Brenda's Story


I had never been so filled, so impaled as I was now. Also, I didn't understand why my husband allowed me to be taken by his brother again, to be used by him. He began moving in me, moving slowly at first, taking a lot of time with me. I forgot about my husband, as my whole being was centered around this huge cock filling me, moving in and out of me. I was flushed and trembling as he continued. I had never been so overcome with passion as I was now. This erotic situation was lifting me to heights I didn't think possible; I was so wet that his stroking into me was audible, making sucking and pumping sounds that we could hear. He began thrusting faster, punishing me with his cock, pushing powerfully into me. I clutched him as I felt my orgasm approaching. When I felt him swelling even more I cried out shrilly, my climax full upon me, my body twisting and jerking with the power of my release.

This triggered his orgasm and he groaned, ejaculating into me, and I could feel his semen spurting against my cervix, carrying me along, my orgasm going on and on until he drained himself in me. When his cock finally softened, he moved out of me and I just lay there spread legged, our juices draining from me. Before I recovered, my husband moved between my legs and easily entered me. He was so excited that he came after only a few strokes. After he moved off me I began to dress. I was tearful, both at being taken by Jim with my husband watching, and because I had responded so intensely to the thorough fucking I had experienced. I had words with Art over allowing this to happen, allowing Jim to take me unexpectedly, and the two of them working together to seduce me. But I had been satisfied like never before and I was still tingling, my body still flushed and trembling. I was so weak I was barely able to dress, and I was still tearful as I left them, and went to bed.

Soon I heard Jim leaving, and Art came to our bedroom. After he got into bed I said, "I can't believe you let this happen without discussing it first, helping him seduce me and then giving your own wife to him, allowing him to fuck me. You really wanted that to happen, didn't you? You know I've always been faithful to you, but you weren't happy with just that. You wanted to watch your wife being fucked, and he did a good job of it. You like having Jim plant horns on hour head? I saw the look on your face when he was coming in me, shooting his sperm into me. He really serviced me and you were a willing participant. Maybe I'll let him do it again, or maybe you want another man to fuck me."

Art said, "You really got into it! You really enjoyed it. I also saw the look on your face when you felt him cumming in you. I never thought that would happen, and yes, I did enjoy it, and I think we should do this again." Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

We did do it again, and the memory kept coming back, remembering how I had been taken and used by our male friends, and I would feel myself moistening. When I saw Jim again, I would become flushed and embarrassed, reliving the scene. So our relationship with him gradually became more sexual and our sex has definitely become open.

My husband found it a real turn-on and often talked about seeing me with a total stranger, although I wasn't sure that he'd find it so exciting if it really happened. I find young handsome men very exciting, and I often fantasized about being screwed by one. Not long ago, we went to a party and they'd hired a live band whose lead singer was the essence of a male for me. He was so handsome he would have walked away with any best looking male title. I couldn't take my eyes off him! He kept looking at me, and each time, I felt shivers running up and down my spine. I wasn't surprised to find that my panties were wet. My husband is an astute man and he doesn't miss a thing. I don't know how he persuaded the fellow to join us, but suddenly we were home and he was sitting in our family room drinking. My husband went to the kitchen and David pulled me against his chest and started to kiss me passionately.

At first I was taken back, but soon I was returning his kiss fervently, even when I heard my husband come back into the room. The kiss led to intimate fondling and somehow I ended up naked with only my stockings and high heels on. I looked at my husband and he was sitting in a chair, rubbing his bulge, his eyes lustfully fixed on us. I realized that both our fantasies were about to come to life. As David and I kissed, my hand stroked his erect cock until it was real hard. And what a handful it was! For such a slim man, his cock was out of proportion, very thick and long, prominently veined, and with a bulbous head. He sat back on a chair, and pushing down on my shoulders, he made me kneel between his legs. I knew what he wanted and I longed to take that large head into my mouth, so without hesitation, I wrapped my lips around it. He sighed as my tongue explored the small hole.

