tagNon-EroticBrian Ch. 06

Brian Ch. 06


Chapter 06: The Adventure Begins

Brian sat on the couch being tossed around by the storm outside. All he could do was drift with the rolling waves and hope that they survived the night and would be rescued the next day. The waves hit the sides of the boat and caused the wet party to bounce around the insides like the victims of a vehicle rollover.

"I think I am going to be sick," Roger exclaimed and headed for the tiny bathroom. He shut the door and the sounds of his retching and throwing up could be heard. Everyone could hear his sounds of discomfort and tried to ignore it so they wouldn't go through the same fate.

"That is just what we need to add to the pain," Brian thought as he heard the muffled sounds through the door.

"Daddy, will you hold me too," asked Brooke. Brian could see concern on her face and her voice showed the little girl in the very mature body. She looked at her dad and saw her sister already wrapped in the comfort and warmth of her dad's arms. She wanted to feel that warmth and comfort herself.

"Sure, baby, come on. I have enough for both of my girls. I will always protect you or die trying." Brian lifted his arm and made room for his oldest to snuggle beside him. Brooke got up off her cushion and staggered with the rolling boat to sit beside her dad. Once she sat next to him she curled into her dad's chest and brought her legs up into a fetal position to get closer to him and in his lap. Brian brought his arm down and had no place to put his hand except on her soft tanned hip.

Brooke snuggled closer to her dad as she felt his warm hand on her hip. She could smell his body and his masculine smell as her face moved onto his chest. She looked up and saw Beth looking into her eyes and they smiled at each other. She reached her hand over and touched Beth's face and then laid her hand in her father's lap. Beth smiled at her older sister and placed her hand in her sister's and gave a squeeze. They both felt the love for each other and knew that they were protected as long as they had each other and their dad. Nothing could or would come between them.

Brian was back to doing mental drills to keep from getting another hard on with his daughters lying against him. He could smell the lotioned bodies in his lap. They still smelled of the coconut sun tan lotion but they also had a sweat scent to them from their sweating in the sun. This scent was intoxicating to them and only added to his excitement. The thing that made his cock start to rise was that his daughters were holding hands with them in his lap only inches from his cock. He was sure that if they looked down they could see the outline of his cock in his shorts.

And they did. Beth caught Brooke's eyes and gestured with her own to look down into her dad's lap. Brooke finally figured out what Beth was trying do convey and looked down. Her eyes widened when she could she the outline of her dad's very large cook starting to grow. Without thinking Brooke licked her lips and stared at his cock. Beth watched her sister lick her lips and she did the same. Both girls stared at his cock and wondered what it would be lick to have the huge piece of meat slide into their hot pussies. Both girls slightly squirmed in their father's arms as they continued to become more aroused. They squeezed each other's hand as the closed their eyes in an attempt to sleep. Finally they drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what their dad would due to their bodies as he plowed his huge cock between their legs or in their mouth.

Brian could feel the girls grow still as they finally went to sleep. The storm was dying somewhat and only occasionally have a flash of lightning and the wind was tempering down. Roger came out of the bathroom wiping his face. He was pale and moved through the door and into the forward to the small cabin in the bow of the boat.

Brian laid his head back and then tightened his grip on his daughters. He tried to go through his mind on what went wrong with the perfect day he had planned. It went from being great to good to bad to dangerous all in a matter of hours. The day was perfect, warm and sunny with only clouds in the distant. The morning blow job from Wendy only capped off a night of terrific sex with her. What a way to wake up. The only draw back to the day was that Brooke wanted Roger to go with them, and because he wanted to make her happy, he allowed him to join them. It was good on the boat, clipping along nicely and getting to watch his beautiful daughters lay in a next to nothing thong bathing suit to sunbath. The bad part was that he had to watch Roger do some things to Brooke that they didn't think he saw. Well he did and it pissed him off. This jerk was doing things to his oldest. The fact that he "was" doing it to his daughter was enough. He really wished that Roger wouldn't touch her at all. However, he could tell what Roger was doing, he was not a fool. Secretly he was beginning to wish it was him doing it to her. He knew it was wrong but Brooke was beautiful. She had her mother's look, actions, and movements, just without her mother's big tits.

