tagLoving WivesBrian's Story

Brian's Story


"Jeeezzzzuuusss Christ!"

I looked at the guy on the stool next to me and he nodded toward the mirror behind the bar. "Is that hot or what?"

I saw the couple on the dance floor that he was talking about. "They do look pretty hot alright."

"Yeah, and that ain't his wife."


"Nah. He's with me. We're just here for the day and couldn't get a decent flight out so we're spending the night here."

Here is the local airport Holiday Inn. All the businessmen stay here. The food is edible; the drinks are reasonable; and you don't have to worry about getting into trouble in the wrong side of a city you don't know. Every airport Holiday Inn in the country is where you'll find the traveling businessmen.

In this particular one you might also find my wife and I. We've found the airport Holiday Inn to be a great place to go out and do things you might not want relatives, friends, or neighbors to know about.

"The only thing keeping him from fucking her right now is the clothes they're wearing." I have to admit he's right. My wife has her hands on his friend's shoulders like she's trying to push him away. That just gives him better leverage, with his hands on her ass, to pull her pussy against his groin. They're both fucking back and forth, driving their groins together.

She's wearing a dress like movie stars wear to the Oscars. One with a plunging V neckline. It plunges right down past her belly button. Every time she moves just right you can see her incredible nipples. When she's turned on, like right now, they're about an inch long, hard and bright red. They really stand out against her pale white skin.

"Boy, I'd sure like to get lucky with her."

"Maybe you can." He gave me a calculating look.

"You know her?"

"Oh yeah. I know her very well."

"You her pimp?"

"Nah, she's my wife." I'm glad he wasn't looking at me when I told him because he lost a mouthful of beer. I laughed at him.

"What the fuck, man?"

"She wasn't always like this. When we got married she was very prim and proper. Too much so if you ask me."

"What changed her?"

Well, it started about two years ago on our 10th anniversary. I'm the kind of guy that's always on the lookout for a glimpse of tits, or maybe a beaver shot. I even wanted Michelle to wear some sexy clothes so I could get an occasional, unplanned look at her charms.

She wouldn't do it. Always worried that someone else might get a look. I tried to convince her that was half the fun. Nope. Absolutely no revealing clothes.

The clothes she chose to wear were long skirts, and a bulky sweater or a blouse and vest. She even wore those industrial strength bras to unecessarily hold her 34B tits in place. The kind that completely cover the tits and don't allow any bounce or jiggle. Panties had to be plain white cotton. What a shame.

In the privacy of our own bedroom it was a different matter. She would do anything to please me then. It didn't matter what she wore, or didn't wear, as long as we were in private.

When she said she was afraid some other guy might get a look at her it caused a little tingle in my cock. In a way I thought I might like it if another guy got a look at her. I thought it might be a turn-on for both of us. No way would she even consider it.

For our 10th anniversary we had a quiet dinner out planned. Babysitter arranged for the kids and reservations at a great restaurant. Then I got tied up at work. I called her and told her to take a cab and I would meet her as soon as I could. She sounded disappointed but said OK.

She had been telling me for about a month that she had a surprise for me. She was giggling and carrying on so much about it I was beginning to get irritated. I'm not that fond of surprises anyway and the way she kept talking about it just rubbed me the wrong way.

But, let me tell you, it was definitely a surprise. One well worth waiting for. I had almost given up hope of ever seeing anything like it.

When I got to the restaurant I found her sitting at the bar with three guys hitting on her. She was laughing and enjoying all the attention. But, when she looked over and saw me she immediately excused herself and came over and gave me a big kiss.

I think my jaw came close to hitting the floor when I saw the way she was dressed. Her skirt ended about 4 inches above her knees and her blouse was pretty close to being a see-through. Not only that, it wasn't buttoned all the way.

As we walked out of the bar and into the dinning area I could tell she was turned on. Her nipples were poking holes in her blouse. At first I thought she wasn't wearing a bra. It turned out she had on one of those lacy bras that don't really hide much. Since her blouse and that wispy little bra were both white I could even see the color of her nipples showing through.

