Breastfeeding My Brother


"Oh my fucking God!" he cried.

"You like that, 'eh?" I paused to question demurely. "Pulling on a dude's family jewels when he is in the midst of passion delays ejaculation, prolonging his pleasure. Hey, I read Cosmo."

"No, Sarah, please don't tease me! I have to cum! I have to cum!"

"No worries, bro." And I shut up, using more and more of my mouth and less and less of my hand. I tilted my head back and let him pop down my throat. All of him.

"Oh my motherfucking God!" he screamed as his legs shook.

I squeezed his butt cheeks and pulled him toward me as he began to frantically fuck my mouth. Faster and faster. Harder and harder.

"Jesus Christ almighty! I'm going to heaven! This is the fucking Rapture! I'm going to heaven to be with Laurie! Oh my God, oh my God," he wailed deliriously as he grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me all the way down on him, and more. I think he wanted me to even swallow his balls, so I tried. His cock quivered spasmodically in my mouth as he ejaculated. I swallowed most of it and then pulled him out and let him shoot some on my face and breasts. I put the head of his cock on the tip of my tongue and squeezed out every last drop and ate it up. And then I put him back in my mouth until the swelling subsided.

"What did I tell you, Russell? Did I make your dick smaller, or what?" I wiggled his limp cock and tittered.

We snuggled on the couch. Russell had more boob juice, first from the right, and then the left. "Finally, I got them so they're the same size!" he joked. "But I think they're different flavors. Speaking of favorite flavors, Sarah, you probably don't know this, but Laurie loved cunnilingus."

"She did?"

"Yes indeed. Laurie liked me to wear her panties over my head when I did her. Not covering my mouth and tongue though. It made her laugh and cum all the faster. Over and over."

I wiggled out of my jeans, slipped off my panties, and handed them to him. He put them on his head. I reclined on the couch and my brother positioned himself between my legs.

Russell licked and kissed the inside of my thighs. He made heart-shaped designs on my legs with the tip of his tongue. At least I think that's what they were."

"Your moustache is tickling me," I whispered as I squirmed.

"Do you want me to stop?" he replied just before he nuzzled his face into my little red bush. I couldn't help but strain to get my pussy closer to him. He put his lips right on the top of my slit. Then he kissed me there. First gently, then harder.

"Do me, bro," I begged. "Do me. Eat me. Please eat me!"

He used his tongue to separate my pussy lips. After Russell opened me up he ran his tongue up and down the layers of flesh. Then he spread my legs a little further apart and began to eagerly tongue fuck me. My legs shuddered when he found my clit. He began to roll my clit with his tongue for awhile and then tapped on it gently. Such a delicious sensation. When he could tell I was getting close, he formed his lips into an "O" and began to suck my clit. First softly and then a little harder and still harder. I pulled his head to me.

"Oh Russell! Oh Russell! Oh Russell!" I shook from head to toe in ecstasy as I gloriously exploded in what perhaps was the best orgasm of my life. Simply fantastic! But he didn't stop. No, he made me cum twice more as I squeezed my thighs against the sides of my brother's face.

Russell went back to breastfeeding as I wound down and he had me about ready for another game of "ring around the tongue."

Just then my cell phone sitting nearby rang. I picked it up. Mother. I answered it.

"Mother, call back in an hour. Russell and I are not having sex. You know, like your favorite president said. I can't talk. I have to go now."

"Ohhhhhhh fuck," my mother muttered.

"What's wrong, Mother?"

"I have important news about your father that just won't wait."

"Well, what is it, Mother? Tell me. And make it brief."

As I listened in astonishment, my mother proceeded to tell me that my father had decided to give up his lucrative law practice and obtain a degree in contour design for De Monfort University, Leicester, England. When I asked what contour design might be, she explained that it is the study of underwear--knickers and bras. Mother continued, "De Momfort graduates readily find jobs as designers and buyers for names such as Triumph International, Primark, House of Fraser, Janet Reger, Next, Debenhams, and John Lewis. Other graduates have set up their own lingerie design companies. But it's not about the job and the money with your father, Sarah. He just loves the way he feels wearing a bra and panties."

"I can't believe it!" I cried.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!" my mother screamed.

"What's wrong now, Mother?"

"Your Aunt Linda is teasing my clit with her tongue and she has a menthol cough drop in her mouth."

"Mother, what's Father doing?"

"Just sitting here in his plus size chopper bar shelf bra in beautiful thick stretch lace with strategic boning for uplifting cleavage. Breastfeeding off me contentedly. He took off the matching lace stretch mesh thong. Aunt Linda just gave him a blow job. Now, like I said, she's muff diving on me."

Mother started to scream again and I hung up.

"Is something wrong, Sarah?" Russell asked, concerned, giving my nipple a rest for a moment.

"Do you have any menthol cough drops, Russell? I think you're getting a cold."

He nodded and got up to get them. "I just love it when you baby me, Sarah. Laurie liked to baby me."

Russell quickly came back to me and leaned down and began to kiss and nibble my neck affectionately. Then to my breasts, again. "Russell, you are not the world's greatest titty sucker. Larry, is much better than you, and please save some for him. But you could be the world's best clitty sucker. Maybe with just a little more practice . . ."

I pulled his face lower. And lower. A menthol cough drop works wonders for chapped lower lips. And is quite effective, at least on a temporary basis, for PSAS (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome). Yes indeed, breastfeeding can have many benefits for all concerned. Why, I even think more milky tit sucking might stop war. Definitely famine. "You suck!" is now in certain circles a compliment or a directive rather than a flame.

* * *

Author's Note: Hey, you dudes please let me know in a Public Comment at what point in the story you got a chubby. I'm doing a research project on latent transsexual tendencies.

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