I looked at my husband to see how he was taking it, seeing his wife sucking a total stranger's cock. He looked in a daze, but his right hand was buried inside his open trousers and I could see that he was stroking his cock as his wife licked and sucked the big cock in her mouth. I suppose it must have been quite a shock to see one's wife kneeling at the feet of a man much younger than she, her full red lips stretched to the limit around his large prick. I curled my hand around the shaft as I continued to suck the head. My other hand was cradling my pussy, my fingertips gently flicking my already swollen labia. David slipped down in the chair and I was able to bob my head up and down his cock, taking more of his hard cock between my full lips. I was lost in a sea of lust, sucking, licking and nibbling on the cock inside my mouth, while driving my fingers deep inside my wet pussy, and my thumb teasing my clit.

I heard Art urging me on to greater feats. It was so obscene that it freaked me out and I became even wilder. I took so much cock into my mouth that the head was lodged deep in my throat and I was still trying to get more in as I longed for him to cum in my mouth. I'd already had two preliminary orgasms, but as he tensed and my lips clasped his cock behind the head, I felt the hot spurts hit the back of my throat, and I came at the same time. I shook violently as my pussy muscles clenched my fingers. I was drinking spurt after spurt of semen, yet some still oozed out of the corners of my mouth. Later my husband said it was that sight that made him cum; another man's semen oozing out while his cock was still buried deep in my throat. We rested, talked and drank before once again I was kneeling before David to make his cock hard again. I licked it all over, my tongue running all over his balls and then up the length of his shaft to the swollen head.

Soon his cock had regained its full splendor, and although I would have been happy to suck him off again, he wanted to fuck me. He sat on the edge of the chair and made me lower myself onto his up-standing cock. I knew that he had chosen that position so that my husband could see everything. He grabbed a buttock in each hand and helped me to lift myself up and down on his cock. I could see my husband's eyes glued to the sight of David's big tool glistening with my pussy juice each time it emerged from the depths of my cervix. He fucked me like that for a long time, and I had several orgasms before he lowered me to the carpet and moved between my thighs. My five-inch heels waved high in the air as he fucked me hard and fast. Again I came, more than once, as his cock plowed into me. My husband was beside us watching while he jerked on his stiff cock. David stopped and made me kneel on all fours.

He knelt behind me and rammed his cock back into me, all the way to my belly-button it seemed. I felt and acted like a bitch in heat as the young man grabbed my hips and held them steady as he rammed his cock all the way to my cervix with great power. His cock brought me off once again. I thought he would fill my pussy with his juices, but just before coming, he pulled out and whipped me around so that I was facing him. A few strokes of his hand and his jism was splashing against my face. I opened my mouth and caught a few drops. David sat back on his heels looking satisfied and he said something to my husband. I got the biggest shock of my life when my husband knelt in front of me and wiped the stranger's cum from my face and shoved his fingers in my mouth. It was so lewd that I fingered my pussy and had another orgasm. We were exhausted and dragged ourselves upstairs.

Again David said something to Art and I watched astonished as he headed for the spare bedroom while David and I ensconced ourselves in the big King sized bed. I did not get much sleep that night, the guy was insatiable and very inventive and made me do things I'd never dreamt of, but I loved everything. We didn't start out this way, but through role playing, fantasies, fantasy reading, etc., my husband and I both developed a fascination for other men (strange men) having sex with me and then my husband listening to my adventure and having sex with me afterwards. His most explicit fantasy is for me to dress slutty, heavy on the lipstick, and have sex with a stranger, then come right home for him to get on top of me and do all the same things before I clean up. My fantasy is to have sex with other men and to broaden my experiences with men, but it wouldn't matter quite as much as to the extreme of my dress.

