tagIncest/TabooBrian and Kara Ch. 01

Brian and Kara Ch. 01


Chapter 1 -- Beginning

Brian was relaxing on the chaise lounge on the deck of their swimming pool on this hot muggy afternoon. He was wearing his sunglasses, although he was positioned so that the sun was not shining in his eyes. The sunglasses were in place to disguise his furtive glances at the luscious body of the girl sunbathing on the chaise next to him. This girl had the sexiest body that he had ever lusted for. That body was the one that Brian had fantasized about since he was about sixteen years old. He was now nineteen and had just completed his first year of college. The gorgeous young lady next to him was eighteen and had graduated from high school on the previous Friday. Brian would not normally try to hide the fact that he was admiring a young girl's body; but the object of his attention on this afternoon was his younger sister.

Brian had little trouble attracting girls. He was a good-looking intelligent guy with a very pleasant personality. He was six-foot tall and his two hundred pound frame was normally appealing to members of the opposite sex. He had some pangs of guilt as his erection was growing in his tight swimsuit. His beautiful sister was turning him on and guys weren't supposed to get hard from looking at their sister's body. At least that is what most of society professed.

His hard cock was bringing back memories of how his sexual experience had developed. In high school, he seldom had trouble getting dates; however most of the girls that he dated began to resist when his hands started to move inside of their panties. He was recollecting the closest that he had come to fucking while he had been in high school.

It was shortly after his eighteenth birthday and he was out with Mary Carlson. They had been dating for a few weeks and he was slowly progressing with her. They had parked after a movie and kissed for some time. He coaxed her into the back seat of his car and they continued to swap spit. It took a little while longer for Brian to unhook her bra and to get her blouse unbuttoned. He was enjoying the feel of her tits in his hand. Brian's mouth moved to those tits, which, although small, were quite nicely formed. He had enjoyed the feel of those soft nipples growing hard and longer under his fingers and against his tongue. He sucked on her tits for quite some time before reaching under her short loose skirt to feel her pussy. He had rubbed her pussy a couple of times before; but the one time that he had tried to slide his fingers under her panties she had stopped him.

That night when he was rubbing that panty-covered pussy, he could feel the dampness soaking through her panties. There had been a slight dampness the first time he had tried to use his fingers on her; but she had not been nearly as wet before as she was on that night. The taste of her pert boobs and the feel of her soft pubic hair through her panties was making Brian as hard as a rock. He had a burning desire to feel a bare pussy and decided that he would take another chance that evening. There was no resistance from Mary when Brian slid his fingers under the leg band of her panties.

When two fingers slid into her pussy, one of Mary's hands grasped his wrist. Brian feared that his first feel of a bare pussy was coming to an end. Mary surprised him when she said, "You're going to rip them; let's just take them off. That feels so good; but my mother will kill me if I come home with ripped panties."

Mary helped him slide her panties down her beautiful well-formed legs. Brian's fingers returned to her moist slit and he resumed sucking her tits. The time before Brian had moved her hand to his cock and after he unzipped his pants, she had rubbed him until he had spewed his seed. On that night, Mary was unzipping him without any urging on Brian's part. Brian had heard other guys talk about eating pussy and had read a little about it on the Internet. His fingers were removed from her pussy and he moved his face into position in front of her pussy. He had not had any experience in this; but he was a quick learner. Mary was reacting favorably when he was running his tongue into her love channel; but she became nearly epileptic when he began to contact her clit. Mary came hard as she clamped her legs around his neck.

Brian's pants were already at his knees. He slid his underwear down and took a condom out of his pants pocket. He was preparing to open the condom packet when Mary told him, "Brian, I really liked how good you made me feel; but I'm not ready for that yet. I really want to stay a virgin."

