tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrenna & Coral Ch. 01

Brenna & Coral Ch. 01


Brenna & Coral stared at each other in disbelief.

"I said STRIP you bitches!" yelled the gunman. Hesitatingly, the two clerks began to disrobe. It was nearly 9pm. The store had just closed and the two young women were the only employees left in the building when the gunman entered the store. They'd been ordered into the office and then...

"That's right, take your clothes OFF!" repeated their captor.

--Description of Brenna & Coral---

Brenna was the taller of the two women. Just 21, she was 5'9" with olive skin and long dark hair. Her tight ass and full breasts were accentuated by the short dresses she liked to wear. Coral was the opposite. She was about 5'5" with a round face, fair complexion, and short reddish-blonde hair. Just turned 21, she appeared somewhat shy, but that probably had to do with her most noticeable physical trait: a pair of HUGE breasts that could only barely be contained by an industrial-style DD bra.


"Coral, go sit your ass on that desk with you feet on the edge!" he commanded. Realizing that she had no choice, she did what she was told, pulling her knees to her chest, her body in a tight, protective ball.

"That's not what I had in mind," the gunman growled. "Move you feet apart!"

Coral blushed but hesitatingly moved her feet apart, revealing her puffy cunt lips. "Wider," he gestured. Coral shut her eyes and spread her feet even farther apart. She felt a breeze as her pussy lips opened. She knew how lewd she must have appeared.

"Nice," the gunman said, then reached out and hefted one of her DD-cup tits. Coral moaned as he tugged on her nipple, but kept her feet apart as ordered.

"OK, you," he said turning to the other young woman. "What's your name again?"

"Brenna," the frightened girl replied.

"Right, Brenna. What I want you to do is to stand over here, in front of Coral, bend over, and put your mouth against her cunt, and then start lickin' it with your tongue."

Brenna's hand flew to her mouth. Coral flushed a beet red.

"Nnnnoooo...," Brenna gasped. "...you can't mean that! I've never! I mean, I'm not, you know..." she moaned, starting to back away from Coral and the gunman.

"Now, now" he cautioned, grabbing Brenna's wrist and pulling her back towards Coral. "And you," he motioned towards the other woman as she instinctively closed her legs, "you keep those legs spread so your friend can give you a good licking."

He was grinning a nasty grin, staring Brenna right in the eye, terrifying her. "Now you go ahead, bend over and you push that pretty face of yours in Coral's pussy. And if you don't do a good job, I'll whip your bare ass with my leather belt."

Horrified beyond belief, feeling tears in her eyes, Brenna stepped between Coral's legs. But when she tried leaning forward she was unable to do so. The gunman, now behind her, began twisting her arm, forcing her to bend forward. Brenna cried out, sobbing as agony shot through her shoulder, causing her to gasp.

"C'mon, c'mon, bend that kisser a little lower," he insisted.

"Please don't," begged Coral, her own body quivering with fear, "don't make us..."

"And you keep you yap shut and spread your legs wider." Coral again closed her eyes and moaned as she moved her feet farther apart. "Now lift that cunt a little higher," he ordered, "I know your friend here has been secretly dying to eat you out."

Brenna's eyes widened as Coral shoved her ass even closer to the edge of the table and lifted her buttocks up just a little, presenting her cunt more openly. The strawberry blonde's face was crimson red with embarrassment and her whole body was shaking in fear. "You stay in that position," the gunman warned, and don't even think about moving away. Then he turned to his dark haired captive.

"Go for it, Brenna," the gunman insisted. "You just get you face down between her legs and start licking,"

"God, don't do this..." Brenna gasped.

"Eat!" the gunman ordered, putting his hand behind her head and cramming her face down the rest of the way.

Brenna's lips literally slapped themselves against Coral's vagina.

"AAAAhhhh!" gasped Coral, desperately fighting her natural desire to push the other woman away and slam her legs shut.

The gunman continued pressing the back of Brenna's head, ramming her noise and lips against the moist crevasse, grinding her frightened face into the pink folds of Coral's quivering pussy. Brenna gagged, and only by a supreme effort of will prevented herself from upchucking. She twisted her face free, panting, "Oh God, please don't make me do this!"

The gunman grabbed Brenna's long hair and began twisting, hard. He pulled her hair until she began crying. Terror charged through her.

"Don't hurt me...don't hurt me...." She whimpered, making the gunman smile.

"You gonna lick Coral's cunt?" he asked.

"All right, all right," she wept, so frightened at the thought of his hurting her that she was willing to do just about anything.

