When I woke up I was blindfolded, gagged, and tied to something metal and cold and I immediately knew I was naked and lying on a cold wooden floor. The last I remembered was getting into my car and then feeling a shattering jolt through my body just before everything went black. I did my best to be rational about my situation but the minutes dragged into hours and my imagination went wild. I’d always imagined myself a tough girl, but here I was, utterly defenseless and sobbing like a baby.

I don’t know when, but I ended up focusing so much on my body that I realized I needed to pee. I tried to get the attention of whomever my jailer was but shaking around, trying to scream through the gag, and sobbing some more, of course. Ultimately, I ended up peeing on the floor for the first time since I was two years old. Some hours later, still lying in my own urine I followed up my degradation by crapping myself, too. There is something cathartic and relaxing about crapping and I ended up fast asleep in spite of my current condition.

I woke up to being lifted out of my waste and carried to a waiting shower where the warm water was already running. Mildew and mold lined the stall so badly that the tile underneath could barely be made out in the faint light of the single, bare light bulb. The blindfold was finally removed, along with my handcuffs and shackles and I turned to see a hooded figure…a man.

“Get in there and clean up.”

I tried to respond, but the gag was secured over my head with some sort of harness that was locked in the back with a tiny padlock. I found out that exploring my new universe wasn’t a good idea.

“I didn’t tell you to fuck around, I told you to CLEAN THE FUCK UP!”

My captor emphasized his point with a tap on my ass from something electrical. The crackling sound of the discharge was followed immediately by the most searing pain that seemed to wrack my whole being.

I’m a pretty smart girl and I figure shit out quick. I stepped into the shower and took up the waiting soap and went to work. The warm water was a relief to my sore muscles and I enjoyed letting it just trickle down my body. Even in these terrifying circumstances I managed to find a little relief. When I shut the water off I ventured from the shower to find a towel waiting for me so I dried off. I had no sooner hung up the towel when my captor opened the bathroom door. I looked at him as best I could and I could see his brown eyes and a little dark hair peeking out from under what I know realized was a black ski-mask

“Don’t look at me, you fucking sow,” he growled ,”get your fucking hands out right now.” In his hands were the handcuffs.

A million things went through my mind in a brief moment, killing him, killing myself, running, fighting, calling the military, asking Scotty to please beam me the fuck out of here, and then I ended up just holding my hands out.

“Good sow.”

He locked up my hands behind me and then we walked through what was an almost abandoned looking house. Dusty furniture was haphazardly arrayed through the rooms and I could see filthy dishes piled up in the kitchen as he walked me past it to an open basement door.

I hesitated briefly and he just nudged me forward and down the stairs to a dark, yet curiously warm, basement.

At the foot of the stairs he flicked on the light to reveal a very fashionably decorated room, replete with a plasma TV and a beautiful stereo system. The plush carpet was warm on my bare feet as he led me to an odd looking chair over a tiled area of the floor. In contrast to the rest of the room this chair and it’s setting were almost surreal but then somehow fitting when the contrast between upstairs and downstairs was considered.

He undid the cuffs and sat me down in the chair and, again, I cannot imagine why I complied so easily. My hands were soon secured and then he secured my ankles at the foot of the chair. The reason for the odd appearance of the chair was now evident as he pushed my ankles apart and locked the separate parts of the chair in place, leaving my legs at a more than ninety-degree angle to each other.

He walked over to the stereo and turned on the CD. I quaked in fear as he undressed himself to the opening of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. My tears flowed and I sobbed anew as he turned to walk towards me, his penis jutting out obscenely from his body. I will say that he was the very picture of health, although he seemed to be a little skinny for his frame. The thought that at least his cock wasn’t huge crossed my mind as my rapist approached me.

I closed my eyes and cringed, waiting for him, when I heard him stop and pause a moment. He looked at me as he poured baby oil in his hand and began stroking his cock.

He smiled at me.

“I’m not so cruel, you know, you don’t think I’d want to hurt the mother of my baby, do you?” He smiled as he saw the fear and the realization in my eyes that this was actually going to be worse than just rape.

I cringed as baby oil was sprayed on my crotch and he reached over and rubbed it into my pussy. I closed my eyes again and then he slapped me on my thigh.

“Sow, watch or I’ll make you watch, got that?”

