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Brett's Angels Pt. 04


This novella is an exploration of numerous subjects including romance, a form of polygamy, incest, and mild, submissive themes along with a passionate love involving the main characters. Along with all of the topics mentioned above, is a very intriguing mystery based on the idea of exposing the existence of sex slavery rings. It will be difficult to follow the storyline and characters unless you start with part one followed by the other preceding parts.

All persons described in this tale are over 18 years of age before having sex, you should be aware that if these themes are uncomfortable for you, please choose another story. These characters are not intended to represent any person in real life, either alive or dead. All figures are indeed fictional, and any similarity to people of the same name or description is purely coincidental. Finally, this series of stories is a novella, and I hope you will allow me to develop the main characters in the first few chapters. If you are merely looking for a story to arouse your libido, this may not be the story for you. If you are patient, I believe you will find that after the first parts presented in the first two chapters, the action will begin and this presentation will become attractive to most readers.

Copyright 2018

Brett's Angels Part 4

*** 1 ***

On the third day in the hospital, the nurses moved Abigail to the step-down unit known as the SOU or surgical observation unit. Brett walked with her, and when they arrived there, Charley was waiting for them, along with his new friend, nurse Ellen.

Ellen explained that she moved back and forth between the critical care unit and the step-down unit as needed but that this was her regular unit and that she would be Abigail's nurse for the next three days. Abigail and Brett both developed smiles when they saw that their nurse would once again be Nurse Ellen. Both had befriended the beautiful young nurse, and both trusted her with their open conversations.

"Charley, I have to say you two look great together. I don't want to jinx anything, but judging by your big smiles and the fact you came in together I have a feeling that things are going well." Charley just looked at Brett and smiled with an impish grin.

Charley offered his own comments. "I also seem to see a closeness between you two that I didn't notice yesterday."

Brett simply said, "I have a feeling that Abby could be the one I've been waiting for all of my life."

"Brett, I know that you agree that we are 'brothers from different mothers' so please take my advice and make sure you get to know Abigail, and all of her secrets before you make that decision."

Brett agreed by nodding his head affirmatively but knew in his heart that he would be immensely disappointed if his relationship with Abby didn't work out.


Later that morning we were informed that her arm was still set correctly and doing well. Unfortunately, the doctors held doubts about her leg. Since it was a twisted break, the doctor told them that she must have orthopedic surgery to attach metal support plates on the bones in her leg. That procedure assured that they would heal correctly. Doctors scheduled her surgery for first thing in the morning.

"Brett, I am a little scared about the surgery tomorrow. I was pretty much out of it on the first day, but now I have to worry about it all day and overnight."

Brett moved closer and held her hand. "Baby, we have the best surgeons in the city here at St. Barts, and I am not a bit worried. I know your surgeon personally, and I know that he would not be doing the surgery if it wasn't necessary to make sure you heal up just as well as before the accident."

"Brett I wish we had a nice big bed here, so you and I could sleep in each other's arms. I feel so safe and secure in your arms."

"Abby, I don't think the nurses would be too happy with me if I had a queen size bed brought in here. I tell you what I will do; tonight when they give you something for pain and a sleeping pill, I will lay with you till you fall asleep. Also, in the morning I will walk with you to the operating room, and then I will be sitting there waiting till you come out of recovery."

Abby said, "I should have known you would figure out a way to make me feel better."

Abby said, "Brett, I have been thinking about your situation with Beth and her tribulations with your uncle. If she is responsible for raising such a loving, caring, and generous man, then I fully understand your caring and devotion to her. Brett, if I am to become part of your family, then we must continue to do everything Beth will allow us to do to help her to feel our love for her. Brett, I mean everything, do you understand?"

Brett smiled and replied, "Yes, baby I completely understand, and now I can see that my first impression of you as a loving and caring person was correct. I love you Abby, and I know that Beth will also love you."

"Oh, baby I have a feeling she and I may love each other in many ways."