And so...On this particular summer evening in July of last year, my getting ready started in the same way. It was Friday night which is the best night for country dance lounge visits; crowded, standing room only, live music, dimly lit dance area, easy to share the spotlight with other women and girls who were dressed sexy too. I took a long, hot bath, and had discovered that I could increase my internal sexual heat by bringing to the tub a few printed out erotic stories that my husband has read in his men's magazines. Just browsing the stories! It was just this type of reading that my husband Art and I did in the beginning, which got our minds drifting off in this erotic direction in the first place. Yes, we also think many of the stories are fiction and male imagination, but some seemed more real and the sum total left us with the desire to experiment. If I were to dress as Art envisioned me to, I'd be almost naked in a tight fitting silk slip & high heels.

So that evening, I wore a denim one-piece mini-dress, accented with a wide red leather belt, red heels, very red lipstick, nylons and a few pieces of costume country jewelry. Have I worn garters before? Yes, but usually on special occasions and with dresses that can carry it off well. May I say here that my language at home is pretty tame, but in this story, I'll describe things the way men are more accustomed; language different than I allow myself at work or home, near family or my grandkids. Art finds it very hard not to want sex with me during this preparation period, but we both want it delayed. Him: because when I get home and after an evening of anticipation, the moment will be more intense if he waits. Me: because although Art wants me as a used cum-filled woman, I want to present myself fresher to whomever I may meet later in the evening. I left the house around 9 p.m. and it took 20 minutes to get to the lounge of my choice.

It's one that I'm comfortable with and my husband and I have both been to before. It took me another 10 minutes in the car, building up my courage to go inside. I was sexually very stimulated at being able to play with this extra-marital-sex lifestyle, but I was also on the reserved side in personality, and more submissive in nature. So dressing slutty in public and being reserved in private was like colliding worlds. I didn't calm down and relax until after about 10 minutes inside the lounge, and it helped to be dancing. As expected, it was crowded inside. The band was playing loudly and my eyes took awhile to adjust to the low lighting. I was immediately approached by a man who bought me a drink, and though I wasn't attracted to him, I took it and engaged in conversation just so I could keep busy for a bit. We even danced one number. I was feeling better now, and my eyes began to take in a wider perspective of the large crowd.

I side stepped off by myself for a moment and a younger man (maybe 45 years) asked me to dance. He was quite handsome and well dressed. I did and we went for three dances, both slow and fast, and he was quite nice. He said his wife was off flirting and dancing with other guys. He's also quite horny and had enough to drink that he was looking very relaxed. I was getting a little aroused too and allowed him to hold me pretty firmly around the waist as we talked a while near the bar stools. It wasn't necessarily my desire to stay until the place closed, but to have a nice, hopefully exciting sexual experience, and then go home to my husband to finish up a very fulfilling evening for both of us. So even though this man had a lot to drink, I was considering him for what he might be capable of giving me in the way of raw sex and quick romance if we were to go off somewhere. But could he drive I wondered?

I was having some doubts as to how this was going to work out. Fortunately I hadn't committed myself yet, and could still comfortably dash off to dance with another man from time to time, or make a trip to the restroom without this man getting upset. And after one of these quick trips to the restroom, a much younger guy named Scott approached me and asked to dance. We did and ended up dancing all the way until the band took a break. I suspected Scott was married, but he wasn't too revealing about his personal life as we talked, at least not the domestic part of his life. I admitted to him that I was married though, and he was only interested in whether my husband was also at the club that night. Once hearing that he wasn't, Scott maintained his flirtatious interest. He looked 8 or 10 years my junior maybe 40 or 42. I didn't ask and he didn't inquire much on this subject either. He had to know the obvious difference though but didn't seem to care.

The band began another set and we were back on the dance floor. It was so crowded that couples were constantly brushing against each other, lightly bumping. I was strongly attracted to Scott, so it was an exciting feeling for him to draw me in close, with his arm around my waist. Mine were around his neck. As he let his hands roam down the sides of my dress and softly around my bottom, I was feeling relaxed and increasingly hot. I just let my body follow his as we moved slowly around the dance floor, and then I could feel his hard erection pushing from inside his pants, and against my abdomen. He was commenting on my perfume and the softness of my skin and the sexiness of my dress. His hands were starting to find a home on my ass and he pulled me closer to him; closer to his manly erection. I found myself helping him a little, though more subtly. As we danced slowly, Scott began to tell me that his wife was probably somewhere else on the dance floor being crushed up against another man's chest.

