tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 06

Brendi Lyn Ch. 06

bydark suenos©

"Sylvie." The master's voice broke into the room, hard and commanding. I shivered I hadn't even heard the door open.

"Yes, Master?"

"Let her learn things on her own." As he spoke he lightly caressed my legs. "I just may let the boys use her mouth, but for now these-" he slid a finger into my pussy and then traced it lightly around my ass. "-are for me only."

"Yes, Master, I'm sorry if I was telling her too much. You did ask me to educate her though."

"And you were doing a fine job, but I don't want you telling her things that might not be totally true."

"I'm sorry, Master."

"Sylvie, do you think she's ready to sit up yet?"

"No, Master. I'd suggest waiting a day, she's still fragile, she might pass out again."

"Then I will wait for that." He walked in front of me and I could see that he too was completely naked. "Open your mouth slave." I did as he commanded and he slid himself into my mouth. Almost instantly there was a warm feeling and a bitter taste in my mouth. I gagged, I tried to spit him out, but he held one hand in my hair and the other under my chin. My back erupted in fire as i tried to squirm away, he held my head steady. "Swallow slave. It is an honor that I allow you to serve as my toilet." I was choking, there was too much in my mouth, some dribbled out of my mouth, down my chin. The flow of urine stopped. "Disgusting. I suggest you swallow now slave or you will be punished further." I tried to swallow, but my throat wouldn't let any in. God what would he do to me if I didn't? I forced myself to drink it. He slid out of my mouth. My back faded to a tolerable level of pain. "Sylvie, clean her face." Sylvie knelt before me again and licked my chin gently, then she ran her tongue along my lips. Forcing her tongue between them as I clenched my mouth shut. She planted little kisses on my mouth. I opened my mouth a little bit and she kissed me full on, she slid her tongue against mine. I'd never even thought about kissing another woman before, but she was so gentle and sweet that after the master's cruelness I was aroused. "Good girl, Sylvie." Sylvie pulled gently away from the kiss.

"Thank you, Master."

"I will reward you later, now I think that Brendi needs my attention." Sylvie nodded and left the room. She left me alone with him He knelt down before me and looked into my eyes. His eyes reflected the white sterile room, but in their very centers was my face. I looked scared, my eyes were greener than usual and looked almost wild with hurt, my hair was matted around my face. I noticed the tiny lines around his eyes were far deeper than they looked. From this close I could see that he was a young fifty, maybe even mid forties. "You are very beautiful." I wanted to call him a liar, but I knew if I did that he'd hurt me.

"Thank you, Master." I tried to say it eagerly, like Sylvie had done. I think I failed.

"Brendi, did you enjoy watching me with Amanda?" Her name was Gabrielle, I thought quickly. I lowered my eyes to the ground. "Did you?"

"No, Master."

"Be honest, you at least enjoyed that it wasn't you, right?" I had been so relieved that I wasn't being tortured, I'd forgotten about the needles in my nipples, but something about her screams. I was wet when he started pulling the needles out.

"Yes, Master." I had to tell him the truth. "Master, I liked that she was being punished for disobeying you."

"I thought so. You were very turned on when I left her weren't you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. I only like to take slaves that desire the pain. You need punishment more than you need sex. I work very hard to find my slaves. Slaves who don't know what they need until they come here." He kissed my forehead. "I try to be a fair master, I'm going to leave you alone until your back feels better, then we'll get some food in you and we can play again." My stomach grumbled at the mention of food. "I guess you're hungry now, I'll send in one of the other slaves with something for you to drink." He rose and I heard the door close behind him. I was alone.

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