tagRomanceBrenda's Affair

Brenda's Affair


Brenda's marriage has been on the rocks for a while. Working a full time job, she also comes home to do loads of chores and deals with the kids while he plays poker at the bar with his friends after work.

She suspected that he's had his own fling or two based on his unnatural behavior and excuses, but she can't seem to nail anything down for certain.

Tonight was the last straw. Not even a phone call - just a text message saying he'd be out late with the guys.

Brenda calls up her sister to see if she can take the kids for the night. She wants a night alone to take a bath, go out... something! Her sister agrees. An hour later, the kids are picked up and whisked away. Brenda turns on a hot bath, and slowly dips her curvy petal-soft skin into a tub full of bubbles.

"Oh shit, I forgot..."

Wrapping herself in a towel, she drips along the floor and heads to the kitchen. She grabs a glass, fills it up to the brim with red wine, and brings it back to the tub.

Easing into the tub again, her breasts become covered just enough to keep her warm instead of chilled.

She takes a sip of wine.

Then a gulp.

"Ahhh. That's more like it."

Time passes by. Then Brenda gets a buzz on her cell.

Wendi invites her to go to the bar to get out of the house. Usually Brenda turns stuff like this down - but not today.

"Wendi, that sounds wonderful! What time? Eight? Yeah, I can make it! I'll meet you there."

A long, drawn-out sigh leaves Brenda relieved. She is going to have fun tonight, one way or another.

The bar was a great idea. Brenda & Wendi catch up on d times. They talk about their kids, marriage (or what's left of it), their jobs... When out of the blue they are treated to a couple of drinks on the house.

The two ladies look around and spot a couple of gentlemen across the way. They smile and wave at the ladies politely, then they return to talking to each other casually.

"That was nice!" Wendi says.

"Yeah... It was. I haven't been bought a drink for quite a while..."

The girls talk a bit more, and Wendi calls it quits.

"Brenda, thanks for catching up with me tonight! Don't be a stranger! Let's do this every now and then. You need some adult time too from time to time."

"We will. Maybe in a month? Let's make this a regular thing. It's a great escape." Brenda says.

Wendi leaves. She notices that one of the two gentleman is still at the other end of the bar. As he finishes up his talk with the bartender, he looks over at Brenda. They lock eyes. He bashfully smiles and looks down.

She smiles wider. They make eye contact again. He smiles, orders another couple of drinks, and heads over to her with them.

"I am certain that you have to be the most beautiful woman I have seen come into this bar before. I am so out of your league, but I had to take a shot. Fortunately this liquid courage helped me swing the bat."

Brenda laughs. Her touch of Louisiana southern belle accent cannot be entirely masked. "Handsome. You have no idea how much you have made my day today. I'm Brenda."

"Handsome even!? Today must be my lucky day! I feel like I'm batting a thousand." He kisses Brenda's hand sweetly. "Your highness, I am Mike."

Her heart flutters. She blurts out instinctively without thinking... "Mike, if you play the-your-cards right, lucky will... Ummm..."

Her face reddens. Her words got stumbled part way trough in her nervousness.

Mike smiles, and says nothing about it.

He takes her hand in his. He shyly smiles.

"Princess. You can relax. We can talk until the bar closes. No obligations. Let me be your prince."

Brenda's heart melts a bit more. She bashfully looks down, but grabs his other hand with hers. His right hand lets go of hers. He lifts her chin until they lock eyes.

"Sweetheart. All I ask is that you don't hide those beautiful green eyes from me for the rest of the night."

Her heart pounds. And for the first time in a long time, she gets ... excited... Maybe scared? Maybe...

Mentally, her mind and her heart are at war. And she comes to a conclusion.

she thinks.

She moves in, and kisses Mike.

Her tension at home, at work, her marriage, the chores, the kids, her annoying boss... All of it is passionately dissolved into this monumental kiss.

She feels free.

Mike opens his eyes from that kiss.

"Brenda. That... wow... that was something."

An hour, maybe two goes by. Brenda is filled with adoration, attention, affection.

Reality hits. A text message from you-know-who...

She shakes her head in disgust.

