tagFetishBreath Control Pt. 06

Breath Control Pt. 06


Renhō Murata carefully pulled on her tight kid leather gloves feeling increasingly excited at the prospect of what was soon to be. Slowly and sensually, she smoothed her hands across her plump but firm bottom. She was admiring herself in the full-length mirror, as she did often, while she slowly rotated, soaking in the well-toned shapeliness of her body encased in a tight black bodice. She loved the way she looked, so dominant standing there in riding boots.

Her position in the Department of Health and Welfare was quite demanding but she was good at her job and had accomplished much. She often travelled to this country from Japan to catch up the family and to de-stress with a slave. Her sister Katsue was very accommodating and allowed her to enjoy the slaves in any way she chose.

Her attractive face smiled back at her in the mirror at the anticipation of how she was going to make the slave suffer. Already her pert nipples protruded in arousal.

Purposefully, she went downstairs and strutted across the gravel courtyard towards the slave's quarters. On her way she stopped to pick a large bunch of stinging nettles she had cultivated over the years. This variety was extremely potent and just one sting could produce the most intense sting.

The secondary entrance to the underground chambers, where the observation room and dungeon were housed, was built into the stables. It had been cleverly constructed and it was camouflaged in such a way it was hidden from any prying scrutiny.

Singing happily to herself, she descended the stone steps, which led to what she called the pleasure room, where an available slave was always kept.

When she clicked on the light she smiled at the sight of him curled up naked on the tiles with a raggedy dirty blanket keeping him warm. He eyes opened, startled, as she slammed the door to rouse him.

'Ah,' she announced, scrutinising his terrified face, 'a new slave. I am going to enjoy very much introducing you to the type of things I like.'

Her pronunciation of English wasn't as good as the other female family members and she spoke with a clipped Japanese accent.

'Get up,' she barked. 'I am here to use you in any way I want.' She looked directly into his terrified eyes. 'And I warn you I will like making you suffer very much.'

She chuckled as she dragged him to his feet and hauled him to the 'x' cross, securing his wrists and ankles. Producing a syringe from a side cupboard, she carefully squeezed any air from out of its needle and took hold of his floppy penis. He gasped at the sting as she pierced its base, releasing the transparent fluid.

She sniggered at his moans while she dragged the stinging nettles from the top of his neck down to his feet. Thousands of red spots appeared all over his skin.

She strutted over to a cupboard and turned on some music. Her preferred classical Baroque wafted from discretely hidden speakers.

At first he only whimpered, then as the stinging pain increased he began to groan loudly. She laughed at his agony, revelling in his misfortune.

Dropping the nettles, she positioned herself in a boxer's stance and punched him hard in his stomach.

'This is my little workout,' she laughed, punching him again and again. She giggled at the brutal onslaught she was giving him, happily skipping like a boxer as she used him as a human punch-bag. Each impact on his solar plexus and stomach caused him to gasp in agony, making him droop. After fifteen minutes he had sagged so much only his shackled arms held him from dropping to the floor.

Opening another cupboard's drawer, she lit a cigarette, drawing in a long satisfying lungful, and then exhaled the smoke directly into his face, causing him to choke. Giggling, she blew on its tip so it glowed bright red and pressed the burning ember to his right nipple. His ensuing scream made her face light up in elation and she merrily burned his other nipple. At each intense scream she laughed and slapped her thigh in delight. She enjoyed his begging for mercy and continued the treatment until the cigarette had burned to the filter then stubbed it out on his testicles.

Untying his wrist restraints, she let him fall facedown on to the cold tiles. Securing his writs behind him, she then proceeded to rake the nettles over his entire back and legs, merrily laughing at his pathetic shrieks of pain. This was so much fun, the most she'd had for a long time.

'Kiss my feet,' she ordered, placing her boots by his tearful face.

Obediently, he began to kiss her booted toes. It made her feel so exhilarated to have a slave grovelling at her feet.

'Now lick them clean,' she told him, lifting her feet to reveal the underside. She mercilessly grinned down at him, pitifully slavering his tongue across her soles and heels until they were pristine.

'Get up,' she barked, hauling him by the hair to lie on his back.

She fetched the bottle the females used as a urinal and pushed the neck in his quivering mouth. Squatting down facing his feet, she parted the crotchless slit in her bodice, pressing the opening to her vagina. Within a few seconds a torrent of piss cascaded into the receptacle.

'Ahhhh,' she breathed, enjoying the relief. 'I've been dying to go.'

The high stream of urine continued until it almost filled it to the brim. He coped as best he could after the beating he'd taken, drinking down the foul liquid slowly. She was in no hurry and savoured the pleasure of using him as a human lavatory.

'You're my toilet,' she giggled, fascinated as the level of the yellow fluid dropped bit by bit. Sometimes she sniggered at the sound of him gulping.

When he'd finished she took away the bottle and pressed her naked vagina to his mouth and told him: 'Now clean me.'

His mouth and tongue worked to clear up any urine moisture from in and around her cunt lips and pubic hair. Her vagina had already become wet from sexual arousal.

'Don't stop,' she breathed. As he licked she closed her eyes in enjoyment, manoeuvring his head so his face pressed against her private parts. She sat her full weight right down on his face while he carried on licking so his nose pressed against her anus and he couldn't breathe.

She absolutely adored treating slaves like worthless toys and then forcing them to give her an orgasm.

'You're not breathing till I come,' she warned him hoarsely.

Beneath her he began to struggle. She clamped his head between her thighs to prevent any escape. His lungs began to complain and he had to really concentrate to keep on licking the soft salty area, which made her moan the most. He could tell where the most pleasurable spot was from her breathing and how her body reacted. Then, just as his throaty noises became extremely desperate beneath her, she climaxed, her body becoming rigid as the intensity of the pleasure overwhelmed her.

