tagNovels and NovellasBrett's Angels Pt. 01

Brett's Angels Pt. 01


This novella is an exploration of numerous subjects including romance, a form of polygamy and incest, and mild, submissive themes along with a passionate romance involving the main characters.

All persons described in this tale are over 18 years of age before having sex, you should be aware that if these themes are uncomfortable for you, please read no further. These characters are not intended to represent any person in real life, either alive or dead. All figures are indeed fictional, and any similarity to people of the same name or description is purely coincidental. Finally, this series of stories is a novella, and I hope you will allow me to develop the main characters in the first few chapters, and If you are merely looking for a story to arouse your libido, this may not be the story for you. If you are patient, I believe you will find that after the first five chapters presented in two chapters, the action will begin and this presentation will become attractive to most readers.

-1-A child is born, and develops into a man.

Brett Stanton is a bachelor and a wealthy one at that; what people often refer to as "old money" in the South. He tends to be a solitary soul; not so much by choice but because people find his strong, yet quiet demeanor hard to approach. Some reach the first impression of him as being snobby or aloof, but Brett is one of the kindest, most generous men alive. He has dedicated his life to making other people's lives better.

Today finds him in one of his foveate cars, a Lexus hardtop convertible, traveling on an empty two-lane highway in Eastern Alabama, perhaps fifty or sixty miles northeast of the capital city of Montgomery. This car is sleek and capable of high speeds, however on days like this Brett enjoyed being alone to daydream, allow his mind to rest and enjoy the scenery and solitude the open road affords.

He has two high-stress jobs, and no one in his life with whom to share these trips. Brett needed this time alone to help relieve some of life's stress.

He often wondered why he had no one to love in a personal relationship; after all, Brett met lots of women, didn't think was a bad looking man, and he had money for the niceties of life. Why hadn't he found the right woman, the one? He decided as usual that she would come along and when she did he would know.


Brett is not an ordinary person. Some people, especially the women working for him; would say that he is quite handsome although he didn't take himself to be anything but ordinary.

He became a parentless child at the tender age of six. His parents died in a commercial airline crash. Brett was extremely wealthy by the age of seven. In fact, he was likely one of the affluent seven-year-olds in all of Alabama due to insurance settlements and old family money.

After the tragic loss of his parents, Brett was moved to the Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama in 1989 when he was seven years old to live with his only living relative, his uncle, Richard. Richard was a prominent attorney turned investment broker in the Birmingham area. He was very active with the steel and medical industries, which both made up an enormous portion of Birmingham's economy in that era.

Richard followed in his paternal grandfather's footsteps becoming a lawyer, receiving his law degree from the prestigious law school at the University of Alabama after earning bachelors degrees in prelaw and finance from UA. Because Richard graduated at the top of his class in both law school and his bachelor's programs his standards were held extremely high. He was a strict and demanding man who demanded perfection from everyone around him.

Richard's wife died at an early age, and following her death, he poured his life into his work.

He never practiced law, but he did use his knowledge of the law and finance to use his family's fortune (including Bretts) to amass an immensely valuable estate.

Richard became a widower at an early age and was a confirmed bachelor since his wife's death. He didn't have the time or personality to care for a young child, but he was Brett's only living relative. Richard would find a way to care for his brother's child because it was his duty. He was wise enough to know that he was ill-equipped for the job, so he began a search for a nanny to care for Brett.


Richard tried numerous nannies over the next two years, all of whom failed to meet his high standards. As a result, Brett was brought up by a young woman by the name of Beth Maloney. She worshipped Brett but barely tolerated his strict, overbearing uncle. Born in Surry, England and much younger than Richard at only seventeen. Beth grew up in servitude in her home country.

At the very young age of seventeen, she took her savings and booked steerage on the first ship she could afford to the United States to find work. Work visas were more accessible to obtain in those days. She contacted an agency in New York, and they accepted her into a work program based on her skills with children. As the eldest of six, she helped raise her five brothers and sisters.

Richard was on a business trip to New York when he met Beth through a mutual acquaintance. Though Beth was working as a nanny for his friend she was willing to give her up so Brett's uncle could take her with him back to Birmingham.

Although she was only eight years older than the young child in her care, she knew she could handle the job. She was very bright having finished the equivalent of high school at age sixteen. Richard was quite desperate and describing his situation with his nephew and his need for a nanny to Beth; she immediately agreed to travel back to Birmingham with Richard to become Brett's first and only permanent nanny, despite her age.

For the first time in her life, Beth moved into a private bedroom with a sitting area and private bath. It was on the third floor of the Stanton mansion. Upon her arrival, she immediately took over complete responsibility for raising Brett and developing him into a man.


Brett's wealth came from several sources. Some were what some came from the wealthy family he was born into in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brett lost both parents in a commercial plane crash. His parents, Alex and Jennifer Stanton were both doctors and came from wealthy families. Although they both died in their early thirties in the tragedy, they were already worth a lot of money.

All of Brett's money was put into trust funds for Brett by his uncle. Richard took the funds to astronomical heights over the years while Brett grew into manhood.

