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Brenda's First


My wife and I were stationed at Ft Riley, Ks. We had a nice apartment on post and were enjoying the benefits of a young military NCO family. I had a good job, and although the pay sucked, we didn't know any better and were happy. We had been married two years and had just returned to the States from Germany.

Brenda and I had talked about bringing another man into our sex life, purely fantasizing in the heat of the moment from my point of view. Looking back, I can see that she was completely at ease with sex, and I was still a little naive.

One evening, we were in town, drinking too much and generally doing the GI bar to bar thing. We both were pretty sloshed by quitting time. We pointed the car towards the base, and started home.

Before we got out of town, we saw this hitchhiker, obviously another GI heading back to the base. Without asking, I picked him up. Brenda slid over next to me, and invited him to share the front seat with us. There was room for three in the old Ford, but it was close.

Almost immediately, I felt Brenda's hand in my lap. She was massaging my cock through my pants, and I could feel my cock responding. Knowing the stranger was there while she stroked me was very exciting. I slowed down to just under the speed limit to prolong the moment.

Imagine my surprise when, looking towards her, I saw that she had her other hand on the stranger's pants. She was working on both of us! Surprise is the wrong word. I was shocked. At first it was like a cold bucket of ice had been dumped on my head. What was going on here? Then I felt this sexual fire engulfing me. Watching her hand moving on the stranger's lap was turning me on more than I had ever felt before.

I looked up, into her eyes. She was watching me carefully, trying to gage my acceptance of the situation. She was panting lightly, with her lips parted, really getting into the heat. I asked her, "Would you like for me to stop the car?"

She said, "Yes", and turned to the stranger, offering her lips. It was as if I wasn't there. They were totally wrapped in each other immediately. He was squeezing her ample tits with one hand and pulling her closer with the other hand, running it up and down her back.

I pulled off of the highway at a small lake. It was probably more of a holding pond for the highway. There was a road grader and some other heavy equipment parked there. Well , I wasn't looking for a fishing spot.

They were in another world. The windows were steamed over almost immediately after I stopped the car next to the lake. Brenda's blouse was open. She was trying to reach the snap on her bra and having trouble in the tight confines of the car. I unsnapped it for her. I touched her lightly, stroking her back, from her waist to her long brown hair, then pausing briefly at the spot behind her ear that drives her nuts. She responded with a heavy moan, and doubled her kissing. I heard a zipper and knew that one of them had released his cock from the confines of his pants.

On one level, I felt involved, but on another, it was obvious that I was an observer. It was very strange. She was pushing towards me. At first I thought it was for contact, but then realized that she needed more room. I opened my door and slid out of the car.

I had to get my cock out. There I was, standing beside my car, holding my very hard cock while watching my wife stretching out to put her head in his lap. I couldn't see what she was doing, but her head was going up and down in a pattern that I knew well.

She twisted around and got on her hands and knees on the seat. Her head never left his lap. I knew that she had control of his cock now. She was moving slowly up and down, moaning lightly. I could almost feel the vibration in the air and I knew from experience that he wouldn't last long.

He reached over and pulled her skirt up to her waist. He was trying to get his hand under her panties. She was not really dressed for access, wearing both panties and pantyhose. Don't ask.

I leaned in and, with both hands, grabbed the elastic and pulled them both off of her beautiful ass, down to her knees. The smell of sex was immediately overwhelming.

I watched as he caressed her ass. He tried to hold one cheek with his hand and squeezed her in time with her head bobbing up and down. Then he slipped his middle finger in the crack and leaned as far as he could, reaching around to her steaming pussy. I could hear wet slippery noises as he pushed further and further into his target.

Her whole body was moving faster and faster as she consumed his rod. All of a sudden, he went completely rigid. I knew he was pumping cum into her throat. He put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her into his lap tightly.

As he relaxed, she sat up and moved to kiss him. He turned his head away, probably not wanting to taste his cum. I slipped back behind the wheel and pulled her to me. She looked at me with love in her eyes. We kissed long and deep. I felt her hand around my cock and knew that this would be the best fuck that I had ever had. What a woman.

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