tagInterracial LoveBreathing Ch. 04

Breathing Ch. 04


I'm so happy that so many of you are loving this story. It's a different type of story than I normally write as some of you have noticed, but it's a story I feel I need to tell. With that I hope you enjoy this chapter.


The air vibrated around Sonya as she listened to his words. It was as if he had taken what oxygen she had left and was holding it ransom. Flashes of light danced before her eyes seconds before she opened her mouth. A thinly weaved tapestry of pictures flickered in her head as she felt herself shouting her response to his new found revelation.

Echoes bounced through the caverns of her brain as she watched him with bated breath. And for a split second Sonya could almost hear her soul shatter all over again. Wasn't it her time to have a little peace too? Every second for the past year had been a battle simply trying to stay afloat. All she wanted now was to slowly sink; knowing that at the bottom wouldn't be the end, but a new beginning for her and Sean.

Sonya's chocolate eyes looked at the man before her, trying her best to determine what to do next. Did he really expect her to idly sit by and allow this to happen? To keep her here under lock and key as if she were some kind of prisoner and he was her warden. The agreement made between the two of them said nothing of staying in his room with him. Only that he would have to keep a close eye on her.

Nothing more was said about what that entailed. Sonya had been under the illusion that keeping a close eye on her simply meant keeping her away from sharp objects. What he had planned for her was above and beyond surveillance.

The walls of her head pulsed to a silent beat, thumping against the dense bone there. Where in the world was that ringing coming from? Her eyes never moved from Trenton's face as she realized once again that the cause was the man standing in front of her. This realization only intensified the high pitched screech wreaking havoc inside her skull.

Inhaling a ragged breath, Sonya closed her eyes and began counting to five, opening them only to be greeted by cerulean orbs of light. The slight amusement etched on his face did nothing to calm her down, which she could tell Trenton was patiently waiting for her to do. But even he should know that would take a while. At least he had better think that, she mused. Because there was no way in hell she would be calm anytime soon.

Sonya inhaled a shaky breath, slowly blowing it out. Her outburst had extracted more energy from her than she had thought. And all it took was two words. Two words had been the catalyst setting this confrontation into motion.

Where will you sleep? Guest bedroom?


Thinking of his words only fueled her anger towards him, and now what she really wanted to do was slap that look off his face and tell him where he could go. Straight to hell!

Instead, Sonya closed her eyes and took another deep breath, slowly releasing it. She really needed to calm down, but she couldn't seem to shake this feeling that kept trying to claw its way to the surface. It was a cloud of haze wrapped around something she couldn't afford to believe in.


As far as she was concerned there was no hope for her. Not even at the bottom of Pandora's Box. No. That hope was meant for someone else. Someone who truly deserved it, who truly wanted it; and that someone was not her.

A frustrated grunt left her mouth as she once again opened her eyes to see a small smirk cross Trenton's face. He knew something like this was going to happen. He probably planned it out while she was bound to the hospital bed, threatening to stay.

Calm down.

Right. She needed to calm down she repeated as her eyes once again closed. He'd never leave her alone if she continued to be this combative. Her best strategy would be to gain his trust as fast as she could. Even if it was just a little.

A stab of pain shot to her heart as if telling her to keep away. That she was making a grave mistake to even open up under false pretenses. But desperate times called for desperate measures.

As her eyes opened again she saw that he was now watching her with an unrecognizable expression. It was filled with such emotion that it caused her to take a step back. Gone was the smirk she had seen just moments ago. Now all that was left was this energy and electricity crackling silently between the two of them. Like a magnetic storm shooting bolts of lightning through the air and directly into her body.

The throbbing in her wrist hummed in tune with the lightning, further reminding her why she was standing in a stranger's bedroom trying her best to keep her cool. She had known him for less than a day and yet here she was watching him stare into her soul. And her mom had given him the opportunity to do so.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched as his jaw clenched and relaxed. Instinctively her eyes followed the movement, watching for any sign that he might say something to her. But nothing else happened.


