tagIncest/TabooBrenner's Lake Ch. 06

Brenner's Lake Ch. 06


Rachel came by after lunch, and I had to remember who was keeping which secrets from whom: Sandy didn't want Rachel to know we'd had sex this morning (twice, actually: not long after she'd lowered herself onto my cock and taken both of our virginities, she'd rolled over onto her back and I'd climbed on top of her and my cousin and I had enjoyed a much slower, even sexier fuck) -- and of course Rachel and I had to keep from Sandy the fact that she'd snuck into the room and actually watched us do it.

"When we get to the lake," Rachel whispered to me, "I'm going to suggest we all skinny-dip. You think Sandy'll go for it?"

Rachel didn't know Sandy and I had been naked at the lake yesterday and had done everything short of actual fucking. She also didn't know that I knew that she and Sandy had skinny-dipped at the lake quite often.

And Sandy didn't know that I'd seen Rachel topless and played with her breasts, and that she'd seen me naked and jerked me off.

I was dizzy just trying to keep it all straight; and I was supposed to guess how Sandy would react to the suggestion that we all skinny-dip? "Who knows?" I said.

It was obvious that Rachel wasn't wearing anything under her tight t-shirt, though, so she clearly wasn't leaving herself many options other than skinny-dipping.

It was a moot point anyway: when we got out of the woods at the lake, Sandy's phone rang. "Hello... oh, we were going through the woods, and there's usually no signal. What's up?... Damn, again? Okay, are you coming home early?... Yeah, okay, good luck... Okay, will do. Bye." She closed up her phone. "Guess what, guys? Another big storm's about to hit. The worst of it's supposed to be over by 6, so Mom's going to wait it out in town. People are going to want to buy generators and shit anyway, so she wants to stay open. In the meantime, we should get back to the house."

We headed back to the woods. I have to admit, I was hoping the rain began before we got to the house, because Rachel's t-shirt looked even thinner than the one she'd worn into the lake a couple of days earlier.

We felt a little rain coming through the trees by the time we'd gotten to the end of the woods near Sandy's house, and when we made it to her big back yard, it was already pouring. We began to run.

Rachel didn't notice an area 20 feet across where Sandy's mother had cleared the grass intending to put in a flower bed. It was still muddy from yesterday, and filling with fresh rainwater. "Rach, look out," Sandy shouted.

"Shiiiiiit!" Rachel screamed as her legs shot out from under her and she skidded belly-first into the mud.

I got over to her first. "Rachel, are you okay?" I asked her, crouching down and offering her a hand to help her up.

Her shirt was plastered to her chest and if I didn't know better, I'd have sworn she was naked from the waist up. She could tell I was staring. "Let me think..." she said, then grabbed at my hand and pulled me down into the mud.

I tried to get to my feet, but she wrapped her body around mine and we ended up wrestling around in the mud until I don't think a single inch of either of our bodies was clean. I managed to grab her tits several times, and once when she was facing away from Sandy I gave her mud-slick nipple a soft pinch and I heard her sigh.

What I really wanted to do was slip a hand underneath her shirt, but I couldn't get in the right position.

She gave my cock a good, hard squeeze, and we were both lucky I didn't cum right then and there. I might have, if Sandy and I hadn't done it twice that morning.

"Are you two ever coming out?" Sandy asked, standing in the rain just at the edge of the puddle, looking down at us.

Rachel and I both knew what to do next: I grabbed one of Sandy's legs, Rachel grabbed the other. "Fuck!" Sandy screamed as we pulled her down into the mud with us.


It was at least ten minutes before we climbed out of the mud, all of us coated from head to foot, mud under our clothing and -- at least in my case -- mud inside our underwear. Probably because at one point, one of the girls -- I don't even know which -- slipped her hand inside my shorts and for just a moment grabbed my bare cock.

"My mom's going to freak when she sees all the mud we're going to leave all over the house," Sandy said as we approached the back door. "We'd better do a good job cleaning up after ourselves." She took off her mud-soaked shoes and socks and set them on the railing of the back porch to rinse off in the rain.

"Or we can make it easier," Rachel said. "Your mom won't be home until at least 6, right?"


"Okay, then." She took off her shoes and socks, followed by her shorts and t-shirt, then raised her arms and let the rain start rinsing the mud off her body, clothed only by a pair of bikini-style panties.


"Come on, Sandy, Danny's not seeing anything he couldn't see through my shirt a few minutes ago, or the other day by the lake." Or seen naked while Sandy and I were having sex this morning, or held in my hands the previous morning -- but Sandy didn't have to know that.

"Whatever," Sandy said, stripping down to her own panties and bra. I took off everything but my own Fruit-of-the-Looms, and the three of us stood there with silly grins on our faces, letting the driving rain wash most of the mud from our bodies.

