tagInterracial LoveBreeding my White Wife Ch. 02

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 02


CHAPTER TWO – The Meeting – Photo Shoot

Hi this is Angie and I get to take over with this Chapter. I am not as good at writing and keeping thing in tenses and stuff but I will give you all the information and things that happened, so bare with me will ya.

After Dave said to call Greg, I did and this is what happen.

The day of the photo shoot came. We had agreed to do the portfolio stuff two days after the phone call. This would be when we were all three off work and our kids were gone. Yes I am a mother of two. I am 36 years old, nine years younger than Dave. I consider myself to be average, but it appears most men consider me hot. I was so excited for this day I could hardly sleep and beat the alarm up by over an hour. The first thing I did was head to the shower. I shaved everything I can shaved my pits, my legs and my pussy, leaving a nice little landing strip.

Now I have to admit I have had some body work done. After two kids the body went to hell, but I have always been a plumper girl. After the body work I am a size 12. I have 44DD tits that are now nice and firm. Before the surgery I had some saggyness to them. I have nice size nipples and they are always hard when naked are when I wear the right type of bra. I have a nice booty and one of the guys at work when no one can hear him calls me a booty babe right out of west hell. I take that as a great compliment.

So I am standing in front of the mirror shaving my pussy and I notice that thinking about all this is making my pussy drip a little cum drop. Now I know I have not fuck Dave this morning so it must be me. So I think what the hell lets masturbate. So I start in at it.

Now I have never told Dave so he will be reading it for the first time in this story, he may be reading alot of things for the first time for that matter, I love to fist myself. I start with two fingers and as I get closer and the pussy gets wetter I start sticking more fingers in. I have found a position that I can get into that I can get my whole fist in. I love to wiggle the finger and touch myself all over inside my pussy instead of doubling up a fisting and hammering away at it. I have gotten so good at this I can make myself squirt all over about half the time. So here I am laying on the floor fisting and all I can think of is all that black meat I will get if I get selected. I decide I have to make sure I get selected. This scares me because I am sure the only sure way is to let Greg cream pie in my ass. Now I am not a fan of anal sex, but when Dave whines enough I give in. So the fact that I am even thinking this makes me sure how bad I want to do this. The more I thought the harder I pounded my own pussy till finally I came hard. I had to stuff my soiled panties, they were all that were in reach, in my own mouth to muffle the cries of ecstasy. After I got cleaned up and finish the grooming. I went to get dressed. It was about an hour till Greg would be there.

I slipped into a pair of sexy black spider-webbed stocking hooking them onto a dark purple and black garter that sit on my hips just perfect to outline my ass. I next slipped on a pair of black panties with red roses on them. They were not really a thong but really close, then I decide to surprise both of the men and slipped on a open cup bra I had. It was not black like the other but would blend with the blouse better. Next I found this really tight and short jean skirt. I took scissor and cut a slit on the left side about half way up. I wanted the top of the stocking to show with ever step. I then put this almost complete sheer white top on that was a button front. I left the top to button and the bottom button undone.

The last thing was a brand new pair of heels I bought the night before. They were at least 4 inches tall, maybe five. They had a silver spiked heel that looked like chrome plating, and they had straps that wrapped around the leg a little ways and the toes were opened so you could see my bright red polish through the stocking. I had done my finger and toe nails the night before. I also did make up like I think a high price whore would do and finished it with big hoop ear rings.

I walked out and Dave got this instant hard on. He was like ready to fuck right there but I was saving it for the shoot plus I had just had a great orgasm earlier. So he would have to wait. I told him to either jerk off or wait till the shoot was done.

I had decided to see how serious Dave was. So I had decided as I dressed to give Greg a big wet kiss and try to encourage him to feel me up right in front of Dave as soon as he walked in the door. I figure if Dave is going to be jealous this is the time to find out. I love my hubby and do not want this game he started to ruin a perfect marriage.

I was saved by the bell as the door bell rang and it was Greg. He was dress in sweats and a T-shirt. I had never realized till that moment that he had one kick ass hard body. I had always seen him in suits are scrubs at the hospital. It looked to me that he was excited also as there was tent forming as he looked at me. He tried to stay professional but his dick was giving him away and my pussy was dripping again. I was so hot for this I had forgotten Dave was even there at this point. I went right up to Greg and lip locked him and kissed him long and deep and grab his cock through his sweats, just as I had planned. He fondled me and grabbed my ass and pulled me in tight against him and returned the kiss."