He also got to watch Beth, his youngest. She had grown up under his watchful eyes. She was very much her mother's child. She had become a sexy woman, in every way. She was the best looking of the too but she was still young and sometimes child-like. But she did have her mother's tit, large, round and firm. Beth came down to write in her journal and "accidentally" brushed her huge melons against his naked chest. His cook immediately went hard with her touch. Whether she meant to do it or not was immaterial, his cock had a mind of its own and went hard with her contact.

After that the trip began to go downhill. They had reached the tiny harbor of the island they were going to visit. Brian had made earlier contact with the Tahiti authorities to get permission to see the recently discovered archeological site and had been given permission to explore. You would be surprised what money could buy. As they reached the port, Brian had called the harbor master to announce their arrival. They were given the instructions to proceed to the specified slip to dock and would be met by a harbor representative to discuss a matter that would affect their stay on the island.

Brian told the girls that they needed to dress as they would be on the island in a few minutes and however comfortable they were in their tiny suits, they needed to put on more clothes. The girls moved down into the cabin to put on the shorts and tank tops they had brought with them for the trip. The girls seemed to take a long time to change and when they emerged they had smiles on their face and looked flushed. Brian didn't have time to concentrate on them as they were approaching the slip and needed to concentrate on getting the boat into it without tearing it up.

Once they were in the slip, everyone pitched in to tie off the boat and secure it. Well, all except Roger. He just stood around and tried to not get in the way and to look intelligent. He wasn't able to accomplish either with any success. All he proceeded to do was get in the way and to look stupid as the girls moved around him tying off and securing the boat.

A harbor official met with them to tell them the bad news. The official explained to them that they were welcome to visit the archeological site however, they may want to do it another day. The island had been notified earlier in the day that there was a storm fast approaching the island. It didn't look to be a major storm but on the open sea, even the smallest storm can be bad if you didn't know how to handle a boat in one. The official was very cordial and expressed his concern for the party. He was particularly concerned when he got a good look at the sexy females that were in the party. He was eyeing them as he tried to explain his concerns over the storm.

The man told Brian that he would recommend that they start back to the Palette before the storm got here. If they didn't leave now, there would be a chance that they could get caught on the open water as the storm hit. They were also welcome to stay on the island and remain on the boat. However, he did not know how long the storm would last. There weren't any hotels on the island and the only place they would be able to stay would be on the boat tied in the slip.

Brian looked at the girls and made his decision. He would not risk the girls on the open ocean in a storm. He did not want to put the girls in harm's way for his desire to see the site. He told the girls and Roger, that the trip was not a total waste but they needed to return to the hotel due to the storm. He told them he could handle the boat but didn't want to put any of them at risk for no reason.

As they started to turn to go to the boat, the official stopped them to give them another bit of news. "Sir, I must warn you that we have also been notified that there are pirates operating in the area and that you should be careful and stay in the normal sea traffic lanes."

"PIRATES!" all three of the kids turned to say.

"Yes, pirates. This area is notorious for pirate activities. They have been known to take boats, kidnap it occupants, and hold them for ransom. They take the boat and sell them for either parts, scrap or the whole boat to an unwary buyer. The Malaysian government has even placed a shoot on site order for those they find conducting acts of piracy," the official said in all seriousness.

"All right! I hope it is Johnny Depp that attacks us. Then maybe I can attack him!" Brooke mouthed off. Her dad looked at him with tight lips.

"Pirates of the Caribbean here we come. Who needs Disneyland when you have the real thing," Beth stated. She also got a stern look from her father. Roger just looked at the official and you could see the fear start to rise in his face. Brian looked at him and saw that his leg was beginning to shake slightly.

