Brianna and Gene


I had been living in the top floor unit of a four unit house for the last three years. The house was the former main house for what used to be farmland, but was now broken into small cottages or other multi unit houses. Each with a small yard and maybe a garage outbuilding or two depending on who the builder was. In this case, the house had originally been divided into a townhouse style duplex, then later, an owner decided to make the units into smaller one bedroom units.

Currently, the other two units were empty, and had been now, going on a year. Brianna and Gene lived below me, having lived there for two years before I moved in. Gene was not a tall man, maybe just barely five foot seven if that, with a slim wiry build, long pianist type fingers and who could out type anyone I knew. He was a programmer by trade, most of the time he worked in an upscale office not too far from the Exotic Car dealership that I was a mechanic at. I had met him because of an odd problem his BMW was having. It gave us fits trying to fix it. His coal black hair was always in a stylish cut, short sometimes shaved on the sides, with longer hair on top, cut to gel back into a neat point in the back. It reminded me of some of those old movies of the 1940's, and since Gene tended to wear a vest, tie and slacks, it made it look even more like he had stepped out of one of those movies as an extra.

His wife Brianna was definitely petite. Just barely over five foot, maybe five foot two at the most. Tiny waist, and these beautiful breasts that sat firmly, and prominently for all to see. It was not difficult to tell they were enhanced. The perfectly round shape was very pleasing on her frame, and not overdone like you see so often, though admittedly, not as much these days as I recall from the eighties and nineties. She had worked well with her surgeon when the work was done, choosing a size that was pleasant with her frame, but still one she could be proud of. She was a dental hygienist who loved to do yoga and aerobics. She had cafe au' lait skin, and an exotic tilt to the corners of her eyes. Her long deep mahogany hair, with just barely lighter shades of brown streaked through it hung to mid thigh, and I would be lying if the thought of seeing it spread out or draped over me in passion had never crossed my mind.

The pair together, loved to dance. It was extremely rare for them to be home Friday or Saturday evenings. I had learned quickly, it was better to ask them where to go dancing, then it was to try and follow the ebb and flow of the club crowd. They knew all the hot places, all the hot bands, and all the different types of music that could get your blood flowing and feet moving all over town. I knew they were also fond of the arts. Theater and fine arts both. I had learned this not long after I moved in. The pair had been set to go on a double date with some other friends of theirs to a production, and Gene had come up and asked if I could grab a date at the last minute since their planned friends had to cancel unexpectedly. Unfortunately, he caught me as I was packing the last of my bags, to head to the airport. However, since that time, I had been able to double up with them a few times, sometimes to a show, sometimes to the movies, and even a couple of times I had been able to return the offers, having received special invites to high end dinners and specialized tastings for wine or liquor.

So it was no surprise when Gene came out to where I was heating up coals to grill some steak, fanning four tickets in his hand as he approached. A quick call to the young lady I had just started seeing, plans were laid out, and it was decided, the four of us would get dressed for an evening on the town, take the train in, then taxi to an excellent restaurant nearby, just to cap off the evening enjoying the highly acclaimed production of Hamilton.

Carol opened the door, hand raised above her head, hip set out suggestively with her feet crossed at the ankles. The sheath dress she wore hugged every curve, her hair was done in an intricate combination of braids, the auburn color with streaks of blond looked really good. The style left her neck long and inviting, with her low cut dress, it made it appear as if she was showing off even more than she should. Her breasts were plumped up invitingly, not quite spilling from the top, but it made you wonder how close she was to doing just that. The lower half of the dress was perfectly modest for the evening's agenda. Cut to knee length, and with the way her legs were crossed, an unexpected side slit could be seen allowing more movement then some sheath dresses I had seen at gala events. Her smoke silk clad legs teased into a pair of strappy heels with a wide cuff around the ankle that gave the initial impression of ankle boots, until you took in the way the straps pleased your eye with sensual details of the shape of her feet.

"All set?" I asked her with a smile and a glint in my eye. She was stunning and I felt very fortunate to have her join me for the evening.