Brian's large cock was standing tall and he was leaking pre-cum. Mary looked at that large organ and commented, "Wow, when I used my hand on you that other time, I couldn't see how big you were. I won't let you fuck me; but I can't let you go home in your condition. She grasped Brian's cock and he expected her to give him another hand job. He was surprised, but pleased, when she dropped her head and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She could only take about half of it; but Brian was in heaven as she sucked on his cock. He loved the feel of her soft lips wrapped around that hard pulsing shaft. Her tongue moving up and down the underside of his cock was bringing him closer to the edge. He fought and fought, although unsuccessfully, to hold back the load of cum that he knew was building up inside of his nuts. It didn't take long before he erupted into her mouth. Mary swallowed everything that he could give her.

Brian had continued to date Mary for a few more weeks and she gave him one more incredible blowjob. The end of the semester was nearing and the two of them realized that their interests were quite diverse. They ended up parting ways. Brian thought about several of the other girls that he dated from then until the middle of his first semester in college. He had received several more hand jobs and a couple of blowjobs. Then he began to date Maggie Horowitz. He and Maggie seemed to get along fairly well. They had several heated make-out sessions and most nights she usually relieved him with her hands or with her mouth.

Brian was pushing her to agree for them to have sex. Maggie told him, "Brian, I would be willing to have sex with you; but I'm not losing my virginity in the back seat of a car. If you can find somewhere where we can do it in a bed; I would be willing." Brian's mind began working. His budget at school did not allow for a motel room for the weekend. His roommate would not be going home for the weekend for at least a month, so that was not an alternative. He suddenly remembered the credit card that his father had given him. It was supposed to be for school related expenses and emergencies. If this wasn't an emergency, he didn't know what was. He would have a month to explain the charge to his father. He made a date for the following Saturday with Maggie.

Brian had picked Maggie up at her dorm on Saturday afternoon and they had gone to get something to eat. After their meal, they had gone to the motel where Brian had made reservations. They were both a little nervous as they began to make out in the motel room. Maggie had suggested that they watch television for a while. Brian tried to pretend like he had the patience of Job. He turned the television on; but he was very anxious to begin the deflowering. The television turned out to be a blessing; it relaxed them both. As they watched a program, they held each other and began to kiss a little.

They were vaguely aware of what was on television, as their amorous activities heated up. Brian knew that they had the room until eleven the next morning so he was in no hurry. He had learned in his few short years that rushing a girl was the best way in the world to be sent home with blue balls. They had both enjoyed the attention that Brian had paid to her breasts and, after some time, Brian gave her a satisfactory pussy eating. Then, the moment of truth had arrived. He rolled a condom over his hard cock and moved between Maggie's legs. He was slow and deliberate as he penetrated her for the first time. That had been the most exhilarating experience in Brian's life.

Brian's patience had made that first time fairly enjoyable for Maggie; but the second time that they had fucked was enough to make Maggie scream with pleasure. They had sex again before they checked out on Sunday morning. Brian and Maggie had dated a few more times before she decided that sex was not enough to sustain a relationship. Less than a month later Brian had been read the riot act by his father for charging the motel room on the credit card. His father had been somewhat understanding; but he did cut Brian's allowance for the next three months to cover the cost of the room. Brian dated several other girls over the remainder of the school year. He did manage to have sex with a few of them; but he was not able to find a girl that he enjoyed being with on a regular basis.

The fact that her brother's member was hardening did not go unnoticed by young Kara O'Hara, Brian's sister. Kara was aware that Brian was wearing the sunglasses to disguise where he was looking. She smiled inwardly as she realized that the saying that 'a hard cock has no conscience' was true. She had never had the feeling that her brother had a sexual interest in her; but he was starting to get hard as he watched her sunbathe in her brief bikini. Kara had not realized it; but she had contributed to his reaction. The strings on her bikini top had been untied and the young girl had not been that careful when changing her position on the chaise lounge. She had unintentionally been giving him glimpses of her bare boobs.

Kara had a fine body and she was well aware of the attention that the guys paid to her large breasts. She stood five-six and weighed slightly less than one hundred and twenty pounds. Her trim twenty-two inch waist accentuated her lush 34D breasts. Kara was not a cold fish; but she was not too experienced sexually. Like her brother, Kara was thinking about her past limited sexual encounters. Like most girls her age, she had engaged in some heavy petting on many of her dates.