I nodded my understanding and kept my eyes open.

With that he lined up his oiled cock with my oiled pussy and I watched in terror as his cock, stroke by stroke, was buried into my body. My boyfriend and I had always made love in the dark, with a condom on, so it was a whole new feeling and emotion to see and feel a bare, unprotected cock enter me and fill me. My period had ended a week and a half ago and I’d had my usual ovulating cramps the day before and I found myself in livid fear of the reality of what was happening.

“Ahhh, yes.”

Our pelvic bones met and I felt the tip of his cock nudge up against my cervix with just a slight discomfort. Then he withdrew and began a steady rhythm of thrusting into me.

It was at this point that I found it strange that here I was, naked and impaled on his cock, helpless to him, and his hands were only touching my thighs. My bare breasts were available to him and his hands never wandered. His head fell back as he thrust into me, his pleasure clearly building.

“Mmmff, yeah…”

His pace increased a bit and his hands moved to my ass, pulling me towards him to meet his thrusts. His cock was now ranging deeper into me than my boyfriend had ever done and it was getting more than a bit painful.

He suddenly slowed down and pulled me tight against him, his cock lodged deep inside me.

“Here ya’ go…”

His eyes sort of half closed and he slowly, almost drunkenly, ground his cock in me. I felt him start to get rigid and I knew what was about to happen. He looked at me in his dreamy state and I felt his cock begin to pump his load into my waiting, fertile body. Of course, I cried as my virginity was now completely claimed by this stranger…this rapist.

His cock feebly plowed me some more and then his head went back again just as the full force of sperm sprayed into me. I felt the warmth of a man’s sperm in my body for the very first time and, even though it wasn’t what I’d wanted, it felt somehow natural to finally have sex the way nature intended people to. In the middle of my fear a strange erotic sense filled me with the wonder of what could happen in my body, in my womb.

Abruptly, my lover ended our mating as his cock fell out of me and I heard the splat of his sperm on the tile below my chair. He walked behind me as my common sense came back to me and I prayed that his sperm would all just fall out of me. I heard a click on the chair and then the world turned upside down for me. My blood rushed to my head and I realized what he was doing.

“Can’t have my little swimmers go to waste, can I? I was saving them up for you for almost a week and I’ll be fucked if they’re just going down the drain and not your pussy.”

I was so fucked. I didn’t feel anymore of his cum run out of my pussy and I resigned myself to my new lot in life, hoping that since he wanted me to bear him a baby that I would at least live to be free someday.

# # #

It took three more months of trying before he finally got me pregnant. He fixed up the basement with a heavy door and I agreed not to try to escape and he agreed to let me free, at least from the chair. He made it very comfortable for me and became very tender to me at times, especially as I came to term. Finally, he one day had to help me back into the chair where he’d impregnated me so that he could receive the product of our mating. My little girl was born and he insisted that her name was to be Amy. Another few weeks went by while I recovered from the birth and I bonded with my daughter as she nursed at my breast.

One morning I woke up and the basement door was open. I wandered up to the main floor of the house and found a note on the wall opposite the door.

“Please take good care of our little girl. You are a good mother and I knew you’d be when I first saw you. Inside Amy’s teddy bear is everything you’ll ever need. Bye.”

The teddy bear’s ass was filled with $100 bills, a thousand of them, and a set of keys for an old Chevy that was parked out in front of the old house. I was free to return to my life with my daughter and as I went downstairs and gathered her up I looked around the room that had been my home for a year and I cried. As bad as it had been, this had become the happiest home I’d ever had and now I was leaving to start a life as a single mom. I still can’t believe that I miss my rapist…my mate…my lover…the father of my child.

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We need more stories like this!

This short but excellent story needs more like it. The mother of 3 of my children approached me explicitly about breeding. Her then husband; didn’t want to give her a child, so she divorced the impotentmore...

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he- a walking talking breeding factory!!;))Awesome breeding sops for his rape victim....for birthing his baby daughter?!! ;))gush...what over the top,overfantasies!!;))

These non con story rapists have such a gala time knocking up unwilling female victims and scooting...dont they?!;))and the female victim's are so gushy mushy and gaga over bearing and nurturing thesemore...

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Second part?

Make a part two!
This is amazing!!

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