When I responded to his comment that my husband encouraged me to go the lounge by myself and pickup men, Scott said he and his wife had an open-marriage also. I was having heated fantasies about the power of Scott's penis. It is an everlasting sensation I have about the impregnating nature of a man's cock. I imagined Scott's penis trying so hard to work its way to my pussy to impregnate me with his very potent sperm; to mate with my eggs and then leave me laying open legged on the floor somewhere, sperm laden and completely sated. It's just a reoccurring fantasy. A woman thing! When the dance ended, I excused myself for a moment to go to the restroom. I walked through the crowd, down the hall and before getting to the bathroom, found that the older man had followed me. He was still very nice, still very horny. Looking even older under the brighter lights, but that didn't make any difference to me really.

There was still something attractive and adventurous about him. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him. He wanted to dance some more and knew I was with the younger man right now, but he wasn't troublesome. Maybe that's why I felt comfortable with him. I was nice to him and permitted his hands to explore the material of my dress and take a quick liberty with my 34D breasts before I leaned forward and gave him a nice kiss on the lips and told him it would be great to talk with him again on another evening, but I had to leave for the moment. He was very cooperative; more so than some would have been. A nice person, but I wondered if he'd get home okay. In the restroom, I put on some more lipstick, then in a stall, I removed my pantyhose. I never insist on a condom, because Art's desire is to feel another man's cum inside of me when he pushes his own penis in to fuck his used wife.

For some reason, Art really gets off when he has the sensation of poking me after being used by another man. I couldn't really understand why this turned him on so, but I enjoyed doing it for him. From a pay phone in the restroom, I made a quick call home. This was just a pre-arranged way of telling my husband that I had met someone, and that sex was in the cards that night. It gave him a confirmed sense of anticipation and that his reward would indeed come later. Back on the dance floor, Scott's roaming hands quickly reactivated the rock hardness in his crotch and I gave him a light kiss on the lips to make sure it didn't go away. After two more slow dances, he took me by the hand and led me outside to his truck, which was right out front. We drove to another parking spot in a more darkened area, but still among the hordes of other parked cars. What a wonderful make-out. In this semi-privacy, Scott kissed me and our tongues were soon probing each other's mouths.

My husband has a fetish for me in lipstick, but often wipes his mouth after the first kiss. Scott was consuming me, and I liked it that way. He pulled down the elastic top of my dress; I wasn't wearing a bra, and for a gal of fifty, I can honestly say my breasts barely sag. The warmth and softness of his hands on my breasts as he cupped them, squeezed them, and pinched out the nipples so his mouth could softly clamp around them was extremely exciting. Then I revealed to Scott my sensual desire for him to cup his entire mouth over my tit and to suck as much in as he could, then move back and forth in a milking motion, stretching me out as far as he could and then back in. This is highly exciting to me and it drives me to new ecstasies as the sex foreplay goes on with a strange man. I grappled at his pants and Scott undid his belt, his zipper, and tried to slip off his Levis. He had to step outside the car briefly to get them off, and I saw another couple watching him as he stripped them off.

Scott was wonderfully naked from the waist down in front of me, and his hard cock went right into my mouth as I bent over to welcome him back inside the truck. I also knew that the other couple could tell what I was now doing and that made me even more excited, and I felt his hot shaft slide past my lips for the first time. Scott's hands went back to my breasts, as I continued to suck on him. I could feel him pulling up my dress over my ass, and trying to push down my panties. We were both a little out of breath. I managed to tell him I might not have enough room in the truck to slide them off easily, but that I wanted to. He wanted me to get out of the truck and come over to his side, the darker side where the distant parking lot lights couldn't reach. So we both stood outside of the truck and I leaned against it with my back. Scott stood before me, and as I held up the hem of my dress to my waist, Scott gently pulled my panties down and off my ass.

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