Brian Ch. 01


Her pussy had a thick patch of hair on it in a strip about two inches wide. It was all damp and matted. He personally preferred a bald pussy but wasn't going to turn this down. Who knows maybe one day he would shave it bare. With that much sweet juice pouring out of her pussy, he knew he was going to feast that night. But first, he knew it was time to tease her just a bit for all the frustration and sore arms she had put him through over the years.

Brian started with her right foot where he gently licked and nibbled at her ankle. He took off the sandal on that leg and gently rubbed her feet. Then continued to lick and kiss slowly up her thigh. He stopped right behind her knee and gently bit the inside of it. This caused her to squeal with the gentle pain.

"Damn this feels great," she stated. "Please eat me. Make me cum. I want to feel your tongue on his clit and pussy. Suck my clit, eat me up. Make me cum on your face." She looked at him with a dreamy look.

He continued to nibble his way up to her pussy. As he got there, Wendy brought her hands to his head to guide him to her sweet cave. He just pulled away and went to the other leg and removed her other sandal. He started again, gently nibbling and sucking on her inner calf and thigh. As he got to her pussy, he took his hands and pulled up on her mound causing her clit to stick out from its hood. Then he quickly licked it and then blew cool air on it.

This caused her to moan. "Yes, yes, lick my clit." Brian lifted her leg to begin licking and nibbling again. She was now moaning and groaning. As he got closer to her pussy again she grabbed his head and tried to force his mouth on her pussy. He was stronger and broke her grip. "Please don't tease me anymore," she pleaded. He again gave her a little lick and blew on her engorged clit. "Yes, that is so good."

Then he went to her other leg again. She reached up and tried to grab him but he was too far away and kissing behind her knee. He continued to slowly work his way up her thigh. When he got to her pussy licked around her lips and then blew on her pussy.

She just moaned. "Please eat me, please fuck me. Make me cum. I want to cum so bad. Suck my clit. Lick it, dammit. Eat me." Her head rose up from the bench to look at him through her spread legs. He could see the lustful look in her eyes as she pleaded with him to get her off.

Brian blew on her and then moved back to her feet to start over again. She was now going crazy. She stared at him with glazed look.

"Fine, then fuck you. I will take care of it myself". She moved her fingers down and started to touch and rub her clit. He reached down and grabbed her hands. Brian told her, "don't touch, that is my job".

"Then make me cum. Eat my pussy, suck my clit, bite my lips. Just make me cum, motherfucker. You got me so hot now I can't stand it."

He knew he had her. Brian held her hands down by her side and then moved to her pussy. She had a strong, musky scent to her pussy. He inhaled this strong aroma of lust and rolled his head back to savor her scent. She had leaked so much pussy juice it darkened the part of her denim skirt she was laying on. She now had a huge puddle under her. He blew on her pussy and watched it swell.

Brian stuck out his tongue and ran it from asshole to clit in one long stroke. This nearly launched her off the table. Her head was moving from side to side and arching her back. He let loose her hands and placed them on her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Her hands gripped his head and told him not to stop she was about to come.

So naturally he stopped.

She raised her head up and asked, "Why'd you stop. I was almost there. I was almost cumming, why'd you stop." She had a painful look on her face. She looked a girl who had just had her kitten taken from her. It was a hurt look; she must have been so close to cumming that she stopping just sent her pussy into cramps.

"Because I wasn't ready for you to cum yet."

"What, you didn't think I was ready to cum and you didn't think you were ready to let me cum. What the fuck do you mean? Make me cum you asshole, make me cum. Don't leave me hanging. Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Do it now. EAT MEEEEEE!" She was a little pissed to say the least. She was one used to being in charge and having guys do what ever she wanted. Tonight, the tables had turned on her sweet little ass, he was in charge. Her anger at him not letting her cum made this all the better. He had her right where he wanted her to be.

"Nope, I think we should go now."

"WHAT!?!" she responded incredulously.

"Only kidding, hang on." Brian was tempted to just leave her there wanting more but he also wanted to finish her off. He wanted payback for the years of high school denial from her but also knew deep down inside he loved her. He wanted her to enjoy it but at the same time he wanted some measure of revenge. However, his chivalrous side won out.

