tagInterracial LoveBreeding my White Wife Ch. 01

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 01


She attends her first breeding party.

This is a re-telling of an event that happened. Names, location and other items in the story have been changed to protect the identity and other data of those involved, for the most part this is a fairly accurate telling of the event. Hope you enjoy it. This is our first try at putting any of the sexual adventures we have done into writing. Be gentle with your critisms :-)

* * * * * *

CHAPTER ONE – I agree to see if she wants to try this

We are a very diverse lot that meet on game nights. It does not matter what type of game, NFL, College hoops whatever. We try to meet once every week at our favorite sports bar. There are over 20 of us now. The group started out with only four. We are made up of a large variety of educational, racial and belief backgrounds. The one thing in common is we are all males and we are all into our sports. Most all of us are married are attached like we are married. Myself, I am married to a very attractive lady this is borderline BBW. But there is not one guy that has not hit on her at some of the summer get together. She kind of exudes sexual sensual presences that get the guys and most of the girls wanting her. Makes me proud.

Why am I telling you all this? Well it has to do with the special little party we went to. You see one night of boozing and game watching this close friend of mine, sit down next to me and said he wanted to talk to me about something serious but fun and sexual. This is a very athletically built black man I have known for over five years at this point. He is like 6-2 190 pounds has a six pack from working out, is a ER doctor and is legendary with the ladies for both his skills and his size. Rumor has it that it is nine inches and nice big girth and shoots a huge load that makes the ladies look like they have been plastered with cream. Now I have never personally heard this but my wife Angie has heard all the rumors.

So I move over into a corner table away from prying ears and we get start.

"So Doc, what's up, or is it the bug's bunny thing – what's up doc" I laugh at my funny, he just grins.

"Well as you know there are a group of us men that meet now and then with females and play for an evening. – right, you knew that"

Well I have heard that Greg, but since I have never been invited, I don't know for a fact about your group. I do have a few others that I have gone to their swinger parties" He sat quiet for a moment, so I continued "Why do you ask?

Let me explain something to you he told me. Then he goes on to explain that he is a member of a very small select group of black men that once every two are three months hold what they call a breeding party. They seek out white females for these parties, never more than two of them at each party. They prefer married white females with husbands that are open minded and willing to go along with all the rules and requirements and willing to sit and watch.

"Okay, that is all good and well, but what does this have to do with me"

"Well Dave, I want to nominate your wife Angie for our next party. I have to have this done by the end of next week."

"Nominate?" Was my reply

The doc explained that what happens is everyone in the group submits information on someone they want to be the center of attraction and then everyone votes and the ladies with the two highest vote count gets selected. Once they get selected he went on the group then submits anything they would like to see them wear or done to them before they get there for the party.

I sit there stunned and dumbfounded to say the least. First he hits me with the We want your wife to come to a party that is all about sex, and I can watch and oh she has to go through a nomination process.

"Okay, so tell me more. I am all ears on how this whole process goes before I will even think to ask her"

"Oh, we will take care of asking her, I will take you both out to a nice dinner club and ask her with you there and let her know we had already spoken and you agreed to the next step – to see what she thinks."

I sit silent stunned even more.

So he explained even more about this whole process. What happens is he will need to get with us if she agrees. He will take pictures of her naked from several angles and take her measurements and then have her dress as slutty and nasty as she can. Then this will be put into an online portfolio that the members can go look at and vote. They get one week to vote in. Once they select he will come back to us if she is selected and again ask if we still are interested. If she says yes and I agree, then he will do a private interview. If she wants to share what is asked, that is up to her.

Once that is done this interview is put back on line, and then they vote on other things. Once that is determined, those other things, then they set a date and everything moves from there.

I sat and did not answer for a long while kind of watching the game and deep in thought. I was mostly wondering how she would react to be a white chic in a room of black men. Then it occurred to me to ask a couple questions.

Okay, seriously now Greg, if I ask her to at least meet and hear you out, up front, how many men attend these parties and how long will it last.

He looked long and hard at me. His piercing eyes stare right through me I am sure trying to judge what I am thinking for real. I have seen these looks when he is dealing with serious medical problem in the ER.

"Well Dave, it is like this, there are 40 members that pay their monthly fees to cover the cost for these parties. When we hold them all paid up to date members get to vote and get to participate. So in theory it can be 40 men. In reality, because of various things the average is 18 to 25 men attend. The shortest party was five hours the longest all weekend. So it is hard to say, it is as much how the ladies act as it is the guys interest level. Does that explain it enough?"

"Yeah, okay, got it. I tell you what Greg; I will call her right now and ask her if she would even be interested in something with that many guys. But don't hold out much hope, she freaked at a swingers party with only ten couples."

So I go outside and sit in my truck and call her. I explain everything as it had been explained to me. I was surprised when she replied that she is willing to at least meet the first time and hear the good doc out.

So to cut this a little shorter, I went back in; the doc had rejoined the group. It was a bit before we had a moment and I said she was ready to meet and hear him out tonight. He smiled and said arrange for her to meet us after the game at the Cock and Bull Restaurant.

When I pulled into the parking lot her car was already there. When she got out she was dressed in a knee length tight little black dress and nice little heels of about three inches. Being the conservative girl she is. But with her pale skin and auburn hear the black dress was stunning. Greg and I wolf whistled almost at the same time.

Greg apparently had already made the reservation while the game wound down. They took us right to a private little table in the corner. Candles, wine, and silence greeted us at the table. Apparently this table set up so you can talk and not be heard by anyone. The two of them hugged like they do on so many occasions and then he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and she returned it. I was shocked and oh so turned on to see her blantly act that way to another man in front of me.

