tagLoving WivesBrenda and Bobby Ch. 11

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 11


e: This story is the eleventh installment in a series entitled "Brenda and Bobby". If you have not read the previous ten episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


After I changed, I went to the bar to get Sir his beer. As I was reaching into the refrigerator, I heard Brenda say to her lover, "Baby I absolutely treasure your cock." She started to giggle like a school girl. "I'd forgotten how magnificent it is. I just want to play with it for a little while. Is that okay?"

Gil laughed. "Help yourself."

I got the beer, put it on a tray and brought it into the room. Gil's pants were unzipped and Brenda had his cock out. I stopped. I was stunned. His penis was huge. It was really quite amazing. It must have been at least nine inches long.

For a moment I stood perfectly still holding the tray with Gils beer. My wife didn't even notice me. Her attention was totally focused. She had her left hand on the shaft of Gil's cock. It was so big that her fingers didn't touch when she tried to wrap her hand around it.

I shook my head. My little clittie got lost in her hand when she held it.

I noticed Brenda's wedding ring. It was on the hand that was holding Gil's cock. I remembered our wedding day. I could still picture Brenda smiling at me and saying, "I take you, Robert to be my husband. To have and to hold from this day forward. I freely give you my unending love and devotion. I promise to remain true and faithful to you and to cherish you. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together as both man and wife and best friends. My darling I will love you forever."

I smiled to myself. My wife was holding another man's cock in her hand and about to let him fuck her. The part of her marriage vow about being faithful wasn't relevant anymore. Earlier this week, I had voluntarily and willingly released her from that vow. Brenda was now eagerly taking advantage of her new freedom. I was the only one that was still bound by the vow to remain faithful.

I looked at my wife. She was so happy. The index finger of her right hand was reverently tracing a little line around the edge of the monstrous head of Gil's penis. It almost seemed like Brenda was renewing an old friendship.

I quietly set the new bottle of beer down on the end table next to Gil, took three steps back and continued watching.

Brenda leaned over and kissed the little mouth at the tip Gil's cock. She was moving slowly and being very delicate. She was obviously savoring this moment. She started to lick the smooth head of her lover's erection. She was still holding the shaft with one hand. Her eyes were closed. She reminded me of a little girl eating her first ice cream cone.

Brenda parted her lips and put the head of Gil's cock into her mouth. His breathing seemed to quicken. He was getting excited. Brenda started to suck on the head of his cock while she stroked his thick shaft. She was obviously not in a hurry. She established a gentle rhythm of stroking and sucking. At times she would quicken her pace, at other times she would slow it down. She was clearly trying to give Gil pleasure without making him cum.

Brenda was never able to do this for me. The few times that she tried, I ejaculated the moment that her lips touched the head of my penis.

As I stood in front of them and watched. I was overwhelmed with envy. I so wished that I had the kind of control that Gil was exhibiting at this moment.

Suddenly Brenda stopped. She looked up at me and saw that I had changed my clothes. Her lips formed a wicked smile. "So my little quickspurt has returned."

She pulled herself back up and kissed Gil on the cheek. "How do you like our sissy boy's outfit? Cute isn't it."

"Shit baby, I just don't believe it. What a little fem. No wonder you're looking for lovers."

Gil was warming to the task.

Suddenly Brenda scowled at me. She stood up, walked over and slapped me hard across my face. "The next time you walk in and were busy, I expect you to get down on your knees and wait respectfully until you are addressed. Do you understand me wimp boy."

"Yes Ms. Adams, I understand."

"Good, don't make that mistake again."

Brenda's expression got softer. "Did you enjoy the show Quickspurt? Gil has a really big cock doesn't he."

"Yes Ms. Adams, he does."

Brenda took my penis in her hand and held it up. Suddenly she reached out and grabbed my nipple. The thin cloth of my nightie did little to protect me from her attack. She twisted viciously. I cried out. She kept twisting.

Gil started to get up. "Brenda..."

Brenda released my nipple. She was breathing rapidly. This little act of sadism had excited her. "Oh don't worry. I didn't hurt him that bad, he's just a little crybaby."

To my total humiliation, there were tears running down my cheek. Brenda really had made me cry.

"I have to do it so that he won't cum while I am showing you his little cocklet. If I don't give him a dose of pain to keep his mind off of what I am doing, he'll shoot his little dribble of worthless semen immediately. This way, we can actually inspect his cock without worrying about him making a mess."

Brenda picked up my penis again. "Gil baby, look at this. Isn't it a hoot?"

Gil laughed. "It looks like a little boys pee pee."

Brenda grabbed my hair and held my face in front of hers. "Sissy boy, which cock do you think that I would rather have tonight. Your pathetic little clittie or Gils huge dick."

We both turned and looked at her lover. His massive erection was sticking straight up in the air.

"Look at that sissy boy isn't it magnificent?"

"Yes Mistress, it looks very powerful."

"Which one do you think I want Quickspurt."

"I think that you would rather have Master Gil's cock Ms. Adams."

"Indeed? Well what kind of a man does that make you? You're my husband aren't you.?

"Yes Ms Adams."

She laughed. "But you're not a man are you. Real men protect their marital rights, little pussy boys like you surrender them to men like Master Gil."

"Yes Mistress."

Brenda moved closer to me. In a low tone of voice she said, "Wimpboy, do you know what you're going to do while I play with my lover?"

"No Ms. Adams."

"You're going to lick my asshole. I'm going to get on my knees between Master Gil's legs. When I have his big beautiful cock in my mouth, You're going to kneel down behind me and beg me to let you lick my asshole. Is that clear?"

"Yes Ms. Adams."

Brenda got on her knees, wrapped her hands around Gil's cock, put it into her mouth and started sucking him."