He reached over with his left hand and pulled her mound up so her engorged clit was sticking out. At the same time as he locked his lips on her clit, he shoved two fingers in her drenched pussy. The scream she let out could have raised the dead and should have brought every cop within a five-block radius to the sound of the murder.

"OHHHHH GGGGOOOOODDDDD!!!!" She screamed as he assaulted her clit. His tongue worked overtime on the sensitive bud. With her hood pulled up her clit was fully exposed to his tongue's assault. All those cherry-tying exercises with his tongue now paid off. His fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy fast, hard and deep. She was now cumming over and over. Her hands were trying to grab his hair but there wasn't any to grab. Short hair does have its advantages.

Brian was sucking and biting and licking her clit savagely, she was immersed in it and was lost in orgasms. They were cumming with about every three or four strokes of his fingers. She was cumming so hard she arched her back; her mouth fell open in a silent scream.

As his fingers reamed her pussy, the juice went everywhere. Her pussy flowed in a steady stream, thick and tangy, out of her pussy. Brian drank as much as he could. Finally, she had as much as she could stand. She had to push him away. But he hung on and continued to eat her pussy. He placed his tongue as far as he could in her sweet pussy hole as he pulled out his fingers. He licked his fingers to get all her tasty juice off.

Finally Brian had to let her up. She was crying that she had had enough and couldn't take it anymore. Did he have news for her? He was just getting warmed up.

Brian reached down and loosened the belt to his jeans and opened them up. He let them drop them to the ground. Next he dropped his jockeys and took his rock hard cock and started rubbing it along her wet slit.

"Oh, God, I don't know if I can take more." Her body was shaking. She was still riding her last orgasm but he could tell by her actions she still wanted more. He thought she knew she was about to get fucked but just how well she didn't.

Brian continued to rub his cock from asshole to clit along her slit. Her rivers of cum started to get his tool wetter and wetter. She began to respond, moving her hips with the movement of his cock.

"Oh that feels great, stick it in me. Now shove it in me. Make me cum on your cock. Stick it in me. Pleaaase. Put it in me now." She was rolling her head side to side in wanton lust. She was a fuck slut, beautiful and sexy, but a fuck slut nonetheless. Her body shook as his cock hit her clit and her hips wiggled when his cock slid along her lips as she tried to get him to impale herself on his pole.

"I am not sure I should. I need to work it in you slowly. I may be bigger than you are used to. I should go slow." He was battle within himself. One side wanted him to ram it in and pound her through the table, and the other side was his compassion for her and not wanting to hurt her and love her tenderly.

"NO!! Shove it in, now goddammit, shove that fucker in now. Fuck me hard and fast, shove it in. SHOVE IT IN, NOW! SHOVE IT IN, FUCK ME!!!!"

So he did. Sometimes the devil in you just has to win every now and then.

"GET IT OUT! YOU ARE SPLITTING ME! Take it out, take it out! You are killing me. Get it out!" She was screaming. She was trying to push away to get his cock out of her. He quickly withdrew from her tight pussy.

"I told you I should go slow."

"You weren't kidding. I wasn't ready for that. Let me look at what you're trying to put in me."

Brian backed up and let her look at it. Her hands reached down and grasped it. Her fingers did not go all around it. She looked at it and her mouth dropped open. He pushed her back down on the table. He knew she had many guys in her time in high school but knew she hadn't had anyone with his girth. He was 2-1/2 inches wide and most guys are about half that size. He was proud of his manhood but it has led to several girls he dated in Germany that would only jerk him off when they saw it.

Slowly, he worked his cock back and forth along her slit to get it wet again. He slowly put the head in her sweet opening and gently started to rock back and forth. Slowly pushing a little more each time in moved in.

With each stroke he gently opened her up. He went very slowly to get her used to his size and to allow her pussy to open up. Her moans got louder with each stroke. He knew he was opening her up. She was making squishy sounds from all the juice she was oozing. Brian gradually worked his cock into her, not wanting to hurt her again.

"Oh my, that feels better. Go slow baby. Let me get used to it and then you can pound me to hell and back. Go slow. I love it. I love that cock. We must name it "Enterprise". You are going where no man has gone before," she laughed with her comment but then arched her back slightly and thrust her tits upward.

