tagIncest/TabooBrenner's Lake Ch. 03

Brenner's Lake Ch. 03



I woke up as somebody was slowly pulling the blanket down my body.

Were the girls going to do this to me every morning, I wondered.

At least yesterday, they didn't try to remove my blanket.

I opened my eyes. Rachel had the blanket down to my waist, and was starting to uncover my underwear. "Hey," I said, grabbing the blanket.

"What's wrong, Danny? You didn't mind me seeing your underwear yesterday." With a sudden yank, she pulled the blanket out of my hand and off my body. She shook her head. "And there was a lot more to see yesterday."

Well, yesterday was yesterday, and she'd given me an ultimatum: lie on my back so she could peek at me through my underwear, or she'd turn onto her stomach so I couldn't peek at her through her t-shirt.

'Where's Sandy?" I asked.

She leaned over me. The top couple of buttons of her blouse were undone, and from this angle I could see her breasts almost down to the nipples.

"Oh, we're seeing some signs of life now," she said, turning back to look at the stirring in my underwear. "It's only 7:30. Sandy's still doing her chores. She doesn't know I'm here."

"Why are you here?"

"I was thinking about yesterday afternoon at the lake," she said, placing her hand lightly on my cock. Wow. If I hadn't jerked off twice last night before I went to sleep (and can you blame me?), I'd have come in my underwear instantly. "I was wondering what you would have done if Sandy hadn't been around."

I reached up and unbuttoned two more buttons on Rachel's blouse and it fell almost entirely open, exposing both of her breasts.

She smiled. "I like the way you think," she said. Then she began stroking my cock. "And 'he' seems to like the way I look."

"Can I touch them?" I asked.

"You fucking BETTER touch them," she said. "But be gentle. See how hard my nipples are? That means they're very sensitive. Because I'm very, very horny."

Is that or is that not the greatest thing for a guy about hold his first-ever pair of naked breasts to hear?

I took her breasts my my hands, and rubbed my thumbs over each nipple.

"Oh God!" she gasped. Then she looked over at the bedroom door. "Danny," she said softly, "I'd fuck you right this second if we had the time, but Sandy will be in to wake you up soon, and I don't want her to see me here. But I'm not a tease." And with that she turned around and pulled my underwear down and off of me. My cock was fully erect, pointing at the ceiling. Well, why wouldn't it be? "Wow," she said.

She closed her right fist around it.

"Be gentle," I said, smiling. "See how hard it is? That means it's very sensitive."

"Because you're very, very horny?"

"Oh, you can't imagine."

"I think I can," she said, beginning to stroke me.

It took less than a minute before I felt my balls tightening. "I'm going to come," I said, realizing I'd never had the occasion to say that out loud before.

Rachel grabbed my underwear and wrapped it around the head of my cock with one hand and she continued stroking me with the other. I had to put a hand over my mouth to keep from moaning loudly as I came. And came.

I thought Rachel had caught all my cum in my underwear, but when she turned around to face me I noticed that one small glob had hit her just below her right breast. She saw what I was looking at, smiled, and rebuttoned her shirt without wiping it off.

I felt completely spent, yet insanely aroused at the same time. I didn't know where the cum would come from, but I was sure I'd have no trouble fucking her right this second if we had the time.

But I knew we didn't.

She leaned down to kiss me -- giving me the same view of her breasts past the top two undone buttons as when she'd woken me up -- then told me she'd see me tomorrow, and hurried out the door.

In a matter of seconds, believe it or not, I'd fallen back asleep.


Once again, at 9 o'clock, I realized I'd better go wake Danny up. It would be just us today: Rachel had to go into town with her parents at 11, so she wasn't coming by.

I was wearing a tank top and shorts, and just before I went into the guest room, I decided to take off the shorts. I don't know why, just thought it would be a funny surprise for him, I guess. It's not as if

he hadn't seen me wearing panties before, after all.

He was fast asleep, of course, the blanket pulled up to his chest. I put my hand on his shoulder and shook it gently. "Time to get up, City Mouse."

He grunted, barely conscious, turned his back to me, and went back to sleep.

Well, fine. I slipped into the bed next to him. Seeing me in my panties probably wouldn't have been much of a surprise anyway: imagine when he woke up and found me in bed with him.

Even though we weren't actually touching, I could feel his body heat.

This was kind of nice, actually.

Perhaps feeling me near him, he turned around and wrapped an arm around me. I hadn't expected that. Then he snuggled a little closer, and I felt his hand on my breast. It was just resting there, it's not

as if my cousin were feeling me up in his sleep, but still...

This would be more than awkward if he woke up now: me in his bed might be funny, but me in his bed with his hand on my tit and my panties becoming visibly damp with my girl juices... not so much.

And then I felt his penis, poking into my upper thigh. I couldn't help flashing back to that crazy story I told Rachel on the phone the other night, about Danny's... cock... pushing against my pussy through his underwear and mine.

And I suddenly realized that I wasn't feeling underwear rubbing against my thigh. I lifted the blanket just enough to peek underneath: He was naked!

I couldn't see his penis very clearly, but that was definitely a bare penis pressed against my thigh. I wondered why Danny would go to sleep naked when he knew we'd probably be waking him up -- that definitely seemed more aggressive than he'd been up to now -- but mostly I wondered what to do next.

His hand was still on tit, by the way, and now he was firmly grasping it.

Oh yeah, there was a small part of me that was tempted to slip off my panties and let nature take its course, but there's a big difference between surprising somebody by walking into his room without wearing shorts, and sending him into shock by having him wake up while he's fucking you in his sleep.

The problem was, how to free myself from his grip without waking him up.

All I had to do was slip out from under his arm and be on my feet "waking him up" before he was conscious enough to know what was going on.

I shifted position. His arm was still around me, but he was no longer feeling me up. But now his penis was sliding between my legs, resting against the crotch of my panties. My wet panties.

That's not what I'd intended to do. I promise. But it felt better than anything I'd felt in my life.

I shouldn't have done it – of course I shouldn't have done it – but I pushed back against him just once, letting his hard cock push against my panties. Well, okay, my pussy.

Oh, that was good.

I knew I didn't dare do it again. I had to get out of this bed and I had to do it now, because if I didn't, I'd forget Danny was my cousin, and I wouldn't care what he'd think about it afterward, or what my aunt or my mother would say, or anything, I'd pull my panties off and let his hard cock push into my hot, wet pussy until I screamed and groaned and he filled me with his thick cum.

Still asleep, he gave a soft, contented groan and thrust forward again, poking against my pussy again.

Ohhhhh Goddddddd...

That was it. I needed my cousin's cock deep inside me. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and began slowly working them down over my hips. Then Danny snuggled up against me again, gave another sigh, and said "Rachel..."

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Can't read anymore got.someone else.involved.right.from the start. Should have concentrate on the cousins not someone else. Why put it under Incest and not.organised as that what it reads like.

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