The words were said a little firmer and with more contempt than Sonya had meant, but there was no denying that she hated this situation. More than that, she was beginning to despise her mother for placing her in it.

"It was never up for discussion, but thank you for not fighting me on it," he calmly replied in even tones, making her relax just a little. Clearing his throat he turned, "The bathroom is through that door. I took anything that could be used as a weapon out—just in case."

"Of course," she frowned.

With a nod of the head, he continued talking, "The shower is glass so there's no fear that you'll suffocate yourself. Also it's very thick so trying to throw yourself through it will only give you a headache if anything."

His eyes moved to Sonya again waiting for an outburst. When none came he continued talking. "The hooks have been removed, as well as the towel racks. And while you were waiting to be released I also had someone remove the mirror."

Sonya's eyes scanned the large room. Its deep brown color mixed with lighter earth tones gave a tranquil vibe. And just as he had said, everything had been removed. Even the vanity was bare except for soap and a small hand towel.

"It only has a shower, which eliminates the risk of drowning. I'm not really a bath person anyway so my room is perfect for you to stay in."

"I see," Sonya whispered, more to herself than to him.

"I figured this was the only way I'd feel comfortable letting you in here alone."

"I wasn't—"

Trenton's hand rose as he gave her a sad smile. "Yes you were."

The pain behind his eyes hit her harder than they should. Someone who had only known her a day and yet here she was being guarded in his palace. And more than anything she wanted to reassure him that she was telling the truth. She wasn't going to try ending her life again. But then those pesky memories began to resurface and she remembered why she couldn't make that promise.

"What now?"

"Now you shower. There are clothes in the closet. Your friend Cameron was nice enough to bring you a change of clothes while we all waited for you to wake up." Sonya's eyes moved to his as she heard his voice drop at the words 'wake up', but he quickly turned his back to her again. "I'll be waiting out here for you."

Sonya's eyebrows lifted as she watched him turn back to here with a genuine smile on his face. "Don't worry; I'm not going to stand outside the door. I have work to do. Go on."

Hesitating for a second, Sonya slowly walked towards the bathroom stopping just inside the doorway. Her head turned to see that Trenton had already made his way to his desk. She could always make a run for it, she thought. But where would she go before he caught her and took her back to the hospital. They'd commit her for sure.

Instead she inhaled a deep breath of fresh air and placed her hand on the door quietly shutting it, effectively shielding her body from the man on the other side.


Trenton's body relaxed with the soft click of the bathroom door. He wanted more than anything to ask her what had driven her to do something so horrible. Did she not realize that there were so many people in her life that would miss her had she succeeded? And to die the way she had planned had to have taken some time to arrange. Obviously she had been thinking of this for a while. This thought alone drove Trenton to frown again.

His eyes flicked towards the closed door again when he heard the faint sound of water being turned on. From where he sat it sounded like a waterfall cascading over rounded rocks. Tranquil and serene and yet he couldn't seem to calm down imagining her in there all alone. What if he had missed something and she ended up hurting herself again?

Thinking back to that morning before he picked her up, Trenton couldn't find anything he'd missed. He had made sure that all was well and secured before he had left. He had even gone so far as to lock up all of his silverware. And yet the thought that she could improvise and find something within the confines of his bathroom set him on alert, listening for anything that would seem out of the ordinary.

When he heard nothing that would indicate she was in any danger, he turned back towards his computer, pulling up his email account. He had been out of the loop for an entire day, which was unheard of for him. The Great Trenton Sinclair was nothing if not a workaholic.

As the page loaded he heard music begin to play. Was that a theme song from the movie Star Wars?

His eyebrows furrowed as he remembered whose ringtone it belonged to. Standing to walk towards his discarded jacket, his fingers blindly searched for the offending object. Freeing it from its confines only caused the sound to become louder. Just who he thought it was.

Pressing ignore, he turned to walk back to his desk. Once again the music filled his bedroom with ominous instrumentals. This song was perfect for the caller, because if there was ever a word to describe them, it was definitely not anything positive.