(Though it wasn't doing much for the mud that had gotten inside my underwear)

I wouldn't have minded Sandy losing her bra, but of course she thought Rachel thought I'd never seen her bare breasts before. So complicated.

"Well now," Sandy said after a few minutes, "we better hit the showers because we will probably catch pneumonia otherwise out here. My mom put in a half-bath with a little shower in the basement, so she can clean up after working outside without traipsing dirt through the house, so I'll take that one. Because that's just the sort of considerate hostess I am. Rachel, you can use the one next to my room, so you can borrow some clothing afterward, and Danny you can use my mother's. Just don't leave it a mess, okay?"

"Got it, chief," Rachel said, saluting.

"Fuck you," Sandy said, walking over to the door leading to the basement.

"Is that the way you feel too?" Rachel asked me.

"Huh? About what?"

"Never mind," she said with a laugh. Embarrassingly enough, it wasn't until the next day that I got the joke.

I followed this wet, almost-naked girl upstairs -- my cock pointing out toward her through my underwear -- and then turned off toward my room to get a change of clothing. Then to my aunt's shower which, I must say, was probably the nicest shower I'd ever been in. Two shower heads, enough room for at least half a dozen people (though I somehow doubted my aunt was into group sex), even a built-in bench along one wall (with shaving paraphernalia stacked up on one end, so I guessed it made sense; what did I know? Do I shave my legs?)

I'd just gotten the water adjusted when I saw the bathroom door open. Rachel stepped inside, still wearing only her panties. Somehow, I wasn't surprised. And I had a feeling Sandy wouldn't have been, either. "Need any help in there?" she asked.

"Of course," I told her.

She pulled off her panties and joined me in the shower. My cock, which had settled down some, was almost immediately hard again. "Does that thing ever sleep?" Rachel asked me.

"It does," I said. "But every time you're looking at it, I'm looking at your breasts. Or you're naked."

She looked down at her pussy, and smiled. "Do you like me naked?"

"God, yes."

"If we'd been alone, I would have let you strip me naked in the mud puddle before. How hot would that have been? Do you know how horny I've been since I saw you fucking your cousin this morning?"

"Hot enough that it looked like you were doing this," I said, reaching over and rubbing my finger along her naked pussy.

"Oh... shit..." she said, grinding her body into my hand. "If you keep that up, I won't be able to wait until we kiss first."

"Wait for what?" I asked, as if I didn't already know.

"Mmmm," she said, sort of a groan.

I took my hand away, then pulled her closer to me and began to kiss her. Tongues were exchanged, and our hands explored every interesting inch of one another's bodies. Eventually I was sitting on the bench, Rachel on my lap, my cock wedged between her legs, pointing up at her belly. We were one slight adjustment away from fucking.

She took her face away from mine for a moment. "Danny, I don't want my first time to be in a shower."

"That's okay," I said (though that was hardly how I felt). "Anyway, I didn't bring any --"

"You don't need a condom," she said. "Sandy and I both finished our periods the day before you got here, so we're both good for another day or two. And I certainly didn't mean I don't want to do it. Let's go to your room." She turned off the shower and stepped out, and I followed her. I wrapped a towel around my waist and so did she, leaving her upper body naked.

Turning toward my room, we almost walked into Sandy, who'd run up the stairs, naked and dripping. We all looked at one another in surprise, and finally Sandy said "Umm... no towels downstairs."

"Take mine," Rachel said, stripping off her towel and handing it to her. We were giggling like crazy people as we dashed into my room. I dropped my towel onto the floor as Rachel locked the door (we knew what could happen if you forgot to lock doors around here), and then we were both on the bed, naked and still wet, our bodies wrapped around one another.

Rachel broke away from a long kiss and said "Danny?"


"I think... I think Sandy suspects something."

And that got us laughing hysterically again until, in the course of our mutual groping, my cock pushed up against her pussy, separating her lips just enough that just a bit of the tip had gone inside her.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

I withdrew my cock from her pussy. She spread her legs, and I drawled between them, then placed my cock where it had been a moment earlier, just barely inside of her. Then slowly I pushed deeper, until I was completely inside of her. "So good," she said softly. "Why did I wait this long to get fucked?" And a few minutes later: "Faster. Oh. Danny, Danny, I'm going to cum, fuck, I'm gonna cum harder than I ever... fuck... fuck... Danny, cum in me quickly, cum in me now. We can do it again slower afterward, but... fuck..." I came, for the third time today, but it felt just as intense as the first two. I continued pumping, and Rachel's body went stiff and she made a sort of loud squeaking noise, and I knew she'd cum as well.

I rolled off of Rachel, watching my cum leak out of her pussy. I kissed her, and then we lay next to one another, casually exploring one another's bodies.

Finally she said "This bed's sure seen a lot of action today, huh?"

"Guess so."

"And you're still here for another week and a half."

"Yup," I said with a smile.

"My suggestion? We walk into town tomorrow and pick up a large box of condoms."

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