk about this later."

With that, Erica gathered the baby and their belongings, and headed outside. I walked out of the restroom and grabbed my son. Deb just looked at me and nodded her head as I left the nursery. She was stunned and disappointed at what she had seen.

"You are going to hear from me too," she said angrily.

Erica and Jim were gathering up their stuff to leave when I got outside of the church. I made sure Jim did not see me. Karen was still chatting with her friend; she barely noticed I was gone. I asked her if she was ready to leave.

We packed up our things and got in our car to go home. We both commented on the way home on how we had such a good time, and that our picnics are always so much fun.

Several days passed without any mention of what happened at the picnic. "I suppose Deb is keeping her promise of not telling anyone," I thought. "I certainly would have heard about it by now if she told someone." That afternoon, I received a call on my cell phone from Erica. "Oh, great," I thought.

"Hello," I answered.

"Mike, this is Erica."

"Hey, uh, how are you?"

"Fine," she said. Just wanted to let you know that Deb wants you and me to meet with her tomorrow morning at 8:00 to talk about the situation. Can you meet at my house at 8:00?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I can call in late to work. Does anyone else know, Erica?"

"No. Deb hasn't told anyone yet. She said that she wanted to find out the whole story before she did anything about it."

"OK. I will see you at 8:00 tomorrow then. Bye."

I was not very productive at work for the rest of that afternoon, nor was I very talkative at home that evening. I couldn't get my mind off of what would happen the next morning.

I awoke at 6:30 from my bed after a restless night. I went through my usual morning routine and headed out the door at my usual time. I arrived at Erica's house at about 7:45 that morning. Before pulling into the driveway, I made sure Jim's car was gone. He had already left, but Deb had already arrived as well.

I shut my car door, and walked up the driveway onto the porch. I rang the doorbell and Erica answered the door with her pajamas still on. "Wow!" I thought, "She looks good even when she gets out of bed." She was wearing a cotton two-piece outfit. The top was light green with blue stripes. It came down to her waist and buttoned down the center. The bottom was matching shorts which came down to middle of her thighs. Erica had a nice tan body and was medium build. She is about 5'3" and very compact, meaning she had good-sized breasts and ass.

She invited me into the living room, where Deb was sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. Erica sat down and requested I do the same.

"Would you like anything to drink, Mike? Coffee? Water?"

"No thanks," I replied.

"Well," Deb started, "Who wants to explain what I saw in the nursery?" She folded her arms and looked at both of us.

"I will," I said.

"You see Deb; it all started about 3 years ago after Lucy was born. Karen and I came over to see Erica's new house one afternoon. Erica answered the door and said Lucy was crying because she was nursing her when we came over. Since then, I have been very attracted to Erica. Specifically, I wanted Erica to fulfill my teen fantasy of breastfeeding from a woman, and being treated like a baby."

"Well," I continued, "around last Christmas time, Jim invited me over for dinner as my wife was out of town. When I showed up for dinner, Jim was not here. He had to work. The baby had trouble eating that day, so she let me drink her milk."

"I also put a diaper on him," Erica said with a smile.

"Did you guys have sex?" Deb asked bluntly.

"Um, yes, we did," I replied shamefully.

"Don't you two love your spouses?" Deb asked.

"I love Karen very much, but Erica and I just got caught up in the moment. Karen doesn't really care for my fantasy, and Erica was into it."

"I love Jim too, but I have always been attracted to Mike. We were just afraid to tell each other until that day when he came over for dinner."

"I see," Deb said. "So, did you guys plan the meeting in the nursery?"

"I kind of thought it might happen," Erica said, "but Mike didn't. He walked into the nursery to check in on his son, when he found me changing little Jimmy's diaper. I told him that Jimmy was not eating enough, and that he could breastfeed again if he wanted. He locked the door, and I took him into the nursing room and breastfed him. I also brought a special diaper in case I got the chance to change him."

"Hmm, well," Deb hesitated, "I don't think it will help anybody if I tell Jim or Karen about what I saw. It is obvious that both of you love your mates and I wouldn't want to be responsible for causing any trouble in your marriages."

"Thank you, Deb, so much," I said. I was worried that you were going to rat us out.