Talk about hot! I wanted to take her out and screw her right then!

On the other hand, now that I knew what was going on, I wanted her to go back and flirt with those guys again so I could watch! I didn't really know what I wanted other than some relief for my raging hard-on.

Her face was flushed and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable about being caught flirting. Especially the way she was dressed. After all, she had dressed that way just to please me not a bunch of horny guys in a bar. She unexpectedly ended up kind of enjoying it herself. When she saw my bulging pants she gave a nervous little giggle.

After we were seated she looked at my boner and asked if she had caused that. I told her she was definitely the cause and she was also going to get to enjoy the job of returning it to normal very soon. "Not soon enough."

While we ate she asked if I was mad at her for dressing that way and talking to those guys. I admitted to being a little jealous, but definitely not mad. I told her that watching her had caused me to have a bit of a queasy feeling. I explained my mixed emotions. I was horny and excited and at the same time I was scared.

I saw she was about to cry because she had caused my discomfort so I told her that I had developed my hard-on while I was watching her flirting. It just got harder when I saw how she was dressed.

"Babe, it hurt and felt good at the same time."

She was still apprehensive about my feelings and wanted to run home as soon as we finished eating and throw away those clothes. I told her we had to stay a little longer as I wanted to have a drink before heading home.

"Honey, I don't want to make you hurt anymore."

I told her it was nothing I couldn't handle and that any time it hurt too much I would put a stop to it. In fact, I wanted to show her off in the bar. I was sorry I hadn't been there when she first walked in.

With dinner finally out of the way I pulled a box out of my pocket and handed it to her. She beamed as she opened it and found a long gold necklace with a beautiful pendant. After a lingering kiss she asked me to put the necklace on her. She wanted to go to the ladies room to see it in the mirror and I told her I would be waiting in the bar.

I entered the bar and went to the table farthest from the door. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her walking all the way across the bar in her sexy new outfit.

A few minutes later she was standing in the entryway looking around for me. I could see her blushing as she walked over to my table and sat down. There wasn't a man in the place that didn't turn to look.

"Do you really like for all these men to see me dressed like this?", she asked when she sat down.

"Hell, I'd like them to see you undressed!" When I saw the distressed look on her face I said I didn't mean it. But deep down I knew I did. Hell, right then I wanted her to get up and dance nude on a stage.

She didn't understand how letting other guys see her body would be a turn on for me. But she said if I really wanted her to she would try to do it some more. I told her I didn't understand it either, but I sure felt it.

I asked her if she wasn't a little turned on by dressing like that in public and she admitted it was kind of fun, but she was really only doing it because I wanted her to.

Our love making that night was the hottest ever. I hadn't had four erections in one night since our honeymoon. "Honey, if I'd known what kind of effect it would have, I would have dressed like that a long time ago.", she giggled.

We didn't get to sleep till 4:00 in the morning.

After about two weeks of our old routine I told her to get a babysitter for Friday night and to wear her sexy clothes and we would go out for dinner and dancing. She said she couldn't go out that way again because one of her friends might see her. She thought she could have explained it as a one-time thing she did just for our anniversary. But there was no way she could face any of her friends if they saw her like that now.

That's when I got the idea of the airport Holiday Inn. None of our friends would be there.

Friday night we did go to dinner in the Inn restaurant, and then we came in here for a drink and some dancing. Most of the businessmen had left town for the weekend, but there were still a few hanging around. Believe me, they all gave her the once-over when we came in here.

After one dance we sat down in a booth and had a drink. That's when I got this crazy idea. I saw a guy head for the men's room and I followed him. While I was washing my hands I asked him if he would mind joining us. I explained that Michelle bored with my usual chatter and wanted to dance some more. I also told him my back was a little sore and I would just like to sit down and have a couple of drinks.

His face lit up at the suggestion. "You bet. No problem."

