tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrennus and Victoria Ch. 03

Brennus and Victoria Ch. 03


Day 3

I awake cold and shivering to realize that I am alone in the bed. I curl up in a ball and realize I miss Brennus' warmth. As I try to get warm I remember how yesterday we talked and got to know each other. I knew that I was to be a prize for a great fighter, I didn't know that Brennus had won 8 consecutive fights gladiator style to win the hand of the king's daughter. No wonder he had cuts, scrapes, and bruises when I met him. He told me he won because he is an excellent fighter, that he has been training since he was a small child, and that along with educational studies all of the boys of the nation learn to fight. Even though they could have an excellent military they chose to remain neutral in most battles and wars, and preserve their nation and try to remain on good terms with all of the other nations. This is one of the reasons he entered to win my hand, it would forge a bond between our nations that would help keep peace, possibly for generations.

Finally I determine that I am not going to warm up and I should dress and sit by the fire that Brennus left burning, although it looks like coals mostly now. At the table by the fire there is a note.

"My dearest Victoria,

I enjoyed talking with you last night, I hope we can again soon. I'm sorry I had to leave so early this morning, there were reports of bandits vandalizing a village on the outskirts of town. I hope I will be back tonight, but I will almost definitely be home by tomorrow night at the latest. Amelia, your maid and Augustus the guard that accompanied you yesterday are available to you so that you can go as you please.

With love,


I kind of wish he had woken me up to say good bye, but mostly wish that everything is ok. I dress and ready for the day and as I exit the room I find Augustus at the top of the stairs. The rest of my day is filled with exploring the castle and finding a few books in the library. It is getting too chilly out to walk the grounds much.

That evening I have a warm bath poured. I'm not sore between my legs as Elizabeth said I may be. But my cheek still hurts a little when I touch it, and the bruise is fading to a hideous yellow. I sit in the tub for a long time thinking about my husband and weather or not I can love him. He seems nice, but I almost can't tell if he is just being nice to get me to like him.

As I am soaking with my head under water I hear the door open and footsteps enter. When I can't hold my breathe any longer I poke my head out of the water. Brennus is back. I feel my heart thump an extra beat and my stomach flip. He is at his wardrobe and he is taking off his armor and extra clothing from having to be outside all day. It is then I notice the blood stained bandage around his hand. I don't say anything but continue to watch him disrobe, soon he is naked. He turns around and is started when he sees me.

"Oh, I didn't know you were here, I didn't see you."

"I was under the water when you came in. What happened to your hand?"

"I grabbed a sword so that I wouldn't be stabbed. A sliced palm is much better than being stabbed."

"Yes, I would suppose so. I'm glad you are ok. Is everything taken care of?

"Yes, we found the bandits, it was a group of convicts that had escaped from Avandar's prison. They are on their way back now, well, the one's that survived. Would you mind sharing your bath with me?


I move closer to one half of the tub and squish up my legs to make room, and to cover my chest. Brennus lowers himself into the tub with a huge sigh of relief.

"Thank you for allowing me to join you m'lady." He says as he lowers himself into the opposite side of the tub. Once in he begins to try to unbandage his hand. As it was tied in a knot it was almost funny, and he soon attempted to use his teeth. Before giggling, I decided I should probably offer to help. I extended my hands and he gave me his injured hand. I undid the bandage and found a horribly deep wound across his whole palm.

"I don't think you should wash this in the tub. You need separate water so it doesn't get infected, and you should put some healing ointments on it and maybe stitches."

"Yeah, it is pretty bad, I didn't really have time to look at it and inspect it, I just needed the bleeding to stop."

He began to wash, as best he could with only his right hand, being careful to keep his left out of the water when I decided I should probably help some with that too. Or would he think it is offensive?

"Do you want help?"

"Only if you mean it in a sensual loving way and not in a helping the helpless way."

"Oh, maybe I should be done. I can go and get some things for your hand, or have someone get a doctor."

"I see." He seemed sad and muttered it with a down turned glance. I couldn't help it, I just didn't want to be naked around anyone or have anyone see me naked, especially him. I knew it was bound to happen, but not yet. I reached for a towel and once I got a hold of it draped it around me as I stood up in as much an attempt at modesty as possible. Then I realized, I would still need to dress, and then he would probably watch.