When she'd finished she rose, standing astride his head, gleefully watching him gasping and choking from her suffocation torment.

'Get on the table,' she commanded, dragging him to the metal smother table and clamping him in face-up. It was a couple of feet from the floor and cold against his skin.

'Show me your tongue,' she said, picking up a stalk of nettles. 'Out as far as you can and keep it out.'

Grinning broadly, she carefully touched the man's tongue with her instrument of torture. His eyes went wild from the pain and quickly began to swell. She did the same to his lips and they too became bloated.

Laughing at the sight of his inflamed lips, she lowered the table and straddled his head, positioning her bottom to his mouth.

'Lick my arse,' she told him.

His sore and swollen tongue complied with her order. He knew from previous training how to perform analingus, how to rim first to allow the anal muscle to relax and prepare for deep penetration. Each lick was painful but he knew to refuse would bring increased punishments so he persevered until her anus opened enough for him to gently push his tongue tip easing it into her anal passage.

The feeling of his tongue probing her bottom was a glorious sensation. The enjoyment was increased with the mild tingling of his burning tongue inside her anus. Cruelly, she pressed her bottom to his throbbing lips and sat down.

'Keep licking,' she cried in annoyance as he faltered because of the soreness of his mouth and tongue. Then she reached round and stopped his only means of breathing by pinching his nostrils together.

This was absolute bliss. All the nerve endings in her body became stimulated making her intoxicated with exhilaration. While his tongue wended its way inside her anal orifice, and suffering from the pain and lack of oxygen, all he could do was helplessly watch her backside grinding against his mouth with the white exposed flesh contrasting with the black of the bodice.

She was thrilled at what she was doing to him. She didn't want him to pass out though. Not yet, not until she had finished with him.

She timed it just right. She knew exactly how long a slave could last without breathing before passing out through years of experience.

Giggling, she began to brush the nettles against his now erect penis. The chemical stimulant had worked and it now stood straight up expectantly. The stings on his sensitive cock-head made him writhe beneath her and she laughed out loud at his frantic muffled noises.

'Poke your tongue out and make it hard,' she ordered, removing her backside from his face.

Sniggering at his enormous inhalations, she turned to face the other way, still straddling his neck. She carefully prodded his already reddened tongue with more nettles. He groaned with the pain, making her chuckle.

''I told you keep it hard,' she berated him as he tried to alleviate the stings by retracting his tongue.

Lowering her bottom, she guiding her sphincter to press against his pulsating tongue-tip. Gasping from the pleasurable sensation, she slowly sank down, impaling his oral organ. She then proceeded to anally rape his mouth, with her anus pumping up and down over its ensnared prey. The effects of the poison on his tongue caused the increased tingling inside her anal passage to pass through to every nerve in her body.

She pummelled his face, relentlessly grinding down her buttocks, weaving her arse on his tongue in every way she could in a selfish drive to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure she could derive from his misfortune. His nose, sealed in a vice-like grip inside her vulva, could not breathe, as could not his captivated mouth either.

Her pants of pleasure rose in pitch, followed by tortured gasps as the multiple orgasms began to take their hold. She opened her clenched eyes to momentarily look down at her victim's trapped face to catch a glimpse of his tormented and imploring eyes before closing them again in agonised ecstasy.

His writhing body beneath her vainly tried to break free in an instinctual bid for freedom even though he knew there was absolutely nothing he could do. And there was no help, no one would come to free him.

'This... is... your... destiny..,' she managed to pant. She opened her eyes and her focus returned so she could gloatingly watch his scarlet face and his tearful eyes beginning to sag. And as she smilingly watched as his eyes began to close she had a final pang of tingling shoot up her spine and she winced and gave a quick gasp as he went limp under her.

Rising from his unconscious face, she sat astride his stomach, looking at his face with his tongue lolling to one side. His stomach was still red-raw from her belly punching and she gleefully bounced up and down on it while admiring her handiwork.

Then, tiring of that game she kneeled over his now swollen and stinging erection and brushed her pubic hairs across its head. Working her vaginal lips against it, she eased herself down, enveloping its shaft.

Renhō was a lesbian by nature but every now and again she liked to experience cock. In Japan she lived with her female partner who was head of a merchant bank. They had a female slave who they used as a toilet. They'd seen her begging on the streets and took her in. It took a while to break her but now her sole purpose in life was to drink their urine. It wasn't just theirs they forced her to consume it was their female friends too when they came to stay. It was satisfying to know at any given time their toilet slave was full of piss.

Having enjoyed several anal orgasms now she was working herself into a frenzy on the insensible slave's penis.

It was pleasing for her to know the nettle treatment on his member had virtually closed his urethra making it impossible to pass either semen or urine. The condition would last several hours even if he were bursting to go to the toilet it would be impossible. This notion escalated her climax and her body momentarily froze absorbing the heady stimulation. She shafted his knob as if in slow motion while her eyes rolled and her mouth gasped in exultation.

To the strains of an Adagio Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring wafting out of the digital speakers, her favourite piece, she reached the peak of ultimate bliss making it a perfect end to a beautifully enthralling torture session.

When she was finished she left him in his unconscious state secured to the table. Their female slave would release him later and tend to him. It was common knowledge the girl would use him for her own satisfaction too. The she would feed and clean him and use him as a toilet as well.

The air outside was refreshing and the sun was shining. Renhō strode towards the kitchens where some other slaves had prepared her lunch. Her appetite was good and she felt more relaxed and happy than she had for a long time. She was here for two weeks of relaxation and she was expecting her lover coming in a few days. She too would use the new slave. In fact they would enjoy using him together.

She was so looking forward to it.

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