When I got back to our table I told Michelle that Don had asked for permission to dance with her and I had told him it would be OK. She was nervous about it and asked if I was sure I wanted her to dance with someone else the way she was dressed. I assured her it would be all right and he could even join us at our table so she wouldn't feel too conspicuous dancing with another man when everyone had seen her come in with me.

A minute later Don walked over to our table and asked Michelle to dance. She gave him a nervous smile and nodded her OK, and they headed over to the dance floor.

It was comical in a way. They both were obviously afraid of crossing some line. The first song was a slow one and Don held her at arm's length. When the song was over they came back to the table and sat down.

I could see they were trying to be friendly but in a cautious way. I joined in their conversation and tried to lighten the mood some. As skittish as Michelle was I was careful to stay away from any talk of sexy clothes or any talk about sex.

As we drank and talked we eventually got around to talking about kids. What do you expect from a bunch of parents? It was the best thing we could have done. Michelle and Don both loosened up, and became comfortable talking about their respective kid's exploits.

Pretty soon they were talking and laughing like old friends. Then Don asked if she wanted to dance again and Michelle said she would like to. I think she forgot about what she was wearing until she started to swing around on the dance floor. Dancing to a fast number caused a lot of action on her chest. Her tits were bouncing with every step and it didn't take long for those hot nipples of hers to stick out, long and hard.

They stayed on the floor for two dances. They were laughing and holding hands as they came back to the table. When Michelle saw me she quickly dropped Don's hand. They had both forgotten about me. Don said he needed to go to the Mens room and left us alone.

Michelle sat down next to me still trying to catch her breath from the dancing. She was flushed and I knew it wasn't all from dancing. She was embarrassed that I had caught her having fun with another man.

I leaned over and kissed her ear and told her how great she looked. She said she was sorry she had shook her body so much on the dance floor. She was ashamed to be so blatantly sexy.

I took her hand and put it on my hard on and told her I liked it. "No jealousy or queasy feeling?"

I admitted there was some jealousy and queasiness, but that just made it all the hotter. "Maybe I want a naughty wife." Michelle said she sure felt naughty. Being dressed so sexily and dancing with another man was not proper for a housewife.

Michelle wanted to leave so we could get home and fuck. I told her OK but first I wanted to see her dance with Don one more time. To a slow number. I stroked her leg as I whispered that I wanted to see him hold her close.

With my hand sliding up her leg, under her skirt, and my fingertips just brushing her panties, she gasped and grabbed my arm. That's how Don found us when he walked up. I think he was embarrassed to walk up on us without realizing until he was right beside Michelle that I was fondling her pussy.

He started to sit down and Michelle jumped up and asked him to dance. Don straightened back up and took her by the hand and they headed to the dance floor. I was having a little difficulty breathing as I watched them.

Once on the floor they just kind of flowed into each other's arms and started moving slowly to the music. I could see Don pull Michelle close to him and caress her back as they danced. The longer they danced the closer they got.

Michelle rested her head on Don's shoulder. She gave a little jump the first time his hand slid down her back and onto her ass. She looked at me to see if I had seen and I smiled at her. When I did she relaxed against Don and allowed his hands to fondle her ass.

As the song neared its' end she slipped one leg between Don's and started rubbing her pussy up and down his thigh. I couldn't hold back a groan at the sight of my naughty wife humping another guy's leg. My cock was about to split my pants.

I frantically adjusted the bulge in my pants as they walked off the dance floor. I saw that Don kept his hand on Michelle's ass all the way to the table. As soon as they got to the table, she breathlessly told me she was ready to go.

As I was sliding out of the booth, Don turned her head and gave her a kiss. I almost tripped when he casually reached up and rubbed her left tit as they kissed. I stared open-mouthed as Don's tongue forced its' way into my wife's mouth and he openly fondled her breast.

I couldn't control myself. I reached out to take Michelle in my arms and pull her away from Don. My mouth quickly found hers as Don relinquished her. But even as I was kissing my wife, Don continued to rub and squeeze her tits.

