tagNovels and NovellasBrett's Angels Pt. 02

Brett's Angels Pt. 02


This novella is an exploration of numerous subjects including romance, a form of polygamy, incest, and mild, submissive themes along with a passionate love involving the main characters. Along with all of the topics mentioned above, is a very intriguing mystery using the dominant idea of exposing the existence of sex slavery rings.

All persons having sex or described in this tale are over 18 years of age before having sex, you should be aware that if these themes are uncomfortable for you, please choose another story. These characters are not intended to represent any person in real life, either alive or dead. All figures are indeed fictional, and any similarity to people of the same name or description is purely coincidental. Finally, this series of stories is a novella, and I hope you will allow me to develop the main characters in the first few chapters. If you are merely looking for a story to arouse your libido, this may not be the story for you. If you are patient, I believe you will find that after the first five parts presented in the first two chapters, the action will begin and this presentation will become attractive to most readers.

Part 2

*** 1 ***

Once again the summer months were flying by, and decisions had to be concluded before classes began. After three years in a dorm while at the military academy, Brett convinced his uncle that he had experienced enough of dorm life and his uncle agreed. While at the academy Richard knew that Brett was well protected and to some extent sheltered. Brett just turned seventeen, and he would have to face the additional stresses that come from living on his own and moving around on a massive campus for the first time without a support mechanism of any kind.

The other thing that worried Richard was the fact that he was very active in Alabama politics. Although not a politician himself; he is well known throughout the state for his political support, and this might make it somewhat dangerous for Brett. The possibility of a kidnap for ransom also seemed a real possibility while Brett was attending the university. For all of these reasons, Richard decided that Brett would live in the Stanton family home near campus in Tuscaloosa, formerly used for Alabama football games and other Tuscaloosa events. His uncle also decided that Brett would have someone to serve as security protection and driver. He had a military vet working for him named Charles (Charley) O'Toole who was well trained in security protection and advanced driving skills that he knew would fit the bill. Although Charley was twenty-seven, he looked like every other college senior at the university. Charley was an ex-Navy Seal; therefore he was multi-talented in many survival and defense strategies. Oh, and he was built like the proverbial brick outhouse. Charley didn't have body builder's look, but he didn't have an ounce of fat on his muscular body.

Once Uncle Richard shared his decisions with Brett and Beth, Brett quickly offered his retort, "I don't have a problem living in our home in Tuscaloosa, but I will not have a 24 hour-a-day babysitter." Richard replied, "Yes you will, or you won't go to the university." Beth interrupted the battle before it turned into a war and said, "Brett how about taking a walk with me to the garden so that everyone can calm down and I can discuss some things with you?"

Brett did not reply but just stood up and started walking to the gardens which he knew was Beth's favorite part of the property. Beth picked a nice shaded niche that was in a quiet shaded part of the garden. The area was surrounded by roses and blooming flowers of every conceivable color and smell. It was a very peaceful and private place.

Beth began by asking Brett to sit in one of the double rockers and just breath for a few minutes. "Now that you are no longer spitting fire, and you are breathing at a slower pace let's feel our way through this issue. Brett dear, I know that you are very mature for your age, and you consider yourself responsible for your decisions, but I want you to take a moment to think about your uncle's suggestions. First, please be aware of how much I love you, and that I worry about you everytime you are out of my sight. Your uncle loves you as well, in his way. With that said, I agree with much of your thinking, but I believe that you have to consider a few things that you may not have thought of before making your decisions final. Your uncle has made some waves politically and perhaps even a few enemies in recent years. Also, your net worth is no longer a complete secret. That combined with our family's net worth could well make you a target for kidnapping for ransom."

This information hit Brett like a rock. "I wish Uncle Richard had explained it that way; it may have saved both of us from having an unnecessary argument. I, of course, will accept the protection and apologize to him. I know Charlie O'Toole, and I think he will fit in at the university. Aunt Beth we can make it work."