"Nooo, please don't..." sobbed Coral, her body now shaking convulsively, her huge breasts heaving on her chest.

The gunman grinned at the sight of the two sobbing women, now firmly under his control.

"Get you face down there and start usin' that tongue of yours," her ordered.

Brenna, who had given up hope, brushed her long hair aside, then lowered her face, as Coral whimpered.

Her lips barely an inch from Coral's trembling pussy, Brenna's nostrils filled with the smell of the big-titted girls womanhood. Recoiling at the sudden odor, Brenna froze.

"Please...." She moaned desperately, but the gunman still had his hand on the back of head, pushing her, forcing her forward a bit more. Her hands pressed into the edges of the table on either side of Coral's thighs. She squeezed until her knuckles turned white, crying out as the man gripped her hair and began pushing her face into Coral's pussy.

"Aaaahhhh," gasped Coral as she felt Brenna face mash against her pussy. She'd never dreamed of another woman touching her there! Her eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped open. Before she could protest, the gunman grabbed one of her hands and placed it in Brenna's hair and, with his gun, motioned her to pull Brenna's face into her twat.

"Uuuunnhhhh," Coral groaned as she felt the tall woman's mouth kiss her musk-scented quimm. Once more Brenna had to fight back the urge to vomit. She forced her tongue to slide against the tight pink slit, worming her tongue between Coral's trembling lips.

"Oh, God, Brenna," Coral said, her voice quivering. "Nooooooo....."

Brenna slithered her tongue between the lips of Coral's pussy, probing, rotating, but tasting nothing for the moment. She heard Coral gasp and her hips elevated. Suddenly a large amount of vaginal oil came oozing out onto Brenna's tongue. She gagged, afraid to swallow, but as more continued automatically pouring out from Coral's plump pussy lips, she knew she had no option. It was either swallow or drown. So she pulled air through her nostrils, then swallowed the lubrication. Her tongue began to flick in and out, in and out, moving with the speed and motion of a slender penis.

As she felt Brenna's tongue brush back and forth over her clit, Coral began to shake, her breath heaving. Without realizing what she was doing, she wrapped both of her hands in Brenna's hair and mashed the brunette's face into her pussy.

"Uuuuuuhhhhhh....ooooooonnnnhhhhh," she gasped aloud. "Ooohhhhh.....myyyyyy....G-o-o-o-ddduuuuhhhhh....." Her groans drowned out the sobbing noises that came from Brenna's throat as she was forced to eat her friends pussy.

"Keep on licking her cunt," the gunman ordered. Brenna had almost forgotten about him. He was behind her and now she felt his hands massaging the rear cheeks of her rounded buttocks. She felt his fingers run all over her body, gripping the dangling fruit of her breasts, massaging her nipples, tugging on them, pulling them, squeezing them, causing them to stiffen even more. She barely heard the sound of a zipper. Then she felt his swollen penis press between the cheeks of her ass!

Brenna froze. Her hands reached behind her trying to protect herself. She tried coming up for air, but the gunman crammed her head right back into Coral's steaming pussy.

"I'll letcha know when you can stop," he told Brenna.

Coral was beyond confused. On one hand she was frightened to death. On the other, Brenna's tongue was doing things to her she'd never felt before. A quick stab against her swollen clit, then...

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Coral gasped. She gripped the edges of the table to keep herself from falling flat on her back as her buttocks bounced wildly up and down on the table. Her head bounced up and down, and her huge breasts bobbled wildly in time to the movement of her body. She lifted her groin repeatedly and crushed it into the fact of the woman below.

Brenna struggled to breath and momentarily forgot about the man behind her, his hands running up and down all over her body, massaging her dangling breasts. His breath was hot on her nape as he leaned over her back. But what made Brenna shiver the most was the feeling of the thick dome of this man's cock as it continually pressed into the crevice between her asscheeks. Back and forth the gunman rammed the head of his cock deeper between her cheeks, letting is leak its secretions against the tiny little hole that was her puckered anus.

At the same time, his hands continued to massage her dangling breasts. God, she thought, was he trying to milk her like a cow? His fingers pulled on her nipples, causing them to swell. She tried to protest, but her words were muffled as Coral held Brenna's head locked between her thighs. All she could do was writhe and squirm, but that only caused the tantalizing cock in the crack between her rear cheeks to constantly pressure her anal opening.

"Hey sweetie," the gunman whispered into her ear, his hands squeezing her dangling boobs, "how'd you like me to fuck you in the ass?"

To Be Continued...

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