After lunch, Charley called to say that he found Abby's mother and aunt in Jacksonville and he gave us the phone number. Together Brett and Abby called her using the speaker on his cell phone. Suddenly, they heard her voice saying, "Hello."

"Hello, Ms. Watson my name is Brett Stanton, and I am calling you from a hospital room in Birmingham, Alabama. I want to give you some vital information. If you would, please sit down first."

She said, "I am sitting, but I don't think I know you, Mr. Stanton."

"No mam we have never met. However, I am calling to tell you that I am sitting here with your beautiful daughter Abigail."

There was dead silence on the phone for a full minute. Abigail broke the silence by saying, "Hi momma, I love you."

"Oh my God is that you Abby, baby?"

She replied, "Yes momma, thanks to Brett I am alive and in a Birmingham hospital."

Ms. Watson then said, "Mr. Stanton you have brought me a miracle. I had given up all hope of ever seeing my baby again. My prayers have been answered, but why are you in the hospital and where have you been?"

Abby spoke to her mom saying, "Momma I had an automobile accident running away from my kidnappers, and Brett pulled me out of my burning car and saved my life. He even brought me to this hospital in a helicopter." She was so excited that she was speaking at a rapid pace and she had tears running down her cheeks.

"Ms. Watson, your daughter, has some rather severe injuries, but she is receiving excellent care here and is on her way to a full recovery. She is also under round the clock protection, just in case her kidnappers were to come looking for her. While we have you on the phone, I want to offer to have a plane pick you up in Jacksonville and bring you here now or when Abby is ready to leave the hospital. However, in either case, I am going to request police security for you at your home because if we can find you, there is a chance the kidnappers can find you as well."

Ms. Watson replied, "Brett, first of all, call me Emily, and please accept my sincerest gratitude for saving Abby and for everything you are doing to protect her. I owe you so much that I have no idea how I will ever pay you back. I desperately want to see my daughter, but I will yield to your judgment as to when that should occur. I love you Abby, and I am so pleased that you will be okay and that Brett has entered your life. It sounds to me like you will be safe in his care."

"Momma, Brett is the most caring, brilliant, and loving man I have ever known. Thank you for letting Brett use his judgment on all of the safety issues."

"Miss Watson, sorry, Emily, I will talk to the police about security for you in Jacksonville. I will also call you to let you know when my plane will pick you up in Jacksonville. I believe it is best to wait a day or two since Abby has to have surgery tomorrow to repair her broken leg."

He continued, "I have offered space in my home for both you and Abby for after you arrive and when they release her from the hospital. That will allow in-home nursing and physical therapy to continue Abby's care. I won't fool you, we have a long road ahead of us, but she possesses such a strong spirit, and I know that she is going be good as new again."

Oh, before I forget, Emily, please don't worry about the cost of Abby's care. It has been taken care of, and I want that to be the least of your concerns. Everything will be arranged for you and set up by the time of your arrival."

"Thank you, Brett, for everything and thank you, my darling daughter, for staying strong, staying alive and finding a way to get free. I am so grateful that you are alive. I love you, baby."

"Momma I love you, and I know we will be together soon."

"Emily please don't say anything to anyone about talking to us and especially where to locate Abby. There are some very dangerous people looking for her. It would be best if you didn't put Abby or yourself in any danger. I can't wait to meet you in person, and you have my word that we will frequently call to update you on Abby's condition. I will call tomorrow as soon as I know her post-surgery condition. Emily, if you need any money or anything else, please call me at this number."

"Thanks again Brett, good night darling, you are both in my prayers."

"Good night momma I love you and miss you very much."

*** 2 ***

No sooner did they hang up and Brett's assistant Kim knocked on the door. "Come in Kim. I want you to meet one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met. Kim this is Abigail Jackson. Abby, this is my beautiful right arm and indispensable executive assistant, Kimberly or Kim Adams to those of us who love her."

"It is such a pleasure to meet you, Abigail. I can already see that Brett is at least a little smitten with you. That is a good thing; I am always telling him he works too hard."

