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Breathtaking View


The sun was shining through the windscreen; it was hot on my skin. The control panel showed it was 27 degrees but the ice cold of the air conditioning kept me and the car cool. I loved being in the car on days like this but today was a special day. Anticipation had been building for days now, was the weather going to warm, would it rain, well the day was here and it was perfect. Excitement built with every mile that passed.

I had dressed carefully, I had given a lot of thought to what I would wear, I wanted it to be the perfect day. I had taken a long shower, the water beating off my golden skin, making my nipples tingle and become erect. I used my favourite shower gel lavishly rubbing it all over my body and taking great pleasure in touching myself, the gentle feel of my soft fingers caressing my nipples and then moving between my legs. I took the showerhead from its socket and aimed the jets of water straight on to my pussy. I loved the water on my pussy lips, I could feel myself throb with excitement, but I must be careful, I didn't want to climax too quickly, I wanted the pleasure to last and last.

I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a large towel and went to the bedroom where I patted myself dry. I couldn't wait but I had to, I tried to stay calm, I needed to stay calm. I dried my hair, applied my make-up and then started to dress. I had chosen to dress entirely in white; I guess I liked the virginal aspect of the colour. My bra was a lace ¼ cup style and my panties were also lace with an open crotch. The dress I had decided to wear was fabulous; it was short, but not too short, had a low neckline and fastened up the front with hooks and eyes something that could be undone very quickly if need be. I slipped my feet into a pair of white strappy sandals and headed towards the car.

The car is a Jaguar XJ, absolute luxury. I slip into the passenger seat and give a glance towards the driver. He is sitting just waiting for me to make myself comfortable, which I do, making sure that my dress is right, I smooth it down over my thighs and now I am ready to go. He pulls away and the car smoothly reaches the speed limit, he places his hand on my leg. I move towards him so that his hand can find its way between my thighs. He looks at me and I smile, my hand moving to his crotch and I find what I am looking for, the bulge of his hard cock through his trousers. I rub it tenderly, watching as he keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead.

As we head out into the countryside I start to unfasten the top couple of hooks on my dress, I can feel the throbbing between my legs. He glances over and gives a little murmur of approval, encouraged I unhook the bottom few fasteners and start to wriggle in my seat so that he can see further up my legs. Soon his hand is reaching inside my legs and his fingers find their way to the split in my open-crotch panties. His fingers play with my clit, this is heaven, my nipples harden and I undo his trousers. His cock springs into my hand and I wrap my soft hand around it and start to play. The roads are empty and we spend some time working on each other. I can see from his face the pleasure he is feeling, but I need to stop now as we will soon be there, he takes his hand away from my moist pussy and I put his still hard cock back into his trousers.

We first got the idea for this some months ago; we had been doing a lot of travelling along this particular stretch of road and always at slow speeds. At this particular time of day there tended to be a lot of lorries on the road and we would pass them slowly as we waited to join the next road at the roundabout. I started to look up at the drivers as we past and some would smile and occasionally wink or wave. I liked the attention from the drivers and one day I hitched my skirt up to give them a better view of my legs. I had done this without even thinking of Steve, my partner, who was driving. He didn't say anything at the time but when we returned home he seemed very horny and we were soon in the bedroom naked. As we made love he asked me if I had moved my skirt on purpose. I wasn't sure what to say but I thought it better not to lie. I told him that I enjoyed the admiring looks from the lorry drivers and then he surprised me by telling me how much he had enjoyed it.

We talked about me doing it again and from then on whenever we were on that particular stretch of road I would sit with my skirt as far up my legs as possible. After a while we discuss me showing more than just my legs, I can't remember now who made the suggestion first but we both agreed that it was something that we would both enjoy. Steve has always encouraged me to wear clothing that showed off my breasts; I had never been small in that department and there was plenty for people to see. It seemed natural to want to show of what I considered my best assets and that is what we had planned for today.

We have now reached the road and as we expected the traffic is moving slowly. Steve indicated and pulled out to pass the slower traffic, we can see lorries up ahead and I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with anticipation. My fingers go to the fasteners at the top of my dress and I quickly undo more all the time shielding myself from motorists in the other lane. Soon we are up amongst the lorries and I move my hands so that they can get a better look. My breasts are bulging in the ¼ cup bra, with the nipples just peaking out resting on the lace of the cup. Steve was concentrating on the road and I tried to watch the reaction of the lorry drivers as we crawled past them. The first couple didn't notice at all but then got level with one lorry and I could see straight away that he had noticed. He smiled and I looked up and smiled at him too, Steve moved the car forward and we were passed the lorry. I felt exhilarated; I loved the feeling of showing my breasts to this guy that I would never see again.

However, I was to see him again, I noticed that the traffic in our lane was slowing and that the lorry was catching back up again, this time I moved my breasts so that they were completely out of my bra. The lorry driver couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled alongside our car, this time I didn't look at him, I pretended to notice that my breasts were free and I took each one in turn slowly and returned it to my bra making sure that he could see my rock hard nipples. I looked at Steve and could see him trying to glance at what was happening, his cock was noticeably hard in his trousers. As the traffic started to move I could see a couple of other drivers get a good look at me, I was so excited I couldn't wait to get home and have Steve fuck me.

As it happened I didn't have to wait too long, the traffic started to move freely and we were able to continue our journey. I had one hand inside my panties playing with my soaking wet pussy and the other rubbing Steve's rock hard cock. I noticed that Steve hadn't taken our usual route home and I asked him what he was doing. He said he couldn't wait to get home to fuck me. He had driven up onto the moors and now he was pulling over into a clearing. He was right he couldn't wait. He parked the car parallel to the road so that we would be hidden from the few other road users that would be about. We were both soon out of the car and kneeling on the grass behind the car.

Steve was eager and I tried to slow him down but he had taken his trousers and shirt off before I had got out of my dress. He helped my undo my bra and remove my panties and I lay on the grass. He kissed my lips whilst his fingers sort my pussy, I had hold of his cock and I knew that if I played too much he would cum. He slipped his fingers inside me, all the while kissing me until his lips were on my nipples gently teasing and biting them. Slowly he removed his fingers and opened my legs, I gave no resistance, and soon he put his cock inside. He moved slowly at first and we matched each other's rhythm, moving faster and faster. I knew I was going to cum very quickly, I tightened my pussy lips around his cock and soon we had both cum together. It was fantastic, we were both smiling and shaking and I felt that we would soon want to repeat today's experience.

We quickly pulled on our clothes and got back into the car, heading home to hopefully fuck again. Steve started to move the car as I fastened my seat belt and as I glanced over my shoulder I saw two men standing by a tree adjusting their trousers.

Had they seen us?

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