Okay girls reading this. All my mind thought was Oh my god that monster is never going to fit into me. He was already at his full nine inches legend said he packed, but he was not completely hard though. I was breathless when I pulled away. My heart was racing and my pussy was quivering and I had this deep sense of desire to fuck right then.

Reality set in when Dave broken the trance and motion both of us to the living room where he had some wine and some cheese set out. He wanted to chat for a minute first. Me, I wanted to fuck. I was beginning to tell myself I sound just like the guys at work = sex sex sex. All that was going on in my mind. I had no clue why this was happening and why the hell it never happen when we talked about white guys during sex. But there was something so nasty and primal about being told I was going to a breeding party to be bred. They all know I can't have babies anymore but they still say they are going to breed me.

How do I know this? Well I snuck on the website that Greg had given Dave to check out. And while they did not say me specifically, they did say the two whores for the parties and I was going to make sure I was one of them.

As we walked to the living room, Dave grab my arm and pulled me close and whispered – "Damn bitch that was hot, sit on the coach so he has to sit next to you so I can see more of that action." All my fears of jealousy were beginning to fade. When we got to the living room I sat down on the coach in a nice lady like fashion with legs properly crossed and looking as innocent and demur as I could with the thoughts of want that big black man meat into my white pussy. I was lost in thought when I heard Dave talking to Greg.

"So Doc, how does this photo thing work. Do you just tell her to get up and start stripping are what. I am totally lost here on this and it is totally new to both me and Angie." This was sounding more like the take charge Dave I have been married too for 20 plus years.

"Well, first we need to find good lighting and some nice locations in your house for her to pose on." Greg said to Dave. "But we first have two are three things I need to ask and make sure about"

"First, you both understand that these photos will be posted on line. That the face will be showing and that a large group of black men will be looking at this to judge if you're worth breeding in a party?

We both answered yes. We both smiled. Greg then sat his camera bag down and sat down right next to me our hips touching. I could smell his sex build and I pray he could smell my scent as my pussy was literally dripping and running down my ass cheeks and my panties we soaked at this point.

"Good, then the next question is are you both willing to sign a agreement acknowledging that you have been warned and you know what is going to happen here and with the pictures I take. Also, just a side note, once the voting is done all photos are removed from the website, but are kept in the archives."

Dave tells him that he would have to have some time to read it but it probably won't be a problem. I am looking at Dave smiling, knowing that he is making sure I am taken care of. I am so turned on sitting next to Greg and at the same time having my hubby taking care of the paperwork. I truly feel like I am nothing but a piece of property to be used and given up for sex. For some reason this just makes me totally hot and wanting sex more. I want Greg to do me repeatedly and then Dave to finish me off. I can't explain this. I have never felt this horny and had these nasty thoughts before, but there was just something so pulling on the way this is being done. Anyway, I look at Dave and notice he is making head and finger signs to me while Greg is digging into his case. Dave is actually encouraging me to makeout with Greg, right in front of him.

I lean down making sure my tits and hard nipples rub Greg arms and I make sure to open my legs as I move to help him. As I get close to his left ear I stick my tongue in his ear and purr quietly in his ear afterwards

"I can hardly want for you to fuck me today Greg."

You can tell by how quick he froze he was turned on and taken off guard. As he finally leans back and offers the contract thing to Dave I put my arms around him and start kissing him again. I glance at Dave who is busy trying to watch and read. I step it up a notch and stick my hand into Greg's lap and start stroking his massive meat through his sweats and he leans back and moans.

"Christ women, you need to slow down some so we can get this photo shoot in"

"I want to suck your meat right now. I want to feel in pulsing in my mouth baby, can we do the cock in mouth shot now, please baby."

I could not believe I was saying that but I heard it come out of my mouth. I next heard Dave say it works for him, and reach for the camera Greg was trying to get out of the bag. While they were doing that I was working feverishly to get Greg's cock out of his sweats. I was tugging to pull them down and at the same time trying to get my mouth on his big black cock. I was feeling like an animal and a bitch in heat. I could hear the camera clicking away. Greg was telling Dave that I was not going to get his cum yet because we had to do all the pre pic's but that he was going to let the "Breeding Bitch" suck for a few minutes. Wow, I thought, I am a breeding bitch. I felt my pussy getting very wet hearing Greg and Dave talk like I was nothing more than a piece of property.

I finally got his cock in my mouth and it was so large now that it was at full hardness that it stretched my mouth wide open. Greg grabbed the back of my head by the hair and started ramming his cock into my mouth. He was talking really nasty.

