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Brett's Angels Pt. 08 - Final


This novella is an exploration of numerous subjects including romance, a form of polygamy, incest, and mild, submissive themes along with a passionate love involving the main characters. Along with all of the topics mentioned above, is a very intriguing mystery based on the idea of exposing the existence of sex slavery rings. It will be difficult to follow the storyline and characters unless you start with part one followed by the other preceding parts.

Note to readers: This is part 8 the final part of this novella. Additional Brett sagas are underway and will hopefully be published by year end.

All persons described in this tale are over 18 years of age before having sex, you should be aware that if these themes are uncomfortable for you, please choose another story. These characters are not intended to represent any person in real life, either alive or dead.

Copyright, 2018

Brett's Angels Part 8 Final Part

*** Chapter 1 ***

The next weekend the schedule included the foundation's annual ball that was intended to thank all of the major contributors and providers of goods and services to the foundation. This was the most significant social event of the year for both the foundation and the city of Birmingham. It was strictly a black tie formal affair that woman would literally do their best to outdo every other woman in attendance, and Brett's ladies would be no exception thanks to Beth. They would arrive in stretch limousines wearing a rainbow of beautifully colored gowns.

As the day approached, the girls all went to the spa to be pampered, and the hairdresser, to have their hair and nails done. Finally, at 7 PM the limo was ready and waiting in front of the main house. Brett and Charley escorted the girls to the limo. As they came downstairs, the sight was enough to take their breath away. Abby was the most beautiful woman in the world in Brett's eyes. Dressed in an emerald green satin dress that was form fitting above the waist and flowed to the floor in a full skirt on the bottom. She wore an emerald and diamond necklace that Brett purchased for her, especially for the occasion.

Upon reaching the hotel that was the venue for the ball, they all entered and were introduced one by one followed by their walk down the grand staircase into the ballroom. Spotlights were shining on each person, couple or group as they descended the stairs. Finally, the announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce our host for the evening, Mr. Brett Stanton and his fiancé Ms. Abigale Jackson and their guests Ms. Beth Stanton and Ms. Kim Ward." They descended the stairs with Abby holding tightly onto Brett's right arm and Kim and Beth right behind them. The evening's entrance was a huge success.

The ladies intermingled with other attendees, and their self-confidence was growing by the minute. The only unexpected event of the evening was that Uncle Richard and Sydney James were in attendance. She was a lovely older woman that could still turn heads. After talking to him, Brett discovered that he and Ms. James were to be wed in June. Brett wished him every happiness and encouraged him to enjoy life and his relationship with Ms. James.


The next traumatic event in their lives was the trial in Mobile for the two men arrested and charged with multiple crimes including one count of murder, multiple counts of kidnapping, rape, sodomy, imprisonment, running a slave operation, operating a prostitution ring and numerous other charges. The murder charge was the result of finding the remains of a young woman that disappeared one night during captivity. Her body was found in a shallow grave in the backyard of the slave house.


For Christmas, each of the girls would receive a diamond ring for their right hand with a single diamond of two carats and smaller precious stones representing their birth month or just their favorite gemstone, placed around the diamond solitaire setting. The diamond represents the year they renewed their lives after they were freed from captivity. The other stones represent the many decades ahead of them. Even Abby gets one of these rings. Kim must receive her wedding ring from Brett and the other two ladies to represent her relationship with Brett, Abby, and Beth. All four women will receive a diamond ankle bracelet from Brett to denote that they are his submissives, albeit a very mild version of submissiveness.

Brett thought to himself, 'I should be pleased with myself, I believe that every girl will be pleased with their gifts this year and by Christmas, the captive girls should be pretty happy with their lives.'

He called Abby into his office and wanted to discuss arrangements for Christmas Eve with her. "My darling, I would like for our family to host a Christmas Eve Party for everyone involved with saving the girls from captivity and those that helped you at the hospital. We should host it here, and I would like for you, Kim and Beth to design the invitations, organize the guest list, and hire a caterer to supply only the best food, drinks, wine and champagne for the party. Sweetie, after you finish the list would you please go over it with me. I don't want to leave anyone out, like the director of the hospital for instance."