With that he just snickered and continued to drive his cock in and out of her tight pussy. He must have hurt her a little but as tight as she was now, she was almost hurting him. She was tight. Brian had thought she would be stretched out from all the guys she had done before but she was as tight as a virgin.

Soon he was balls deep in her pussy. Due to his size and her getting used to him being inside her, she hadn't cum again. But now, he was fully inside her. He rested for a moment to get her used to his cock being fully inside her. He could feel his cockhead against her cervix. It felt like a hard surface on the end of his cock. Brian looked down at her in the dim lit and could see a slight swelling of her lower abdomen as his prick invaded her body.

Brian asked her, "Are you ready for me to fuck you hard and fast?"

"Yes, fuck me now. Fuck me hard and fast."

It was payback time. "Ask me to fuck your tight little pussy. Beg me to make you cum." He held himself deep inside her and didn't move. He held still waiting to see her reaction. He held her legs high in the air and his cock deep inside her.

"What, you want me to beg you?" She looked at him with a look of bewilderment. She was so hot and wanted to get fucked. She was used to guys doing as she wanted just so they could get in her pants. This was a new experience for her, someone else was in charge and he didn't think she could fathom this turn of events. At times she acted like she had nothing upstairs but she had a fantastic staircase.

With that, he pulled completely out of her. Her pussy made a slurping noise as his cock vacated her pussy.

"No, please put it back in. It felt so good. Fuck with that cock. Make me cum on your dick. Fuck me, fuck me, PLEEEEZEE! Make me yours. Fuck me." She lifted her head to plead with him. She acted if his cock was her life ring to a drowning swimmer.

Then he rammed his cock back inside her until it hit her cervix. This sent her into orbit. If she wanted the Enterprise, then he was certainly Captain Kirk. He lifted her feet and placed them on his shoulders as he proceeded to pound her pussy relentlessly. His balls were hanging low and they would make slapping noises as they slapped her wet ass. Wet from all the pussy juice flowing, as well as sweat, from the intense action.

Brian kept hammering her tight pussy. She was having one orgasm after another. He could not tell when one ended and another began. She wailed over and over.

Brian reached up and pinched her nipples. She moaned, "Yes, pinch them hard. Harder. Make them hurt. Pinch them, pull them, harder, harder." With that she arched her back and came yet again. He put her hands on her tits to let her take over pulling and pinching. He was beginning to worry about her. She was really pulling her nipples. He thought she would damage them as she was pinching and pulling on them so hard.

He took her legs and brought her toes to his mouth. As he continued to pound her pussy hard and fast, he sucked on her toes. Brian was not sure if she had ever had a guy do that to her or not but she acted like it was the first time.

"Oh my ggggooodddd. That is wild. Suck my toes, fuck my cunt. Pull my tits. Spank my ass. I am cumming again. I can't take much more. I am going to die. Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Hard, fuck me harder. Hard and you can. Hurt me, fuck me hard." She was gripping the side of the table and arching her back. She rolled her head side to side in wanton lust. Her body was shaking with each stroke.

He never knew this about Wendy. He had heard she was wild from his friend and the rumors in school. Brian just found out they were true, when you got her going she was a wild woman. Even his dreams weren't this good. And he has had some really great dreams.

Brian had her toes in his mouth, his cock slamming into her pussy hard and fast, over and over again. She had let go of her tits and was gripping the sides of the table. She was rolling her head over and over.

"Cummin', cummmin', cummmin'. I am cumming again. Oh baby, I love you. I love you. Make me cum." She was moving all over the table still impaled on his cock. She was trying to push against him with each stroke to get him deeper inside her. As he would pull out she would lift her hips to have his cock drag along her g-spot.

There were hundreds of things he wanted to do to her but only one at that moment. He reached up and grabbed her nipple and twisted it hard. She arched her back and screamed, "CUMMMMINNNG agaiiiiinn!"

Then he had an impulse. Brian took his other hand and reached underhanded and swatted her sweaty ass. It was a loud smack on her ass. It must have stung like mad. She screamed. "OUCH". He thought he got carried away and hurt her again.

"Oh yes, spank me. Spank my ass. I love it. Fuck me hard, spank my ass, suck my toes, pinch my tits. Do it all! Just don't stop." Her little ass rippled as his hand impacted her tight ass. She pulled away slightly as the pain registered in her brain but all she did was push against his cock and prepared her ass for the next swat.