Michelle was trembling in my arms as Don and I shared her. I felt like I was on fire and I knew I had to get her out of there RIGHT NOW, or I was going to fuck her right there on the table.

I finally pulled her from Don's grasp and hurried her out of the lounge.

When we got to the car, I didn't even unlock the door. I just pulled her dress up and pushed her against the car. In my lust I ripped her panties out of the way as she pulled my cock out of my pants. Without a pause I shoved my cock into her dripping hole. Instantly, our bodies were slamming together.

Michelle had never been a vocal lover but now she was literally screaming for me to fuck her. I was growling like a crazed animal as I drove into her, denting our car with her ass cheeks.

It only took a couple of minutes before I was firing my load of white hot cum up her pussy. Michelle screamed at the same time, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

We stood there as my cock slowly softened. My cum mixed with her pussy juice was flowing down her legs. I didn't want to leave but I knew we had to because it was only going to be a matter of minutes before I would be fucking her again.

I yanked the door open and roughly shoved Michelle in the car, ran around to the driver's side, got in and peeled out of the parking lot like a hot rod teenager.

I made record time racing home with Michelle's hand squeezing my leg as she urged me to go faster. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on my wife's cunt. Her dress was up around her waist and her legs were spread. Her pussy continued to leak our juices on the car seat all the way home.

As soon as we got home we ran into the house and I pushed Michelle over the arm of the couch and started fucking her again. Michelle started screaming again as I drove my hard cock in her sopping wet hole. My sweet wife began having one orgasm after another from my first entry into her until my cock erupted and spewed a load of hot cum deep in her.

It was difficult to move after the exhausting fucking, but we finally made it to the bedroom and fell into each other's arms in bed. Michelle kissed me softly and said she was sorry for being so nasty while dancing with Don.

Before I could tell her it was all right she was already asleep.

The next morning Michelle wouldn't look at me. She kept avoiding my eyes until I put my arms around her and kissed her. She buried her head in my shoulder and cried about how naughty she had been last night.

I held her and told her it was all right. "Besides, it was my idea. You were just doing what I wanted you to do."

With her face pressed against my shoulder I could barely hear her say, "I know, but I liked doing it." That brought on a fresh outbreak of tears. There was nothing I could do except hold her and pet her and try to reassure her that she wasn't a bad person. And I know she could feel my hard cock rubbing against her.

She moved around the house all morning avoiding me as much as possible. Finally after eating lunch I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I had her stand in the middle of the room and started undressing her. "Honey, what are you doing?" I silenced her with a kiss and continued.

She didn't know what to do when I pulled her panties off. She was embarrassed to just stand there with nothing on while I gathered her clothes and took them to the hamper. Then I went to her closet and brought out a nice conservative white blouse and a long skirt that buttoned up the front.

I pulled the skirt around her and buttoned it, then did the same with the blouse. She started to say something and I just kissed her again.

"Now listen. We're going for a ride. You're dressed like you usually do so there is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. What we did last night was fun for me, and I think you enjoyed it too. I'm sorry you feel bad about it but there was really nothing wrong with it. When it comes to sex whatever feels good is OK. No matter what your friends say."

She looked down for a minute then said, "I'm not quite dressed like usual. Usually, I wear panties and a bra." When she looked back up at me she was smiling shyly.

I gave her another kiss and said, "Let's go for a ride."


Once we were driving I asked her if she was comfortable and she said she was.

I drove out into the country and stopped at a wine tasting place. We went in and had a couple glasses of wine, then back on the road.

I asked her if she was still feeling all right and she said she was feeling mellow. She's not much of a drinker so those two glasses of wine had an effect.

I pulled over to the side of the road and leaned over to kiss her. As we kissed I unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and slipped my hand inside to rub her tits. I could feel her nipples growing as I continued working on her. Once I had her nipples fully hard I undid another button on her blouse.

Then I moved back behind the wheel and took off down the road. When she realized that her blouse was open she started to button it, "Don't. I want you to leave it open for me." She looked at me and I could see her face flushing, but she put her hands back in her lap.

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