"I would like to invite all of the girls and include Charley and Emily to join the four of us for a sleepover at our house, so we can open presents on Christmas morning as an expanded family. Tell them all that we will have a late night pajama party after the Christmas party for just the overnighters to watch 'Christmas Vacation' or 'A Christmas Carol' and of course the reading of 'The Night Before Christmas.' Then on Christmas morning maybe everyone will open gifts together and eat breakfast. Abby, I want this to be our new extended family. Beth and my uncle were my only family as I was growing up. As you can imagine, it was usually just Beth and me for most holidays and meaningful events. I always missed not being part of a larger family, especially when I came home from the military school I attended or from the university. Let's start our own traditions this year and continue them for many years to come as our family and their families grow."

"Brett, you have such wonderful romantic ideas, I just know this will be the best Christmas we have ever had. I know you are just as aware and I am that most of the girls really don't have a family or home to go back to so I can't imagine the happiness that they will feel being part of a new family tradition. Thank you for being so thoughtful."

"Yes, sweetie I agree, I can't remember a happier Christmas in my lifetime, and I think that it will be one of the happiest in many years for all of you girls."

"One last thing, please contact the divorce lawyer, his name is Jay Cooper Scott, Esq., Beth has his contact information and asks him to write my uncle to see if he would be interested in selling you and myself his portion of the estate. I spoke to him at the charity ball. He indicated that he may be spending most of his time in North Georgia. Abby, make sure that Coop receives an invitation to the Christmas party, he was a huge help in Beth's divorce case. Just between you and me, I would like to move the girls over to that house until they are ready to go out on their own. Also, I fear that he might sell it to someone else one day in the future if he figures out that we are all sleeping together. Thanks for your help sweetheart. Please get Kim involved since she knows the caterers and servers we have used in the past."

* Chapter 2 *

Brett called Kim at the office to tell her that he was going to be a little late. He knew that she hadn't yet bought a new car. At 10 AM he arrived in front of the office and called Kim in her office. "Kim, this is Brett, would you do me a big favor and come downstairs to the lobby and then to the front of the building to meet me?"

"Yes, of course, dear, I will be right down, Brett. Just give me a couple of minutes to power my nose and come down."

Sure enough just a few minutes later Kim came down the front stairs to the street and found Brett sitting in the passenger seat of his red Lexus hardtop convertible parked at the curb. She was looking so sexy in a silver silk blouse and a black and grey tweed skirt with a black overcoat and a multicolored scarf. She was a vision.

Kim had a question on her face that said, 'What's up.' What she said was, "Brett why are you sitting at the passenger seat in your car?"

"Dear Kim, I am waiting to take you for a test drive in your new car."

"Brett, what, my new car?"

"Yep! You heard me correctly, now get your cute little butt into the driver's seat of your car."

She ran around to the driver's side, and once she was in the car, she reached over grabbed Brett around the neck and started kissing him while squealing and screaming the whole time. "Brett baby, I don't want to take your car. I know how special this car is to you."

"Sweetheart, I want you to have this car as my gift to you. I am a family man now, and so I am going to get a vehicle big enough to haul my whole family. This car like the one I gave to Abby is fully armored with bullet resistant glass. I know you will be safe when you are driving this car, and that is the most important thing to me. I won't take a chance on any of you getting hurt."

"Oh Brett, no wonder we all love you so, you are such a wonderful man."

"Are you going to drive your car or just sit here and talk?" With that, they start driving all over the city until lunch time when we ended up at one of the city's excellent restaurants for lunch.

* Chapter 3 *

On December 18, Brett was notified that a plea bargain was being discussed with all of the kidnappers in both cities since one of the participants finally admitted that it was all a giant conspiracy and that the two locations were planned to grow into a multi-state operation within a year or two. According to the authorities, it was this admission by one of the owners of the Mobile BDSM clubs was used to induce the other participants in these crimes to fall.