"Thank you, Kim, it is also a pleasure to meet you. Brett speaks so very highly of you, and I just heard that I am to be your assistant when I get well."

"Is that right, that would be great because he keeps me very busy. Speaking of work, Brett I brought your briefcase and at least a dozen things for your signature. While I am here, I have to bring you up to date on the water projects for Africa and Central America. The necessary funds have to be transferred to our supplier in the next week, to facilitate the purchase of the necessary equipment so that it will be shipped in time for our people to utilize it when they arrive at the projects early next year."

Brett said, "Abby this is why Kim is irreplaceable and why I would never get anything accomplished without her help. I sincerely believe she could do my job without me. She was one of the first people I hired when I started the foundation. Our relationship is a very close one."

"Abby, I mentioned the foundation which we use to give money to worthy causes and projects in the US and around the world. Right now we are working hard to bring clean water and irrigation to impoverished areas of Africa and Central America. We then follow that with farming supplies so that they can grow their own food thereby reducing their dependency on others."

Abby just sat on her bed with her mouth open. "That must be very expensive and yet very satisfying at the same time."

"It is both, but we have received many blessings with much financial success since my parents died and we all feel that we don't need enough money for ten lifetimes, so we want it used for the good of humanity. We don't want to waste any money, so we try to spend every dollar wisely. Abby, I have an essential job for you when you are up to it."

"Yes, of course, I want to help in any way that I can."

"Kim, Abby is an architectural graduate from Auburn University. Also, based on my research she graduated at the top of her class and also has a degree in interior decorating. I feel that she will be an asset to our philanthropic efforts. Abby, I haven't discussed this with you, but since you are an architect, I would like for you to start thinking about low-cost housing for a family of say four to six people. How about working with a flexible design which is adaptable enough to be expanded for larger families. I thought that we might even offer a prize to the school of architecture that can come up with the most innovative low-cost housing designs. The prize might be a scholarship or some needed equipment. After we have a winning design, we might have a contest for companies that can produce the design in the most economical material and lowest skill level."

Abby spoke first saying, "Those are all great ideas. I will start thinking about it as soon as I am up and around. The way to get the best out of universities is to create competition. Now I understand why you have been so successful in everything you attempt."

Brett then directed his comments to his executive assistant, "Kim would you request the IT department to provide a fully loaded Apple MacBook Pro® computer for Abby. I will call them to instruct them on the design programs Abby would like to have loaded onboard. Also, I will contact HR to change her job status and salary to a designer and personal assistant. Please have the computer and some notepads, sketch pads and drafting pencils sent over to my house in time for her release from the hospital. Abby, I believe that with my help you will be able to manage the pads for sketching despite the cast on your arm. The design department should be able to help you with everything except the computer."

Kim just sighed and said, "Will Abby be living with you? I guess there goes my brand new assistant."

"I'm sorry Kim, but I don't want to waste Abby's education and skills. As for you my beautiful young partner in crime, I have lots of plans to use your untapped skills. I have been giving you a great deal of thought, and I believe that if you are patient, many good things will come to you." said Brett with a wink, a smile and of all things, a wet sweet kiss on her lips. In all her years with Brett, she had never received more than a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Also, Brett leaned forward and whispered in Kim's ear, "Please know that I love you also, and I have since the day I made sure you received my scholarship to Alabama." Then he kissed her on the ear.

Kim had a look of shock, horror, and guilt on her face all at the same time. When she was finally able to speak, she said, "You. It was you. Did you make my education possible?"

"Kim, let's just say that I had a hand in determining where my unused scholarship money went."

"Brett, did you also provide the monthly stipend that allowed me not to have work during school so that I could devote all of my time to my studies?"

"Kim, I will just say that I wanted to make sure that my future right arm assistant was the best educated, most capable employee I could find when the time came to set up the foundation."