"What is it?" Mike asks, rubbing her back.

"Oh, just disappointment. Another long night alone it seems..."

"Oh... Brenda, if you want, I can give you some ti-"

"No. No, Mike. You've been wonderful. So wonderful to me. I..."

A flash of clarity fills her eyes. Then a smile that she covers up with her right hand. Mike looks at her inquisitively. Brenda composes herself, then takes his hand into hers.

"Mike. It is your lucky day. Want to follow me home?"

Mike looks perplexed. "Sweetheart? Are you-"

Brenda kisses him in a way that makes it very clear what her intentions are. She fiddles with his hand, and leads him out the door.

The door to Brenda's house could not open fast enough. As soon as the two were out of the cars, they were practically attached. For her sake, Brenda's neighbors seemed to be preoccupied with their own situations to notice her pulling her bra through her right sleeve as the door opened.

As the door slammed shut, Mike passionately kissed Brenda's neck up and down as she simultaneously started to fight with Mike's belt and button on his pants.

With a couple of mighty tugs and laughs, Brenda managed to free him of his entrapment. As she pulled down his pants, she accidentally brushed up against his semi-hard penis with her hand.

"Oh my God, you're so much bigger than -"

She catches herself.

"Um, let's just say this is definitely a gift to me, Mike."

He laughs, kisses her, and pulls her shirt off. Then stares for a brief moment.

"For what it's worth, Brenda, those alone make it worth it to me."

He pulls in one breast into his mouth. Brenda feels the excitement build immediately, feeling a warm wetness building below. Mike takes in the other side into his mouth. They kiss again. And again.

She starts to lower herself onto her knees as she pulls down his boxer shorts. But she is stopped as soon as Mike figures out what she is up to.

"Oh no, princess. Today you will be pleased. You have gone long enough without feeling this good. Let's finish this evening the right way."

Mike picks up Brenda and carries her to the bed, tossing her gently to the side. Then with her legs up, he pulls her panties off.

Then... With precision, gentleness, but also passion, Mike's mouth works Magic on Brenda. He kisses, licks, sucks, licks, kisses... He moves from her inner thighs, to her labia, to her clit, back to her thighs, to her lower stomach, to her clit, to her thighs...

Brenda becomes a musical instrument of her own with her moaning, twitching, gasping...

Mike continues to please her by switching things around... He turns her over on her side. He has her sit on his face. He uses fingers. He penetrates her with his tongue. He pushes in deep with his penis. Then pulls out and eats her some more.

She has never had a multiple orgasm like this until today. Her heart pounds each time Mike switches to a new position. She feels like she is being barraged on every front, and has no qualms about it.

She grabs Mike and nearly leaps on top of him. She pulls him into her, then rides him as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Her clit rubs on top of him, all the while he reaches up grabbing her breasts.

Mike feels Brenda's heart practically pound out of her chest as she nears her largest orgasm she has ever had in her life.

She pushes so hard and deeply into him that he is barely able to hold back his own orgasm. She finishes with a hard moan. Her muscles spasm all the way from her face to her toes. And all at once, she collapses into top of his bare chest.

Her breathing is between a semi-gasp and gulping large amounts of air. Mike titillates her senses by running his fingers up and down her back, then around to her breasts, then down the back of her legs. She jumps at the sensitive spots.

As she calms down...

"Oh shit! Mike, get up, I'm sorry! Go out the back! Hurry!"

A car can be heard coming down the road. To most it would sound like another car. But she knows her car...

Mike scrambles to collect his things and bails out the back. Brenda races to the front of the house, grabs her bra and other things, then buries it in the bottom of the laundry basket.

Brenda quickly jumps in the shower just as her husband starts messing with the lock on the door. That alone buys her enough time to have wet hair before he enters the house.

The timing is perfect. Mike walks to his car on the side of the road and casually gets in as the door closes.

As Brenda's husband enters the bedroom, he is full of bravado and stories of poker and chance.

"Honey! You have no idea how lucky I got today!"

Brenda smiles widely as the hot water splashes all around her curvy, naked body.

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Great story

GOOD for Brenda. Every married woman deserves fun outside of their marriage. Please....keep writing.

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