tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreeding Becki Pt. 05

Breeding Becki Pt. 05


Becki slept in very late. She had been bukkaked the night before, and was worn out. She had gotten home and immediately took a very long shower, trying to get dried cum out of her hair. But at least she was home. The ordeal was done. Her stomach growled, reminding her she was eating for two. She got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. She was home alone with the maid, Rosa. The gardeners only came once a week, and she was glad it wasn't today. Rosa was enough to deal with. Ever since Becki was young, Rosa was there. She had been with the family for decades. She was now in her late 40s, and bitter toward the family that treated her like shit. Especially Becki, the entitled little bitch that talked to her like she wasn't even human. Today, Becki decided to avoid Rosa, since she was too groggy to deal with Rosa's attitude. She finished her bowl of cereal and headed back upstairs.

As she was heading to her room, she heard noises coming from the guest room. It sounded very much like sex. She crept closer. Then she heard her own voice. She burst into the room to find Rosa, watching the DVD from Mark. She must have taken it while cleaning Becki's room. Rosa's mouth was agape, as she was shocked and a little turned on by the video. "What the FUCK, Rosa?!? Did you take that out of my room?!?" Becki yelled.

Rosa turned to Becki, "Looks like mommy and daddy's little angel is nothing but a little whore!" she said, with a thick Mexican accent.

"Give that back!" Becki yelled, and made a move to take the DVD out of the player. Rosa, having realized how valuable this was, stepped in front and blocked Becki. Becki's 100 pounds was no match for Rosa's thick 180. Becki tried again.

Rosa grabbed her and dropped her to the carpet. "Stop, you crazy little whore! You do it again, and I'm going to hurt you." Becki realized she was serious, and relented. She knew Rosa had all the leverage she needed. Becki was familiar with being in this situation, and conceded to do what Rosa wanted.

"What do you want? Money?" Becki asked, bitterly.

"For starters, yes." Rosa replied. "How much cash do you have stashed away?"

"About ten thousand." Becki sighed. "Fine, it's yours."

"I'm also done cleaning your room, forever. You're an adult. Clean up your own shit." Rosa stated. Becki agreed. "And I want one more thing. I want to see what a good little slut you really are." With that, Rosa grabbed Becki's ass and gave it a squeeze. Becki jerked away.

"What?!? I'm not like that." Becki argued. She wasn't being completely honest. She had been with girls in college, but this was different. In college, she was always drunk and trying to impress a guy. And this was her maid, that she despised.

"Suit yourself. I guess mommy and daddy have a DVD to watch." Rosa said, smugly.

Becki realized her options were very thin, so she gave in to Rosa's final demand. "Fine."

Rosa liked a good, hard cock as well as the next woman, but she also enjoyed the touch of a woman. Rosa was thick. Short, and a little chubby, with large breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, and a juicy ass. She usually had no trouble finding a date. But lately, this demanding family ate up so much of her time, and she hadn't had sex in almost a month. Becki was too skinny to be her type, but she would still enjoy this.

Rosa lifted Becki's shirt, to find no bra underneath. Just small tits. Rosa leaned forward and began to lick and tease Becki's nipples. Rosa's hand slipped into Becki's pajama pants, and found no panties. Just a smooth pussy. Rosa slipped a finger in, and realized it would take a lot more. She ripped off Becki's pants and laid her down on the guest bed, naked. Rosa then removed her scrubs. In just her bra and thong, she began to work 2 fingers into Becki. Then 3. Then 4. Becki's loose pussy was more than accommodating. Next thing she knew, she had an entire fist in Becki, while the blonde whore writhed and squirmed. Rosa reached her other hand up to play with Becki's sensitive, pregnant nipples. That did it. Becki came, and came hard.

Becki's mind was in a daze from her intense orgasm. She didn't notice that Rosa had removed her own clothes. But she was brought back to the real world, when she felt a pierced nipple pressed against her mouth. She opened her eyes to see Rosa's large breast. Becki obediently opened her mouth and began to lick and suck the nipple. Then Rosa switched her to the other pierced nipple. Rosa's breathing got shallower, as she was clearly enjoying herself.

Then came the moment of truth. Rosa rolled onto her back, and pulled Becki's head into her crotch. Becki got close and saw that Rosa's pussy was nothing like her own. It was tight, it was brown, it was pierced, and it had a little landing strip of pubic hair. Rosa grew impatient. "Eat" was all she said, but it was all she needed to say. Becki inched her tongue forward, afraid of what might happen next. Her tongue made contact with Rosa's inner pussy lips. The taste was actually quite nice. She continued, more emphatically. Within a few minutes, she was mimicking every guy that had ever eaten her out, trying to remember what made her feel good, while also taking cues from Rosa. Sucking on Rosa's pierced clit. Then burying her tongue as deep as it would go. Eating Rosa's ass. Rosa was definitely enjoying it. Her breathing had become short and shallow. Suddenly, she grabbed Becki by the hair and pulled her into her pussy. Rosa came, and squirted cum into Becki's mouth, and all over her face.

When her orgasm subsided, Rosa got dressed. "Good little puta. You do that more often, and I'll keep the DVD to myself." Becki realized that she had just become someone else's sex slave.

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by Anonymous

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by hungwhiteboy10/28/18


For reasons unbeknownst to me, Part 4 was removed. I resubmitted after altering it, to meet the mod's specifications, and it was rejected. I have been given no further explanation, and know of no way tomore...

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by Anonymous07/15/18

Humiliating Becki's mother

Rosa will make Becki humiliate her own Mother as Father is rarely home. She will brazenly open the jewelry boxes on Mom's bedroom knowing full well to be caught.by Mom who starts screaming at her. Beckimore...

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by hungwhiteboy07/11/18

Sorry Anon

I'm a very inexperienced writer, and tend to just write on the fly, until a thought or premise has come to a natural conclusion. Sorry that this chapter ended quickly. Just the way it happens, sometimes.more...

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by Anonymous07/11/18

Good and bad

+ + + + + hurray, a fine new chapter is there
- - - - - too short, why does intend so soon?
; - (

Where is the next one, please!

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