"Yeah, thanks, sis," Erica quickly replied.

"Wait, I am not finished," Deb piped in. "You guys have to promise me something before I promise not to tell anyone."

"What is it Deb?" Erica and I both asked.

"Well, when I walked in on you two, I was upset, but I was also turned on. I want to breastfeed Mike also. I know, I know, I don't have any children and am not expressing milk, but I have always wondered what it would feel like to have a baby. After all, I want to have children of my own some day. Erica, I want you to show me how to take care of a baby, and Mike is going to be my baby. Then, we will have a deal."

"Wow! Sounds like a good deal to me!" I quickly snickered.

"OK," Erica said. "Just tell me what you want to know and what you want Mike to do."

"To start, Erica and me can go upstairs and get me the right clothing. Mike, I want you to lie on the living room floor. After a few minutes, Mike, I want you to start crying like a baby."

"Alright," we both agreed as they went upstairs while I got comfortable on the floor.

Deb and Erica entered Erica's bedroom. Deb wanted a nursing bra and a different top to wear. Deb was wearing a tight sweater and a push-up bra, which was not conducive to nursing a baby. She almost exclusively wore push-up bras, and everyone who knew her appreciated that. Deb was also short like Erica, but a little heavier. The bra was a little small on Deb, as Deb was probably a 42D. They got their big chests from their mother, also a knockout. She wore the undersized nursing bra anyways, and Erica helped her look for a top to wear. Erica really had nothing that fit her, so Deb decided on a pink bathrobe. Deb put on the bra, slipped out of her slacks, and put the bathrobe on. Then, they started down the hall towards the stairs.

As I heard them walking in the upstairs hallway, I began to cry like a baby. "Waaa!! Waaa!!" I cried. I thought this request was a little strange, but was happy to comply.

Erica explained to Deb that I was probably hungry. She told her that babies eat about every 3-4 hours. They walked into the living room and looked down at me crying on the blanket I laid on the floor.

"Is baby hungry?" Erica asked. "Aunt Deb is going to feed you. Is that OK?"

"Actually, Erica," Deb chimed in, "I want you to show me how first. Then, I'll try."

"OK, Deb."

"Mike, come sit by mommy on the couch. It's time to nurse."

"I usually pick the baby up and bring him over to the couch and lay the baby in my lap. But since Mike is a big baby, he can walk over to the couch himself."

I walked over to the couch and sat in the middle. Erica sat to my right in one corner of the couch, and Deb sat on my left in the other corner of the couch. I didn't know exactly what would transpire that day, but it was looking good so far. I was sitting in between two hot sisters in their twenties who both wanted to breastfeed me.

"Now watch me closely," Erica said.

"First, I grab a pillow and lay it in my lap. Second, I lay baby's head down on the pillow. Next, I unsnap my shirt and push it away from my body, so it doesn't get in my way. Then I grab the snap by my shoulder and release the cup of the bra. Push the cup all the way open, so baby can easily access the nipple. Finally, I grab my bare breast and direct the nipple towards the baby's mouth. I rub the nipple against the baby's lips, which automatically opens his mouth. Once his mouth opens and finds the nipple, he instinctively sucks, eventually receiving my milk."

I was enjoying this very much, as I was sucking away on Erica's breasts while Deb was listening to Erica's instructions. I opened my eyes while I was nursing and saw that Erica and Deb were watching me drink. They both smiled when I opened my eyes. Deb had gotten up off the couch and was leaning over me, and I could see down her bathrobe. I could tell that her breasts were popping out of Erica's nursing bra. Erica rubbed my face with her hand, and I closed my eyes again and dug in to her breast.

Deb sat back down on the couch and rested my legs on her lap while I breastfed from her sister. She then began to massage my thighs and calves. When she noticed my erection, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

"Now you should be more comfortable, Mike," Deb said.

She went back to rubbing my legs as I finished Erica's right breast.

"OK, Deb," Erica said, "This one's empty of milk. Is it OK if I give him my other one or are you ready to give it a try?"

"I think I am ready," Deb replied. "You can give him the other one later."

I rose up from Erica's lap as she snapped her nursing bra and buttoned her shirt back up. I waited for Deb to give me instructions before I made my next move.