These were turbulent times throughout the South but especially in the Birmingham area due to the strife brought on by mandated integration of the public educational systems in the late eighties. As a result, Brett's uncle hired a full-time tutor to homeschool him. After a few months the tutor went on to a full-time teaching job, and Beth took over the tutoring job.

By the age of nine, Brett was doing fifth-grade work and far ahead of other children his age. Beth took him out every day weather permitting to play at a local park to help socialize him with other children his age. It wasn't long before Brett starting growing into a brilliant, well rounded young man. Unfortunately, he only experienced love from Beth. It was as if they were each other's, only family. Both had much love to share.

Richard was a hard man with minimal experience in love, especially for a child. With the addition of Beth to the family, Brett would grow up feeling both secure and loved despite the loss of his immediate family. With only pictures to remember his mother and father, he soon began to think of Beth as his mother and his uncle as a very strict and somewhat distant father.

Discipline was handled by his uncle when necessary. In Brett's case, disciplinary issues were rare. He was a good child, and as he grew up in Beth's loving care, he seemed to care much more for others than for himself. Little did he know that he would be able to help so many people and causes when grew into a man.


By the time Brett reached the age of twelve, his educational levels of achievement had exceeded those of Beth's capabilities and rather than bringing in additional instructors his uncle decided to send him to a military boarding school in Alabama when he turned thirteen.

The summer flew by, and before he knew it, he was about to leave for military school. The academy was roughly the equivalent of a prestigious boarding school in Great Britain. The biggest problem for Brett was that he had to say goodbye to Beth. He made his uncle promise to keep her on as the household manager. Brett wanted to be sure she would always be there when he returned home. Even at twelve years of age, she was much more than a parental figure to him; he already knew in his heart that he was feeling real love for her.

-2- A young man develops and begins to feel love for a women.

The summer was a blur. Brett had already been fitted for his uniforms, and by the second week in August he was off to military school. After a week of testing to determine his correct grade level the commandant of the school brought Brett into his office. General Johnstone said, "Brett, please come in and sit down. I want to discuss your test scores and grade placement with you. I feel that some of the decisions I must make regarding your education should have your input. I also wanted to discuss team sports participation with you. Before making my final decision on all that we will discuss, I will also want you to discuss it with your uncle."

Brett was nervous because he was always graded on a pass or fail by Beth and he had never failed anything regarding his education. Over the last four years, he had also studied JuJitsu and had achieved a third-degree black-belt; played organized football, soccer, and baseball with a degree of proficiency that surprised everyone he knew because he really didn't have a father figure with whom he could learn these skills. Little did anyone know that Beth spent lots of time practicing these sports with him one-on-one, reading with him about the basic concepts of each sport and watching them on television with Brett.

General Johnstone continued, "Brett this should not surprise you, but you tested very well in every subject. Based on your age you should be entering the seventh or eighth grade, however, based on testing you would be placed in the eleventh grade. Because our school demands excellence, the military regimen will be rigorous and I believe you will want to be involved in some of our sports teams; I believe that you should enter the tenth grade in two weeks when school starts." He went on to explain that the following week would be the week that first-year students and first-time students would be orientated into the military way of life. This would include proper dress, decorum, honor, respect for the school and rank. The following week would be the first week of football practice, and if Brett wanted to go out for the team, he would have to speak to the coach and convince him that he could compete with the older students at fourteen. Brett was told to talk to his uncle and then report back at 0700 hours to discuss his decision.

Brett was at the General's office at 0700 as ordered and told the general that both he and his uncle agreed with entering the tenth grade. However, my uncle asked if you could test each year to see if I might skip a grade if my scores and testing indicate it would be appropriate. The General agreed, and Brett was off to orientation. "Brett, one more moment, please. I have spoken to our Officer of the Corp which is our highest ranking student. I suggested that you enter based on testing and training in self-defense as a corporal rather than a private. Do you have any problems with this corporal Stanton?" "No sir, that will be fine with me. I will try my best to progress through the ranks, sir." "Good answer corporal dismissed!"

Brett was big for his age and an excellent quarterback at his age level sports association. His coach allowed him to try out for the team and although he didn't play quarterback, he did play starting safety at the varsity level in his first year.

Brett blended into the system without any trouble at all. He was already six feet tall and weighed 210 pounds. His size and advanced intelligence helped him overcome any adversity when it arose. Only once did one of his fellow students attempt a fight with him over a disagreement. By using his training in martial arts, he quickly controlled the larger and older student. After this incident, Brett found his life in school became easy and routine. He was a very good all sports athlete while at the academy. Brett was a hard worker and graduated top of his class in three years. He also attained the rank of Major in those three short years.

When graduation day arrived both Richard and Beth were in attendance. They were both proud as peacocks when Brett gave the valedictorian speech to his class and a rather large audience. It was an excellent speech that spoke to the future and opportunities that were endless. For Brett, these words would be particularly accurate. He was particularly happy to see Beth since they hadn't seen each other in over three years. It seemed that his uncle found an excuse for both of them to be in another country every time his short summer vacation rolled around. Their contact was limited to emails and although she didn't seem very upbeat in the communications, neither did she complain about her working relationship with Uncle Richard.