"Are you certain we must take the train in? It is so much more intimate and safe tucked into the front seat of your car Grigory." She asked with a slight whine I hadn't heard before, and a pout to both her lips and her eyes. They were a chocolate brown with flecks of hazel that could be very alluring, and right now, trying to be very convincing.

I paused a moment, frowning myself. We had conference called the plans, Brianna, Carol, Gene and myself. It had been easily decided how we were getting into town, especially knowing it was a Friday evening, all of us were already having to leave our respective jobs early to be able to go. The train was so much faster than driving. Carol had made no complaints or offered any hesitations with the plans. On Wednesday, when I confirmed the plans, still no hedging or complaints from her. Yet here we were, ready to leave, and she wanted to change those plans. For a moment, I ran the route in my head. If we left now, we would have to skip the restaurant and hope we still got to the theater in time to get in.

I shook my head sadly, "Sorry Carol, if you had brought your thoughts up earlier, we might have been able to change them, but now, it is too late. If you are worried about your dress getting smudged, I do have my London Fog that you can wear, it would even compliment the lovely black shimmer of your dress and heels." I offered, patiently waiting, but starting to wonder.

"But the train is just so not intimate, all those people crammed in." She shivered as she spoke, more whine to her voice, she stepped her foot back so a long expanse of thigh parted the split on the side, her head leaning over and into the arm holding the door.

In that moment, I was just not interested anymore. I had friends waiting in the car, and a woman in front of me who wanted to change all of our plans to satisfy her whim. A whim that included the possibility that we would not make it to see the show, a show that at the moment was nearly impossible to get tickets for. Brianna had gotten them, because one of her patients she had been taking care of for years, and at a couple of different practices she noted, had gotten into a car accident, and couldn't go. They knew how much Brianna and Gene loved the theater, and so had sent the tickets their way. Yet this woman, sexy as hell as she was, instead was derailing the evening.

"You could have said something when all of us were making plans," I countered softly, taking a small step back and turning slightly.

She huffed and stood up to her full height, which in the heels she was wearing came close to my six foot one frame. "Well, if you are going to be that way, can you at least do me a favor and unzip me?" Though her words stung a moment, I was surprised you could put that much come hither seduction into a dismissal.

I shrugged, "Sure, I can do that." Reaching out as she turned right there in the door. The zipper was very long on this dress, and emphasized how form fitting it was as the initial tug was stiff, and not freeing up much until I got to her low back where I paused. She looked over her shoulder at me, one hand holding the top in place. Her eyes were smoldering, but I wasn't sure if it was in anger or an attempt at trying to seduce me into staying there instead of leaving her. She whispered for me to undo the zipper all of the way. My eyes left her momentarily as I used my other hand to tug on the hem enough to get the zipper off the fold of material that had formed at the small of her back. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, her back was bare, and the cut of the dress seemed to have all of the support designed into it, but I wasn't certain if she was wearing full hose, or just stockings, or even if she had any kind of underwear on at all. The dress material was layered a bit, easily hiding such tell tales. The zipper slipped down over the curve of her shapely ass, slowly revealing a bejeweled heart shaped ring nestled at the crest of her cheeks. Thin flat straps spread across from the ring around her waist, and a single strip disappeared between the soft, luscious curves. I won't lie, as off kilter as I felt with the situation, my cock had grown thick and hard in my tuxedo pants at the vision of beauty before me. But, my unease at the sudden need to change and control the plans was disturbing.

She stepped forward, slowly walking from the door. I could see a bottle of wine in a bucket, and a pair of glasses on a tray resting on a table along the back of the leather couch she had. By her third step, the dress simply fell down her body in what I could only believe was a practiced move because she didn't miss a step or get her heels caught in the material. The smoke colored stockings were long on her tall fit legs. She had dancer's legs. With the heels she was wearing, the lace edge of the stay ups brushing high into her crotch, the long braid spilled down her back and the soft lighting, it could have easily been a picture from Playboy I was looking at. She picked up the bottle of wine, pulling the loose cork from the top before turning to look back at me, leaning now against the door frame and glancing at the pocket watch I had pulled from my tuxedo vest.