His friend David had laughed at him the first time he had heard it. That alone caused Trenton to smile. He'd never forget that day.


The sun had hidden behind tiny droplets of ice crystals as ribbons of sunlight filtered through them. He had just watched a documentary on the effects of the weather and global warming on Earth. That detail was courtesy of the information he had learned on clouds. As he sat at his table, half listening to his friend talk about his latest conquest; he had relayed that tidbit of information to him.

"Dude, that's awfully nerdy of you to say."

This only caused Trenton to smile. His friend was forever calling him a nerd, but this nerd was one of the top ten eligible bachelors in the tri-state area.

"Yeah, well, nerdy is the new black or something like that," he laughed.

"Whatever," David laughed.

David's black hair was kept short but there were tell-tale signs of curls throughout it. For the ladies he would always say. His olive complexion always gave him a tanned look year round and his brown eyes were always focusing on some woman walking in his path.

As Trenton began to address his friends obvious dismissal of what he'd just said his phone began to ring.

"Dude, is that The Imperial March from Star Wars?"

"Who's the nerd now," Trenton smiled, teasing his friend for knowing that tidbit of information.

"You made me watch it," he laughed, half joking. "So is it?"

Looking down at his phone Trenton couldn't suppress the frown that crossed his face. "Yeah."

"Darth Vader's theme song?" David asked for confirmation.



"Because I couldn't find anything else that fit," Trenton said, looking at his phone. It was at that moment the incessant them song playing on repeat finally stopped. And then immediately began playing again.

"Well, who is it?"

Staring at his phone with a frown he shrugged, "No one," he whispered as the song began again. Louder, if that was at all possible.

"Dude, answer it," David laughed.

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me 'dude'? We're not surfers on some beach."

"Whatever," he laughed even louder as the song began playing for what seemed like the tenth time. "You better answer it. Sounds like whoever no one is really wants to talk to you."

Trenton's frown deepened as he looked at his phone again before pressing answer.



"Sorry Melissa, I didn't have my phone near me."


"No. I'm with David," he answered, rolling his eyes. "No, no he didn't bring any of his bitches."

Trenton smiled watching the amused expression on his friends face as he saw him mouth the word 'bitches'.

"What? Oh, I wasn't supposed to say that part out loud? Sorry," he smiled.


"Right. Well, I'd love to chat but we're in the middle of a very important meeting."


"Yes, a lunch meeting."

David laughed as he heard her rant about how he never had time for her.

"You knew how this when we started seeing each other. Now, I'll talk to you later. Yeah," and without saying good bye he hung up.

"Dude, your girls' ringtone is Darth Vader's Theme song," he burst out, no longer trying to suppress his laughter.


"Why?" he asked for the second time.

"I already told you, because I couldn't find anything else that seemed to fit," he said with a straight face.

After seconds of pure silence they both broke out in a fit of laughter.


If someone would have told him he'd end up seriously dating her he would have laughed in their face. And that was exactly what had happened. How it had happened was a mystery to him. All he knew was that he couldn't find a way to break it off with her without sounding like an asshole. The fact that he had another woman naked in his bathroom crossed his mind for a brief second before his phone began to ring again.

The sound of the water turning off broke Trenton from his thoughts. But it was the sound of the creaking door moments later that caused him to turn his head, only to find a half-naked Sonya dripping water onto his floor.

"Sorry. I—I couldn't open the cabinet. It's locked," she whispered.

"Locked?" he asked with a dazed look in his eyes. He allowed them to roam her body, starting at her head and slowly make their way to her feet, which she shifted back and forward slightly.

"Yeah. The cabinet," she said moving around under the scrutiny of his gaze. "It's locked. You said my clothes are in the cabinet right?"

"Oh. Yeah. I have the key right here. Sorry about that. I forgot that my housekeeper normally locks it after she stocks it."

"Why," Sonya asked looking up at him as he walked closer to her. "Aren't you the only one who lives here?"