"So you really want this cock huh bitch" I nodded yes

"Good, you will make a good breeding bitch. I am going to face fuck you and I want you to rub you cunt through you clothes while you get my hammer in your mouth"

He kept going deeper almost with each stroke and I was rubbing my clit almost so hard it was abuse, but god it felt so good to be used like this and my husband busy taking pictures. Finally I heard Dave say something I couldn't really make it out. Right after Dave talked to Greg, the cock quit moving.

"Okay bitch, stop playing, put your hands behind your back and grab your elbows and leave them there until told different." By the time he finish saying this he had pulled his cock all the way out to the helmet and stopped there. My mouth was still stretched open wide and filled up.

"Here's the deal. Dave here thinks, and I agree you should not be allowed to cum till I give you a cream pie, so no more playing. No I want you to look up at me and keep your eyes looking up at me but DO NOT let my cock fall outa your mouth, do you understand?"

I nodded yes and then looked up at him. I gave him my best pleading look because I was so close to coming even now with my hands behind my back. I could still hear the camera click now and then. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dave had his cock out. He had been stroking it in between taking pics. He looked so small now compared to Greg.

"Okay honey, let me ask you, have you enjoyed the cock in your mouth? Is it to big for you?"

I tried to speak around his cock but decided if I did it would fall out. SO I sigh, and went for it anyway, and right in the middle of say I love his cock it fell out of my mouth. I was stunned at his swift reaction. I was slapped right across the face, fairly hard I might add. He then told me to get the cock back in my mouth immediately and do not let that happen again. Dave was stunned, but apparently the slapping turned him on, he shot his load all over the coffee table.

So I nodded my head yes to the first one then no to the second question and tried to speak around it. Apparently Greg is use to this because he repeated what my nods meant exactly as I meant them.

"Okay, well then get ready because at your husband suggestion we are going to throat fuck you so we can get pictures of this all the way in your mouth."

I outright panicked and he saw it in my eyes and face as I was still looking up at him. He grabbed the hair tightly and held on so I could not get away.

"Okay, take it easy, I am going to walk you through this. You need to be able to do this because some of the men at the breeding parties like to do this for their first loads. I sure hope you like lots of cum? I did not respond because frankly I have never had loads of cum. Dave barely can fill a tablespoon.

"Take some deep breaths and calm down."

I did as he said and finally after a few minutes of him holding my head still and me breathing slowly my panic disappeared and I had resolved to do this.

"First thing I want you to do is swallow for me" As I swallow he slid his cock a little further into my mouth. It felt weird but I was able to swallow.

"Okay, babe, now stick your tongue out under my cock. Hold it out under there and keep looking up at me. I am going to start stoking in and out of your mouth and I am going to go a little deeper each time. I want you to take a breath through your nose as I pull out and swallow as I go in. Can you do that for me"

I nodded yes, not taking a chance to drop his dick again. Then we started this pattern and after a couple minutes he was pretty deep but not all the way in. I was watching him and every time Greg thrust into my mouth and started down my throat he closed his eyes and his breath was held. I could tell he was fighting off cumming and this made me just work harder. I now for reason I still cannot explain wanted to feel him shoot down my throat while I was completely impaled on his monster black cock.

Finally he talks again, in a low husky strained voice.

"Here is what I want you to do now. I want you to take as deep of a breath as you can every time I pull out and then swallow hard."

He starts thrusting again. I am taking really deep breaths through my nose on about the third thrust he went all the way in. By this time I know I have him at over ten inches of hardness and I can barely stretch my mouth around it, but yet it was all the way down my throat. I can barely feel the air seeping out my nose. I can feel and smell his pubic hair. He has this small little tuff right above his cock and shaved completely otherwise.

"My gawd bitch your good. Now the question is do you want my cum right now down your throat are save the big load for a cream pie. So do you want it now?

I nodded my head almost pleading with head movement and begging with my eyes as he slightly moved his cock fully planted in my mouth.

"Then we have to pull out and go all the way back in can you handle that?"

Again I nodded and begged with my eyes. In one quick movement he pulled almost all the way out and slammed deep down my throat and then he erupted squirting his seed deep inside me. I swear I felt the first power squirt explode inside my throat and stomach and he held my head all the way against him and shot and shot and shot. It was the most mind bending wonderful experience and forced me into an orgasm like I have never had before.

When he pulled out of my throat and let it hang limp in front of me. He smiled at me and told me how wonderful it was. Then he took my hair in his hand and wipe his cock off using my hair as his towel.

Next Chapter is the rest of the Photo Shot and will be coming shortly.

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