As dinner progress and he explained things, she got serious with question. It was almost like I was not there except for now and then Angie would ask me what I thought, are how do I think I would feel. The truth of the matter was I was so horny at this point watching these two and my mind was reeling with visions of hot nasty sex. I was not listening as much as I should – until, yes the big until she asks: "So tell me doctor, what do all you men do to these poor white whores for the time you have them?"

White whore, did she just say white whore, my mind yells and I start listening.

"Well Angie, it all depends on the lady. If she really gets into it as the night progresses she will be used in any way we can think of. You will be asked to lick everything from fingers to assholes to balls you will be expect to allow kissing and all you holes HAVE to and I repeat HAVE to be available at all times. You will not get to clean up unless told to. You will swallow when told to. You are pretty much nothing more than our sex toy for the time your there, however long that last. You can leave at any time after the first hour, but all ladies are required to stay the first hour if they agree to all of this"

Okay, so let's say, I agree to be, what did you call it – reviewed, nominate are whatever – hoe soon are you talking for all of this to happen."

"Okay I take it you hubby here did not explain the next step. The next step if you agree to be nominated is to make the portfolio to be posted on our private website for the voting. The voting starts in ten days, so we have that much time to build your package to post. To build the package requires pictures measurement and a couple other things."

"Okay Greg, you're going to have to give me more detail than that before I even think of doing this and Dave has to agree completely since it sounds like a lot of guys will be seeing me and there is a chance I will run into one of them in public and that is a problem I want assurance on and know what safe guards I have. So please explain all this in more detail"

Then Greg sits quietly for a bit and he looked at me and then her. It was like he was judging whether it was worth it. Finally I had to speak up, even though I was rock hard hearing and thinking about all this, I had some things to clear up in my mind.

"Greg, it is kinds simple from my point of view. Her protection and the protection to our family are more important than a few hours of fun. What she asks make sense to me and is in the line of what I have been thinking. How do we know that some of the men there will not make a comment in public are the likes if they see her."

"If this is asking to much or you think it is just not worth answering these questions, then we can stop now because I will not agree to anything."

There was a long pause as the food arrived and still longer as he took a few bites and thought. He then finally said that while this is not a normal question they get and it almost sounding insulting when it was said, upon reflection it is a fair question to ask since we have no knowledge of any of the members at this point besides him. He then explained their version of a fail- safe system to prevent that from happening and that if one of them did say something, let him know and the membership itself will remedy the problem.

"Okay so that is going to be handled, now back to the rest of the question – tell me what this entire portfolio consists of?"

He smiled and proceeds to tell us in detail. First he is going to come over to our house. He wants Angie in her classy but sluttist outfit. Making sure there are stocking garters, thongs and Spike Heels at least 4 inches. A very short form fitting skirt and a nice blouse that has some sheerness are love cut something that is revealing but still covering. He will take a few photos of her in different poises then she will strip to just her bra panties and stocking for some more photos, then she will strip completely and do some nasty posies. He said he wanted one of her in doggy holding her ass cheeks apart, and on her back fingering herself and one with her eyes closed and mouth open. He also is going to take her measurements. Once this is done he has a requirement of a picture of his cock buried in her mouth, pussy and ass. They also like to get a cream pie shot. She gets to pick if it is an anal cream pie are pussy cream pie. After all this he sat quiet while we ate for a few minutes. Finally Angie broke the silence.

"And you have ten days to get this done and to get it posted?"

"Yes" was all Greg replied. Then it was silence for a long time.

"And my husband will be there for the party night and for the portfolio part right?"

Again the only reply was a simple "Yes"

"It was silence for the longest time then he looked at her and stated "In fact the only time he will not be present is during the final interview before we decided to accept you are not and set up a date. There will be three of us there, it will be at this restaurant in this booth and will take a couple hours of asking questions."

"Can he been here in the building just not here in the booth?"

"Yes, that is not a problem at all. He will never know what we ask from us, but you can tell him all you want afterwards"

Okay is all she said then we fell into small talk and finally Angie said, this has been very informative and exciting but I want a night to talk to Dave and to think on it. You will have my answer by noon tomorrow. I hope that is acceptable, if not then this is already a completed deal in the negative. Greg, smiled and said just send my pager a note that says slut on it and I will call you back. Take as much time as you need the next two days after that I have to move on was how he ended it.

We walked out together then Angie did something I would never have expected from her, she gave Greg a long wet French kiss by his car and let him feel her ass up.

We sat in silence all the way home and nothing else was said that night. The next morning she rolled over on top of me and started sucking me deeply into her mouth getting me hard. Now I am not small by any means. I am a full eight inches and a touch more with a nice girth. So it is a mouth full once fully erect. She kept looking up at me while she sucked and smiled now and then, finally she mount me and started to ride me from the top. In the middle of all this she started talking really nasty.

"Gawd dear I want to go be a nasty fucking black cock whore for a night. I want to feel all my holes filled up at the same time and I want to look over at you watching in the corner and know you approve and that you will fuck my nasty fucked cunt afterwards"

I was stunned and oh so turned on the More she talk that harder she fucked and then she start to climax/ He eyes rolled back, her started to moan this deep primal growl and lean down and whispered in a husky voice, I want to be a piece of fuck meant. Can I will you let me. And then we both had this earth shattering climax at the same time. It had been years since that had happened. We laid in each other arms and I played with her tits and sucked on her nipples and nothing was said. It was not till mid morning that she finally said to me, she meant what she said during sex. She cannot get it out of her mind being nothing but a fuck toy for 15 to 20 black men for a few hours. I said okay let's take this one step further then, send him the message and set up the photo shoot.

My wife will be filling you in on what happened at the Photo Shoot and the interview in Chapter Two. We have gotten through that already. Hope you hold on for more.

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