"Yes, but sometimes I have—"

It was then that his phone began to ring again. Like normal he let it go to voice mail, and like clockwork it rang seconds after he heard the beeping signifying a message had been left.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" Sonya asked gesturing towards the phone on his bed.

Finally stopping in front of her, effectively closing the gap between the two of them, he shook his head. "No. It's no one."


Sonya's body relaxed as hot water cascaded over her body. She had aches in places she didn't even know were possible. The doctor had told her to avoid getting her bandage wet, but she didn't really see the point in doing that. She would be back in the ER within the day if she could just ditch her guard.

Her eyes closed as she replayed the events that led up to this point. Sean had always told her that everything happens for a reason. And she had agreed with him up until her wedding day. As far as she was concerned the universe was a cosmic joke, and it could kiss her ass.

Steam filled the glass stall and within seconds she was surrounded in a haze. Her mind wandering off to what she would need to do next. "I guess I can figure that out after I eat," she whispered as her stomach rumbled.

Her hand turned the knob to the left as she shut off the now cool water. The throbbing in her wrist was stronger than ever, reminding her that she was still alive. It also reminded her that had she not been interrupted she would have succeeded.

The razor blade had sliced through most of the artery, but had missed enough to keep her alive and place her in shock. Her wet feet touched the cold tile floor as she walked to the cabinet door and pulled.

When nothing happened she frowned and then tugged even harder. She was told that her arm would be weak for a while and that she might need some physical therapy to regain some function in a few of her fingers but this was just ridiculous. With another pull, Sonya realized that the door wasn't going to budge.

Sonya's heart pounded rapidly as she stared at the locked door. What was she supposed to do now? She didn't have any clothes to wear and she definitely wasn't going out there naked. Scanning the room, her eyes landed on the towel Trenton had mentioned earlier. As her hands slid over the soft material, picking it up, she stared at the terry cloth material with a look of shock.

"This is what he calls a towel," she murmured looking at the barely there piece of material. Of course, he probably thought she'd be drying off in the bathroom, and there was also the issue that she'd try using whatever she could to as he said 'off' herself.

Wrapping the item around her bosom, she realized that even though it covered all the important parts of her body, it was still very short. A small sliver of her thigh showing each time she took a step. After much consideration she finally stopped pacing.

"I'll just go out there. Get it over with. Rip it off like a Band-Aid. Yeah."

The sound of her feet slapping against the tiled floor echoed around her. The cold surface caused a small shiver to go through her with each step, as she neared her destination. Her breath escaped her almost violently as she fought to gain some control. After a few seconds of pumping herself up she slowly grabbed the door knob and twisted it.

Creaking filled her ears as she took a step through the door. She was well aware of the exact moment Trenton turned around. His eyes fell on her and there was something there she had seen earlier. Was it lust? Or was it disgust? Sonya's eyes fell to the floor as she realized it was probably the second one. All of this help was just to get over feeling obligated since he was the one to help her and take her to the hospital.

"Sorry. I—I couldn't open the cabinet. It's locked."

Her voice came out as a squeak as she watched his eyes roam over her body. Making a mental picture in his head of her as he watched the drops of water she could feel on her skin cascade down, only to be absorbed by the terry cloth towel.


"Yeah. The cabinet," she said shifting uncomfortably under his gaze. "It's locked.

"Oh. Yeah. Here's the key. Sorry about that. I forgot that my housekeeper normally locks it after she stocks it."

"Why," she asked looking up at him as he walked closer to her. "Aren't you the only one who lives here?"

"Yes, but sometimes I have—"

Her eyes landed on his bed as she heard the sound of music. His phone was lighting up from a call, but when Sonya's eyes went back to him, she saw that he was still staring at her. Within seconds the ringing stopped and was followed by a chime. She recognized that as the voice mail. It was the same sound her phone made. Although not lately. She hadn't really had anyone call her. But she only had herself to blame for that.

It was then that his phone began to ring again.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" Sonya asked gesturing towards the phone on his bed.

Walking a little bit further to close the gap between the two, he shook his head. "No. It's no one."

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