"You could always take the keys down to your friends, and then come back up here and spend the night in with me..." she purred, putting as much seduction into her words as she could. Instead of waiting for my answer, she turned back to her wine and poured a glass, then started to pour the second glass. The sound of my hand rattling the doorknob as I stepped back caught her attention and she turned, her seductive smile faltering as she realized, I was pulling the door closed from my spot in the hallway.

"Sorry Carol, but really, the plans were made, and I am not the type to leave my friends hanging and ditch them at the last moment just to have a night in. Perhaps another time" I said politely, as I pulled the door closed. The growl of anger made me wonder if the sound of a shattering glass was to come next as the door clicked, and the automatic deadbolt fell into place.

When I got to the street, I looked up towards Carol's apartment. She stood on her balcony, in just the thong, stockings and heels. Her breasts were shaped like full martini glasses, her puffy nipples stuck out noticeably in the chill. She sipped her wine, leaning on the rail. "Last chance lover, just give them your keys, and come back up, I will let you back in."

I shook my head, "Sorry it didn't work out Carol," I replied as I slid into the car.

"Your loss Asshole!" she yelled, a moment before broken glass and spilled wine rolled down my windshield and hood.

Shaking my head I mumbled, "I think it is your loss Carol, not mine this night." Turning to my companions, "You don't mind if I hit the car wash real quick do you? I don't like the idea of wine staying too long on the paint. Brianna was gaping at me, while Gene was looking through the back window at the mostly nude irate woman screaming obscenities from her balcony at us.

"You walked away from a night with that beauty?" asked Brianna with a stunned expression. I shrugged, "She doesn't wear her beauty as well as you do, so it was not that difficult I said, looking her in the eyes through the rearview mirror as I pulled away.

"I am not that beautiful" suggested Brianna in a surprised voice. Gene, as easy going as ever turned around with his usual soft laugh, "He's got you there Love, she was pretty, and sexy, but you have her beat hands down."

I could see Brianna squirming a little in the back seat as we made our way to the car wash before heading to the Park and Ride for our train. The compliment had caught her off guard. Maybe it was the direct comparison that was having a different effect than usual when I plied her with compliments. Of course, once inside the tunnel for the car wash, her and Gene started to make out, careful not to muss her makeup too much. I kept seeing her looking at me in the rear view with a sly smile as they made out, sometimes whispering into each other's lips as they kissed. I was already aroused from Carol's brazen actions, but had thought I had settled from disappointment in my choice. No, the two of them making out like they were brought my arousal back up. She had unbelted, and was on her knees in the seat. Her black evening dress, with his side splits worked perfectly with her long legs, but I wondered if her shorter torso was causing the splits to ride lower on her thighs than the dress was initially designed for.

The silky material flowed easily over her legs, showing off her thigh and making me wonder if she was wearing full hose with the dress. As random lights in the tunnel brightened, it seemed there was a shimmer to the material of her hose, and I soon realized, she had doubled them up for effect. She had a lighter pair with a floral lace design imprinted in the material that made for a subtle effect under the darker sheer black hose on top. It also seemed to have some kind of shimmer to it that was subdued under the black, but was noticeable when the light hit it just right. Her dainty feet were in a strappy pair of stiletto heels that she must have custom ordered. The platform was subtle with the satin black of the material of the straps. She had definitely found my serious weakness. I loved a woman in stockings or hosiery, and the right shoes could make or break the look for me. I sighed to myself as I looked back through the windshield in time to see the fine spray of the final wax misting the glass. She was Genes, and it was okay to look, but touch was not on the menu.

We made the best of the night. Brianna and Gene usually walked ahead of me on the crowded streets, which let me watch her dancer's grace from behind. The dress teasing as is swished back and forth, but just high enough to not be a tripping hazard, but just low enough when standing still, only the tips of her toes down were visible to anyone looking. With her pixie like appearance, people looked. Dinner went well, the waiter was sorry to hear that we had lost our fourth, and asked if we wished to have a more private table, I chose to decline. Brianna and Gene were in their element, I wasn't going to make them hide with me because my date had other plans.

