tagNon-EroticBrendi Lyn Ch. 05

Brendi Lyn Ch. 05

bydark suenos©

"He shouldn't treat the new ones so bad," someone whispered.

"They need to build up to such pain." Another unknown hushed voice added.

"He wants them to learn he's master." A third voice.

"That doesn't mean he needs to beat them half to death. She doesn't have the tolerance for pain that we do, none of us would've even thought twice about that many lashings." I squirmed and my back was icy fire.

"You other girls get out of here, she doesn't need masses of people around her." The first voice, there was a shuffling and a door opening and closing. She moved something on my back, it stang and I tried to pull away. "Now, Brendi, I need you to hold still. Otherwise this'll just hurt more and I want you to get better." She peeled a warm cloth from my back and replaced it with a cool one. I tried to swallow, but my throat was so dry I started choking. Suddenly a straw was pressed against my lips. "It's just gatorade." I took a sip and held it in my mouth letting it soak into my chapped lips, soften my dry throat. I opened my eyes and saw a woman's belly, if I lowered my eyes I could see her naked cunt, if I raised them I could see her breasts.

"Th-" my voice was still funny, I swallowed a little bit more. "Thank you."

"Here, take this." She slipped a pill into my mouth. I spat it back out, afraid of what it could be. "Sweetie, you don't have any choice, besides its just a painkiller." She popped the wet pill back into my mouth and pushed the straw in after. She was acting like this was normal, standing around naked and treating a girl who's back has been whipped to ribbons. "Swallow it or it's going to taste really bitter." I held it in my mouth and the sweet coating melted away. I tried to spit it out again, but she caught it and pushed what was left of the pill into my mouth. "If you don't take it your breasts and your back are going to start hurting again and the master will punish you." I swallowed and she put the straw to my mouth again and I drank. "Good girl." She knelt down in front of me, I gasped to see Sylvie's flame red hair. "I'm sorry I had to hurt you before, but I had to obey the master." She was apologizing for almost biting off my nipple? "I'm one of the first two he took. I've tried to fight back. I tried to run away the first time he took me out somewhere. He caught me and he punished me." She was quiet for awhile, her eyes clouded over fearfully. "He takes two every three years or so. He does his research and he drives a long way to get them. With you two there's twelve of us."

"Twelve?" My mind spun, two every three years, twelve! I quickly counted, four by the third year, six by the sixth, eight, ten-- fifteen years! She just nodded.

"I'd just finished training to be a nurse when he took me. I think that's why he chose me, he knew he'd need someone to fix us up after he uses us." I shivered; my back burned and I focused on staying still. I must've made some noise, or maybe it was just the look on my face. "Brendi, are you all right?"

"No." Shaking my head would have been stupid. She understood though.

"I'm sorry, I forget what it was like to be free. What it was like to not answer to the master. Be grateful that there's so many of us now. We get his attention less because there's more of us to go around. In the beginning, when it was just me and Morag..." She trailed off. "Then again now the boys are grown so he shares us."

"The boys?"

"My son, he's fourteen. Morag's son's thirteen. The other boys are younger, but the master taught them long ago to hate us, to hurt us every chance they get, but he hurts them too." She shook her head. "Don't worry, he won't share you yet." Yet? The panick must have shown on my face, she tried to be reassuring. "He won't share you with them for a couple months yet, and I doubt he'll give you to the boys to play with for a couple years."

"Sylvie." The master's voice broke into the room, hard and commanding. I shivered I hadn't even heard the door open. I braced myself for whatever was coming next.

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