They all agreed to plead guilty to multiple counts of kidnapping, attempted murder, forced imprisonment, assault, torture, rape, sodomy, and one count of manslaughter. They would all be sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole, but they would not be tried for murder, and there would be no death penalty, which would have been on the table in Alabama.

Brett thought that this was a good solution because none of the girls, especially Abby would have to testify and relive those horrors in court and in the news.

Brett gathered his three loves in the office to say, "I have great news, there will be no trials in the kidnapping cases, and all of the perpetrators will be in jail until they die."

Abby just stared at Brett for a few minutes with her mouth open and then said, "Something tells me that you had something to do with this mister."

"Me no way."

"Yes, you, she said with a smile on her face; I know you well enough to know that you found a way to protect us all from them and at the same time, shield us from having to testify at a trial. So how did you do it?"

"I suppose that theoretically, someone might have had a friend of a friend promise to some of their fellow prisoners that their families would be well provided for at Christmas if they would get word to certain people being held for trial. You know, maybe something to the effect that they would not live to go to trial if they didn't confess, and agree to a plea deal that would keep them in jail for life. But you all know me better than that."

Abby jumped up and grabbed him and started kissing him all over his face. "I am so happy that we won't have to sit through a trial and relive all of that. Can I share the news with the rest of the girls?" Brett took her hand and together they went to the condos to tell all of the other girls the good news, but not Abby's supposition regarding his possible involvement in the resolution.

By the end of the week, Brett heard from his attorney that his uncle agreed to sell the balance of the estate to him for $6.5 million. Brett sent word to his uncle that it was acceptable and the papers were drawn up, signed and sent to his uncle's attorney for processing. Thanks to modern technology everything was completed including the money transfer on December 23.

Brett now owned the entire estate. He planned to show it to the girls now staying at the condominium on Christmas Day. Brett contacted his cleaning crew and offering them a big bonus to work during the Christmas holidays. They went to work cleaning the house he just bought on December 23, and they were finished cleaning by noon on December 24.

It was time for a party to beat all parties on the Stanton Estate. Beautiful Christmas trees adorned the entrances to both homes, and of course, the smaller tree was still in the sitting area next to the master bedroom. Brett's house looked like a decorator's showplace after Abby did the planning and brought in crews to actually do the decorating.

Christmas Eve day was busy in the Stanton home and at the condos with all of the ladies busily preparing for the party that night. Brett still thought of them as fragile girls, but in his heart, he knew that they were all grown women with a lifetime of horrible experiences crammed into their short lives. In his mind, they were all girls with broken lives, which meant that they would have years to make up for before they could mentally and in some cases, physically go on to successful lives.

The caterers were busy in the kitchen, setting up several bars and serving tables. They wouldn't be serving a formal dinner, but there would be bounties of excellent food, drink, and appetizers. At Brett's home, Beth had arranged for her hairdresser to come to the house to do all three girl's hair and she brought her nail technician with her to do their nails. Kim contacted Clara and her staff to do the hair and nails for the rest of the girls at the condos.

The party was to begin at 7 PM, and at 6:15 Brett asked all of his ladies to come to the sitting room when they were ready for the party so he could see their Christmas dresses and their finished look. He was dressed in a tuxedo and looked debonair and sophisticated. The three ladies in his life entered the room one at a time. All three were dressed in flowing satin and lace dresses, and all had a bit of cleavage showing. They were all beautiful, sexy and 'soooooo' desirable to Brett, and likely to everyone else who would see them that night.

Abby's auburn hair was set in a French braid with a beautiful green ribbon at the bottom. Her dress was a deep green that was very close to the color of her emerald eyes. She had on four-inch heels that barely shown below her ankle length dress. Brett went to her and gave her a great hug and lightly kissed her cheek to avoid ruining her perfect makeup. Abby reached up to adjust his tie and tighten the knot a bit. She then sat next to him to await the other girls. She giggled, "You better be glad you didn't mess up my makeup mister." Chuckling quietly, she winked at him and kissed his cheek.