"OK, Mike," Deb ordered, "Lay on my lap. Aunt Deb is going to feed you now."

I laid my head in Deb's lap. I grabbed a pillow and put behind my head as she forgot. I reached up and rubbed the robe she was wearing waiting for her to make the next move.

She reached her hands down by her waist and grabbed the belt which tied the bathrobe together. She slowly untied the belt and began opening the robe. I bit my lip with excitement as I started seeing more and more of Deb's upper body. I could tell she was very tentative, but also very excited. She pulled the robe away from her body and got herself comfortable. She lifted my body off of her legs so I wouldn't be lying on the robe. I laid my head back down and saw that she had no pants on. I looked down and noticed her red underwear. Deb had a real nice body, as she was a former cheerleader. She had gained a few pounds around her waist, but she was still very firm. The bra she had on was identical to the one Erica had on at the picnic. She tucked her hair behind her ears, and grabbed the snap with her hand.

"Oh, Aunt Deb, nurse me," I begged.

She fumbled with the snap a little before the cup opened. She pulled the fabric away from her body, revealing the hard breast she had been covering. Her nipples were already hard, as she was turned on by the situation. I didn't wait for her to direct her breast into my mouth. I rubbed my face all over her tit before latching on to the nipple. I took as much breast into my mouth as it could handle and began to suck on her.

"Mmm," I moaned as I enjoyed the dry nursing as much as the wet.

"It feels so good to have someone suck on Aunt Deb's titties," she replied.

Erica moved closer as I sucked on her sister's breasts. I looked at her and could tell she was getting turned on. She took off my socks and shoes, and slid my pants off of my legs. She then began fondling my penis and caressing my balls.

As Erica was tending to my erection, I looked up and could tell Deb was in some discomfort. I unlatched from her breast.

"Is something wrong, Deb?" I asked.

"Um, yeah, this bra is hurting me. It is too tight."

"OK," I replied, "Get up and I'll take it off for you."

Deb agreed and I sat up out of her lap. She stood up and dropped the robe to the floor.

"Deb, go ahead and sit back down and keep feeding Mike," Erica said, "You never want to interrupt your baby breastfeeding. I'll take care of the bra for you."

Deb sat back down and laid my head back in her lap. I latched back on as Erica leaned her sister forward.

"Lean forward, Deb," Erica ordered.

Erica reached for the hooks of Deb's bra and released the bra from her body. Erica slid the straps of the bra off her sister's shoulders and laid the bra on my head.

"Does that feel better, sis?"

"Yes, much better Erica. Thank you"

Erica went back to playing with me as I tossed the bra on the floor. I grabbed Deb's other breast and began to massage it.

"That feels sooo good, Mike. Please don't stop," Deb pleaded.

After a few more minutes of pleasing Deb and her pleasing me, Erica was getting a little jealous of all the attention Deb and I were getting.

"I think we need more room," Erica said, "What do you say we take this upstairs?"

Deb and I both agreed and we all got off the couch. Erica was still fully clothed, I had only my boxers on, and Deb only had her underwear on. I grabbed my clothes as we all went up the stairs.

"OK," Erica said to Deb, "I think you've got the breastfeeding part down. Now you need to practice changing the baby's diaper."

"Sure," Deb agreed. "Do you have any more diapers for Mike?"

"Of course I do," Erica replied with a smile. "Since Jimmy is still asleep in his room, we'll have to change Mike on my bed. Let me go into Jimmy's room and get the diaper and wipes. I'll meet you guys in the bedroom."

Erica went into Jimmy's room while Deb and I laid down on Erica's bed. Without speaking, I dug back into Deb's breasts as she laid on her side. I pressed her body up against mine as I nursed.

"Do you want Aunt Deb to change you," she whispered into my ear, "I can tell you are wet."

I nodded my head in agreement.

Erica entered the room with a diaper and a couple of wipes.

"OK, baby," Erica said, "let's put a diaper on you and then you can eat some more."

She removed me from Deb's breast and rolled me onto my back.

"Alright, Deb, here is the diaper and wipes. Stand here at the foot of the bed and I'll tell you what to do."

