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Author's Note:

This story is very strongly erotic horror, and there is no happily ever after. There are elements of dubious consent, sadism, and outright cruelty. This story is 10,000 words of a mindfucking breath play scene. Please read with that in mind.

Avoid the unhappy ending, the harsh, the brutal, the tragic, the horrible -- if you care to see in print things you write. (In this connection don't do as I do, but do as I say.)

~Jack London

Chapter 1

Spreading her arms for balance, Lucy smiled as the surfboard under her feet bucked and tried to skitter out from under her. The chilly water off California's norther coast did nothing to dissuade her from catching the perfect morning waves, nor did the storm brewing several miles offshore. That just made it more fun.

Seals occasionally joined Lucy's solitary excursions into the waves, their whiskered faces curious as they surfed alongside her. More rarely, she saw sharks. Big ones, too. At the first sight of a fin, Lucy got out of Dodge. Humans might not be a shark's favored food, but she liked her body parts where they were, thanks.

She'd grown up here, not five miles from this capricious beach, and knew all her moods. The ocean was like a toddler sometimes. Some days she'd be bright and sunny, and others, like today, Lucy could ride out the brief moment of calm before the ocean threw the mother of all tantrums and hurled her unwary toys against the rocks below the cliffs.

As the storm front approached, the waves grew larger. Lucy turned her board to catch one more before she had to head to shore. Bigger than the others, this one crested white at the tip, as if considering forming a pipeline, but the familiar shape didn't congeal. She bent her knees as her board lifted her aloft on the wave and grinned.

Lucy had only a moment to enjoy the ride before a massive gray shape breached the water in front of her. Her panicked scream was torn away in the rushing water as the creature rammed her board, sending her flying. Water closed over her head before she could suck in a breath and she choked as water filled her mouth. Seconds later, the toothy maw of a shark was inches from her, the rows of serrated teeth vicious and stained. The wetsuit she wore would provide no protection. Lucy closed her eyes and prayed as she let the water fill her lungs.

Yet the expected bite never came and something pushed her to the surface. When her head was above water, she coughed, choking out the seawater she'd swallowed. Knowing she was too close to panic to catch her breath, she allowed herself to float and took small sips of air into her lungs until she could calm down.

She saw nothing of the massive shark that had almost made this her last surfing run. Straightening, she treaded water and looked around at the storm-tossed sea. Whatever had scared off the shark was gone, too. And what the hell was big enough to scare away a white shark of that size?

Shivering in her wetsuit, she turned toward the beach and started to swim. The splinters left of her surfboard floated around her, but she left them alone. Her cute custom short board was done for.

As she swam, something warm caught her ankle and she kicked hard to free herself. Spinning around, she watched in shock as a man surfaced. Blonde hair was slicked back from a high forehead over slanted green eyes and a prominent nose. His wide mouth curved into a smile, wrinkling the tanned skin around his eyes.

He was the kind of guy she'd ask out to lunch. Pretty, buff, and disposable. Between work and surfing, she didn't have time for a relationship.

"You're very brave." His voice was deep and raspy, as if he never used it, and he had an odd accent. It sounded almost Dutch, or maybe German. She'd never had much facility with languages, and it didn't really matter.

"What are you doing out here? There's a storm coming." She glanced behind him, and asked, "And where's your board?"

He swam toward her, muscular arms parting the water as if it wasn't there. When he got to within arm's reach, she backpedaled to give herself some space. "Look, I don't know who you are, but this beach is dangerous, and there's a freaking huge shark—"

His arms snapped out, and he grasped her around the waist. She screeched, her hands reaching for his face, just as her self-defense instructor taught her. Go for the eyes, Lucy!

He caught her hands before she could touch him and his smile turned predatory as he pressed his body against hers. Through her suit, she could feel his erection nudging against her core. The water cleared for a split second, letting her see that he was naked in the frigid water. How was he staying warm?

The stupid question left her mind when he said, "Take a deep breath, little human."