The official looked at the girls, "Ladies, this is not a joke. We are very concerned with the pirates working in this area. Only last week, the authorities captured several after a gun battle that left several of them dead. I would take this very seriously. Sir, I must get back to my duties. Please take my advise and do what you think is safe for you and the ladies. Good day to you." The official made a hand gesture similar to a salute, turned and walked away. Over his shoulder he took one last look at the beautiful women he left standing on the slip.

Brian made his decision to depart. The only person that was actually okay with the decision to head back was Roger. The only reason he wanted to come on the trip to begin with was to be next to Brooke. He just didn't want her out of his sight and by that he would be on her mind. And close to her money.

They went through the reverse process of untying the slip and moving into the open water. After the cleared the harbor entrance, Brian set the GPS system and pointed the boat back toward to their originating harbor. The dull drum of the powerful engine roared to life as Brian pushed the boat to get to return home as quickly as possible to beat the approaching storm. Brian looked over his shoulder and could see the storm clouds in the distance. Brian knew the storm was far away but on the open water distances can be deceiving. He also knew that a storm could move rapidly and overtake them without much warning. He pushed the throttles forward to increase the speed of the boat.

They had been on the water about two hours when Brian called in on the radio for the most recent weather report. The air had turned colder and the girls had gone from wearing their thong bathing suits back into their shorts and tank tops. The wind blew from the stern of the boat as they clipped along. The spray would splash up on the deck as the boat powered its way through the surf.

The weather report was not good. The storm was approaching faster than the authorities had predicted and Brian pushed the boat harder. As a safety precaution, Brian told everyone to get into their life jackets and to make sure the boat was secure, no open windows hatches or doors. Brian told Brooke to take the wheel of the boat so he could go below to check the engine.

While he was down below checking the engine oil levels, the first disaster struck. When Brian return to take control of the boat, the girls were in a heated argument with Roger and Beth was swatting the radio with a towel, trying to put out the smoke coming out of the top.

"Roger, you fucking moron. How could you, you jerk. Dad is going to kick your ass, you fucking jerk." Beth was screaming at him and hitting the radio again with the towel.

Brooke was trying to keep a calm head but you could tell that she was upset with Roger. "Roger, how could you? You of all people know not to put liquids around a computer or radio. You have shorted out the system and could have burned down the boat." She then looked at Beth and scowled, "Beth, I love you but you are talking about my fiancé. I am the only one that can call him a fucking jerk."

Brian stepped into the conversation to find out what happened but first stopped to make sure the radio wasn't on fire and it was just smoke. Once he knew there was no fire, he asked what happened.

Beth spoke up first. "Moron, here—"

Brooke cut her off, "HEY! What did I just say, Beth!" Brooke coming to the aid of Roger surprised everyone including herself. Roger moved over behind her and put his hand on her, acting like she was his knight in shining armor. She turned her head to look him in the eyes, "Knock it off, jerk," then turned back to steer the boat and looked out of the corner of her eye at Beth.

Beth was visibly hurt that her sister was angry at so she softened her tone as she described what happened with the radio. "Dad, Roger was up here with Brooke and had a soda in his hand. He was putting his hand on Brooke's ass", she looked at Brooke and caught angry eye, "and we hit a wave. Roger pitched forward and when he went to catch himself, he dumped his drink through the slits on top of the radio. The liquid must have shorted out the radio because sparks went everywhere and the thing started smoking. I saw some flames come out the sides and I started beating it with towel to put out the flames. I didn't know what else to do."

Brian looked at Roger and rolled his eyes. He turned and looked at the burnt out radio. He turned to Beth, "Baby, go down and get me a cross tipped screw driver. I need to take off the cover to see the damage."

Fifteen minutes later Brian gave them the bad news. "The radio is shot. The liquid shorted out the power supply and the transmitting capacitor. The radio is the equivalent of a big paper weight. I wonder how much this is going to cost me?" He shrugged his shoulders and began to put the radio back together. "Problem is now we can't notify anyone if we get into problems and we can't track the storm."

Roger was a persona non grata at that point. Everyone, including Brooke, treated him as if he had leprosy. Brian took over the controls of the boat and pushed the engine to the stops. He knew he had to get to port quickly because the storm was closing fast. Brian made everyone go down below to stay out of the storm.