Deb agreed and got off the bed and looked down at me.

"After you take off his boxers, I want you wipe his ass and cock real good. Perfect. Now, I want you to unfold the diaper. Pick his ass up off the bed and slide the diaper underneath him. Good. Next, you need to pull the diaper around his body and put his cock through the hole. Then, you fasten the tabs from the back of the diaper to the front. Good job. I think you are ready to be a mom."

"Thanks, Erica," Deb replied, "that wasn't so difficult after all."

"Do you mind, Deb, if I finish nursing Mike. My other breast is still full."

"No. Go ahead."

Erica sat on the bed leaning against the headboard.

"Come here and finish mommy," Erica ordered me.

I crawled on the king-sized bed to where she was and laid my head on her lap. She unbuttoned her shirt again, tossed it on the floor, completely took off her nursing bra, and threw it on the floor as well. The situation was getting very hot very fast. I sucked on her breast like I never had before. She moaned louder and louder as I drank her milk and massaged her other breast. Deb came over to where we were and began stroking my cock. After a few seconds of all this, I stopped.

"Deb! Wait! I don't wanna cum yet!" I yelled. "This feels so good. I don't want it to end."

"Come on Mike," Erica pleaded, "Keep sucking. I was about ready to cum."

She grabbed my face on took it to her breast.

"Suck it, baby! Suck it!" she yelled.

I aggressively sucked on the breast again as Deb had stopped playing with me. Just then, I felt Deb slide my dick into her pussy.

"Come on, Mike! Let's all 3 cum together!" Deb pleaded.

I couldn't stop as she rode my cock up and down faster and faster.

I grabbed Erica's breasts and pulled them together and began sucking both nipples.

"Oh, Mike, don't stop!! Don't stop!!" the sisters screamed in unison.

"OHHHH!!!! OHHHH!! Erica cried as she began to orgasm when I sucked on both nipples. "MIKE!! MIKE!! MIKE!!"

A few seconds later, and after hearing her sister get off, Deb was ready to explode. She rode faster and faster.

"Mmm! Mmm! MMM! She shouted as she closed her eyes and rode down hard on me. I was now watching Deb as I had released from Erica's breasts. Erica was breathing heavily with her eyes closed leaning against the headboard.

"OHHH! OHHH!! YES! YES! YES!" Deb was pushing down on my chest as she came.

"Don't stop, Deb," I yelled. "I cumming too!!"

She pulled off of me before I had the chance to cum.

"Hey!" I yelled angrily, "I didn't cum yet."

"We've got something special for you," Erica whispered in my ear. "Just lay there, cool down, and close your eyes. I promise that you'll like this surprise."

I laid there while the two of them talked about what they were going to do. The talking stopped and they both got back on the bed.

"You keep those eyes closed, baby," Deb said.

A few seconds later, I felt someone sitting on my stomach.

"OK, baby, open your eyes," Deb whispered.

I opened eyes to find it was Deb who was sitting on my stomach. Erica had her face by my cock.

"Here's what were gonna do, Mike. Deb is going to put her breasts in your face, and you are going to suck and play with them. I am going to suck your cock, because I want to taste you like you have tasted me."

Deb leaned down and rubbed her 42D breasts all over my face. I started sucking on one while she rubbed her other nipple against my cheek. Erica opened her mouth and began sucking on my dick. She pumped faster and faster on me. It did not take long for me to cum.

"Here it cums," I said softly. My semin exploded into Erica's mouth, and she was enjoying every drop of it. I could hear her swallowing as I pumped my seed into her mouth.

"Oh, Erica!! Erica!! Mmmm! Mmm! Mmm!"

Erica licked every last drop as Deb rested her chest against mine. After I was dry, Erica and Deb laid on both sides of me. They rested their heads on my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around them both. We all lay there for a few minutes while our bodies tried to recover from all the excitement.

"Well," I said, "I better get to work. Thanks, Deb, for being so understanding."

We all laughed as I got off the bed and put my clothes back on.

"See you gals later, I am off to work."

You have just read part 3 in my series "Breastfeeding Me". Based on your response, there may be a part 4. If there are any ladies who would like to fulfill my fantasy, please e-mail me. Thank you.

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