Kim was next to enter. Her strawberry blond hair was growing and now nearly reached her shoulders. It was styled to sweep under her jaw. At 5'8" tall and with that hair, a beautiful face, wonderful complexion and full "C" cups she was stunningly beautiful. On this night, she wore a lovely royal blue dress which really made her hair and blue eyes pop. Brett thought to himself, 'I have known this woman for nearly ten years, why didn't I notice how absolutely gorgeous she was? Maybe it was because she was so valuable to our foundation and to me, or was I so involved that I was blind. The preverbal 'can't see the forest for the trees.' We could have been romantically together for years. Well, we are all together now, and I don't believe that we could be happier.'

Brett reached for her, put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She fussed about him messing up her dress, but they still kissed on the lips. Smiling ear to ear she said, "Okay, buster now you're in trouble for messing up my lipstick. You know I love you so much, boss?"

She winked as she said it. "I am not the 'boss' any longer my dear. Now we are lovers and although you may be my submissive; I will never be your boss again. Especially, since you got that big promotion."

He went on, "I love you too much to boss you around except in our submissive role-playing. As I have told all of you, I will love you, care for you and protect you till death do up part. So if that makes you my submissive then so be it."

"Brett, what makes you our boss or master, is all you just said and the fact that all of us will do anything you ask of us." She fixed her lipstick as she sat next to Abby on the couch.

Next into the room was Beth. Brett loved her so much for so long that he felt a need to watch over her and care for her as she had done for him for most of his life. She was wearing a long flowing red shimmery dress. She was positively radiant and sparkled when she moved. Her blond hair was lighter than her dress and was up in a French twist. All three girls had a new gold necklace with a sizable multi-carat solitaire colored precious stone to either match their clothing or their eyes. Beth was wearing a blue sapphire necklace to accent her incredible eyes and alabaster skin. "Beth my love you look delicious enough to eat." Said Brett.

"Brett Stanton, don't play with my emotions." She then engulfed him into a loving hug and then pulled away a bit so that she could give Brett a very sensuous kiss on the lips.

He whispered in her ear, "Baby, I love you so much, and I would never play with your emotions. I promise you that I will eat you up as soon as you aren't dressed to kill." They both started laughing so hard that Beth had to go the bathroom to refresh her makeup.

At 7 PM Brett, Abby, Beth, and Kim were in the welcoming line in the foyer of their home. One by one they welcomed each guest to enter through the doors. By 7:30 PM they had a house full and the party was in full swing. Everyone had drinks and food, and all were involved in conversational groups.

A little after 8 PM there was a dinging bell going off in the dining room. Soon everyone was standing around Helen, and things became very quiet. "Ladies and gentlemen thanks for your attention. I would like to offer a toast and our thanks to our heroes Brett Stanton and Charley O'Toole. I imagine that everyone here knows that Brett and Charley along with, of course, the Birmingham and Mobile Police, are responsible for our release from captivity. Of course, we also know that Brett Stanton and Abby along with many medical workers are responsible for our treatment, and care in the last couple of months. There is no way that we can fully express our thankfulness to these people as well as Abby, Beth, and Kim for their loving kindness. Please join us in a toast of gratitude to Brett, Charley, Abby, Beth, and Kim, and to all of those who have helped us in these difficult times." With that everyone in attendance raised their glasses. Both Brett, Charley and the ladies raised a hand in thanks and went off to the small group of ladies surrounding Helen. They hugged and kissed each one. They were all dressed in gorgeous gowns and were beginning to look almost completely recovered. The real recovery to their mental conditions would be different for each of them, but so far they all appeared to be very much better.

At 10:30 their guest began to leave, and by 11 PM the only people remaining in the home were those invited to spend the night. Each was given a bedroom assignment and the name of the person or persons sharing the room with them.

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