By this time, Kim was sitting on the edge of Abby's bed balling openly. "Brett, I had no idea it was you, but I so often wondered who my ferry godfather was? Why would you do that for me, for someone you didn't even know?"

"Kim, let's get past all of this mess I have gotten us all into with the kidnappers, we will get Abby healthy and home and then you and I will sit down and discuss your future and how everything happened the way it has up until now."

Brett continued, "Abby, are you on board with all of this?"

Abby replied with a smile, "Yes, very much so; I was wondering if I would ever be able to practice my profession again."

Brett just winked at her and whispered, "I want you working by my side every day. Do you think you can stand that much togetherness?"

"Brett I could spend every day for the rest of my life with you."

"Abby I feel the same way. It seems like we have known each other forever. I have this very comfortable feeling with you. Abby, I am going to go over here to handle a little business with Kim so why don't you close your eyes and rest for a few minutes and then we can discuss your personal needs with Kim before she leaves."

Before she closed her eyes, Abby looked at Kim and used her uninjured arm and hand to tenderly pull Kim to her chest while she was still crying quietly. She whispered into Kim's ear, "Kim darling my lover also loves you, and he has for a long time. Don't let him know we both know but I can see it in his eyes whenever he speaks to you or even mentions your name. Don't cry, he also loves Beth in the same way, but I know that he has enough love in that huge heart of his for all of us." By then Kim was looking right into Abby's eyes, and Abby reached her lips up to meet Kim's, and she kissed her tenderly.

Kim stopped crying and just said, "Really, you think that's possible?"

Abby nodded and said, "I don't think it, I know it to be true. You will see my sister."


It took the better part of an hour to finish catching up on his work projects and to review other items that required his involvement. He then explained to Kim that Abby escaped from her captors with only the clothes on her body. "Kim, I know this doesn't fall into your job description but being a woman, I know you understand that every woman wants to look decent no matter what the circumstances. So I think she will want some nightgowns, a light robe, some underwear, personal care items, maybe some makeup, shampoo, and a hairbrush. Would you help us with that?"

"Of course Brett it would be my pleasure. Besides you know that I would do anything for you."

Abby was awake and listening. "Abby why don't you and Kim try to assemble a list of items you will need or like to have for the next week or two. This list would include things needed until you are allowed to go home. I'm going to step into the hall and call Charley to let him know we spoke to your mom and asked him to arrange for her protection. By the way, I have been thinking about her, and I think she might be safer here, but I would suggest that she wait until after your surgery, perhaps in two days if you agree."

"Thank you for thinking about mom. I know that she will want to come as soon as possible for us to reunite so maybe we could discuss it tomorrow or the next day after my leg surgery to see how things progress."

"Yes, you are right of course. Your mother must desperately want to see you as soon as possible. Let me talk to Charley so he can start the ball rolling."

"Kim, on a final note, discuss perfume with Abby and find out what she likes. Then go out and by a couple of bottles of perfume for both of you. You know the kinds of fragrances I like, and so please keep that in mind."

*** 3 ***

"Hello Charley, I am calling to let you know that we spoke to Abby's mother, Emily and I want you to start making arrangements to go get her in the corporate jet and bring her back to Birmingham, two days from now. Please call the local authorities to see if they could provide security for her till you arrive in Jacksonville to pick her up. I worry that if you found her, then perhaps the kidnappers could find her and use her as leverage in some way. Oh, and Charley please leave as soon as possible. I would like you to get to know Emily and take her out on a spending spree to buy a new wardrobe. Charley, she is very poor, and I am sure that her clothing is limited. She is not much older than you, and so I want you to think of her as someone you would care enough about to dress stylish and maybe a bit sexy. Charley, call her today and ask her to make an appointment at a day spay to go tomorrow morning and have the works done from head to toe. Get the name of the spa and call them to give them your credit card info, so they don't charge Emely for the work. Hire some protection to act as her driver until you arrive sometime tomorrow. Charlie, she has been to hell and back, worrying about Abby so let's do some nice things for her. Make her feel like a queen. "

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