Kara's best friend during high school had been Jill Sampson. The two girls were very much alike. They were almost inseparable during their high school years and they planned to be roommates when they entered college in the fall. They were both good looking, personable young girls. They had many of the same interests in life. Kara had learned from their conversations that Jill had let the guys progress farther on their dates than Kara had. One afternoon, the two eighteen-year-olds were sitting in Kara's bedroom discussing guys. Kara had remarked, "Jill, I really don't want to give in to these guys that I'm dating; but I come home so horny at night"

"Don't you use your fingers to satisfy you when you come home?"

"Yeah. It just doesn't seem to help some nights; I'm not sure if I'm not doing it right or these guys are just getting me so worked up that I need more."

"All right. Get undressed, Kara."


"Get undressed. We're going to work on your technique."

Jill had jumped off of the bed and begun to undress. Kara wasn't sure what her friend had in store; but she slowly disrobed. When Jill was naked, she jumped back on the bed and said, "Get up here and show me how you do it; I think that I can give you some pointers that will make you cum almost as hard as you can with a hard cock inside of you."

"How would you know, Jill? You've never had a cock inside of you."

"Yes, I have. A couple of times."

That statement had startled Kara; but she had no reason to doubt her best friend. The two girls sat on the bed playing with their pussies as Jill regaled Kara with stories about the joys of having a hard cock shoved into her pussy. Both girls came after a short time. Kara commented, "That was better than it normally is."

"Then I know what your problem is. You probably just play with yourself most nights. You have to use some imagination when you're doing it. If your imagination is vivid enough when you're playing with yourself, you can use the things that you do on your dates. Thinking about them while you're playing with yourself will make them more enjoyable."

Kara started to get off of the bed until Jill stopped her, "Wait, I want to show you what will really make you feel good." Jill took Kara into her arms and began to kiss her. One of Jill's hands moved to Kara's breast and began to feel it. Kara couldn't believe that another girl was arousing her this much. They continued to kiss and played with each other's boobs for a while until Jill said, "Now, I'll show you what will make it feel better than you've ever felt." Kara felt Jill's lips on her pussy and soon experienced the pleasure of a tongue sliding into her. Jill had been right; this was making her feel better than she had ever felt before. Kara was soon screaming and a powerful orgasm overcame her. That afternoon Kara ate pussy for the first time in her life. Not only did she enjoy the taste of her friend's pussy, she relished having the ability to bring such joy to Jill. Kara and Jill got together fairly regularly for a repeat of that afternoon.

A short time after that first day with Jill, Kara started to date Danny Grayson. Danny had been enjoyable to be with and it was about their second date when Kara let him unhook her bra. When he sucked on her boobs, it gave her great pleasure. That night at home, she had cum harder than she had at any time except when Jill was eating her pussy. A few dates later, Danny was playing with her pussy through her panties. He wasn't happy when she wouldn't let him get his hand under her panties; but he accepted it. Kara didn't object when he coaxed her hand to the front of his pants, as long as he kept his hand outside of her panties. A week later, Kara was unzipping him and had his cock in her hand. She worked his cock with her hand until he came.

Danny started to become insistent that Kara have sex with him and they parted company. It was about that time that Kara started to date Hank Wilkins. Hank was a little slower moving than some of her other dates had been. It was probably his patience that was the reason she didn't object when he finally tried to slide his hand inside of her panties. Hank eventually became quite adept at getting her off with his fingers. Kara had been giving him hand jobs on a regular basis.

One night when Hank had done an exceptional job of fingering her pussy, she decided that he needed a reward. She leaned over and took his cock between her lips and started to suck on it. She had heard so many conflicting versions from her friends about what sucking cock was like. Some of her friends had thought that it was repulsive while others enjoyed the act; but they didn't like the taste of cum. Jill and some others had told her that they actually enjoyed sucking a guy's cock. They enjoyed the feeling of power that it gave them and they enjoyed the taste of cum. Kara felt a thrill as she was sucking Hank's cock and when he erupted, she took it all down her throat. It was a taste that she would have to adapt to; but she did not find it offensive.