Graduating from high school at the age of sixteen at the top of his class; it was no surprise that he was offered scholarships to many of the top universities in the country. He and Beth made trips to many of them, and they decided as a family that he would attend the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. They also agreed that he would not take the scholarship because his family could afford to pay his way without any financial aid. The scholarship would go to someone in financial need far more significant than his family. He was thrilled that they were blessed with enough money to give to those in need. He wrote to the president of the college requesting that his scholarship be given to someone in financial need, and he found out later that his wishes were granted and it was awarded to a young lady studying business and marketing, with good grades but without the wherewithal to attend UA.


It was on one of their college visitation trips that Brett finally spoke frankly to Beth and admitted his true feelings for his beautiful nanny. "Beth, I have missed you so much these last three years. I have had a lot of time to think things through, and I know now how much you mean to me. Beth, I love you so much that I am not sure I can stand to be away from you again."

It was true that Beth was only eight years older than Brett, and she too had felt pangs of love for the handsome young man. However, because of her position as his elder for all these years, she felt very awkward hearing Brett's profession of love. After all, he was only seventeen, but given his advanced maturity, it was also hard to dismiss his words as mere infatuation. "Brett, I love you too darling, but you have college and maybe even grad school ahead of you and besides it goes without saying that your uncle would likely have me deported if he even thought for a second that I was in love with his ward."

Brett looked into her eyes while they sat on the sofa in their hotel room and slowly placed his hand behind her head with his fingers entwined in her beautiful blond hair. He pulled her lips to his and gave her a gentle kiss. That kiss gradually was the first time that the two had ever divulged their true feeling for one another.

Beth was still such a beautiful young woman, and if she had dressed a little less conservatively, she would have turned heads everywhere she went. She had always been athletic, and Brett was sure that she didn't have an ounce of fat on her body. She had eyes that were so blue it looked like she wore colored contacts.

They enjoyed each others company that night, but Beth just couldn't let it go any further with her seventeen-year-old charge. They finished the tour the next day and returned home. They both planned to enjoy each others company as often as possible in the future.


Brett knew by this time that it would be up to him to head a yet to be established foundation. This yet unnamed foundation would be funded with the money from a trust fund set up in Brett's name by his Uncle Richard. All of this money was derived from the settlement money from the suits filed after the deaths of Brett's parents when he was seven years old. Uncle Richard made sure that the money was well invested and it grew over the years into a fortune. He and his uncle had discussed the possible use of the money several times, and Brett made it known in his teens, that since his parents were both doctors, and that he felt that it would have been their desire to use the money to help people rise from poverty and hunger by giving them a helping hand.

After graduating from the academy, Brett made several decisions regarding college, which he shared with Beth and Richard. "I have decided not to play sports in college although I did receive a few scholarship offers; also I am not interested in joining a fraternity for a year or two. Finally, I plan to major in finance and computer science." Both commended him on making what they considered very mature decisions. Beth said, "Sometimes I forget that you only recently turned seventeen years old because of some of the things that come out of your mouth. You make such intelligent and mature decisions that most would not have been capable of making at such a young age." All Richard said was that he would stand by Brett's decisions. As always, he seemed to be as cold as ever.

Once his uncle left the room, Brett just shook his head, staring straight into Beth's eyes and replied, "Beth, how can you say that about me when you left your whole family, and even your country to come to America at the tender age of seventeen? Don't you think that was not only very mature but very gutsy? My God Beth you must know by now that you are my idol and role model. Without you in my life, I couldn't possibly do what I know I must do with the rest of my life. All that I may accomplish is mostly due to your influence in my life. Beth, I owe you so much, and I want you to know that I will always love you." Both he and Beth then began to cry and hold each other for a very long time. Their relationship was always close, but that day it became cast in concrete. They would depend on each other in many ways for the rest of their lives.

Unbeknownst to Brett and Beth, Uncle Richard observed all of their conversation from an adjacent hallway, and couldn't help but think that Brett was developing romantic feelings for Beth and Richard believed that he could not allow that to happen as it would unquestionably interfere with Brett's continuing education.


About a week later Brett's uncle professed his deep feelings of love for Beth and asked for her hand in marriage. Beth became so conflicted by his proposal and his other comments that she nearly had a nervous breakdown. She cried herself to sleep that night.

The next day she spoke to Brett after his uncle left for the office. "Brett, your uncle says he loves me and wants to marry me. He even hinted that you no longer needed me and that I could be "sent" back to England if I didn't marry him. Brett, can he make me leave you and this country?"

Hearing this, Brett turned a deep shade of red and both his hands formed into huge fists. He didn't speak, he yelled, "No. No, Uncle Richard can't do this to us. Beth, don't you see, he is doing this to keep us apart? He doesn't love you. I love you, baby."

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