tagFetishBreath Control Pt. 03

Breath Control Pt. 03


5. Toilet Duties

She took off the nose pincers so his nostrils could inhale and allowed her victim a few moments of peaceful unconsciousness. She also needed to give herself time to recover from the exhilaration. Every one of her nerve-endings had been electrified in bliss as she watched him slip into oblivion.

Dismounting herself from his inert body, she pressed a button on the side of the electric-powered table. The table lowered with a whine until it had almost reached the floor where she stopped it. Then, taking a glass funnel contraption from one of the cupboards and carefully placing it by her feet, she proceeded to extract his mouth from the ball gag. Giggling, she slapped his face hard on either side with her leather-gloved hands. The noise resounded in the room until he awoke with a start from his respite.

'Well done,' she chuckled. 'You've just had the pleasure of experiencing one of my lovely ultimate pleasures. Mhhh, there's going to be many more of those to come. '

She proceeded to wedge the tapered end of the glass funnel into his mouth, stretching it wide open. She looked down at his pathetic expression with a mixture of enjoyment and anticipation of what was to follow.

He squirmed as much as his constraints allowed. His heart beat fast in fear of what was going to happen next.

'You must be thirsty from all that work', she purred, securing the glass gadget in place with clamps and straps round his head. 'Let's see if I can quench that awfully strong thirst.'

Slipping out of her panties, she threw a leg over his shoulder so she was squatting over the top of the funnel.

'Hahahahaha...' she chuckled in amusement at the look on his face. 'Yes, you're going to be my toilet, too.'

Carefully and deliberately, she pressed her vagina against the opening and let out a small amount of urine into the tube.

The taste was revolting and he closed his mouth to stem the liquid entering any more.

'Hahah...' she cried in excitement, releasing a steady flow of piss into the tall container. The force with which she urinated made the florid sound of liquid hosing into liquid making the surface frothy.

'No, no, you must drink,' she chuckled, pinching his nostrils together.

This caused him to involuntarily to open his mouth and allow the golden body waste to ingress into him. He struggled to keep himself from choking. If that happened there was the possibility of drowning in her piss. Controlling this overwhelming sense to choke, he swallowed at the same time she released her fingers from his nose so that he could drink the liquid.

'That's better,' she mocked, delighting in what she was making him do. 'Now drink up because this is the only drink you'll ever have in this room.'

There must have been almost a litre of urine in the container, which slowly emptied gulp by gulp. Her fingers were poised, barely touching his nostrils as if in threat. When the piss had gone down to the middle mark she released more of her bladder, grinning broadly. Giving her husband a small wave towards the mirror, she pissed some more until the glass funnel became full again.

All the while a faint whine came from him as if to signify his utter despair. This only encouraged her to enjoy the situation even more.

After half an hour of making him continually drinking her waste liquid, she straightened, wiped her fanny with some tissue, put on her panties and recovered her discarded skirt and went towards the door. The golden fluid was still at the halfway mark again.

'Don't go away,' she smiled back at him.

In the room where husband sat enjoying the show, she took the lead crystal whisky glass from him and took a swig.

'He is a very good choice,' he said as they both watched their victim, through the mirror, barely coping with the urine torture.

'He is the best one for a long time,' she agreed. 'I am enjoying him very much.'

'I can see, my love. It is so good to see you having such a good time.' He refilled his glass and enjoyed the strength of the malt. 'How long will you be using this one for?'

Her glass poised against her lips for a moment as if she was deep in contemplation. 'I think I will torture him for over a year,' she grinned. 'But I will try and make it last longer.'

'Katsue, I think it is time for us to play,' he said, rising and kissing her on the lips.

She closed her eyes at the embrace, placed her glass down and re-entered the torture room. By now Breath had emptied the glass container and was coughing from having consumed the remainder of her body waste. He must have imbibed nearly three litres of piss.

In a matter of minutes she had released him from the constraints, replaced the funnel with the ball gag and had bound his wrists behind him, leaving him slumped on the floor.

'See you tomorrow, Breath,' she called heading for the door and clicking off the lights.

The heavy door slammed shut behind her, leaving him lying helpless in the pitch dark. He was by now dying to go to the toilet himself. He began to drag himself towards the direction he thought it was.

After he finished, which had taken a few minutes to empty his swollen bladder, he sat on the tiles floor contemplating his predicament. He hadn't expected this, not this amount of sadistic suffocation. It was well out of his league. He'd never experienced anything as cruel as this. She was an out and out sadist and thoroughly enjoyed making him suffer to the extreme. He didn't know how much more he could stand. She had been clever and meticulous in her preparations. There was no one who would miss him, not for two weeks when he was due back to work. After that length of time he would have simply vanished to all intents and purposes. Things looked pretty bleak.

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