I crossed the room to my wardrobe and picked out a plain dress and as quickly as possible dropped my towel and slipped it on. When I glanced over my shoulder he surely was staring right at me. My forehead wrinkled and I glared at him slightly. He knew I didn't want him watching me from the night before.

"Victoria, why won't you let me see you naked or changing? You watched me the entire time I undress just a few minutes ago, and now you are mad that I have watched you."

"You seem far less inhibited than I do. I was raised to be a lady, and not to run around naked all of the time, and it's awkward, and I don't want you watching me. I don't want you attracted me, I don't want to have sex with you, and after the first night, I don't know if you would refrain because I didn't want to." I burst out nearly crying.

"Hey, hey, it's ok. I've wanted to have sex with you many many times since then, but I haven't. I told you I would give you some time, and I am. I can control myself. Go get the doctor, we'll talk more after he leaves."

I exit the room and return shortly later with news that someone will fetch the doctor. After his bath he dresses and the doctor arrives to stitch and treat his hand. Also giving orders on keeping it clean and bandaging it. Which becomes my responsibility. The doctor leaves and Brennus gets up from the table and approaches me at one of the fluffy fire side chairs. He extends his right hand and says, "Come lay with me on the bed, we can talk, and you can get to know me more and we can just hold each other and be close."

I don't take his hand, but instead walk to the bed on my own with him behind me. Once on the bed I sit with by back against the pillows and headboard. He sits next to me and leans me forward to put an arm around me and rest my head on his chest. I can faintly hear his heart beating.

"What do you want to talk about?" He asks.

"I don't know, you are the one that wanted to talk."

"I want to talk so we can get to know each other, so what do you want to know about me?"

I don't really want to turn the subject to sex so quickly, but I'm very curious about what he said earlier, and also how he knew so much about it. "You have wanted to have sex with me since our wedding night?"

"Yes, many times, haven't you notice that at night when I hold you my penis grows?"

"Well, yes, oh, does that mean that you want to have sex then?" I say putting my hand over my mouth at the realization that this is why that happens.

"Yes, that is why it gets hard. But, there are other times too when I think of you and want to have sex with you, that you want and enjoy, but I don't get hard because I'm not sexually aroused at the time."

"The first night, you knew so much about it, how did you know, have you done that before?"

"I don't know that much about it, and no I haven't before, but because this was an important event I did do some research and I got some guidance from a few trusted individuals. And, I have read about it in a few books that I found hidden in my older brother's room after it became mine when he died."

"You had a brother? How did he die, I'm so sorry."

"He liked to do tricks and stunts while riding his horse. One day he got too brave and tried to show off too much and he made a mistake, and died. I wasn't there, and I was younger when it happened so a lot of people didn't really talk with me about it. I didn't know him much either. He was always away at boarding school because he was a trouble maker and my parents couldn't control him here because he could get away with almost anything with the staff because he was the heir to the thrown." He sighs and then turns his head towards mine and asks if I have any siblings.

"I have an older sister, Elizabeth, and we both have an older brother, Ragnar. Since he is inline for my father's thrown my father has never shown much interest in my sister and I and my mother died in childbirth with me, so she was never there. Elizabeth was older than me by a few years so she took care of me some, but mostly I was raised by staff. That's why he gave me away to the best fighter, he was only using me for his political gain, he didn't care where I ended up and this way he doesn't have to go through a dowry or wedding like he did with my sister."

"I'm terribly sorry that you grew up that way," he says as he encircles his other arm around me and hugs me while simultaneously lifting me on top of him. I sit on his lap, my head on his shoulder and just relax. He begins to stroke my head and back with one hand while holding me with the other. He doesn't say anything for a long time and I almost begin to fall asleep.

"Victoria, don't go to sleep yet, you aren't even in bed."

"Oh, I was so relaxed, I've never been held like this before."

"I'm glad I can do something for you that you like. We should get into bed though." I nod my hand and go to the wardrobe to change into my night dress and Brennus goes to his to remove his clothes.