Most of her future dates with Hank ended with her giving him a hand job or a blowjob. The end of the semester was nearing and the Senior Prom would be the highlight of the school year. Kara's mother had helped her select a beautiful formal for the occasion. It was very low cut and was strapless. The fact that it was nearly backless made it impractical for Kara to wear a bra with the formal. At the last minute, she decided that she would not wear panties either. Kara thought that might be a nice surprise for Hank. She thought that he looked very sexy when he arrived wearing his tuxedo. They had a nice dinner and then went to the prom. After one of the post-prom parties, Hank took her to a secluded place where they parked. They were getting kind of hot and heavy in their make-out session. Hank had unzipped her dress and was playing with her boobs. The length of the dress made it difficult for him to slide his hand up her thigh.

To save wear and tear on her dress, Kara volunteered to take it off. When Hank saw her gorgeous body completely nude, he was totally in awe. In a short time, Hank was wearing only his socks and his shirt and they were in a passionate embrace. He was doing a good job of fingering her pussy and he started to push her hand toward his hard cock. Hank was concerned when she resisted. Kara said, "I want to do more than rub your cock or suck it tonight. Do you have any protection?"

Hank quickly fumbled for his pants and pulled a condom out of it. Kara helped him roll it over his cock. Hank was patient and gentle as he took Kara's virginity. That quick sharp pain was over and Kara enjoyed the rest of the fuck. She had a pleasant orgasm that first time. They talked for some time before he took her home. The following day Kara had been happier than she could remember in a long time. She was looking forward to the next time that she could get together with Hank so that they could have sex.

When she arrived at school on Monday morning, several girls talked to her about having had sex after the prom. She was a little concerned when the first few girls mentioned it to her; but she had been questioned by about ten girls by the time that she talked to Hank. At this time, she was livid. Hank couldn't understand why she was upset about him talking about their sex life. She tried to explain that it was something private that should be kept between them. Hank would not concede that he had made a mistake and Kara told him that they were through.

Brian and Kara's thoughts were interrupted by a clap of thunder and a sudden downpour of rain. Brian and Kara scrambled to pick up their sun block and rushed into the house. Kara was walking toward her bedroom when she looked over her shoulder and said, "I'm going to get a T-shirt to put on. Why don't you grab us a couple of towels and I'll meet you in your room." Kara and Brian were going to attend the same college the following fall and she had just thought of a couple of questions that she wanted to ask him when the rain began to fall. She thought that if she met him in his room, she could get the answers to those questions before she forgot them.

Brian grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom and went down the hall to his bedroom. He had assumed that Kara would change out of her bikini so he decided that he would get out of his wet swim trunks. Brian tossed the trunks into the dirty clothesbasket and started to pull on a pair of shorts. Since he planned to take a shower in about an hour, he eschewed underwear. He had just stepped into the shorts and had pulled them as high as his knees when the door to his room opened.

Kara looked admiringly at the cock dangling between her brother's legs as he finished pulling his shorts on. She apologized, "Sorry that I just walked in on you. I didn't realize that you were going to change."

Brian blushed slightly, as he replied, "That's all right. I thought that you were going to change before you came down here."

Kara picked up one of the towels that Brian had brought with him and began to dry herself. While she was doing this, she began to ask him questions about the university. When Kara had dried herself, she pulled the T-shirt over her head. She continued to talk as she untied the strings to her bikini top and pulled it out from under her T-shirt. After tossing the top aside, she turned her back to Brian and untied the strings at the side of her bottoms causing them to fall to the floor. Kara had accomplished this without even giving Brian a glimpse of the cheeks of her ass.

Brian complained, "Hey, you got a good look at me half naked; but you didn't even let me get a peek at you."

Kara frowned, "I only came in her to talk with you, not to have sex with you."

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