She had been cumming continuously for about 30 minutes. He never knew someone could cum that much. He was smacking her ass with his hand. He had her right foot toes in his mouth working his tongue over them and pulling on her nipples and twisting them with his other hand. His cock was pounding her pussy as hard as he could under the circumstances. But with all the distractions, the tightness of her pussy and the feelings on his cock was reaching overload. Brian felt it all about to unload. He felt his cock was getting ready to explode and was going to cum deep inside here pussy. He just hoped she was on the pill or something because he was going to shot his cum so far inside her she would be able to spit cum for a week.

He told her that he was going to cum soon any moment now.

"Yes, cum in me, cum on me, cum for me. I want you to cum with me. Tell me when you are cumming and I will cum with you. Please fuck me hard and cum with me." She was pleading with him. She was a fuck slut like he never believed. Her pleads for him to cum were just that much of a turn on for him. He wanted a woman who knew what she wanted and right now Wendy wanted him to cum inside her.

Brian stopped spanking her ass and pulling her nipples. He lowered her legs from his mouth and she wrapped them around his back. He now could concentrate on fucking her hard and fast. He gripped her sweaty hips and started to really pound into her.

"AWWWWWWW YEESSSSS! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME HARD AND FASTER!!! HURT ME WITH YOU COCK! FUCK MEEEEE!" She was screaming now, almost to the point of shrieking. She was wild, moving around on the table, arching her back, lifting her hips, rolling her back. Her body was doing so many things at once it was hard to concentrate on his feelings around his cock and still be able to watch her.

Brian was ramming her so hard it was hurting him. Her pussy was convulsing on his cock with each orgasm. He pounded her harder. He was lost in his own feelings. He didn't care whether he was hurting her or not. It was about him now. He wanted to cum and wanted to cum in her.

Slap, slap, slap. His balls were hitting her asshole over and over again. He was pounding her brutally.

He felt the cum rising up in his balls. It felt like it was coming from his toes. His whole body went from hot to white hot in an instant. Brian felt the cum moving along his cock like a bullet out of a rifle.

"Here it comes. I am cummmminnnggg! I am cumming in your tight pussy. Take it bitch, take my hot cummm!" Now it was his turn to yell. He was king of the world at that moment. He was cumming deep in the girl of his dreams and he wanted everyone to know.

"Yessssss. Cum in me. I feel it. I feel you cumming. It is making me cum too. I am cummmminnnnnggggg. I can't take it, it is too much. I am cumminngg, I amm cc......" she yelled and arched her back and then fell silent.

His cum blasted out of his cock. He felt it explode out of his cock. He felt it paint her insides. With each inward stroke Brian felt it leak around his cock and squirt against his balls. Between his cum and the river of cum from her, there was liquid everywhere.

He collapsed on her chest. His head was resting on her tits. They were soft. They were so soft. He loved her tits. He tenderly licked the redden nipples. She did nothing. Nothing like before, nothing.

She didn't say anything, didn't move. He looked at her face. She had drool running out the side of her mouth. She was out cold. She scared the crap out of him. He quickly pulled his cock out of her and she gave the loudest pussy fart he thought possible. It sounded like a wet balloon releasing all its air.

With it came a river of white cum. It was a mixture of our love juices. It was running everywhere, down her leg, down between her asscheeks, and then pooling on her dress. He even had it running down his leg. Talk about instant deflation. His 8-inch cock went to about three inches in seconds. He thought maybe he had killed her.

Slowly she started to come to. He asked her, "Are you ok?"

"I think so. What happened?" she said stunned. She looked like she had just woke up from a not so restful sleep.

"You passed out when you came," Brian told her. He was still concerned that he had hurt her. He did get carried away when he fucked her.

"I am sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore. When you started to cum, I guess I couldn't handle it. Too intense." Her breathing was coming in short gasps. Her voice was weak but with a slight hoarseness due to her screams.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." Brian was worried. Yes, he wanted to fuck her to death but he still cared for her. Brian never wanted to actually hurt her; he just wanted to give her a fucking she would never forget. He had never had someone pass out from it.

"Hurt me, are you nuts that is the best fuck I have ever had. Want to do it again?" She was coming back to her old fuck slut self. She was quickly regaining her composure and could tell that the lust was again rising.

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