Lucy saw the gills when his hair wafted away from his neck, but he didn't leave her time to scream before she was borne down below the crashing surf. Her lungs screamed for air as he took her deeper into the black depths of the sea. Did she escape the shark only to be drowned? She closed her eyes against the stinging, rushing water. Though she wanted to see where the creature was taking her, they were too deep now for much light to penetrate. How had he swum so fast? She was a strong swimmer, but she knew she'd never be able to match his speed.

She prayed that he had scuba gear. If he didn't, she was already dead. There was no way she'd be able to swim back to the surface without air.

Their forward momentum slowed and the thing jerked to one side. Stone rubbed against her wetsuit, abrading the neoprene. Pressure from the great depth crushed her, trying to squeeze out the last bit of air in her lungs. Just when she thought she'd pass out, the tunnel widened and the pressure eased from her chest. Opening her eyes, she saw a spacious cavern, lit with bioluminescent corals. It might have been beautiful, if she'd had the air and presence of mind to enjoy it.

Chapter 2

Without warning, the thing stopped and turned her loose, watching impassively as Lucy darted away. With a crunching grate and a rush of sediment, the tunnel eased closed, blocking the only exit she could see. Though she could hold her breath for a good length of time, her need for air was becoming critical and she knew she didn't have long.

"Stop trying to escape and come here. If you obey me, you will breathe." Underwater, his accent disappeared, leaving his voice flat and without inflection. His voice echoed slightly, though not unpleasantly. He stood, his bare feet resting comfortably on the stone floor of the cavern.

Wide shoulders tapered to narrow hips, around which rested a heavy belt loaded with pockets and pouches. His chest was sculpted with hard slabs of muscle and covered by iridescent scales instead of hair. The only thing Lucy could pay attention to was his thick cock hardening under her gaze. It gave her a pretty good idea why he'd brought her here, but she wanted no part of it. Besides, if she didn't get air soon, he'd be fucking her corpse.

Tearing her eyes away from him, Lucy scanned the cavern once more, desperately seeking a way out even though she knew it would be impossible. Already, her vision was hazy with oxygen deprivation. Obedience right now was her only choice. She would just have to hope the creature kept his word. Reluctantly, she approached, stopping a few feet away from him.

"Closer," he demanded, then pointed to a spot a few inches in front of his feet. "Right here." When she obeyed, he nodded and grinned, revealing pointed canines. "Good human. Now, get on your knees, and I'll teach you what you need to do to breathe."

Lucy's knees buckled and she dropped to the floor in front of him, her head lowered as she struggled to stay conscious. His toes were webbed. Despite the urgency of her need for air, she wanted to laugh. The stone was warm under her, sending welcome heat into her rigid body. He sank a hand in her hair and tugged, making her lift her head. Cruel triumph shone in his eyes and she shivered.

"Good human. Open your mouth and suck me. If you please me, and take what I give you, you will breathe."

Though she tried to pull away, Lucy couldn't escape the hold he had on her hair. The head of his cock touched her lips, but she refused to open them. Letting out a soft curse, he pressed his thumb into her cheek, forcing her jaws apart before pushing his turgid erection into her mouth.

Water filled her mouth, but was quickly displaced by his thick cock. Holding her head still, he fucked her face, his languid strokes filling her as her body cried out for air. Sweet, sticky precum dribbled on her tongue and she wanted to retch.

"Work for it, human. Suck me like I'm your last breath of air." His deep chuckle echoed and he thrust harder, the head of his cock touching the back of her throat. When he pulled back, she swallowed the nauseating mixture of precum and spit, the movement of her throat making him groan.

To her astonishment, the ache in her chest eased and her head cleared. Christ! Did his come have the ability to let her breathe? The will to survive was stronger than her disgust, and she worked her tongue around his shaft, sucking harder as he fucked her mouth. His hold on her hair loosened and he petted her head, running his hands through her tangled brown strands.

The incongruous touch was infuriating. Did the creature think that his assault was okay if he gave her a pat on the head? Right now, it didn't matter. Whatever was in his precum had relieved her desperate need for air. How long would it last? If she let him come in her mouth, could she make it to the surface? With that thought in mind, she redoubled her efforts and wrapped her hands around his taut ass to aid his thrusts into her throat.