There was mild flirting going on between the three of us, at least to me it wasn't anything different than usual, but Brianna and Gene kept sharing secret smiles that had a seductive look to them. Brianna had offered to see if she could bribe the very attractive daughter at the table next to us, to join us for the play, and she was attractive, but the large wedding ring on her finger was a clue that it wouldn't be worth the embarrassment, though it might have been fun to watch her try.

I was content to go stag for this one. The company was enough for me tonight, and I kept reassuring the pair that I was fine. We were surprised that there wasn't a line of people trying to get last minute tickets, though we turned in the unused one to the box office letting them know it was available if they had someone ask. No one claimed the seat during the production, which as I mentioned was fine with me. Brianna sat between us, her hand resting on my thigh, much like it did if we watched a movie on their loveseat as opposed to upstairs on my couch. She was tiny enough, that she easily fit between us on the loveseat, it just left hands free to wander a little, though she had never taken a liberty, and nor had I. Tonight however, it seemed her hand roamed, not quite exploring, but certainly making curious ventures higher up my thigh than usual. A few times, I shifted, letting my cock brush the back of her fingers, which would result in a slow removal of her hand. A couple of times I caught that secretive whispering with Gene, his eyes sparkling in my direction, even with the only light being from the stage.

As for the play, there is nothing I could say that isn't already well known. It was worth the standing ovation we gave it. We were so full of energy when we piled out of the theater afterwards, Brianna and Gene were wondering if we wanted to just get a hotel room for the night, and go dancing until the very early hours. A quick check of our phone apps resulted in not being able to find an affordable room in a hotel nearby that would be fit for three people dressed to the nines. Somehow, we didn't feel a cheap hotel would cut it and not tarnish the mood. So we made the trek home.

Surprisingly, our energy was still high as we made it to my car, and the half hour from the carpark to home went by very quickly.

"You know," I started, "I got a new bourbon in, but I haven't had the chance to open it yet, you two care to come up for a drink or two?" I asked as we got out of my car. That was another nice treat, Brianna liked her bourbon neat, Gene liked his with one of my frozen steel bearings to make it cold. The just nodded, without even looking at each other, big grins on their faces as I lead them up the stairs to my apartment. I hadn't expected that, thinking they would stop in to theirs to change, but I wasn't going to say anything.

Gene and I both shucked our tuxedo jackets and vests at the door. Neither of us had worn cumberbuns, prefering vests. His was under a jacket cut rounded with tails, and mine was the more traditional style jacket. Either way, I was caught off guard a little when Brianna stepped up between us, a hand gliding up the smooth material of our vests as she looked first to Gene, then to me, with a smile.

"You Gentlemen, certainly know how to show a woman a good time out, but, I think it is time for me to show you both how to have a good night in." Her words were spoken with a smokey huskiness to her voice. A tone I had never heard come from her, but one that had me hard before her hand started its descent down the front of my vest. "You know how we like our bourbon Grigory, would you pour while I take a moment to freshen up?" Her eyes were seductive, and enrapturing. My throat was dry as I nodded, only held in place as her fingers worked the two buttons on my vest open with practiced ease. Of course, her other hand was undoing the buttons on Gene's vest as well. Since he wore them all the time, I shouldn't have been surprised at how skilled she was.

She turned and made her way to the bathroom. One hand slipping up her back, catching the zipper as she went. The dress didn't fall away like Carol's had, this one had shoulder straps, but just watching her walk away, in a very eye opening graceful walk left me speechless. Gene nudged me with a big grin, and indicated the bar cabinet. "You made her night with your compliment, I don't think she really believed you were interested in her until then." He whispered as I made my way over to the cabinet and pulled out three glasses. The small fridge built into the bottom held soft drinks and mixers, while the freezer portion had a tray of one and a half in diameter chrome steel ball bearings. The frozen metal would keep the bourbon cold without flavoring it up at all, or watering it down. The immediate scent of caramel and vanilla filled the air as I opened the small batch bourbon for the first time. I poured two of the glasses neat, and one with the frozen ball for Gene.

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