Beth continued to speak softly, "Brett when it is just you and I, please call me Beth, aunt seems way too formal after all of these years as a family, don't you think?"

"Yes, Beth I will, but I believe Uncle Richard would not be comfortable with that if he knew," Brett said.

Beth replied, "Then he does not need to know. He doesn't know how much love we have for each other either does he?"

"No, Beth he does not and he must not. He would keep us apart even more than he does now if he knew. We both know that he married you so that you were unavailable to me to marry once I turned eighteen. So once I reach my eighteenth birthday, will you come to Tuscaloosa to visit me?"

"Yes, of course, I will visit you and maybe even spend the weekend with y'all occasionally; however you must understand that I must honor my wedding vows to your uncle. You will have to gain the confidence and loyalty of Charley so that he will keep our closeness a secret. Then if you still want me, I will come to be with you when I can. As of now, your uncle is kind enough, but there is no love in our relationship. Perhaps it will grow; Brett I have to hope for that, he is my husband, at least for now."

Beth grew quiet for a few moments before saying, "Ok, then I believe we see eye to eye on everything. Please apologize to your uncle and let us be done with this issue."

She then reached in and gave Brett a lovingly sweet kiss." Brett knew that he and Beth might have had an intimate relationship in the future if not for his uncle. However, he also knew that his aunt would honor her vows and so sex was not likely to be part of the equation even after he turned eighteen.


The next day Brett and Richard headed to Tuscaloosa driven by Charley O'Toole and another security staff member named Jason, who unbeknownst to Brett served as Richard and Beth's security protection. They arrived early enough to tour the Bryant Museum. Alabama had such a rich history, especially in sports. Of course, Brett had accompanied his uncle to numerous football games, but he had not taken the time to explore the campus since he hadn't yet decided on a school to attend.

They had a 10:30 AM appointment with the president of the university. Richard and Brett introduced the two security men to the president, then the two men were ushered into the President's office while the two security men waited in the anti-chamber. Also present, at Richard's request was the dean of men and the head of the school's campus police department. After all the introductions were made, and everyone was offered coffee, as no meeting in the South is complete without coffee. President Anderson welcomed Richard and Brett to the university by saying, "First let me tell you, Brett, how pleased we are that you chose to attend The University of Alabama. Let me be the first to welcome you to the campus. How can we help you and your uncle make this a smooth transition?"

Richard took control and replied, "President Anderson, Brett passed up numerous scholarship offers from schools all over the country for both academics and sports. He chose The University of Alabama after his visit here last month with his aunt. Choosing Alabama was solely his decision, although I would have been disappointed to see him go to school anywhere else. He will be working toward a dual degree program in finance and computer science. We do not anticipate that he will have any problems completing these in three to five years, or possibly less."

After he graduates, he will not be looking for a job as his future is already laid out for him with the establishment of a new foundation, which I believe will be set up in honor of his deceased parents. However, he sees the advantage in receiving a quality education so that the decisions he makes in the future will be soundly based.

There was some non-specific conversation and the usual platitudes one would expect to hear about such a prodigy as Brett. Then Richard continued the focus of his agenda by saying, "President Anderson the main reason for our visit is to discuss Brett's safety and security on campus. As you are well aware we have a condominium not too far from campus where Brett will be housed, and I will be providing round the clock protection for him in the form of Mr. Charles O'Toole, to whom you were introduced earlier. Please ask someone to send in Mr. O'Toole," he asked the president. He continued, "Charlie will serve as driver and security protection for Brett. Although Brett does not wish to have a babysitter, as he refers to Charley; my wife and I are very concerned that someone will try to kidnap him for ransom, or as retribution to some of my past business and political associations."

He went on, "As you know the parking on campus is often a problem and one that will continue for some time to come. However, until the problem is solved I only ask one thing of the school, and that is a faculty parking permit for Mr. O'Toole's car and word to the campus police that they should not hassle Mr. O'Toole for parking in a non-student permitted area," said Richard with no regard for polite conversation. Richard was not one to mince words.