"Sleep naked tonight. I won't be able to see you, just to feel you, and I'll hold you, I want to be able to feel all of you. Please." I am at first horrified at the notion, but realize that he won't do anything I don't want I give in. I do like being held by him and feeling his warm skin. Maybe it will be better to be able to feel it over my whole body. I quickly hang my dress in the wardrobe and then get into the bed as quickly as possible, Brennus right behind me.

He holds himself up on one arm so that he is just over me and strokes my cheek with his other hand. I can feel him grow hard and brush against my thigh. I blush at the thought that he is so attracted to me.

"Why are you blushing?"

"Because you are attracted to me. I've never had anyone like me or be this interested in me."

"Well, I'm very interested in you." He says as he leans down and begins to kiss my neck and stroke my side. It feels good and I let him do it. I just lay back and relax. Soon his hand has gotten close to my breast and is stroking the side of my breast and his kisses have moved lower onto my chest. I feel hot and nervous and I can't decide if I like what he is doing or if I should ask him to stop.

"If I asked you to stop, would you?" He stops and looks up at me and raises an eyebrow.

"What kind of question is that, of course I would, I told you that before, do you want me to stop?"

"Well, I don't know, this feels good, but," I stop mid sentence. But what? It feels good, I only was a little uncomfortable when I wasn't sure I would be able to stop him if I wanted.

"Can I kiss you?"

I nod and he moves his mouth to mine. He kisses me and sucks my lips, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I start to feel wet and warm between my legs and a sense of need. I hold his jaw and neck and kiss him back. His free hand finds my breast and starts rubbing is and pressing on my nipple. It feels good, and increases the sensations between my legs. Soon he breaks away from our kiss and begins to kiss my neck and chest. His hand strokes my belly and it feels so warm and nice.

Then he moves his mouth onto my breast and sucks at my nipple and bites it gently. It doesn't hurt, it just makes me feel better. I start to run my hand up and down his arm. His muscles are so large and I can feel their definition. He moves his hand down my belly and puts it between my thighs. "Spread your legs." He whispers in between kisses on my chest and breasts. I hesitate for a moment and then decide to see what will happen.

I move my legs apart and his hand slips between them and touches me. He begins to rub up and down, it feels wonderful and I can feel my breath catching. Then he moves down more and spreads my legs open farther. He begins to lick and kiss me while moving his fingers in and out of me. He hadn't used his hand before, and this time it feels so much better. My breath catches and I lose control of my legs and stomach. They twitch and move and spasm. I feel like there is a volcano erupting inside of me. It feels so good, I can't think of anything else except what is happening right now. When he finally stops and comes back up to lay next me I can barely breath or move. I feel so relaxed.

"What happened?" I murmur.

"You had an orgasm."

"A what?"

"An orgasm, it happens when you become sexually satisfied. For guys it's when we release semen and then our penis goes soft again. Feels great, huh?"


"Do you think you would be ok with having sex now?"

I start to feel a little angry, "is that why you did this, so I would have sex with you?"

"No, that wasn't my intention, it just happened, I didn't think you'd let anything happen. But, seeing you have an orgasm was extremely sexual and I really want you now."


"Is that a yes, or an acknowledgement of what I just said?"

"It is a 'yes', but I don't see why you are so concerned with it, the first night, you clearly didn't care."

"The first night I didn't really have a choice, I do now, and I want to you always be happy." With that he moves on top of me supporting his weight on his arms. Then he slowly enters me after adjusting with his hand. I feel him stroke in and out of me. It doesn't hurt, and feels moderately good. I don't know why but my hips start to move against his. It changes something and it feels even better. It starts to feel like just before I had my orgasm and then it happens all over again. I feel a lot of moisture between my legs and Brennus is now laying on top of me, but to the side some. He is breathing a little heavily. "You had an orgasm, it felt wonderful."

"How can you feel my orgasm?"

"Your vagina, it twitched like your body did last time, I could feel it, it made me have one too." He starts to kiss my neck and then slides off of me the rest of the way and slides an arm under my shoulders so I can lay my head on his shoulder. Soon we are both asleep.

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