Hissing out a breath, he cursed as she gently dragged the edges of her teeth across the sensitive head, relishing the flood of precum. Swallowing greedily, she tickled the underside of his dick with her tongue, tracing the prominent vein as his dick swelled. His thrusts grew erratic and the flesh under her hands quivered as she worked his hard cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her throat.

With a shout, he erupted, filling her mouth with viscous come. His dick softened, though he didn't pull away. She risked a glance up, wanting to smirk in satisfaction at his orgasm face. His eyes were squeezed shut, his heavy breathing loud in her ears.

Pulling away, she inhaled, praying she'd been right. Sweet oxygen filled her lungs, clean and pure despite the seawater surrounding them. So innocuous, often ignored, the ability to breathe was an incomparably decadent treat. Overrated, forgotten, and utterly necessary, only acknowledged when it was gone. The gift wouldn't last forever, though. Jerking away from his caressing hand, she swam, desperate to find an escape from this horrifying cavern.

The creature said nothing as he watched her. Instead of chasing after her, he walked to a stone bench and sat, reclining against the wall behind him. Reaching to the side, he retrieved a small bell from a table. The discordant chime filled the cavern, making Lucy grimace as she searched the ceiling for an escape. What had the bell been for? What did that grating tone summon?

Her questions were answered when the wall split open to reveal a wizened old woman in a long brown dress carrying a tray. She limped, dragging one foot behind as she moved. With a low bow, she set the tray next to the creature, never once looking at Lucy. Gills fluttered at her neck, their spastic movement disconcerting. Lucy darted toward the tunnel leading out, but it shut as she reached it. With a howl of frustration, she pounded her fist against the stone wall. Without warning, her throat tightened and she gasped when oxygen no longer filled her lungs.

"It's a pity you gave in to panic, little one. We might have talked over this delicious meal. Perhaps I might have returned the pleasure you gave me." The creature sighed, shaking his head. "I'm afraid you'll have to beg if you want to breathe again."

Chapter 3

He stared at her as he broke the head off a live shrimp. With sharp thumbnails, he split the carapace and plucked the meat from the shell before discarding the remains on the tray. Popping the flesh into his mouth, he chewed and swallowed. "Nothing to say? The words cost nothing but the breath to speak."

"Fuck. You," Lucy gritted out. Anything louder would have cost too much air and she had none to spare. Bare minutes. She'd sucked his cock and swallowed his vile seed for nothing, everything she might have gotten wasted in a useless panic attack.

"No, you're not ready for that, I'm afraid. I'll need you to be much better behaved."

"Why are you doing this?" Her meager air was running out, making her weak. She sank to her knees and put her hands on the warm stone.

"I've watched you for a long time, Lucy Cartwright. You grew up on my beach. You think of it as your own, but it isn't." He stood and walked toward her, then knelt in front of her. Tipping up her chin with a clawed finger, he said, "All things on that beach are mine, including you."

"Nobody owns a damned beach, asshole!" Despite the strength of her words, her voice was a bare whisper. She couldn't afford the air for a shout.

He grinned, baring shark's teeth as he pulled a knife from the belt at his waist. "First off, your garment offends me. It is a human creation." Leaning forward, he whispered. "I suggest you hold very still. I would hate to mar the perfection of your beautiful skin."

The blade was like ice as he laid it against her throat. She tried to breathe normally, but the tiny sips of air she could manage weren't nearly enough to sustain her as he cut the neoprene of her wetsuit apart and stripped it away. The threat of being cut was enough to hold her still as he dragged the blade across her skin, though he didn't cut her. The bikini underneath met the same fate, leaving her bare to his avid gaze. She curled into a fetal position, too weak to fight.

He picked her up and carried her to the bench he'd used. Once he was seated, he pushed her down to the floor between his knees and positioned her head on his thigh. Her breaths grew shorter as he ate his meal, and she stared at his cock, unwilling to accept it was the source of her continued existence. But it was all she could focus on.

The stone slid shut behind the servant as she left, but Lucy didn't have enough energy to care. If she sucked him off again, would she manage a chance to escape? Maybe repeated doses would last longer.

An oyster shell dropped to the tray, the sharp ping startling her. She'd had a bowl of cereal before heading to the beach, so she wasn't hungry, but wondered if she'd be forced to eat raw shellfish. Lucy wanted to laugh at herself. It wasn't like there was a hibachi down here. If she stayed very still and calm, she got enough air to stay conscious. If she couldn't breathe, food didn't matter.