The president's reply, however, was immediate as he did not believe that the request posed any real problems, especially for one of the university's most significant contributors. Richard only wanted to mention a couple of more things, "Mr. O'Toole is only twenty-seven, and therefore he should blend in well with the other students. Charley will be majoring in computer science along with Brett, and I would like for him to audit Brett's finance classes so that he will be close to him at all times. Please don't let his age fool you. He was a Navy SEAL before I lured him away from his country's service to work for my company. He will carry a weapon of course, and that is an item that is non-negotiable." Once again, after looking at the head of the campus police as he nodded in agreement, the president agreed to that stipulation with one cravat, that the gun or guns be registered with the campus police each year and well concealed.

With all that settled, Uncle Richard said, "Why don't we all go to lunch?" The president stated that he had planned a luncheon in our honor and that we should all follow him to the meeting room, that was all set up for that purpose.

Brett thought things always seemed so dam easy for his uncle, unlike other mere mortals like himself. It seems that when he speaks, people always listen and not just because of his wealth. While there was a lot about his uncle that Brett didn't aspire to, the way he was able to take charge of almost any situation, was something he genuinely admired about his uncle.

So we headed back to Birmingham after Charlie, and I preregistered for classes and stopped by the campus police substation to register Charley's guns and show them his concealed carry permit. Charlie drove us back to my uncle's residence in Birmingham.

*** 2 ***

Richard's chef had a wonderful meal for all of us that evening, and following supper, Charley and I spent the evening discussing classes and some paperwork that Charley would have to forward to the registrar's office. He will get credit for studies taken while he was in the Navy. Charley will begin college with an associate degree, which may allow Charley to get two degrees along with me. I fully anticipate that Charley will have a career with our companies until he decides to retire or move on to something more lucrative. A couple of weeks later we moved to Tuscaloosa and into the home waiting there for us. Charlie immediately ordered numerous security changes to the home and grounds around the house so that our safety could be insured.


On the first day of classes, Brett and Charley left the condo early and parked behind the computer science building in Charley's specially modified and armored, BMW sedan. It seemed odd to park in faculty parking, and we received some odd looks from some arriving faculty members. One even approached us once he saw the faculty parking sticker on the windshield.

He said, "I am Professor Johnson, the head of the Computer Science department, may I inquire why you have a faculty parking pass on your vehicle?" Charley explained our visit to the president's office, who Brett was, and that we would be parking there regularly. "I assume you must be very privileged Mr. Stanton. I hope you don't expect special treatment in your classes as well?"

"Professor Johnson, I expect nothing that I don't earn. However, I will remind you that the building next door bears the name of my father and one of the buildings in the law school carries my family name. I am not responsible for my wealth, or the fact that my uncle and the administration fears that someone may want to kidnap me for ransom. The building next door was named in honor of my deceased parents and was built when I was very young. Professor Johnson, all I ask is that you and all of the other professors, judge me based on my performance and not on the background of my family's association with the university."

Professor Johnson asked, "How old are you son?"

"Sir I turned seventeen a month ago, and I am majoring in Computer Science and Finance."

"A dual major, I see. You are very articulate for your age Mr. Stanton, so I am sure we will get along fine." Brett and Charley would become good friends with the professor, and he would become one of their biggest supporters over the next few years.

Brett replied, "Professor, may I introduce you to Charley O'Toole, my protector, and also a full-time student. Don't let his pretty face fool you; he is a retired Navy Seal lured away from the navy by my uncle, and he will not hesitate to defend me and those around me should it become necessary."

"Welcome, Mr. O'Toole. Shall we all go to class now that we have resolved this issue?"

After the first few weeks of school, both Brett and Charley began to feel felt comfortable in their new home and at ease with the pace of their studies. Charley proved to be an excellent student, and Brett excelled in both of his majors. Charley so enjoyed Finance that he added the finance courses he was auditing as for credit courses so he too could receive a dual major.