I got on my knees behind my wife, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and spread her ass cheeks.

"Ms. Adams, may I please be allowed to kiss and lick your asshole while you suck your lovers cock?"

Brenda took Gil's cock out of her mouth. "What does it mean when you kiss and lick my asshole while I suck another man's cock wimpboy?"

"It means that I am surrendering all of my marital rights and giving you permission to party with any man you choose."

Brenda smiled. "Wimpboy, that's a wonderful answer. You deserve a nice reward. You have my permission to kiss and lick my ass."

Brenda shuddered when she felt my lips make contact with her. She took a moment to enjoy the pleasure of my tongue probing her asshole then she put Gil's cock back into her mouth and sucked him with unbridled lust.

All three of us got lost in the passion of the moment. My face was buried in my wife's ass. Her lover was lying back getting a magnificent blow job and Brenda was getting to play with a huge cock. We lost track of time.

It was Brenda that finally got us back on task. She took Gil's cock out of her mouth, stood up and smiled. "I could do that all night long, but we can't get side tracked. We have a lot more fun stuff ahead of us."

She turned to me. Quickspurt, as my slave, I think that it would be appropriate for you to undress me so that I can play with my lover.

I bowed my head. "Yes Ms, Adams."

As I removed Brenda's blouse and brassiere, Gil started to chuckle and said, "This is fucking great."

Brenda winked at her lover and said, "I told you that you would enjoy this."

Gil sat back and put his feet up on the coffee table. His pants were still unzipped and his cock was still sticking straight up. He started to smile and said, "Hey Quickspurt turn your wife just a little bit so that I can get a better view of her tits."

I gently moved Brenda so that she was facing Gil. "Is this better sir?"

"Yeah, that'll do great."

He looked at Brenda for a moment. "Quickspurt, I sure do love your wife's tits. They're absolutely gorgeous. I could look at them all night long."

Brenda started giggling. "You'd better do more than look at them or I'll have to find another stud."

Gil laughed. "She's right Quickspurt. We'd better get going. Take her skirt and panties off. I want to see your wife's cute little ass."

I set Brenda's blouse and brassiere on the chair next to her. When that was done I unbuckled her belt and unzipped the back of her skirt. She stepped out of it as I pulled it to the floor. I carefully folded it and placed it on the chair next to her blouse.

I started to pull Brenda's panties down, but Gil stopped me. "Turn her around and pull them down slowly. I want to enjoy this."

Brenda turned so that Gil was behind her. She whispered to me "Get down on your knees sweetheart. It will make it more fun for him."

I got on my knees. Gil laid back on the couch and stroked his huge cock while I slowly pulled Brenda's panties down.

When Brenda's panties were around her knees Gil said, "Turn her around again. I want to look at her pussy."

Brenda turned and faced Gil. He smiled. "I love a shaved pussy. I heard you did that for me Quickspurt. I really appreciate it. I want you to be sure to shave Brenda's pussy every day."

I bowed. "Yes sir. I will remember that."

Gil threw his head back and roared with laughter. "Damn Quickspurt you are one accommodating little guy."

I nodded. "Yes sir, I am trying very hard."

Gil smiled. "Well little buddy, you did great, but now it's time to turn your wife over to me. I'll show you how a man satisfies a woman."

He reached his hand out. "Come here baby."

Brenda walked over to him. Gil grabbed her wrist, gently pulled her onto his lap, put his arms around her and kissed her. Brenda started unbuttoning Gil's shirt. "Studman, its time to get your clothes off."

As my wife removed each article of Gils clothing she tossed it to me. When I was holding all of his clothes she said, "Hang everything in the hall closet. I don't want any of his clothes to be winkled when he puts them on in the morning."

I carried Gil's clothes to the hall closet and carefully hung them up. When I was done I returned to the living room. Gil was sitting upright on the couch. My wife was on her knees between his legs. She was sucking his cock. They were now ignoring me. They were completely focused on each other.

I remembered Brenda's earlier edict. I quietly got on my knees and watched from a respectful distance.

The tone of their lovemaking had changed. Brenda was giving Gil a vigorous and lusty blow job. The time for delicate teasing was over. My wife was now a bawdy jezebel sucking her powerful studs cock.

Suddenly Gil picked Brenda up and laid her on the couch. He spread my wife's legs and mounted her. He was in control now. He didn't ask permission. He was a stud. He took what he wanted.

Brenda gasped as she felt Gil push his massive cock into her. He moved slowly. He knew that this was the largest cock that she had taken in a long time. He was being very careful not to hurt her.

When he was all the way inside my wife he laid very still. After a moment he began to slowly withdraw his cock from Brenda's cunt. He pulled it out about a quarter of the way then pushed it back in. He slowly repeated this same motion over and over again.

Gradually he started to increase his tempo. Soon he was thrusting his huge spear into my wife's womb, pulling it out and thrusting it in again.

As I watched I began to fully understand why Brenda lusted after Gil. He really did know how to properly fuck a woman.

Suddenly Gil stopped. He pulled his still erect cock out of my wife, stood up and pulled Brenda to her feet.

"Enough games. Where's the bedroom?"

Brenda laughed and led her naked lover to the master bedroom. As they opened the door, Gil looked back at me and said, "Bobbi my buddy, It's official, you are now Brenda's cuckold."

I smiled back at Gil and said, "Thank you for letting me play for a little while. Please enjoy yourself."

He laughed and said, "I am certainly going to try."

They disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Seeing my naked wife leading her powerful lover down the hallway to our bedroom to have sex with him is probably the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

I retired to the guest bedroom and laid awake all night listening to the sounds of my wife being pleasured by another man. I was indeed now Brenda's cuckold.

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