The waves were getting higher and the boat was hitting them hard. The spray was flying over the bow of the boat and soaking him. At least they were making good time. When they were about two hours out from the port, the next disaster struck them. Debris from previous storm had always dotted the ocean. Seaweed and other land born items constantly found its way into the water. Sometimes you would find larger items such as blown over palm trees depending on the severity of the storms. It was the severe storm that blew this palm tree into the water.

A palm tree is not really a tree, but actually a shrub. Because it was a shrub, it doesn't float high in the water like trees do. When floating in the water, especially after a long period of time, it will become water logged. When it is soaked through with water it will float just under or at the surface. If you are looking for it, you would find it if the water was cooperating. However, the storm was starting to blow and the palm tree was not visible.

The boat hit palm and slid over it until it was at the stern of the boat. Once it hit the stern, the props cut into the water soaked wood. If the boat had been newer and better maintained, this would not have been a problem. Again, however, fate did not go in the favor of the Williams' family. As the wood hit the prop, the prop torque sheared the retaining pin off. If Brian had been able to watch he would have seen the spinning prop leave the propeller shaft and spin its way to the bottom of the ocean.

The load thump and the slamming of everyone forward brought the girls from below to see what was the matter. When the arrived on deck, Brian was looking over the stern at the water and watching the palm tree move away from the boat. "Daddy, what happened? We heard a thumping under the boat and then the engines rev up real high," Brooke said with a voice of concern.

"I think we hit a submerged palm tree and it sheared the prop. I get no forward motion with the engine." Brian was taking the engine out of gear and throttling back on the engine. "Kids, we are screwed. No engine and no radio."

Everyone looked at Roger and then back Brian. "We have the flare gun but we have to see another boat first. We are still in the sea lanes and a common route for fisherman. Another boat should be along soon as they should be heading for port due to the quickness of the storm. The GPS system is still working so at least we know where we are and how far we are from where we need to go. We just can't get there."

Brian told everyone to go below and he would stand watch to see a passing boat that they could signal. Roger moved to the side of the boat and sat away from the girls. He felt that he should be on his good behavior. He had screwed up. He felt that anyone could have made the mistake that shorted out the radio but he also knew that he should not have been around a radio with a drink. But at least he wasn't at the wheel when the boat sheared the prop. He would really have been mud. So he just sat and tried to become part of the furniture and not noticed.

Brian was looking around the cabinets and under the seat for anything that could help them with their current situation. He found a pair of binoculars and began to scan the horizon. At that moment it was not raining but he knew it wouldn't be long before the fury of the storm would hit in full force.

As Brian scanned the horizon he thought he saw the shape of a boat in the distance. With the boat pitching and rolling it took him time to find the boat and check to see if he was not dreaming. There in the distance several miles off was a fishing boat returning to port. "Hey kids, we have a boat off to the left. Bring me the flare gun," he yelled to the girls below.

Roger, trying to make himself on better terms with everyone, decided that he would take the flare gun up to Brian. But first he wanted to make sure it was loaded. "Roger, don't load the gun now, it could go off," Brooke was telling him.

"Not to worry, bunny, er, Brooke. I know what I am doing." Roger loaded the gun and then unbelievably cocked it. Roger in his eagerness to please ran up on deck to give the gun to Brian.

As fate would have it, the last of the bad luck began to play out. Roger hit the deck at a run to give Brian the gun. When his feet hit the wet deck they flew out from under him landing him on his side. When he fell, he fell against the right side of the boat against the side and on the hand rails. As Roger put his hands out to catch himself, his right arm landed in the water. His right hand also held the flare gun, cocked and ready to fire. That is just what it did; when Roger landed on the rail he hit it with his ribs causing his body to jerk. The jerking caused the flare gun to discharge and the red flare burst into the water. Brian watched the sea bubble and boil as the flare expended itself underwater. The distant boat never saw the distress signal.

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