*** 3 ***

It wasn't until Brett's third year at Alabama, just after his eighteenth birthday, that he noticed a beautiful fellow computer science major named Natalie Maze. Natalie was 5'8" tall with long chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. At first, she was so sweet to Brett and treated him as a man. Even though he started college at age seventeen, he was well liked and respected for his academic accomplishments. However, either the girls he encountered were intimidated by him, or he was to shy to ask one out on a date. He was truly a nice guy, and as such he didn't stand out as much as the jocks or 'big man on campus' types. However at 6'3" tall and all muscle thanks to Charley's fitness regimen, he was hard to miss. Sooner or later some girl was going to be attracted to Brett.

After completing a class project with Natalie who openly flirted with Brett, he asked her if she would like to have dinner with him and she accepted without hesitation. It turned out to be a double date with Charley and one of her sorority sisters. Charley reminded him that it was his job to protect Brett and he could be his driver or they could double date. Unbeknownst to Brett, Charley didn't trust the young lady with Brett and wanted to be near him in case things didn't work out with this girl.

After dinner, they went back to the condo for some quiet time together, and on that very night, Brett lost his virginity to Natalie. She was twenty years old and Brett was only eighteen. Suddenly he was instantly in love. What young man wouldn't be in love with a beautiful coed he just had sex with on the first date.

However, Brett's first encounter with love was not to be, even though a few dates later she professed her love for him. Charley did a little snooping and started checking around to see what he could find out about Brett's new love interest. Charley discreetly asked some of the young ladies in Natalie's sorority questions about her past and how she treated guys she dated.

In less than a week, Charley discovered that she had been asking about Brett's family name Stanton after she noticed that it appeared on two campus buildings. Then he found that she had become very interested in Brett's family wealth. He also found that she had a steady boyfriend that she failed to mention to Brett.

When Charley finally sat Brett down and shared his findings with him, it destroyed Brett to think that his first love interest was a fraud and that she was just interested in him for his money.

After hearing Charley out, Brett called Natalie and told her what he found out about her, her boyfriend, and her questions about his net worth, and that he didn't want ever to see her again. This short-term relationship would leave a scar on Brett and negatively affect his interest in women for some time. Instead of love, he applied himself to his studies even more than he had before he met Natalie.

Brett told Charley and Beth that he wasn't going to be ready to trust women again, for years to come completely. Both assured him that it would pass, but other than Beth he found it hard to trust women for several years after that incident.


A few weeks later Natalie's real boyfriend Matt confronted Brett on one of his morning runs. Charley was running too but was following a quarter block back and when he saw Brett being approached by a student he watched from behind a nearby power pole. "Hey, ass hole I hear that you haven't been very nice to a friend of mine." Brett said, "If you are talking about your girlfriend Natalie that is between her and I and none of your business. I would suggest that you move on and don't pursue this any further. I don't want to hurt you."

Laughing the man said, "You think you could do anything to hurt me? That is a joke." He was a large guy that was at least fifty pounds heavier and two inched taller than Brett. He had been a third-string linebacker on the football team till this day's events.

With that, Natalie's boyfriend threw his first swing at Brett. Brett leaned away, and the punched missed by six inches. The guy then rushed toward Brett, who used his opponent's momentum to sweep his feet under him and send him flying into a tree. They both heard something crack. Matt got up holding his left arm but still with fire in his eyes. Brett put his hand up in a halting fashion and said, "Why don't you quit while you are ahead?"

The guy was enraged, and he once again charged Brett but this time with a six-inch lock blade knife. Charley moved closer but saw that Brett seemed to have things well in hand. The guy rushed forward, leading with his right side with his left arm dangling, but Brett was ready. He grabbed the right wrist and twisted it over until the assailant dropped the knife. Unfortunately, Brett continued the downward pressure and Matt's shoulder popped making a sickening sound. He went down to both knees.

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