The water surrounding her was neither warm nor cold, and smelled of healthy seawater. Her captor had no discernable scent she could pick out over the smell of ocean. Even with her head so close to his groin, she could smell nothing but the sea. His cock rested flaccid against his thigh as he leaned back against the stone behind him and stroked her hair.

"You've grown into a beautiful woman, Lucy," he said, breaking the silence. "Of all the females I might have taken, you've always been the one who most interested me."

"Why me?" she whispered.

"Even as a child, you cared for the beach, though it wasn't yours to tend. Do you remember picking up all that trash?" He laughed softly, the sound vibrating through the water. "Hundreds of pounds over the years, I expect. You'd ride your little bicycle and have a trash bag ready to collect the detritus of human occupation."

"So, I'm down here because I don't like litter?" She wanted to argue, to scream at him, but those few words took all the air she could spare.

"No, you're down here because I wanted you, and because you gave me your innocence on the day of your eighteenth birthday." He pinched her chin, forcing her to look up into his face. Thin membranes drew shut across his eyes, closing horizontally like a cat's third eyelid. "Do you remember? You and your lover walked into the sea and he spilled your virgin blood into the water. I took it for my own, just like I took you."

"That's sick." She took a deep breath, sucking all the oxygen she could from the water. "I just want to go home."

Shaking his head, he pushed her face toward his burgeoning cock. "Little human, you are home now."

The sea washed away her tears, her sorrow mixing with the rippling water.

Chapter 4

Lucy could sense his frustration when she refused to eat the fresh abalone he presented to her on a gold rimmed porcelain plate. Without the sense of smell, any food was unappetizing, and she'd never been a fan of raw fish.

She was neither hungry, nor thirsty, though she was at a loss to explain the absence of thirst. Water, water, everywhere. And not a drop to drink.

Infinitesimal breaths of air were the only thing to cross her blue-tinged lips as she knelt naked at his feet.

"All you need to do is ask, Lucy." The creature leaned forward and stroked her cheek. Though his touch was soft and soothing, she shuddered and pulled away. "Ask me, and it will be my fondest wish to give you what you need."

Her eyes flew to the thick meat in his hand as he stroked himself. A pearly bead of precum welled at the tip of his cock and was immediately washed away and she wanted to cry out at the waste. How many easy breaths would that tiny droplet have given her?

He painted her lips with the sticky fluid, the head of his cock stroking her, though he didn't force it into her mouth. When his precum sank into her skin, she inhaled deeply, nearly crying out at the pleasure of a full breath. But that glancing touch offered no more. His hand moved up and down, squeezing the instrument of her torment, and she knew he would spill into the water and deny her the life his spend contained.

Lucy shook her head and turned her face away. If she did this thing, she'd become his slave, and no power on earth would deny him. Maybe if she refused, he'd let her go.

As if he'd heard her thoughts, he said, "I would give you so much, little one. The bounty of the seas is yours, as is the obeisance of the creatures within her belly. You would have my unceasing regard. I will take no others." Sinking a hand into her hair, he turned her head to meet his gaze. "And all you have to do is ask for it."

"No," she whispered. "I want to go home."

"I've already told you, sweet. You are home." He petted her, reaching down to encircle her throat with his hand. "But I'm beginning to wonder if you'd prefer to be forced into taking what you need."

No. She didn't have enough breath to say the word.

"Is that what you want? Does the thought of me forcing my cock into your pretty mouth arouse you? If I touched your sweet cunt, will I find you wet for me?" He touched her lips with his cock again and his precum allowed her one more scant breath.

No. And yet, yes. But not in the way he thought. Autoerotic asphyxiation was a real thing. Though not something she'd ever sought, the lack of air made every sensation heighten. The currents traveling across her bare pussy enticed, and the water felt like little tongues lapping at her overly sensitized skin. And maybe it was that hint of mortal peril making her suddenly wish to live, to experience, to revel in the new feelings coursing through her.

"That isn't my kink," she hissed out. "Find someone else."

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