tagIncest/TabooBreeding His Daughter

Breeding His Daughter


*All characters are 18 years old or older.

*This story is just fantasy, and is not meant to depict real incest, but a scene between consenting adults. Enjoy!


Allison got off the bus and stepped onto the gravel road. The little bits of limestone crunched underneath her old shoes. She was wearing converse high-tops- the same pair she'd worn since freshman year. She sighed in relief, knowing that this was her last month of school. As she walked down the gravel path to her house, she imagined herself walking across the stage, finally getting her diploma. A warm breeze blew past her, and she felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of graduating.

She looked up at her house. It was a small farmhouse with a wrap-around porch, badly in need of a paint job. When she opened the door, she dropped her schoolbag and took off her shoes.

"I'm home!" she called out, but there was no answer. She looked in the kitchen, but no one was there. Then she checked the backyard, but it was empty as well. She decided to go upstairs, to see if her Daddy had gone to take a nap.

When she opened the door he was there on the bed asleep, just like she had thought. Allison's Daddy was tall and handsome, with big hands. She kneeled by the bed and kissed his lips gently. After another try he finally blinked awake.

"Hey Little Girl" He said as he stretched at sat up.

She was still on her knees when he glanced over at her again. "Allison."

"What Daddy?"

"The Hell are you wearing baby?" he remarked looking at how slutty his daughter looked dressed in black converse and a crop-top. She was wearing fishnets underneath her shorts. He got off the bed and from where he was now standing he could see that her shorts didn't come close to covering her butt. How many times would she come back from school looking like this? No wonder the principal had called today. Her principal also mentioned that this was the second time she'd been caught sucking cocks in the bathroom, and Allison's Daddy was determined to do something about this behavior.

"I don't know, I just wanted to be comfortable.." Allison pouted up at her father, her glossy pink lips shining. She looked down at her clothes, "What's wrong?"

Her Daddy crossed his arms and looked down at his little girl. Allison started to get up in order to protest, but her Daddy pushed her back down into a kneeling position.


"Look Allison, you're an adult. If you're going to keep dressing like a slut, then you're going to get treated like one." He started unzipping his pants.

Allison looked up eagerly waiting to have her Daddy's cock buried deep in her little throat. She opened her mouth, her full pink lips looked so inviting. Her little tongue was already wet with saliva as she anticipated how her Daddy's veiny, pulsing cock would feel inside her.

Seeing how ready and willing she was to take his cock, Allison's Daddy grabbed his daughter's jaw and forced her to look at him in the eye. "Do you like sucking cocks Allison?"


He smacked her cheek lightly.

"Yes Daddy," She corrected herself.

"Have you sucked a lot of cocks Little Girl?" He let his pants fall to the ground so he was standing before her in just his underwear.

Allison nodded. Her father inched closer she could feel his erection straining through his boxers. He grabbed a handful of her hair and told her to stick out her tongue. She obeyed and he made her lick his erection through the fabric. She looked up at him, "Please Daddy.."

"'Please Daddy' what...?" He taunted her.

"Please Daddy let me have your cock in my mouth.."

He pulled down his boxers and let his erection spring free. His daughter immediately began licking him and drooling over his cock.

"You're a messy little cockslut aren't you?"

She said nothing but looked up at him to let him know he was right. Allison's father took another handful of hair and started to facefuck his daughter. Allison choked and gagged on it but he kept pushing deeper into her. There was saliva running down her chin onto her shirt and her eyes were watering. Finally, he came in her throat.

He released her and Allison looked up at her father. Before she could say anything her father picked her up off the ground. Just then the doorbell rang. Allison looked alarmed but her father just glanced at her before planting a kiss on her lips.

"Get undressed. I'll be back in a second." He said closing the door behind him.

Allison rushed to take off her shoes then her shorts. She peeled off her fishnets. She hadn't been wearing any underwear. Just as she was taking off her shirt the door opened again, but this time her Daddy had a friend with him. He didn't look familiar to Allison.

Without saying anything else the man closed the door as Allison's Daddy sat on the bed. The other man leaned against the wall, and pulled his cock out.

"Allison, come here and sit on Daddy's lap," Her father said, "Show Daddy's friend what a good little slut you are."

Allison walked over and lowered her self onto her fathers throbbing dick. He stretched her tight walls as he entered her and she let out little moans while he used his hands to grab onto her waist. He pushed and pulled her, making her fuck his cock until she began to do it on her own. He loved turning his daughter into a little whore, but he was just getting started. He wanted everyone in town to know what a little slut his daughter had become.

Allison's father wanted to let anyone fill her with cum and use her like a little fuckdoll. The thought made him cum hard into his daughters pussy.

He picked her up again and laid her down on the bed so she was on her stomach and spread her legs. He could see the cum dripping out of her cunt.

"Don't fucking waste that cum." he said smacking her hard on her bare cheek.

"I'm sorry Daddy," she said as a little bit more cum dripped out by accident.

Just then her Daddy called his friend over and told him to fill his daughter with cum while he watched.

"What?" Allison said looking over her shoulder at her father.

"Allison, I told you what would happen if you kept dressing like a slut. Do you know what happens to sluts?"

Allison shook her head.

"They get fucked and they get knocked up. My friend paid me so he could fill your little cunt with his seed and breed you. He's going to come here and fuck you every day until you get knocked up. Then you're going to carry his baby so that everyone knows what a little whore you are. You like that idea?"

"Yes Daddy." She said.

"You like the idea of me getting paid so you can be a little cum-dumpster for everyone in town?"

"Oh yes Daddy. I like that idea a lot." Allison said as her Daddy stroked her hair.

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by Anonymous11/06/17

Rub my pussy the whole time would love that

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by Anonymous10/29/17

I agree with other comments.

Very arousing,but it would have been much better if she was wearing normal school uniform and been more innocent.

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Not willing

I agree, much better if she was protesting at least a little!

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by prop6910/29/17

Hot story, but too slutty for my taste

Beautiful girl, but too slutty for me.

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by Babygirljane10/29/17

So hot!

Had my hand in my panties the whole time, can’t wait till the next one

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